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Change in Life Chapter 6

Naveen ki maan ka balatkar 1

"Mom how can they do this to me now how will I go to college to finish my engineering" I said.

"Who is going to college? You are not going to college beta. Now you are Rasool bhai's rakhail and he is your pimp and owner. So keep your fucking mouth shut and do as you are told. You can't run away. they will hunt you

Police SP is their man. And if you do not coperate I will cut off your cock and sell you to hijdas. Fucking peace f shit." Mom said"

"How did you get into their ring mom" I asked.

"It is an interesting story, I was 16 when I got married to Rajan. I did not know he is gay. After marrige I came to know that My dad was told by some of our commen friend. But dad did not listen to them. He was happy that Boys parents did not asked for dowery. It was good enough for my money crazy father. Though he knew about the boy but since he was saving dowery money It was good enough for him. We came to Guna. I was not happy with my honeymoon. His cock was small and did not become hard enough to fuck my virgin choot.My husband was fulfilling his desire by getting fucked by every tom dick and harry and there was no lund to fuck my pyasi choot. My body was burning with desire of getting fucked by any handsome man." Mom was telling me her story.

I told my mother in law that you guys screwd my life by getting me married to your son and I am sure that you know about My your son beeing gay and his penus which is as small as peanut. And only choice I have is to either run
away with somebody or divorce him. My mother in law told me that my father knew about it and I should not worry she will do something about it.

I went to get some blouse stiched at Rasheed's dad's Tayloring shop. His name was Ahmad, he asked me what kind of bouse I want. I said which can make me look more desirable. Ahmed started laughing so you want to keep your husbund in Nasha of your beauty. No, every body else not my husband I said smiling noughtyly. Ahmed said that means I will be the first one. I said yes. Beause you will be the first one to see me in that blause. He started
taking my measurements. While taking measuerments he was touching my breasts. I was enjoing and closed my eyes.

I did not move or said any thing which made him bold.Now he came behind me and cupped my breast with his hands. I politly removed his hand and gave him faint smile. He held my palm and put my hand on his hard lund. It was hugh may be 15 times bigger than my husbands lund. I moved my hand with jerk and asked him what is he trying to do. He said you have felt my 9 Inch lund I will put you on dhanda and you can attract as many customers you want. You can earn money to have fun. I said you are crazy I and bahu am of a respected family. How can you even think that I will submit to pimp like you. And I started running out of shop.

saw police inspector Udai entering the shop. My husband introduced me to him couple of days back in the market. I told him Udai bhaiya this man is doing badtameezee with me. He asked me to come with him he held my hand and took me back into the shop and said bhabi ji come with me. And said Eyyy Ahmed come here. Ahmed came and held my other hand and before I can say any thing both dragged me into the back of his tayloring shop and both were smiling.

Ahmed said look you respected family's bahu you wanted to get attention of people you can get attention of all these men just take off your cloth. your husband's gand was fucked by half of the man working here. Hey guys raise
your hand if you have fucked Rajan's gand. More thand half workers raised their hands. Including one very youg boy serving tea to workers.

I looked and Udai and said to him Udai bhiya please mujhe bachaiye. you are my husbands friend. Udai lost his temper. Look you randi I am not your husbands friend. I bust him at least once in couple of months doing prostitution at truck stop. Ahmed told some worker to make a very attractive blouse for me. He orderd me to take of my blouse. I said no and if you dare to touch me I will shout for help Udai came and slapped me and kept on slapping me I kept on moving back and fell down. Open first hook of your blouse he said I said no Udai kicked my pubic area I was hurting and now he kicked my butt I rolled other side to save myself, he kicked my butt I rolled again. He kept on kicking me and I kept on rolling till I reached end on my sari. Now I was in peticot and blouse, I was shocked that I lost my sari. Udai kept on walking on sari while kicking me. Clever I thought.

He put his feet right between my legs on my peticot, I could not move. He asked Rasool to come and make my blouse attractive. Rasool sat down near my head pulled my armes which I kept on my breast to protect them. He put his knees between my armpit and breasts. I could not move my hands to protect my breast. He put his hand in my blouse pulled the bra and cut it off and removed it. Then he pulled cup of my blouse and cut both cups with scearsers now my breasts were naked and were showing from cut portion.

Ahmad called young boy his name was Hari and asked him to remove my peticot he came after droping his chaddi I was shocked to see his huge cock must be 10 times bigger than my husbands cock.

"Dekh yeh mera lund tere khasam ki bohut bar gand mari hai maine aab teri bhi choot chodunga. Tera khasam to bheek mangra hai mujhse apni gand chudwane ke liye" Hari said.

He came from behind and held me from back and tried to open my nada. I moved my hand form breast and tried to stop him. Rasool took advantage of that and started squeezing my nipples very hard and with out mercy it was so painful that I have to move my hand back to resist him. But then Hari successfully opened my peticot and I was all most naked.I LOVE WARE THONGS. Usually very transparent and only one string in the back it disappears between my ass cheeks .Every body was enjoying my humiliation and nude parts of my body they were drinking and smoking charas cigaretts.

In a second Rasool got on to this put his hand in front of my thong and started pulling. My thongs thread started hurting my gand but soon it broke and Rasool removed my thong. I kept my one hand on both boobs to hide and one on my choot to hide my vagina. By now I new that there people are very experiensed and clever and knew what they are doing.

I was wondering what is comming next. And soon I found out why Hari came from back side. He started pushing his cock in my ass I was in my sever pain and moved my hand in back to resist him. But Shamim set down in front of me and started licking my vagina.

I was totally confused shall I save my choot or my gand. Now I new that nothing can stop my balatkar.

Rasool cut my blouse off. Every body was whistling and commenting on my beautifull butt and boobs. I was crying.

I was totaly naked between 15 men. Ahmed sat down on a chair and took out his cock. His cock was hugh. He asked me to suck his cock. Pleaded to not to ask me to do that I pleaded. Ahmed said ok I will give you choice either all of us will fuck your choot or I will send you to truck stops where your husbund does dhanda. At least 40 to 60 Truck wallas will chodo your choot. He said do you know some of them have HIV and other Syphlis and gonorihea. So you decide that you want nice clean men or want do die with some dirty disease.

I did not say any thing. Ahmed asked Rasool and Udai to take me to Truck stop and sell her to Madan hijda. I was cared I had herd horror stores about Madan Hijda. He was very cruel. Udai came and held my hair and start pulling me to back doore naked I sat down and held Ahmed's feet and pleaded that I am at his mercy and begged for raham.

He just laughed. He pulled me up holding my hair and pushed his monster cock in my mouth and started choaking me.

He asked me to suck his cock properly. I had no choice but to follow his orders. his 8 inch lund was hard as rock and very thick.I could take half of his lund in my mouth. Ahmad aapne danaviya lund se mere muhn ko chod raha tha.

Udai apne shirt ke batan khol raha tha. Main samajh gai ke woh mera blatkar karega aur meri kuwari choot ko chod kar mare hijde pati ka adhura kam poora karega.

Ahmad held my hair and pushed me back I fell on my back and then he held my hands and streched my hands. Rasool held my oneleg and Hari other and and udai took his clothes off. He had humongous cock. He then started kissing me and sucking my nipples brutally they were hard and exited.

Hari started licking my vagina. I was getting more and more excited now. I closed my eyes and moan. Uday bhaiya was their getting on top of me to do my blatkar.

Chapter 6