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Change in Life Chapter 1

Anjane main maan ki chudai

My name is Naveen. Every body calls me chickna because I am very good looking 22 y/o young man studying to become an engineer.My mom Suman is a nice looking 5.6in 155 lb nice lady with very attractive figure she has nice long legs and big boobs thin west and nice butt. My father passed away in an accident 3 years back. Since then she is very sad and keeps herself buisy in her job most of the time. She is a nurse in Dr Ray's nursing home.

I had to live in a hostel in Gwaliar which is in MP. That is the nearest engineering college we have. I came back to Bhind in summer vacation after my first year exams.This time mom's seems to be taking more interest in me. She was talking and smiling more I thought her wounds are healing.

She asked me to hook her bra and blouse in the back she was complaining about some stiffness in her arm and it was not able to move it up. While closing the hooks I could see her vally and some part of breast and it gave me instant erection and worst was mom's butt was touching my bulge because there was not much space between mirror and bed. Mom asked me to do it while she was combing her hair so because of her movement soft and warm boobs were pressing and rubbing on my cheek and driving me crazy. Closing her hooks were difficulf because the hooks got pressed I have to use my theeth to spead the hooks in that process my cheek was touching her bare portions of boobs. Couple of times my lips touched her breasts I felt she was breathing heavily. It seemed she did not mind her breasts pressing and rubbing my cheek. Through her tight bra her erected nipples were showing.

Then She thanked me with a naughty smile. She aske me if I can take her to her town so she can get some new blouses stiched. I said ok that gives me oppertunity to meet my friends from school.

My best friend was Rasheed. He was ladies taylor it was his family buisness. He was very intelligent and good looking tall handsom. He stayed in family buisness just to touch and feel woman and fuck them if get chance. His older sister was prostitute. He took me to her to make me loose my virginity.

She was from his fathers first wife. He and his sister Shiza liked ( loved ) each other too much and were cought smoonchig and touching each other's private parts couple of times. Parents got scared and got her sister married to a man hurriedly. They did not enquired about man and later found out that he was gay and loved to get his ass fucked. He had a boy friends and used to come to his house and fucked him all night she got involved in it too to take revange from her parents and started having sex with his boy friend. Over all she was happy with situatin and further encouraged hes husband to crossdress and both had group sex with 3 to 6 men on regular basis.

Rasheed also fucked his brother inlaw Masood. The day Masood saw handsome Rasheed he wanted his cock. Masood was a very good man and through gentle man. He told Shiza that he is gay and told her he has hots for her borther. She got very happy with this development. She knew that his brother also a ass man and love to fuck young boys.Masood was too chikna any ways. She told Masood that he is not the only one who has hot for her bother she also wants her brother to fuck her. Looking at Rasheed He was not surprised at all. Shiza told Masood that he should not worry about any thing he can play with as many man as he wants to and she will help him to get men from internet. Even if the she has to use her body to get men. As per her it is little price and gratitude to pay for her beeing able to make love to her brother.

Since her husband was not Working they did not have any source of income she desided that she will make money by being prostitute. That way she, Rasheed and Masood can live their love live way they want. So hole setup was working fine.

Rasheed took me to her sister. I did not now that Shiza was Rasheed's Sister till after fucking her. I was little shocked after knowing but Rasheed told me since I was his best friend it is ok beside it is safe for me to fuck her instead of prostitute which may not be safe (health wise).I was very thankful to him that he thought that much about health risks

It was aobut 7.00 pm we started from home it started getting dark. Mom told me to take scooter she sat behind and held me tight her left breast was pressing against my back and her hand was almost resting on my bulgin cock.Finally I droped her at Churaha and told her that I will pick her up in couple of hours.I parked my scoter on the back of Rasheed's shop and went inside. It was slow evening and Rashid was sitting with couple of people one was out school friend, Shamim and other guy was Balraj he was big 6.3 ft tall and about 225 lb or aprox 110 kg packing 8 inch tool. When some lady cutomer cames Rasheed used to ataind customer and We use to sit down back room and were able to see Rasheed taking customer's mesurement. We could see how much liberty customer was giving him to cares her body parts. Some ladies wanted more then he took them to room in back of place he was taking mesurments. Once she is there and started having sex with Rasheed it did not matter who many more men fuck her. Evrery vacation I came to Bhind I must have fucked 4 to 6 woman with him.

Suddenly power went off. Load shedding started earlier this year. Rasheed put on some candels and lanterns. We herd customer comming in Rasheed went to takecare of customer and we went in back and expecting some hot measurements. And specially if it is dark customers olso are less scared to to seen. Rasheed took customer in the back and started taking measurements. We could see only breast portion of customer and that's the measurement
Rasheed was taking. We could see Rasheed's fingers inside the tape and he was moving it across the breast.

Customer did not pull back or reacted so Rasheed put his other hand in the tape and moved on other breast. Rasheed was asking how tight blouse she wants but lady was taking time in deciding. It was working out good for Rasheed he kept on moving his finger on breast to make tape tight and loose. Suddenly Rasheed stoped his fingers on both nipples I think he was pressing her nipples beween his fingers. Lady started moaning then she said somthing to Rasheed seemed she is daying "harder". Rasheed turned his hands and started pressing her boobs lady was saying not here and was looking at closed doore behind Rasheed. Rasheed immediatly opend the door and took her inside the back room. We also moved other side of room from where we could see Rasheed was holding lady from behind and his one hand was inside of that woman's blouse and other hand he inserted into the sari from west and was caressing her vagina.

Lady was now moaning louder and puting her hands behind her to touch Rasheed's cock. She opened his zipper and started shaking his cock. We could hear every thing they were talking about."Rasheed your cock is hugh I will love to take it in my mouth and my choot and fill me up with your cum"

"I will fulfill your every desire. In fact I have couple of my friend here and we all can fuck You from both side and give you the pleasure beautiful lady like you deserve."

"How sweet of you Rasheed but I do not know them will it be ok? I do not want many people to know about me so I do not want any body other than you."

"And since how long do you know me. 10 minute? And you want my cock in your mouth and your choot and fill you with my sperms? Wonderful And after all that you potray yourself as dignified lady?"

"Please do not feel bad my friend told me about you and told me that you are very reliable."


"Savita Thakur"

"Yes she was also singing same song like you of beeing respected lady in the front but was cchinal like you behind

the parda. We all gangbanged her and then she came back again and begging for more and more lund so you will too. I put that randi friend of yours on dhanda with my sister Shiza. My sister sends her to rich married people. So now she is getting paid to have fun."

Listening to Rasheed's dirty talk and exitment created by fear for getting cought her vagina was gitting wet and she was gitting more exited.

By the time this talk was finished she found her petticote with sari was being pulled down and she was standing in

her blouse and penty whithout even waiting for reply.That time she new she is going to be gangbanged. Now Rasheed was in process of making her fully nanga.

Chapter 1