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Education From Mother Chapter 6

Mother had made the appointment the prior month. The Doctor wanted to make sure she was pregnant. Mother and I went in for the appointment. The Doctor looked me in the eye and asked if the baby was mine. Mother answered, "He is the only male I have been having unprotected sex with since my last period. With my husband I used my diaphragm."

The Doctor asked, "What was the purpose of getting your Mother pregnant?"

I responded, "I want to be a sperm donor and breeding stud." Mother laughed.

The Doctor asked, "How many times did you all have sex?"

Mother said, "I just could not stop having him filling my womb with sperm each day."

The Doctor indicated, "I need to examine you to see how far along you are with your pregnancy. Please get positioned for me." Mother was already in the gown. She positioned herself on the table. The Doctor found out what Mother meaning about having her pussy filled with my sperm. He responded, "Well, I guess you filled her this morning." He continued his exam of Mother.

After a couple of minutes, the Doctor did a breast and pelvic exam and Mother was still on the table. "Well, Mrs. Khanna you seem to be about 3 months pregnant. You will be due in April." Indicated the Doctor. "Son we need to talk about what you propose. I am looking for Sperm Donors to help with my fertility clinic. Mrs. Khanna I need some relief from your exam, I seem to have gotten rather aroused." I heard a zipper being unzipped. The Doctor let his pants drop to the floor and I heard Mother gasp. I moved to the side of the table and watched as the Doctor's cock was entering Mother's waiting pussy. He was not any larger than I was.

Mother said,"What..? What are you doing Doctor?"

The Doctor said, "I've been wanting to make a deposit in you ever since you started coming to this practice."" Please let me do this. Either way You are going to pregnant, It does not matter now."

Mother stated, "OK Doctor, this time only and only since I cannot get anymore pregnant."

With that he crammed the rest of his cock into Mother's vagina. He started quick thrusting movements. I knew he would not last long. In about 5 minutes and prior to Mother having her first orgasm the Doctor blew his load in her already pregnant pussy.

As they were donig continue Doctor said," I am in love with you since you started coming here. Every time i see your naked body i wished if i could get chance to love your body and get you pregnant with my baby in that stomach of yours. "

As doctor said this to mom, i was just turned out by just thinking of my mom carrying baby of some other person.

Mom stated again," Dont expect more, its just now you got chance to fill my pussy when it does not matter who is filling my cunt, Ultimately baby would be my own son's."

As they continued, doctor said, " i am ready to pay all for that baby. Its my wish if i could have my baby from you, I can make baby with any nurse but I want it with you."

He was stroking faster now. he cupped mom's breast. He was squeezing very hard. Mother started screaming.

"Oh my god... that was something", mom gasped.

"You are beautiful and your pussy was very soft, I never felt like this before. Think about what i said."

After fifteen minutes of fucking they both came. He deposited his seeds in her.

After all this conversation mom said," Ok Doctor I will think about it later, but now Its my son's turn. After his baby i will think about it and see what can i do for my so desperate lover."

As the Doctor zipped up his pants he said, "We need to talk in my office about the service your son might be able to contribute to this practice."

We moved to his office and he closed the door. The Doctor continued, "Son, I need to know what you can do with only one placement of your sperm in a woman. I need a sample of your semen. I will place it in a woman and see if you get her pregnant. After that, we can see if you will be able to workout in this practice."

"How about I have sex with my sister once in mid-cycle and see if she gets pregnant," I responded. I knew I would make two deposits in a single session with my sister. Mother's eyes light up with the thought of her virgin daughter getting pregnant.

The response from the Doctor was a nodding in agreement. He added, "I should examine her just after her next period, Mrs. Khanna."

Mother responded, "She will be having one in two weeks. I will make her appointment before I leave."

The Doctor said, "The exam will be an education for her. I will make sure there are no problems."

Mother looked at me and said, "She is a virgin, unless something happened while she was at summer camp. How are you going to get her to have sex with you?"

"The easiest way, walk in on her while she is changing clothes and rape her!" I indicated.

"That happens more than you think, Mrs. Khanna," the Doctor stated. "Sister's are often raped by their brothers at least once. Incest happens more then you think. Nice plan son, you only get one time to prove your potential to my practice. I expect to see her the following month after she is pregnant."

Chapter 6