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Education From Mother Chapter 9

Sexual Adventure in Clinic Begins. Best Job.

The Doctor?s meeting- Day One

We met the Doctor a few days later. The same Nurse, from Mother?s appointment, escorted us to his office and told us, "The Doctor will be with you in a few minutes. Welcome to the practice."

The Doctor walked in, "Welcome to the practice. I do need some help. I have a woman coming in a few minutes. She wants to get pregnant really bad. Her clock is ticking. She wants to have the procedure. We need to refer to you as Dr. Bhardwaj for the purposes of the practice. Ready to jump in and get started?"

I spoke up, "I am ready to get started when you say so. The contract seems good. When does she get here?"

The Doctor said, "Your white coat is in the corner. You must wash your hands before you touch any patient. She will have only a gown on and be on the table. The Nurse will be in with you. You need to do the procedures like I show you the first time. You will move in and take my place and drop you pants and then breed the woman. Once completed you and the nurse will leave the room and let the patient get dressed. The nurse will take you to another room and help clean you up."

I said, "Agreed. I want to knock up as many of the women you want me to."

The Nurse came in and stated, "Mrs. Chaddha is waiting in Exam Room 8."

I put on my White coat and followed the Doctor. We entered Exam Room 8 and greeted Mrs. Chaddha.

"Mrs. Chaddha this is Dr. Bhardwaj and will help in the procedure today." The Doctor said.

We washed our hands and put on gloves for the physical Exam. The Nurse placed Mrs. Chaddha?s feet and legs in the stirrups.

The Doctor reached for the speculum and examined Mrs. Chaddha. My cock got hard thinking about what was next, it bulged in my pants. The Doctor talked to Mrs. Chaddha and asked, "When was your last period Mrs. Chaddha?"

Mrs. Chaddha stated "I started my period about two weeks ago."

The Doctor motioned to me. I moved into his place. I did my own digital exam of her and dropped my pants and removed the speculum, handed it to the Nurse and replaced it with my cock. Mrs. Chaddha sighed as I entered her pussy. The Doctor said, "Mrs. Chaddha you are in very good hands for the rest of the procedure. Nurse Anjana will stay and make sure the procedure goes well." He left the Exam room.

I started pumping my cock into her pussy in slow deep thrusts. Her pussy was tight; I guessed that her husband was smaller than I was, in the cock department. Mrs. Chaddha slipped her gown down so I could see her breasts. I examined them for lumps. Sighing, she asked, "Please suck my nipples." I leaned in and sucked both nipples they were about an inch across and a dark pink when I started licking them. Mrs. Chaddha liked that and responded with a orgasmic groan and a flood of pussy lubricant. I increased my thrust speed just a little when her moans increased. The Nurse stood at the door nodding in approval as I pumped my cock in and out of Mrs. Chaddha?s vagina. I kept up the jackhammer pace for about 15 minutes. And Mrs. Chaddha was in her third orgasm when the pressure started to build in my groin. I thrust harder, deeper and faster. Mrs. Chaddha pleaded with me, "Please fill me with a baby. I need one so bad. Please!"

I went deeper and started to spurt my seed into her womb. My cock spurted 15 ropes of my potent seed, in the next 15 strokes. Once I was complete with my orgasm. The Nurse said, "You need to remain in place and let it soak into her. " So I finished the licking and sucking of her erect nipples. Her nipples were a real dark pink when I finished with them. She kept milking my cock with her orgasms.

Mrs. Chaddha lay there and looked into my eyes with her glassy eyes. "Thank You for making me pregnant, Doctor" I stayed still for the 15 minutes. Mrs. Chaddha did hip circles on my cock. The Nurse handed me a diaphragm and I slid it into place for Mrs. Chaddha. And said, "Keep this in place for 24 hours and let the my seed do its work. You may get dressed and leave at your leisure." I pulled up my pants and the Nurse and I left the Exam Room and walked down the Hall.

We entered a Room and I stood waiting for her to indicate what was next. "Drop you pants and let me clean you up. You have about an hour before the next appointment." She walked over and dropped to her knees and licked my cock clean. Once it was clean she looked at me and said, "Your cock is beautiful and you?re not full grown yet. I would like to have it sometime after you are through for the day."

I looked at her and asked, "Are you on any birth control? I thought you were the Doctor?s private Nurse."

She stated, "Now that you are part of the practice you can have any Nurse or staff member here. We all know that big rule. The only stipulation is we only put you or the Doctor off until after all procedures are completed, for the day. We are not allowed to be on any form of birth control and be part of the practice. We do have to make sure that you and the Doctor are taken care of and sometimes we do get pregnant, we know the risks of unprotected sex. But the Doctor does not like to have the staff using birth control pills, IUDs, or diaphragms. Well you see how we use the diaphragms in a correct manner, now you don?t have to insert one with the staff, unless you really want to or they really want to get pregnant. When that happens we are to carry the child to term. Then, if we do not want it, we can place it up for adoption, we have ways for that. But usually we raise the child in our families. All women have to understand the rules and risks. We are all under contract. What goes on in this practice never gets out the walls. The women of the practice like to think of it as a sisterhood. The older ones help with the younger ones. All the women are well compensated extremely well for their services, about twice what they would make in other practices."

"Are you married? How many children have you had?" I asked.

The Nurse said, "I have been married for ten years and have had 5 children. My husband cannot have children and I have kept all of them. Some of the other Nurses and staff are not married; remember anyone will service you when you want them, no exceptions. You ask they will deliver. Any problems come to me, they will perform or they are out. I will introduce you to the rest of the practice later. Please sit down and relax. I will send in a soft drink. By the way, Mrs. Chaddha will be back tomorrow for another appointment. The problem is her husband?s sperm count. I know you will make her pregnant. I think you are wonderful to be the sperm donor." She tossed me a towel and said I should wash my hands again.

I got up and turned to the sink and washed my hands. I moved back to my chair and the door opened. In walked another Nurse a little younger than the other one, but with the same hair color, light brown, and a similar build and height. "Hi, I?m Manisha." She handed me my soft drink. She turned and started to leave.

"Could I ask a few questions? Manisha?" I asked.

"Sure. I?ll do my best to answer your questions."

"I noticed you and Anjana have near the same build and coloring. Are all the Nurses like you two?

"Anjana is my older sister, by three years. It has been great working here. The other Nurses in the practice have similar builds. Some with the same hair color, some different."

"Did the Doctor hire you all for that reason? Or what?"

"The Doctor wants the patients to be comfortable with the Nurses and we are to blend in and not be noticed. We all wear the same color uniforms and hairstyles. I understand you are the new donor for our fertility side of the practice. Could I see your equipment?

I unzipped my pants and pulled out my semi-hard cock, which was about 7 inches at this state.

"Nice equipment, no wonder Anjana said I would like it. I understand you are quite potent as well. I ran the sperm count tests on you. You have a lot of sperm and they are active."

"Manisha, are you married? And how many children have you had?" I asked.

"I?ve been married for about 3 years and have 1 daughter. My husband had an accident when he was in the service. His sperm count is low. But the child is his. Anjana brought me into the practice after I completed Nursing school. I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, during my employee exam. The Doctor saw the lab tests and then fucked me on the Exam table knowing he could not get me pregnant. I loved it. The Doctor delivered my baby." Manisha said.

"I understand that everyone in the practice can?t use any form of birth control. How have you kept from having more than one child?"

"Just have not been serviced at the right time of the month, I guess. However, I think some how you will cure that situation," was her reply as she winked at me.

Anjana walked in and said, "Your next appointment is early by about 15 minutes. Are you recovered for the next procedure?"

"Yes" as I zipped up my pants. The two Nurses looked at each other. "I will get Mrs. Gupta and her chart and escort her to Exam room 8." stated Manisha.

I looked at Anjana and asked, "Who is going to get Manisha pregnant next?"

Anjana said, "Might be you stud if you play your cards right. She wants to have at least 6 children. Her husband cannot provide that much. You and I will talk about it later. You need to focus on Mrs. Gupta. She is 30 years old and wants a child so bad. Her husband is older and was married before and has had a vasectomy, back in the 1970s, nonreversible. You are their best bet for children."

"Well, let?s go make her pregnant." was my response.

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