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Change in Life Chapter 2

Doston ne Maan Ko choda

""Pleae Rasheed no if somebody or my relatives come to know about it I will not be able to sho may face to any body."

Rasheed slaped her "Chup kar Rand trying to prove your self sati savitry I will through you out naked like this".

And he signaled us to come in. Listening to all that conversation our cocks were getting tighter. We knew that we are going to fuck nice pussy today.We reach in the room. Lady was still in shock after getting slapped couple of times. Rasheed pulled her hair hard and mercy lessly and pushed his jumbo cock in her mouth and started fucking her mouth.

"Matherchood cchinal I going to give you a nice lesson you randi".

"Aaaaaggggggggggg". She was choking with his large cock. I picked up as table tennis bat and paddling her ass ckeeks hard.

"You fuking randi this is punishment for you." I said and paddled the ass cheeks almost 15 times she was making sound aaaah aaaaaaaaaah and started crying. I asked Balraj to lie down on bench keeping his face to words lady's face and pulled lady behind. "Now slovely sit on Balraj's cock."
She obaid me without saying any thing."Now start moving your vagina up and down on his and fuck Bal's cock".

"Aaaaahh it hurts it is too big for my tight choot please give me small cock first"

"You are our slave bitch we tell you what you have to do. You can't choose. you will get punishment for this" I said. Next round of punishment as 10 paddles. By now her ass must have started ataining chrimson color. We could
not see it because there was no light. Than Rasheed pushed my cock deeper in her fucking her mouth and needing her boobs.

She started pumping her ass up and down and making painful noises and then those noises turned in to moans and started growing louder and louder.

"Fuck me harder make me your bitch. Tare my choot. Aaaaaaahh I want more. Now it was my turn. I started licking her ass and then started eating ar ass. Now she was getting really hot.

"Make me your randi. It is hooooot Aaaaaahh, AAAAAaaaaaahhhhhhh. I love it fuck me more."

I took some vaseline in my finger and inserted in her ass. At first one then two after that I inserted three

fingers in her ass and asked her is she liking it?

"Yes I love it Keep on fucking my ass with your finger".

She did not know what is comming next. I put some vaseline on my cock and pushed into her ass. She shouted with pain.

"Stop it is hurting my ass will tare apart."

Rasheed did not wested a minute. He took out his cock from his mouth and Slappled and acoross her face and told her to Shutup You. "We tell you what to do, not you."

"Sorry sir" lady said.

"Ok but do not give me chance to punish you because this time it is not going to be pleasent. And you are not

going to like it at all"

I pushed my cock further in side her ass and started fucking her ass.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaahh, aaaahhhhhh. I love it. OOOOOOoohhhhhhhh, ooooohhh it is too hot to be ture I love it pump my ass

harder, oooooooohhhhhhh.

I started slow and the I increase my speed gradually.

"OOOoooohhhhh, I love this three way fucking" By now she was reaching on to of her exitment and her vagina was

very very wet and pulsating.

"This bitch is fucking hot I think I can not stay longer I am cumming", Bal said.

"Cool fill this bitches vagina with your cum". Rasheed said and look his cock out of her mouth.I took my cock out

of her ass and waited since Bal filled her nice tight cunt with hes cum.

Now me and Rasheed swiched our rolls. Shamim also jumped in and he and Rasheed set down on a 6 inch high table and

asked her to sit on Shamim's cock taking in her ass and Rasheed's in her pussy. Now she set down them taking their cock from both sides. With Shamim and Rasheed's help she was jumping up and down and moaning hot. I pushed my cock in her mouth and was needing her breast. Her mouth was very worm I never such an cock sucker before. I started comming in her mouth I lifted her face to spray some come on her face. I was making cum art on her face and lite came back. She looked at me with surprise and I was shokced to it was my mom Suman.

She said " Beta Tu?"

"Oh Mom tu yahan kaise." Naveen.

"Rasheed you knew my mom why did'n you tell me." I asked Rasheed.

"yes I knew and wanted to get you the title of matherchod and she wanted to be fucked by you so much. We have to set you up. And this is not the only thing you are going to enjoy. Hole long night is ahead of us you are realy going to have enjoyment and a new life tonight" Said Rasheed

"Congratulation you have earned title of Matherchod" Rasheed said

"your mom is our family randi. My father fucked her and put her in prostitution and after my father pased away she does prostitution for me and Dr. Urmila"

"She is fucking hot randi" said Shamim.

"I am cumming" Rasheed said and asked me "Chikne come clean my cock with your tonge bye the way you randi mom sold you to me and Rasool miyan so now you are our randi too" I was shocked. He held my hair and pushed his cock into my mouth. I cleaned his cock by licking and then he asked me to lick all cum from my moms choot and mouth started cleaning my moms choot. Rasheed's come was leeking from there too. I sucked up all semen from mom's pussy and started licking moms cunt lips and put my toung in her cunt to get some more semen. Now Shamim also started squirting his semen in my mom's ass he asked me to bring my mouth there. He squirted some of his come in my mouth and made told me to lick his cum oozing out from moms butt hole. I licked his tasty semen comming out from mom's hole and put my mouth on hole created vaccum to suck out all cum I could get.

"Chikne I wanted to fuck your hot ass since we were in school and that was the only reasone I made friendship with you.I want to make you my slave slut bitch. I had been patient so long but not any more" Moving my toung between my mom's ass and cunt. I said "I am not interested in getting my butt fucked buddy. I can't become your butt slut".

Rasheed slapped me twice "Listen you bitch. You are our slave we have bought you from your mom. We are your Malik

and you will do what we say. "Do you understand"

I did not say any thing. He slapped me harder did you under stand you bitch.

"Yes sir" I said

"ooooooohhhhh you guy's as so hot and making me horney again Naveen keep on sucking my choot oooooohhh harder and bite my cunt lips. I would love to see you getting fucked by Rasheed, Shamim and Bal, Rasool and Kadam. You do not know what you have missed a lot of enjoyment of getting gand fucked by not taking these five hot cocks in your gand. It is such a pleasure I can not descibe and they will love your chikni and tight gand". Said momWhile I was sucking on my mom's choot. Shamim held me hair and moved my head from my mom's choot and asked me to move slovley and sit on bench take mom's legs on me shoulder and start fucking her.

"Shamim she is my mom" I said and looked at mom there was no reaction.

"You have have already fucked her ass and mouth you bitch and did I asked you your opinion you Randi ka Jaya (born from randi's choot) Shamim show this prostututes son her place" Said Rasheed slapping me across the face 4-5
times. Shamim picked up table tennis bat and started thwarting my ass mercilessly. I started begging Rasheed to ask him to stop and pleaded that he is my Dost. "Abe gandmare I made friend ship with you to **** your gand ask this chikny randi mom of yours".Rasoole chacha told me that he did not see chikna launda like you and wanted to

fuck your gand. By now my gand started getting red and hot because Shemim kept thrashing my ass with TT bat.

I did not had any choice and started fucking my mom and she was enjoing it and was moaning loudly. She was begging me to fuck harder. I was fucking her and sucking her boobs and kissing her mouth. "yes!yes!yes!fuck me my son,fuck my choot harder put your seed in my choot make me pregnant". I was fucking her crazy my balls were hitting her ass making very sweet sound. I was on climax ." Ahhhhhhhh you are fucking hot randi mom, ooooooooohhhhhhh your choot is so warm nice and tight I am cumming. Ahh, ahhh I am putting my seed in your choot." And i squirted large quantity of cum in moma's choot.

I was enjoing my climax with closed eyes and when I opened my eyes I saw one huge cock at least 3-4 inch in diameter and 8 inch long dangling in front of my eyes.

Chapter 2