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Change in Life Chapter 5

Rasool chacha me mery gand phad di

Rasool chacha did not waste time in comming behind me to fuck my gand. Every body surounded us. he started playing with my gand putting his fingers. "You were right Kadam bhai is launde ki gand to abhibhi tight hai. Ab to bada mazaa ayega. Mean while Bal and Rasool cum in Dr urmaila's choot bigtime. She put her hand on her choot so cum may not leak and pushed her legs in air and asked Shamim to put some white powder in her choot then again she closed her choot with had and came to me.

"Le meri choot choose baht sakoon milaga." Urmila.

Dr arun asked Urmila to bend forward. Then he asked chai wall boi Ramu to put his cock in her ass.She adjusted her choot on my mouth on other side Rasool chacha started pushing his lund in my gand.I shouted with pain but got muffled by Dr Urmila's choot on my mouth. Rasool chacha's supara was in my ass. Now his was fucking my gand slowly and each time he was pushing his cock further inside . I was sucking all the cum from Dr Urmila's choot whith white pain medication (that's what she told me). Now Rasool chacha was pushing his lund in my gand more and more. My gand started hurting bad because his lund's diameter was increasing and now it was getting very tight and painful. I was crying with pain and pleading him to pull his lund back other wise my gand will tare."Rasool chacha bahut dukh rahi hai raham karke apna lavda bahar kheech lo nahin to meri gand fat jayegi."

"Ha,ha,ha that's what I planing to do tare your gand. Tere bap ka bhi isy tarah he balatkar karke maine uski gand fad di thi kya to jor se chillaya tha voh. Usen bhi mere land ko bahut tarfaya tha. Aur aab tu ne bhi vahi gunah
kiya hai mere land ko bahut tarfayahi."Rasool chacha.

"Le aab teri gand fadi maine" And he pushed his lund in Naveens gand. It was only half way inside. Rasool chacha felt tight ness of Naveens ass. It the feeling of Naveens tight gand drove him crazy, in this exitment his lund
started becoming extreemly hard and big. He felt same way when Rasool chach, and Rasheeds dad fucked Naveens dad's virgin gand and tore it up pretty bad. It was so bad that naveen dad's screem was heard in the next gally. Rasool chacha was wondering how hard Naveen will scream.

He pull his lund back up to supada and pushed it hard to Rasool chacha's pleasent surprise Naveen's gand was so tight that his lund still 2 and 1/2 inch out and his jud ( end portion) of lund was very thik reaches to about 4 inch( Rashool chacha's lund was 8 and 3/4 th inch long). Rasool chacha heard very loud scream. As loud as Naveens dad.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHoooooooooooooooooooo oooh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mar gaya mujhe cchod to. Main mar jaunga.

Bahut dard ho raha hai." Naveen

Rasool chacha pulled his lund back abut three inch and pushed with full force. This time screem was much

louder.Still his lund almost 1 inch out.

"ooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Naveen

Rasool chacha pulled his cock back 3 to 4 inches and pushed with brutal force.


It was louder then the second screem. Rasool chach now fucking him like crazy. Naveen wash shoutin for some time and then quite down. Rasool chacha started cumming and squirted hugh load of cum inside Naveen's gand. He pulled his lund out of Naveens gand. Mix of semen and blood was gushing
out of his gand. Suman and Dr Urmila was licking every thing Naveen was not moving he fainted because of pain.Dr Arun got on the job very quickly and started repairing hugh cut in Naveens gand. This was the beggest he ever saw.

Naveen's screem was the loudest ever heard.

It reached almost 2 gully's across.

"OOOOOOOOOHHHH Why my chest is hurting mom?" Naveen

"because You are a hermophrodite shemale now you have boobs, soon you will have plastic surgery on face and nose to make you more feminin but you till have your lund. Soon you will become beatiful lady with lund and choot. This was Dr. Urmila's idea she just returned from Brazil after lerning latest technics in plastic surgery.

After 14 plastic surgeries I was shemale and very very beautiful one.And I was proud of my beauty. I was put to prostitution in Dr Urmila's hospital. Lot's of Middle eastern Shiekh use to come to her hopital for fucking male
and female prostitutes. I was making 10 times more money than I could have made as an engineer.

As I accepted Rasheed and Rasool chacha's slavery. They became pleasant to me and I used to look forward to have gangbanged from hole bunch.

Next i will tell you the story of my mother and father

Chapter 5