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Obsessed Chapter 1

This story goes back to the time when I was 13 studying in 10th standard. In our house we lived me , my mother and father. My both parents were well educated. my father was in businessman.. And my mother was housewife, because dad earned more than enough to support us.

My mother was most beautiful woman i had ever seen in my life. Not only motherly she was also a gorgeous as woman. All my dad's friends would look at her when ever they got chance. But my mother was either ignorant to them or she was innocent. I had seen many men making moves on her when they knew dad was not around. But my mother never let them believe that they could have any chance. She was after all typical indian housewife.

My father was always busy. He was well reputed man in our city, my father was also consider as classical handsome. I know it because i heard women talking many times. being handsome and powerful man, he was also center of attention for any party, as was my mother for her beauty.

All the people considered my parents ideal couple, both handsome and classy. people envied them. But little they knew, my dad's being busy and always being attracted by women, was main reason for many fights they had in nights. I knew dad never cheated on mom, but mom was not accusing him of cheating, she was craving for attention, she wanted form her husband. instead he was always busy at work, very less at home. late night work. Dad would always tell her that she needed to open herself, should try to live like other wives do, and enjoy. He would try to convince her that whatever he was doing he was doing for us, for our brighter future.

So things were very tense at home. But desppite of all the facts they loved each other. Dad would always make up some how. She would always worry about him, whenever he was late. Always waiting for him to return, and have food prepared for him, when he got very late.

Apart from being beautiful mom was very kid person from inside. she always helped people whenever she could. She always treated my friends as her sons. I know many of my friends took it wrong way, they would not miss any chance to hug her, or be in any touch with her.

I still remember those days. Mom was finally letting herslef open. She was becoming friends with other woman. who were totally flirt. But mom was still as conservative as she was, but somehow she started to manage being without father at party while talk to his friends or other parteners. Mom would join company of these shamless ladies, sometime dance on floor at some parties.

Now the reason i am writng the story, it was the day when we were scheduled to go to some very important marriage, Dad was working on very important project. We were ready to go to party and were waiting for dad to arrive, but then phone rang and it was dad telling that he could not make it, but he wanted us to go, it was important to attend the marriage party too. After lot of arguement mom agreed, dad said he would come to party as soon as he would be free. he will come to party straight.

He sent car for us to drive to banquet hall, So it was me and mom on the way to party. As soon as we reached the palace. we were greeted by mom's friend at main door. They all asked why dad had not come. Mom initially answered their question but after sometime when more people kept asking she fot frustrated and tried to avoid conversation. One of her friend noticed that mom was stressed so she led her (me with her) apart from others. While were walking mom's friend Anita, was telling her, how un-thoughtful my dad was or specifically all the man are. Suddenly mom's eyes set to dance floor, she looked at people dancing for sometime then she asked Anita.

"who is that boy, he dancing like a professional?"

"Who? oh that Prashant. he son of my friend Asima."

"Asima? but he handsome, and her mother is..."

"Oh you naughty girl, he is her son, but he just on his father."

Then i looked at where they were looking, yes the boy was handosme indeed, but i knew him, he was in same school i was then, but he was much senior, he was in 12th when i was on 7th grade. so now he must be in some college, may be 2nd year. he was very well. Looking he was always surrounded by girls. But he was arrogant bastard. he was always nice to girls, he always had prettiest girls with him. he was known as having more than one girlfriend at the time, and I heard that he had sex with almost all of them, From what i had heard that he would date some girl and have sex with her and dump them, and the problem was that girls even after being dumped by him will always hoope that he would comeback to them.

He was supposed ti carry a reputation of being very goood in sex, girls would always want more him. well that is we just heard, like he having biggest penis around, and fully skilled with how to use it. In rumor he also had sex with many teacher of our school, some of them were married.

"Yes he is handsome though, and look at girls around him, drooling over him"

"Yes, you know girls, he is handsome, rich, college boy"

"Yes he seem perfect"

"Perfect? what are you looking him for girl? do you have something in your mind?"

"What? what are you talking about? I am just saying?"

"No girl , we have been before at partied but you never said anything about any other man, this young man seemed to have stoled your heart Suman"

"Stop it, you are taking like we are some stranger, ok drop it now, lets have some drink"

They then stopped talking about him, but i could see that mom was constantly checking on that boy, surrounded by girls drooling over him.. Whenever mom will look on dance floor, Anita will look at mom and smile. After some time we sat on chairs. Anita asked mom if she wanted to dance, Mom refised but after more forcing she agreed, but i knew that mom was already willing to go there and dance but she was just trying to be not too obvious about it. Anita dragged mom to dance floor. But unfortunatly when they reached their, Prashant came back to seat near ours, I was sitting there, having my drink ( pepsi ofcourse, you know i was only too young by then), he was some other guy, with him, it seemd they came to relax a bit before they go back. I thing mom noticed when they came off the dance floor, and was dissaponted but she could not come back (wouldn't it be obvious if she come back) So i listend to two boys talking.

"Shanty did you see that woman?"

"The one in blue saree?"

"yes man, what a figure man, I just want to fuck her"

"Oh shut up you, you alwaysjust say things, she is way out of you league"

"I know man, but you can have her of you want to"

:"What made you think that?", parshant asked.

"Well man you always had any woman you wanted, I think you should try her man, she is most beautiful woman I had ever seen"

"You are right Vicky, I think I should atleast try, she is indeed gorgeous as hell, look her ass , I had never seen beautyful ass like that before, and those booobs."

"Right Shanty believe me man, please make move, if you can please give me some her"

"Ok Lets go over there, you just try to maneuver her friend with her, I will handle gorgeous"

"Ok man, I can handle her, but promise me that you will at-least let me see when you do her"

"Deal man, now lets go to work, I am going have her beautiful ass before i leave here tonight"

Chapter 1