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Obsessed Chapter 2

I could see them dancing, he was around mom, when they were dancing, the boy with Parshant managed to take Anita away from mom, not far but separated, Vicky, pushed mom from behind she was about to fall when Parshant took mom in his hand, by then I was near them so i could almost make out whet was being said. Parshant yelled at Vicky.

"Hey man be careful, you almost hurt this lady", mom was still in arms, he held her tightly, mom was looking at his face.

"Sorry man, I didn't meant to, please accept my appolo..."

"it ok am fine," the she turned her head again to Parshant," Thank you, for saving me"

"Its my pleasure ma'am, beside holding a beautiful woman like you is privilege"

"Ahaa, you know how to talk to woman, thanks again for compliment", during whole talk they did not move, this was not the exact conversation which went on between them., duet to music i could not make out whole talk. but they started dancing again , but this time he was closer to her, and her whole attention was to him, mom was having time of her life, i never saw her so happy, they were laughing, copying each others step. Hugging each other. Many time he would grab her and lift in air.

After some time i went outside to have some fresh air. you must know that banquet halls are always outside the city well at least this one was, it was almost surrounded by fields, after car parking. When i was out for almost 15 minutes i started go inside, when i heard voices coming and imminently recognized, it was mom she was laughing, they were coming out.

"Lets sit here before we go inside back"

"Here ? where do we sit?

"Lets go there, there is my car"

"OK but for a while, OK? i am really having after long time, I want dance some more"

"Ok, we will go bet let me relax.", he said, and sat on her car's backside. Mom came and sat beside him. i hid behind some car listening to them, I could also see them but the could not see me. at lest outside i could hear them clearly. After some bullshit, he said

"Auntiee you look beautiful"

"Really, well thanks but you should not say these things, I saw you inside looking at my..at me, I am you your mother's age young man."

"Mother? what a funny word, the moment i saw you at party, I felt something different, some kind of attraction, which I never felt before"

"Now don't lie, I saw all the girls, there , you definitely having fun"

"Oh those, those stupid girls would do anything for me, but you know I don't really wanna do anything with them"

"Why not?"

"I don't know, I don't feel anything with them, I mean I had se..I mean I know them pretty well but nothing got serious"

"What are you looking for?"

"I don't know something like you made me feel tonight"

"I told you, I am like you mother"

"And I told you that's funny to me, because i never knew what mother is all about"

"What? what are you talking about, are angry with your mother?"

"What? who? I don't have mother never had"

"Now don't you lie, Asima would..."

"She is not my mother, she is my father;s wife, I had never seen my mother, she left me when i was born, she died after giving birth to me"

"Oh.. I m sorry..I didn't knew that..."

"It ok, no one knows, we moved here in this town after father married her, so every assume she my mother"

"oh... i didn't know that, but when Anita told me that she is mother, I could hardely believe that, but even though you should not"

"what way...and why did you thought i was not her..."

"Oh you were so.. handso..i mean you look nothing like her"

"Oh so you were checking me out humm?"

"Oh no , you naughty boy, I was just ...hell i don't know want i was thinking"

"So you felt something for me, too"

"Something, no i did not...wait what do you mean me too?"

"I certainly felt attraction towards you"

"Towards me or my brea... I mean you all boys are same, always looking wrong places"

"You wanted to say breasts? yeah i was checking, you have best I had ever seen"

"Oh please Parshant don't talk like that, I am.."

"I know, I know, but hey it could be motherly attraction, but even though I would love to see those boobs of yours"

"you know ? we should go inside"

"No please , i want to be here,", he almost pleading, when mom tried to leave, he grabbed her arm.

"Ok, but i really have to go for bathroom"

"You can do it here"

Mom burst into laughing,"here? what are you mad?"

"Oh come on, people do that often have not you done that?, its dark here and no one going to see"

"Oh but that not the reason to do here, and how.."

"Oh that is simple no look at me", he moved forward to fence , unzipped his pants, and started pee in fence."See it is easy?" when turend to say this, his face was towards mom, but was still his dick outside, and it became visible to mom, mom eyes locked on his dick, it was big, really big. She didn't hear him saying so he said again. mom blushed again, I saw his smile and knew that he noticed that what mom was looking at. He did it intentionally.

"What, I can't do that"

Of course you can,", he zipped his pants and came to mom. mom reluctantly agreed.

"But in front of you?"

"Oh come one I did that in front of you"

"But that was different"

"Oh really", I think mom did not want touch the topic where could accuse her of staring at his dick. She moved towards fence.

"Ok but I will have to remove my underwear first", she lifted her Saree unto her thighs and slid her hands inside and slid down her underwear. She handed it to him. and then she turned to fence, lifted her Saree again and sat in Indian style, while doing that her butts were revealed just for moment and then again covered with her Saree again. hew Her ass seemed bigger while she was sitting there.

After some time she was done she stood up, again giving some glimpse of butts. She cam to Parshant. When she asked for panties, he said she could have it before they go inside.

"I know but, I really, wanted.. to.."

"See here you again, " she again tried to leave but he made her sit again,.

"OK just show me once and we will go inside and I will not bother you again , if you are tired of me"

"I did not say, i was tired but.."

"You think I am pervert?, those all the girls there, will do anything for me If say, but i don't want them to do anything, i font feel anything for therm, I feel about you, and want to confirm, what it is, or I would always wounder what it was for my whole life"

"I didn't say that..."

"Oh really what you were dong looking at my tool", mom looked embarrassed,"oh you thought i didn't notice?"

"no I was just look.."

"I know, i know, and that is all i am asking for"

"You...ok..just look ok? no nothing else agree?"

"Agree, oh thank you thank you very much Auntiee"

"Save that, you may not like, what you see, you know after having those young girls"

"You kidding me? they are not.."

"Ok ok stop now, let me show you and then we go back inside. "

Mom opened buttons of blouse, and her bra came into display.

"Oooh, sexy bra just like panty?"

"Now now, you want to see or i.."

"Oh please don't stop now"

When blouse was open , mom turned and asked him to unbutton her bra from behind. And he did, mom put her hands atr boobs, she actually cupped them. Bra was strapless so it his the floor, but mom still had her blouse. Parshant just picked her bra, and put it on car back.

"So satisfied?"

"You you "

"What? disappointed?, I told you..that.."

"Oh no i am just confused..."


"I never felt this way, I mean urge to touch.."

"no way, I told you , and we agreed,, that.."

"I know, but.. i saying that...I mean that i always liked boobs, but never this much urge ti suck them, my be because, because my mother never breastfed me, may be beca.."

"What, you never..oh Parshant, why do you think.."

He was almost crying at this moment, "I.. I..think I never had real mother thats why i cant understa...what motherly love", he just broke, the bastard was expert in this game.Mom's expression just changed from frustration to sympathy

"Oh..Parshant don't say like ... ", she pulled him towards him, forgetting that her blouse was open and breast were exposed to him,she pulled his face to her chest. He Buries his head in her chest, crying.he hugged her tightly. Mom started to kiss his head, his cheeks.

"Oh poor baby...", suddenly he kissed mom on lips, mom stopped for a moment, not knowing what to do. But then he buried his face again between her boobs. His lips were almost touching her nipples. Then he took it, he took it in his mouth and started sucking it, both them were crying but they slowed down. She tried to stop him, I thought mom was just trying to stop him.

"Look Parshant, I..we shouldn't be doing...this...here.."

Look on his was like lost puppy, then mom said,"do you have key to this car?"

he didn't wait, he opened the car door and they both entered the car, mom lay back on her back on car seat, Parshant went on her, in hurry they didn't close the door, in a few minutes mom's legs came outside, Then Parshant made her in completely and closed tried to close the door, but as excited they were they could not close it properly, because mom's Saree came in way and it remained slightly opened, so I could hear all.

"ohh they are so sofe...yupp chuppp..."

"Easy tiger there isn't going to be any milk"

"Ohhh Auntie, they are so sweet...and firm..."

They were on it for about 15 minute when mom's cellphone rang.


"Ohh...yes I am here outside..."

"no just get some fresh air..."

"Noo..no no i will come inside ...he must be in there somewhere"

"Just i minute..."

"yes ok...", she drop the cell.

"I have to go"

"what really.. please don't go"

"Listen what happened shouldn't have, but it was my fault tooo, I am married, and I love my husband, what we did was mistake and..and...never do it.."

"What mistake...i cant believe..."

"Listen Parshant, dont make more difficult than it already is for me, ok? you know we cant do this this wrong"

"I don't get it, I only felt this..."

"Please Parshant don't do this", Mom was buttoning her blouse when she got out of car."

"Please Auntiee, ok say we will meet again..."

"I cant Parshant...look my husband is here, and looking for me, and I don't know where my son is, I have to leave now.."

"But...", she gave him kiss on his lips, it was longer kiss.

"OK bye and please forget this", i saw tears on her cheek, and she left. Parshant standing there.the i noticed one more thing his hands he still had her bra and underwear, which meant mom was without bra and panty, inside the party.

Chapter 2