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Change in Life Chapter 11

The End

Since I was done I focused attention to my father's fucking. I wanted him to feel pain and make every thing as misrable as possible for him. I started spanking his ass as hard as possible while Udai was fucking him. he was trying to make noices and Udai got more excited and started pumping him harder. my father was shouting with pain but his cry was muffled by Ahmed bhai's cock. I aslo twisted his balls to make it more agonising for him. Now he was not even able to shout he was slurring some thing may be asking me to stop. But I ignored. I was out to punish him.

His hissing and slurring sounds made Udai and Ahmed bhai more excited and they came in his mouth and ass. I slurped all the cum leaking from his gand.

"Aab tujhe dard hone wala hai. Taiyar ho ja Rasool bhi ka lund teri gand cheer dega" I told my father.

I did not want any body else to fuck his gand except Rasool bhai because if I wanted to get his gand tare.I asked Rasool bhai if he can do honor to phado my baap's chikni gand and make him your randi. He said that he would. In about 15 minuts Rasool bhai came and stood in front of my dad showing him his humongus lund lookin at it my dad's eyes popped out.

"No please I can't take it I will die. Please have mercy on me" My dad cried with fear.

Rasool bhai pushed his jumbo lund in dad's mouth and pushed all the way in almost gagging his. I could hear

"aaaagggggggggggaaaaaaa" sound came out from dad's mouth.

Sound was making Rasool bhi's lund tight and he was pushing his cock much deeper my dad's throat. He was making
ggggggggggggggggg sound and Rasool bhai kept on pulling his cock back to give breathing space to dad and then he would push much deeper. Hearing aaaaaaggggggggggaaa sound driving Rasool bhai crazzy and now his lund was bigger than before and ready to fuck again mean while I greased my dads gand.

Dr. Arun and a nurse brought a tray of forseps and needle thread and some alcoho and showed it to my dad and I told him Dr. Arun is fond of seeing taring of ass and love to stich also choots of kuwari girls torn by Rasool bhai's Humongous LUND. I asked my dad if he is allergic to any medication. He said no but asked me my am I asked about medication allergy. I told him that he will get anasthesia. He asked me why will he get anasthesia. I told him that we are going to perform sex change sugery cut his penus off and implant breasts and alter his face to faminine face on him and keep him on hormone therapy for an year and make him a beautiful hijda. He got into panic and sarted crying and shouting and begging me to save him. I told him that we have to customize you according to demand of our Arab client he wants a beautiful hijda who is passable as woman because he loves to fuck gand of a man and it is difficult for mi to do in his country so he have to keep some body who is male but looks femal.

I diluted some whisky with water in 1:3 ratio and placed in my choot with help of squeezable plastic douche bottle and made dad suck it up from my choot and I did it 3 to 4 times.

"please bety forgive me do not let him fuck me please I beg you. I will do what every you want" Said dad.

"ch, ch, ch I persnaly invited him to fuck you and make you his slave slut and our Arab customer selected you from your pics for his personal use. Rasool bhai loves chikni beautiful guy with such a smooth ass. I do't think now I can ask him not to fuck you simply beause he is not going to listen to me" I said

Now Dr Urmila gave me her black tarry cocktail to reduce pain. I douched my self with whisky with water and put tarry black cocktail on my choot lips and asked him to suck whisky from my choot while licking my choot. I held his head to my choot strongly and once he was done drinking that and licking my choot I pissed in his mouth and made him drink it.

In 10 minutes he was in nasha now Rasool bhai came in front of him and made him suck his cock again. To fit his gigantic cock aobut 4 inch in diameter and 9 inch long my dad has to open his mouth extra wide. Rasool bhai pushed his cock in dad's throat and choke him. Rasool bhai loved doing that. My dad ggggggggggg choking sound made his lund erect and now he was ready for fuck.

Rasool bhai came behind my dad he was crying and whimpering. Rasool bhai put some vaseline on his cock and put his fat lund on dads gand ka chhed and pushed. His lund supada was so thick that it will be like putting squire object in gand. Dad shouted with pain. put some vaseling on my fingures and pushed all fungers inside dad's gand and spread my fingers, Rasool bhai put his cock on opening I created through my hand and I took out my fingers now he pushed his lund with full force.

" AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamar gaya aaaaaaaaaaloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" dad shouted.

Rasool bhai got excited with his shoud his cock was only 1 inch inside only the narrow portion. he pulled it almost out but not completely and then pushed.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHoooooooooooooooooooooooh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mar gaya mujhe cchod to. Main mar jaunga." dad

Rasool chacha pulled his lund back abut three inch and pushed with full force. This time screem was much louder.Still his lund almost 4 inch out.

"ooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" dad

Rasool chacha pulled his cock back 3 to 4 inches and pushed with brutal force. but still not completely in Rasool bhai kept on fucking him form about 10 minute still hi did not pushed the thickest portion in dad's gand.

Dad's cry and bagging to stop made Rasool bhai more wilder and finally tha big thing came he pushed his intire lung in dad's gand and fucked him like crazy


I felt releaved and now we started working on rest of project Dr Arun stiched dad's ass. Once he regained his conciousness we gave him anesthesia and started working on his body to convert him to female.

In 1 year month hormonal part was done and now only remaing part was facial convertion which took another 3 months. Now he was complete female and ready for delivery.

In a month Arab guy came and took the delivery. he was happy with our work.



Chapter 11