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Education From Mother Chapter 7

Making My women Pregant and Sexual Adventure Begins.

About two weeks later mother took Netuu to the OB/GYN for her first exam. Mother told me later that Netuu was a virgin and that the Doctor gave her a clean bill of health. She then told me to make the calendar as today was the start of Netuu's period. Mother and I were still having sex each day.
Twelve days later, Mother was going to make breakfast and stuck her head in my room. "Your Dad's already left for work. Netuu's in the shower. She is on a 28 day cycle. Today should be the best day. Are you going to do it?" I nodded my head and stroked my cock in front of her. She said, "I will be downstairs fixing your breakfast. I would recommend you do your normal morning things with the stereo" With that she left the room.

I turned on the stereo on like always. I then heard the shower stop. I moved to Netuu's door down the hall. I paused and listened and heard her open the dresser drawer and then the bedsprings. I opened the door quietly and moved in. Netuu looked up and shrieked. I moved quickly and pinned her back to the bed. She had a leg in her panties and nothing else on.

I told her, "Netuu, I have wanted to **** you since you got back from camp. I know you did the guys there. I want to do you too."

Netuu screamed, "I did nothing with the guys at camp. The doctor told me I was still a virgin. I'm saving myself for marriage. I'm not on the pill! Get off me now!"

I held her there and poised my cock at her virgin opening. Pressing forward I felt my cock slip in the opening and the about two inches in it met her maidenhead. She was kicking and screaming and caused my cock to go deeper in her. I took her all the way then. I then stopped and held her down. I looked at her and said, "I'm going to have sex with you today and when I cum I will not pull out. I will put the whole load deep in your womanhood."

"You will make me pregnant! I have no birth control! Please pull out!" Netuu cried.

I started to pump slow strokes an inch or two at a time. This was so I could keep her from getting away. After about 5 minutes she seemed to relax and was moving with me. I then opened up and started stroking in longer and longer strokes. After 10 more minutes Netuu came, it was small. I kept the motion up and told her that I was nearing my goal.

Netuu pleaded, "Please, don't cum in me. I'm not protected from pregnancy!"

"Netuu, here it cums. Count the number of spurts, baby," as I started blowing my load. I spurted 15 ropes of potent seed into her womb. I held my cock deep in her stretched womb. I pinned her shoulders to the bed. Her pussy was pulsing and grasping my cock as I held her down on the bed.

Netuu tried to get up. "I need to get your sperm out of me so I won't get pregnant!"

"Your pussy is saying for me to keep my cock planted right where it is, Netuu! I think you stand a good chance being pregnant today. We should stay here for 15 minutes," I told her.

After about 10 minutes she started ****ing me. She begged, "Please, get off me! Mother is downstairs I won't tell her if you get off me now!" Her body was telling me the real truth. I flexed my cock deep in her womb. She kept up the pelvic thrust back against me now thrusting motion. She even drew her legs wider opening her pussy as wide as it would go. We got into a ball slapping motion in quick time. We rutted like animals. After 20 minutes I blew my second load deep in her womb. I held her there on the bed, while she was having orgasms, for about 10 minutes. I pulled out of her with a pop. She lay there as I left the room.

I walked naked downstairs to the breakfast table. Mother looked at me and saw the cum on my cock. "I will be right back, son." Mother started to leave the table and I grabbed her. I sat her down on my lap and kissed her deeply while I rubbed her nipples, growing belly and pussy.

"I just knocked-up my sister. Let her be for a minute. You need to taste my cock now."

Mother got to her knees and slipped my cock in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around my cock and breathed life back into it. She kept up the blow job until I had a raging hard-on. She then climbed on my cock and slid it into her warm ready pussy. We kissed for a while.

"I ****ed her so deep that she will not get all of my seed out of her, no matter what she does." I told Mother as we broke the kiss. "You have not taught her how to douche yet have you? I kept her on the bed for at least 20 minutes with my cock plugging her womb. She will be leaking cum for a day."

Mother gasped, "I know what that is like. I hear her coming. Maybe we should stop."

"No, let her see who got you pregnant this time." I told her. I pulled off her nightgown and dropped it to the floor. I then started licking her growing breasts and sucking on her larger nipples. Then, I moved her to the table and started pounding her warm wet pussy for all its worth.

Netuu screamed, "Mother, he just raped me. Now he is raping you..."

"Netuu, your brother has the best cock I ever have had. He has more potent seed than any man I've had. He is the father of the baby in me. He will be the father of the baby you might have growing you right now." Mother told her daughter. "Sit down and watch him at work. He enjoys the pleasures so much."

I was in a long stroking motion and just about ready to blow my load. Mother was watching her daughter watching me pound her with my cock. I thought the sight was wonderful. I leaned back and started pumping and counting and I made my deposit deep in Mother.

Mother said, "Yep, 15 spurts son. That is the number of spurts of seed your brother leaves deep with each of his orgasms. Now come between my legs and look at my used pussy Netuu. You need to see just how much that is in me. Sit in that chair and cup your hands next to my vagina opening. "

Netuu moved to the chair between Mother's legs and sat. She watched as Mother expelled as much of my sperm as she could. The size of the puddle in Netuu's hands was over flowing for just one hand. Netuu just looked at it flow out of Mother.

"Netuu, your brother left at least that amount in your womb. He was trying to make you pregnant. The reason is simple. If you catch, become pregnant, He will start working for the OB/GYN we go to. He will be able to pay for your college and his as well." Mother stated.

"Mother, It is wrong to just take what is not his. He raped me. He raped you. He got you pregnant. What will Dad say?" Netuu stated.

"Dad will not know. You will not tell anyone anything!" Mother ordered. "The Doctor, You, Raj, and I will be the only people that know about this. We keep it here period."

I smiled. "Netuu, here's the deal. I will not touch you again, unless you want me to. Not willing to make the deal. I will take you any time the opportunity presents itself.. Mother and I will confirm any story you want other than the truth. You want to tell that you were raped anywhere we will back you up. Mother is happy with my service, you might enjoy further service from me in the upcoming months. I'm here for you too."

"Netuu, you need to understand that he is offering you a lot of pleasure in the future. I've been educating him most of the summer. He is real good and lasts a long time. He is willing to keep both of us happy. Let's work something out. I'll raise the child," Mother said.

"You are telling me that was the idea to rape me once and hope to get me pregnant?" Netuu asked. Mother explained, "Our OB/GYN has tested Raj sperm. The Doctor stated that it was the most potent sperm he has seen. The amount of fluid is not average. It is well above average. There are women who have husbands that don't produce enough good sperm and can't get pregnant. The Doctor knows Raj is the father of this baby. The Doctor needed to know that Raj could get a normal woman pregnant with a single servicing. You know like a breeder. If you are pregnant we have that proof. You carry the baby to term and I will raise the baby. You can go on with your life and Raj will educate you and the child. Deal?"

"OK," Netuu said. "Raj, you will not touch me again, unless I want it, Right?"

"That's the deal. Unless you want me to pleasure you I won't. One other thing is you can't just go out and get any to screw you until we know you are pregnant. No dates until you either have your period or not." Raj stated.

"You will not try again, just to make sure?" asked Netuu.

"No. I will keep Mother busy."

"Netuu, when is your next period?" asked Mother.

"A couple of weeks. It seems to have been about two weeks since my last one."

"OK, then we will find out then. Now let me see that load of Raj. We have to do something with it."

I thought to myself that the two loads already in Netuu would be enough. Netuu and Mother did not know just how many I deposited in Netuu. I was happy to have completed my goal of having both Mother and Netuu. I knew Netuu might want more of me with Mother's help. I knew I could get Mother to have sex in front of Netuu. I knew it would only be time.

"Netuu, don't let of that wonderful sperm drop. We could put more in you. The Doctor only wanted a single load in you. Let me have it." With that Mother swallowed what was in Netuu's hands.

Over Two Weeks Later

I came down to breakfast and both Mother and Netuu were eating. I sat down after kissing Mother good morning. "What are the plans for today?" I asked.

"Well, Netuu and I have to go to the Doctor. It seems that she is two days late and we did a pregnancy test this morning and the rabbit died. Netuu must have gotten raped in the last month." replied Mother in an off-hand comment.

I smiled at Mother and Netuu. Netuu glared at me. "When is the appointment, Mother, seems I just got real horny."

Mother and I left the table and went to my room, leaving the door open. Once there I stripped off Mother's nightgown and started kissing her deeply. I sucked her nipples and worked my way down her belly to her waiting pussy. I licked and sucked her wonderful pussy until she pleaded with me, "I have to have your cock in me right now, my pussy's so hot."

I moved into position and slid my cock into her in a smooth motion. I knew I was going to have a child with her and after that more children with her. I knew she was my sex slave. Now to get my sister as my sex slave as well.

While I pumped my cock deep into Mother a heard a noise outside my door, maybe Netuu was watching. I continued to pump my cock in and out of Mother for 10 minutes. I was driven with the thought of Netuu watching and soon blew my load deep in Mother. She had so many orgasms, I thought she might pass out. Since she became pregnant, Mother's pussy was getting wetter, when we had sex. Her breasts were getting larger and the nipples were getting darker and larger making them really nice to suck and lick.

She got up from my bed and said, "I need to get Netuu to the Doctor for her appointment. We will finish this later." She walked out the door to her room dripping cum from her pussy. She was having a slight problem walking as well. I sat on my bed making plans for later that day, with Mother. Things were going great from my standpoint. I was having great sex with my Mother. I had gotten her pregnant. I had had sex with my sister, who was a duplicate image of my Mother. I had gotten my sister pregnant with a single session of sex. The Doctor was going to enlist my services for having sex with different women, many of whom I would never see again. Life was wonderful!

I heard Mother and Netuu saying good-bye and then heard the Car leave the driveway. I took time for myself. I got up and took a long shower and relaxed around the house until Mother returned.

Chapter 7