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Education From Mother Chapter 8

Later that same Day

As I lay on the bed, daydreaming of making women pregnant with my potent seed and making plans for the future, I heard the car come down the driveway and park, it had to have been Mother and Netuu back from the Doctor?s office, since Dad was at work. I had taken a shower and made plans for getting as many women pregnant as possible.

Mother rushed excitedly into my room. ?Netuu is going to keep the baby. I know I will end up raising both babies. I just hope she helps with the nursing of hers ?cause I plan on breast-feeding both if she does not. The Doctor wants you to read these procedures and contracts. He was impressed at you hitting the time just right with getting Netuu pregnant.? She handed me the stack of papers. I started leafing through them reading some of the shorter ones. I saw that mother started ripping off her clothes while I read the papers.

She took my cock in her hands and licked the life into it. As I read the procedures, I asked, ?Have you read these??

Mother looked up at me and said, ?I read them while Netuu was getting her exam. The Doctor wanted to fuck her during the exam, but he held back. He said he had appointments to handle this afternoon. Read the contract, I think the money will be fantastic!?

She licked and sucked my cock. I started to get hard. I read the contract. I was to get $500 for each time I was to have sex with a patient. I was to know the schedule a week prior and would have no more than four appointments a day and no more that 4 days a week. I would have to limit myself to mother and Netuu prior to any marriage. I didn?t like that clause. I knew I would get around this restriction some how. ?Mother, You know that I have a potential of $8,000 per week? Wow!?

Mother stated, ?Why do you think I am so horny. I?m going to drain you. I wish I could get pregnant again just thinking about what you are going to do with those women.?

?Mother you don?t have a problem knowing I am having sex with 16 different women a week? The contract states that I will get about 30 to 45 minutes with each patient. You are going to get jealous??

?You have got to be kidding!? Mother stated. ?I am going to be busy getting the books and appointments taken care of. We have to keep track of every penny you earn. I will keep great records. Then when our babies hit the house I will be nursing them and you if you want some milk. And then will be getting you ready for the next sessions. I will be planning your workouts and meals to make you the most potent stud in the world. I think Netuu will come around with time, you will get to have her again.?

Mother climbed on my hard cock and asked, ?Please, suck on my nipples and get them ready for nursing. Don?t be gentle, ?cause the babies won?t be gentle.? She slid her soppy cunt down the entire length of my cock and paused a long time while I latched onto a nipple. I lick and sucked her nipple making her moan with pleasure.

Mother had left the door ajar. She told me, ?Son, I want to thank you for making me pregnant. I had forgotten just how sensitive my nipples are when I am pregnant. I know that you will love getting milk when it comes in.?

I switched nipples and sucked and licked her even harder. Mother started driving her pussy in a fevered pitch up and down my cock. She had had at least two orgasms and the flow from her pussy was drenching my lap. I just loved the wet sounds of sex. I started to drive my cock into her womanhood and lightly bit her nipples. I noticed that her breasts were getting larger. ?Mother is it normal for your boobs to be getting larger at this time??

?You will see that I will have very large breasts very soon. I should go from my normal 34B cup, which is starting to get tight to maybe a 36C or D cup, when my milk comes in. and the nipples seem to be getting larger already. You will see all of the changes in Netuu?s and my bodies. I plan on nursing for a long time after the babies are born.?

?What will happen to Netuu? ? I asked.

?She wears a 36C bra and that will grow much larger than I ever will. I will make sure that you get to see her changes. It makes me horny just thinking of the changes.? She hammered my cock moaning as she entered another orgasm.

I was getting ready to blow my load deep into Mother. ?You just got really hot son. Blow that pent up load deep into my womb.? was what she said to me as she started moaning really loud, in her orgasm. I made it just two more full strokes and blew my load deep in her womb. I kept pumping my cock into Mother as we cooled down. The wet noise of our sexes mating was wonderful. My mouth never quit working on her nipples I sucked really hard on them. Mother seemed to want to keep me inside her, by clamping and squeezing every drop out of my cock. I licked and sucked her nipples harder while she did this.

I kept driving my cock deep into her pussy as I rolled us over to where Mother was on her back. She was still in her orgasm. I put a hickey both nipples to make sure she was going to know who her lover was. I hoped that I would get to have Netuu again. Who was I to doubt mother? I pretended that it was Netuu I was burying my cock in. I quickened that pace and intensity of my thrusts into her sloppy and drenched tunnel. As we drove each other into a frenzy I noticed that Netuu was at the door watching. I put a show on for her; I slowed down and pulled mother?s legs over my shoulders. I then used full strokes. This sent mother over the edge. She went glassy eyed and I took no mercy on her. As she neared passing out I exploded in her pussy with my next load of hot semen. Rope after rope ended up in her womb. As we finished I noticed that Netuu had left the door.

Mother said, ?the Doctor said if you agreed to the contract we should sign it and get it back to him. He said that as soon as we get the contract back to him we would have a meeting and start the procedures.?

I asked, ?Do you see any problem with the contracts or the amount of time I will be spending? ?After seeing her indicate No I said, ?Then schedule the appointment with him. I can?t wait on getting a lot of women pregnant and being a stud.?

Mother, in a glassy eyed stare, said, ?It probably won?t be anyone you know. You most likely will never see them again. But, you will have me anytime.?

I left mother on my bed and walked down to Netuu?s room and knocked on her door. She told me, ?Come in.? I walked in naked with my cock slick with mothers and my juices. I saw she was lying on her bed and asked ?How she was feeling?? ?Pregnant and my stomach is not good,? was her reply. I offered to get her some soda and crackers from downstairs. She said no. I sat on the bed and comforted her.

Chapter 8