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Education From Mother Chapter 4

Mother and I walked into the Doctor's office and I sat down in the waiting room. She approached the check-in area. She handed over the paper bag with my seed in it. The Nurse smiled and said, "We will get right on it. Please have a seat and we will call you."

Mother sat beside me and smiled. She picked up a magazine and started to read. It seemed like an hour. The Nurse came to the door and called "Mrs. Khanna." Mother rose and motioned for me to follow. The Nurse asked, "Is he coming in?" Mother nodded yes. We stopped while Mother was weighed and had her temperature taken. Then she and I were shown into an Examination room. The Nurse said, "Mrs. Khanna you need to disrobe and put on the gown and sit on the table. Son, you need to sit over there." pointing to the corner stool. She left and closed the door.

Mother disrobed, she was naked, and my cock started getting hard. She then put on the gown and then sat on the table. She told me, "Keep your cock in your pants, we'll take care of you later."

The Doctor walked in and said, "Good Morning Mrs. Khanna, I see we have a visitor today."

Mother said, "This is my son Raj and I am educating him in what happens at a woman's appointment. Could you explain the exam to him?"

The Doctor replied, "Not a problem. I wish more Mother's would do this for their children it would take care of some of the mystery of the OB/GYN. Now we had a sample that we ran through the LAB. The results are really quite amazing. The sample had to be two samples."

Mother stated, "No just one sample, I took it myself. How potent is it?"

"Well, the sperm count is quite higher then normal. Your husband seems to have increased his output quite a bit. It was 20 cc's and the last count your husband had was only 10 cc's." replied the Doctor. "What has changed in his diet?"

"It is not my husband's sample. It is Raj's sample. I told you that I was educating him this summer." replied my Mother.

"Then, we do need to talk in private after the exam," stated the Doctor.

With that he motioned for me to move closer and he explained the Exam process to me. He inserted a device called a speculum in to Mother's vagina. He maneuvered the speculum around and opened Mothers vagina. He the took a swab of her cervix and said they would sent it to the LAB for a PAP Test. I looked and watched the Doctor work on Mother. Then the Doctor removed the speculum and inserted her fingers for an internal Exam. She told me she was feeling the ovaries and the uterus. Then the Doctor asked, "have you been giving yourself breast Exams."

Mother stated, "Yes and could you show Raj how we do that as well?"

The Doctor opened Mother's gown and felt up her breasts for any lumps. Boy, was my cock getting really hard in my pants. The Doctor completed her the Exam and indicated to Mother, "Please get dressed I will be back." The Doctor left the room. Mother asked me, "Please hand me my purse." I thought she was getting a tissue to clean off all of the KY jelly. She reached in and pulled out the diaphragm kit. She loaded up the spermacide and inserted it into her pussy.

"Come over here, and drop your pants." she instructed me. "Now take your cock and **** me right now!"

I slid into her in one smooth motion. Her pussy was open and ready and slick. I thought I felt her cervix. She explained to me, "most women are nervous with male OB/GYN's since they could be raped this easy. The Stirrups and the position of the woman is perfect for a Doctor to take advantage of the relationship. Now finish before the Doctor returns" I could not believe what Mother was allowing me to do. I was ****ing her in a near public place. People were around. It sent me over the top. I exploded my load into her vulnerable vagina. I pulled back up my pants. Mother got dressed. The Doctor returned.

"Please wait here while your mother and I talk in private." Mother and the Doctor left to talk. I waited in the Exam Room. After a few minutes Mother returned. She took me to the Doctor's office. As I entered The Doctor motioned me to sit down.

The Doctor said, "Son, your sperm count is so potent you need to make certain to utilize at least a condom, if not the Pill with every young lady you have sex with in the future or you will have the girl in trouble by getting her pregnant. We would like to propose to you to get a collection of your sperm once a week. We will pay you $300 for each sample.. You can be a donor for many women so that they can have babies. You are of exceptional potency and the amount of sperm in your semen is very high. You and your mother should discuss this proposition and let us know. Please make certain you utilize condoms or the girl is on the Pill before intercourse. "

Mother and I left the office. I had a new feeling of power. My cock was still hard from watching my Mother's Exam and hearing what the Doctor said about me. Mother waited until we were in the car before speaking. "Raj, I now know how extremely potent you are. We have to be certain of the birth control measures you employ with other females. I will stop at the Store and pick up condoms for you."

"Does this mean I have to use them with you while you are educating me?" I

Chapter 4