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Change in Life Chapter 4

Meri gand phadne ki Taiyary

Balraj started fucking my ass his cock was taper on tip and gradually got widen up to 3 inch I did not think it will hurt me that much because my ass was already fucked no more virgin. He was gentle and slowly pushed his cock
in my ass at a point it streched my hole completely but he pulled back after that. Rasheed was fucking my mouth.

As his cock was going in my mouth Bal's cock was going in my ass at full sterch he started pulling back but Rasheed filled my mouth with his cock up to throght. Now Bal thrusted his cock in my ass with full force. I tried to shout but my shout got muffeld by Rasheed's cock I could not tolerate pain and wiggled my ass hard and Bal's cock came out. I stud up. Rasooh chacha looked waiting for this allertly and he kicked his knee on my lower stomach I bent down with pain. My mom kicked my face hard and busted my nose then the picked up the Bent and started whacking my gand with bent I kept on jumping. Rasool chacha and Kadam chacha held my legs and dragged me like dog to ah wood structure which they made to **** boys and girls and tied my hand and legs whith that. Kadam chacha put some white powder in my nose and asked to in hale it. Mom put her spiked cigrett in my mouth to inhale.These things reduced my pain. Then Rasheed and Bal came back to raping me. Though I was drugged but still feeling pain. But finally I did started enjoying Bals cock and said "Bal bhai bahoot mazaa aa raha hai aur jor se maro no meri gand".Both squirted their cum in my mouth and ass. Mom again licked Balraj's cum oozing from my ass.

Three guy came to fuck my mom. Rasool chacha offered them my ass but they declined politely wright now they wanted to fuck my mom. Every body left us so mom's customer can fuck her. But they left me tied. While leaving Rasool

chacha put some black bitter suff in my mouth. he made me swallow it with whisky. Soon I got drowsy and dozed off.

I must have slept for couple of hours. My body was hurting and on top it was not comfirtable stayed tied down in that position. Effect of drugs was waring off and I was feeling pain in my butt. Bal was fucking my moms ass. and Shamim was fucking her mouth and she sitting on Rasheed's cock. I herd some familiar femal voice. I knew she and her husband was my family Dr.

"To aaj aapki century lagne wali hai Rasool Bhai hum stiching ka sub saman laye hain aab aap mere khasam ko disapoint mat kijiyega. Aap to Jante hain unko phati gand silne ka bahut shauk hai." Dr. Urmila said.

"Hello Naveen my prostitutes son how are you. So finally wait is over. We had been waiting since so long to see Rasooh bhaiya raping your gand. Your father was a traitor and he run away after Rasool bhaiya fucked and tare his gand. he refused to become male prostitute for us and run away with our servents 18 y/o slut daughter which supposed to be doing dhanda for us. We took oath that we will make you pay for your father's sin. So your mother ad and now you are our prostitutes" Dr. Urmila

"I do not understand where did my father run away. He was here all the time and my mom was not servents daughter" Naveen said.

"Ha, ha, ha" every body was laughing.

"Ey randi come here" Rasheed waved at my mother

you did not tell your son that he is not your son and he is your chikna servent's son and her used to fucked your mother in law and you." Dr. Urmila

"No mame I could not" My mom

She came and Dr Urmila slapped her then she put her neck between her legs and spanked my mom with teble tennis batt about 20 times till my mother's ass became red and she started to beg for mercy.

"I am hurting, my ass is hurting too much Urmila aunti please have mercy on me and reduce my pain" I said

"Do not worry son I will take care of you" Dr Urmila

"Urmila have him lick your pain formula sweetheart" Said Dr Arun he was Urmila's husband.I never imagined that people of this stature are involved in Rasool chacha's crims.

"Rasool bhaiya give me opium and white stuff please let me help him with pain". Urmila

"Yes my chodail sister you take out your clothes while I will get you the stuff." Rasool chacha

He brought her the stuff, She mixed some white and black stuff and she applied on her nipples generously and going to apply on vagina too but she stopped.

"I want to make Peshab where is you toilet". Urmila

"Why don't you do it in his mouth and make him drink your piss. It will quench his thurst too" Said Rasool chacha.

"Damm I never even thought about it. Thank you bhaiya you are very resourcefull" Urmila

"Le beta Naveen put your mouth on my cunt and quench your thurst." Urmila

Shamim was squirting his cum in moms mouth and face. As I told you erlier Shamim had biggest load of cum. Dr Urmila joined them to dring some of shamim's cum. She licked every bit of come from my mom's face and started kissing her to get some more from my mom's mouth.Dr Arun started fucking my moms mouth.Mean while I was done drinking Dr Urmila's peshab. After that she poured some bear in to her vagina and made me drink that

"Are you hungry my darling" she asked me


"Do you want to eat Ice cream." She asked

"That will be great" I saidShe asked Ramu(boy who brought alcohol and bear) to bring some Ice cream.Ramu brought the Ice cream. She spread her cunt lips put some blake mixture she made with mixing white powder and
blake tary stuff which was very bitter and ask Ramu to put Ice cream in her vagina. He stuffed Ice cream in to Urmila's vagina gladly. She came to me and asked to eat ice cream from her choot. I was hungry so i started
slurping all Ice cream from her choot. She was getting hot and exited. She was moaning and pushing my mouth on her vagina very hard. I started getting bitter taste of that drug I tried to move my head away by she was holding my head very tight with both hands.

"Naveen beta Suck me hard bite my cunt lips" I kept on sucking her vagina and biting her cunt lips till she reached to orgasm and oozed all of her cunt juice in my mouth. Then she went to my mom and got spiked cigarett from her. She made me suck her nipples covered with bitter blake stuff. I sucked her both nipples and cleaned those. She gave me couple of puffes of cigarett. I never used that kind of stuff in my life but now I have started enjoying that kind of stuff.

I was getting drowsy.I closed my eyes for couple of minutes. When I opened my eyes Rasool chacha's lund was hanging in front of my face. He pulled my hair to lift my face and pushed his mommoth cock in my mouth. His supara
was big and then it narrowed down. and then it increases to about 3 and 1/2 to 4 inch. All most like horses cock. He pushed his cock in my mouth and started fucking my mouth slowly. Kadam chacha was putting his fingers in my

"Aab tak tight hai teri gand. Bahut mazaa ayega iski gand chodne main. Aab tu apni gand ki khair mana." He put three of his fungers and started widening my ass. he put lots of lubricant. Now he satarted pushing his lund in my
gand. I was enjoying it because of nasha from the cocktail Dr Urmila made me lick. Kadam chacha was slowley fucking my gand I was in 7th haven. From other side Rasool chacha fucking my mouth in slow motion. Both lunds were moving togather to my mouth and ass. Only this time they did not stop. Kadam chacha pushed his lund in my ass

completely. A very loud shout came out from my mouth every Rasool chach's lund was in my mouth.
"AAaaaaoooooooooooooohhhh daiya re mardala re meri gand phat jaygy Kadam chaCha please raham karo."

"Kadam Bhai dheele mat parna. Fuck him hard. No mercy for this chikna fuck the slut as hard as u can soon he will start enjoing and will beg for harder fuck." Said Dr.Urmila. She was getting fucked by in her choot by Rasheed and
Bal. She was sitting on their cock and fucking her choot fast. Kadam chach herd the dr urmila and started giving me very hard strocks first my gand was in terrible pain but later on I started loving it. Kadam chacha made a big release of cum in my gand It was so much cum that started leaking from my gand and Mom licked it all.

Chapter 4