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Change in Life Chapter 10

My Mother-in-law My Father's Randi - My Revenge

After Raniji went my mother-in-law and I were drinking we both loosen up little bit. I again mentioned that I did not understood why he got me married to as guy how he knew is gay. I told her I love my father very much he was very handsom and chickna I secretly saw his cock and wanted to suck his cock and wanted him to fuck me. He also always looking for chance to hug me or stick to me.We used to go to Bombay to meet relatives in summer vacation I loved to go with him in Bombay local train where I used to get full chance to stick to him because local trains were always crowded.I had that feeling of lust towords my father specialy after my mother passed away. I used to rest my ass to his cock couple of times I felt his cock became hard and poking my gand. I responded and rubbed me gand to his lund and even touch his lund with my hand once on that days train ride.

One day early morning I wokeup about 5 o'clock and felt a hand between my thighs near my choot I opend up my eyes very little and saw my father who was sleeping beside me was try to push his hand in. I spead my legs so he can put his hand there freely and moved my hand further which was near his cock and touched his cock.He suddenly moved got up from bed and left.

Then he got me engaged to Rajan and within weeks I found my self married to this cchakka. I was really very angry with my father and wanted to punish him for that.

Mother-in-law told me that she became my father's slut when my mother pased away. The met in Raniji's hospital where my mom was getting treatment. She was very sick and had liver and then kidney failuare. My father told my Mother-in-law that he wanted to fuck my choot. My MOL and his randi encoraged him but problem that if people come to know about this or if I get pregnant than it will become hell for both of us in Samaj. So my father suggested my MOL that her son was gay slut and if they get me married to him they can use me as there slut all life.

I was very very mad at him that even after knowing that I wanted his cock and he also waned my choot why he did not fuck me. I wanted to tie him up with a table in bending position and get his ass fucked by Rasool bhai and Ahmed bhai's humongus lund to punish him.

So when my father came I sucked his cock let him fuck my choot and then I took him to Ahmed bhai's tayloring shop and told him and Rasool bhai that I was so happy with my choodai that I brought them a nice gift. I showed them my chickna father from a hole in doore. They were very happy to see him and started imagining that how much they will enjoy to fuck his chickny gand.

"What are you waiting for Rasool bhai." Suman asked

"Well I am thinking if you want to punish him we can do gang bang and fuck the hell out of him let's take him inside and tie him up." Rasool bhai

"I want to here his cry" Suman.

"That you will here even if you are standing in second gali from here, he will beg for mercy and we will fuck him mercilessly. we do not get chickni gand like him for years" Rasool

"Thank you Rasool bhai" Said Suman.
"We should thank you for giving us such a pyari gand in gift". Rasool said

I took him back room where some workers were working. I started taking out my sari dad asked me what are you doing? He looked at workers. They had all fucked me and they are the one who gave me there cock to my thirsty choot which was unfucked even after my marrige and made me a woman. which he failed to do. I told him I am very upset about it that I had to be kuwanri for all those years when he could have fucked me and made me a woman.

"I will have you punished for that my dear dad. I will have your ass fucked by hugh cock it will be so painful that you will cry for mercy which I will enjoy of course." I told my father.

I asked Hari and one other guy to tie him up with table and take out his pants. I gave a rubber chupple to Hari and asked him to beat his ass red. I started having sex with other three workers. I took one's cock in my mouth one workeres cock in my cunt and third one was fucking my ass. My fathers cry's and shouts were making me more horney and giving my enjoyment off started getting even with him. This was just beggining.

I was waiting for Rasool bhai, Ahmed bhai and Udai bhai's lund tare my gandoo baap's gand. I wanted dr. Urmila to cut his lund to make him eunuch.

That will be my revenge I thought. Bastered did not have guts to rip my clothes off and put me on ground and fuck me brutally instead he chose sell me to namard so I will be deprived of sex and then he do me a favour to save my marrige. I will show you my revenge I thought.

Finally Rasool bhai, Ahmed bhai and Udai came with Dr Urmila and her khasam who was in love to do sex changes or chop peoples penis off.

Dr Urmila asked workers to turn him so she will be able to mark the area where she has to perform surgery to make him eunuch. My father was asking what these guys are doing I told him plain and simple that after his balatkar his penis will be choped of to make him eunuch and told him I have recomonded Dr. to put him breast implants.

Thought arabs love to fuck his chickny gand and he will be of nice use. I asked dr to toss in a pair of nice breasts too. It out will be nice for our arab cutomers It will be some thing diffetant and new.

I wanted to do peshab. I got an idea. I put my choot on my father's mouth and warned him that if he wested my piss then he have to face consequences I slowly pissed in his mouth holding his mouth tightly docked to my vagina. He tried to move is mouth away but I twisted and slapped his balls and then he quietly drank my peshab.

Rasool bhai told Hari to prepare my dad for fuck. Hari and one more guy dragged him to toilets I kept holding his balls well squeezed so he me not try to break loose.They gave him enema twice.

He was brought back and tied to table in bending position. Ahmed bhai pushed his cock in my dad's mouth he tried to resist. I twisted his balls and Udai gave him cople of slaps. I told him that if he did't suck Ahmed bhai's lund properly I am going to kick his balls with my knee. He started sucking Ahmed's cock properly. Udai came behind and lubricated his gand. My dad tried to wiggle his ass and tried to resisted. I slapped his balls and herd a loud shout.

"I told you not to resist" I picked up as rubber chapple and gave him spanked his gand 7 or 8 times he kept on shouting that he will not do it again.

"AAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooo mar gaya." My dad cried as Udai's lund entered in his gand. Udai started pumping slowley.

"Aah ahhhhhhhh ohhhhhh mar gaya please leave me." He cried

"Kutte this is just begening you just wait and see what happens to you." I said and slapped on his balls lighty and told in his ear I will cut your lund and khutte (balls) teri gand chudne ke bad. No body can save you. Mery choot ko tarsane ( torchure , to keep hungry for you want most) ki sazza milegi tujhe hijde.

He kept on cring "AAaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh mere ko cchod to bhagan ke liye. Mujhe dard ho raha hai"

"We want to give u more and more pain you bastard." Udai said.

"Please sir have mercy on me. I don't even know you and have not done any thing bad to you" said my dad.

"Ha, ha, ha you fucking idiot. What do you want,think or feel it does not matter any more. You know why, I will tell you we own you and you are our slave slut. So what you will do is from now is follow our command. For every thing and any thing you do you have to ask our permission and if you did not take our permission trust me you will seriously regret it." Said Rasool bhai

My father still kept on making gruilling noices. I did not ask him to stop noises because more noice he will make more aggresive fuck he is going to get.

Udai was now pumping my father's gand hard and fast and Ahmed bhai was fucking his mouth and choaking him with his long thick cock. I was sucking Rasool bhai's lund and he was licking Dr Urmila's choot. Dr Urmila's Khasam was on me he was fucking my gand. I loved nice long selender lund going in and out in my ass. I lubricated Rasool bhai's cock well and his long thick giant lund disapeared in Urmilaji's choot she was moaning very loud with excitement and begging him to fuck her choot hard.

"Ah, ah,ahhhh, Rasool phad do meri choot aur jor se chodo mujhe." Urmilaji was reaching her climax her muscles were getting tighter due to orgasm Rasool bhai also started cumming. As soon as he was done I licked clean his lund and started sucking Urmilaji's choot to drink Rasool bhai's leaking cum from her choot. I licked clean her choot well.

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