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Change in Life Chapter 7

Naveen ki maan ka balatkar 2

He put some lubricant on my choot and his lund. Then he forced his lund into my choot and started fucking me with full force and I was crying with pain.Tried to move my legs and hands But they but Ahamed, Rasool and Hari were held my limbs tight, soon I started getting wet in my choot my nipples were hard.

"Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh aoooooaaoo dard ho raha hai. Dheere se chodo mere ko meri choot phat jayegi aapka lund bahut bada hai meri kuwanri choot ke liye". I said

"sali kuktia tune to apne khasam ki moongphali dekhi hai aab tak sachmuch ka lund pahle bar dekh rahi hai. Aabhi to tere ko Rasool miyan aur Ahmed bhai ka lund se chudna hai unka lund to hathi ke lund jitna bada hi, Kutia main teri choot chod ke tere pe ahsan kar raha hoon. Agar teri Kunwari choot me unka lund jata to too dard ke behosh ho jati aur theri choot kuwanri choot phat jati." Said Udai

"Yeh le mera poora lund teri tight choot mein" said Udai

"AAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh h phat gai ooooooohhhhhh dard ho raha hai Udai bhaiya dheer chodo."

Udai got more exited and he stared fucking me faster and harder. His hugh balls were hitting my ass and giving me un xplainable pleasure. Now I was moaning with pleasure. I could not beleave I was asking him to fuck me harder and asking to tare my choot. I was moaning" haan aur jor se chodo Udai bhaiya. Meri chut phad dalo"

My choot was completely wet. Udai was banging me hard. He was reaching climax and I needed more. Finally he discharged his cum in my choot.

'Mazza aagaya teri Kuwari choot chod kar" Udai.

Now Ahmed bhai got up and sat down on a chair and asked me to get up and suck his cock I sat down on my knees bend in dogy style and started sucking his cock. He held my hair and pushed hole cock in my mouth. From behind I felt my ass was being probed. Some one was lubricating my gand with vaseline.

"Agggggggggggouuuuuuuuuguuuu." Suman. Ahmed was choking me with his cock and guy behind was pushing his lund in my gand I pushed and took out Ahmed bhai's cock from my mouth. He looked me with anger I said that I could not breath. I was choking.

"I do not care when I want something It has to be done I do not tolerate and disobediense and disruptions. You did not trust me I am not going to let you die kutiya. If you die what will happen to these people how's mouth
watering to fuck your choot, gand and mouth." Said Ahmed bhai

"Mafi de deejiye Ahmed bhai galati ho gai." I said

"You will have to be punished" Ahmed

"Aap jaisa kahain main aap ki bandi(gulam) hoon" I said. I thought it will melt him. But no he spred his hand some body gave him table tennis bat.

"Haramzadi kutiya tujhe saza to milegi." Ahmed.

He started paddling my chotad(ass cheeks) with table tennis bat. Zalim Ahmed ne mere chootad ko marmarke tamater ke Taraha lal kar diya. Bahut dard ho raha tha. He was hitting my butt with batt very brutaly.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhh dard ho raha hai. AAmmmaaa mar gai main to Ahmed bhiya raham kee bheek mangti hoon Please bas karo. main aap ki randi hoon aaplki gulam hoon aab kabhi galati nahin karoongi" I said.

I was hurting but was very happy, I was injoying by bakatkar and humiliation, punishment. I felt so good that I was on 7th heaven and enjoying every bit of it. He pulled my hair and pushed his cock in my mouth and I started sucking his cock and balls passionatly. And waiting for Hari to come and fuck my gand. He his time did not lubricate my hole hut his spit on my hole and started pushing his cock in to my ass. It was painful. Very intense pain I made muffled noise because Ahmad bhaiya's cock in my mouth.

He started fucking me harder and harder pain was replaced by sweet pain.
"Aaaaaa baut mazza aaa raha hai aur jore se maro meri gandAAAAAAAAAAAAAHhhhhhhhhhhhh meri choot ko bhee chodo."

I was loving my gand chudai. Hari had good stemina and he kept on fucking my gand for almost 10 minuts.Then he took his lund out and pushed in mouth he fucked my mouth. I was very hot and excited and wanting more lund in my gand, choot and muhn. Finally he came in my mouth.Now Hari took me to as sitting area where workers use to sit and to some hand work on ladies clothes. Ahemad bhaiya again asked me to suck his lund I felt very ownerd to serve him.

The kept a big pillow in the middle of that takhta. I started suck Ahmed bhaiya's his cock swelled and become thick like cucumber. he got up and asked me to put my gand on takiya and lie down on my back and Rasool came to words my head and took out his pajama and pushed his balls in my mouth I was nibeling his balls. Ahmed bhai started ribbing his hugh lund on my choot. I was getting wet in my choot and begging him to fuck me. Finally he started to push his lund in my choot. Ahemad bhiya's first entry in my choot was very painful.

"aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooomar gai Ahmed bhaiya meri choot phat jayeg please dheere se chodo mudjhe." I new he will do right opposite. I wanted to feel pain. But I did not know when he will push hole lund in my kamsin choot. Now every body was surrounding us and wanted to see my choot banged with full vengence. He pushed his cock in my elevated choot with full force.


MY CHOOT WAS HURTING SO MUCH THAT FOR A SECOND I WANTED TO PUSH HIM. BUT I KNEW THAT AFTER THAT HE WILL BE ANGRY ENOUGH TO SELL ME TO MADAN HIJDA. In few minutes pain subsided and a sween painfull feeling took its place. His lund was comming and going in and out of my choot giving my peasure that one can have in haven. He was fucking me hard. I was saing all kind of dirty things. and begging him to fuck every woman in my family. So they can have this heavenly pleasure.

I was moaning and pushig my gand up so he can put his full cock can reach into full depth of my choot."

"hhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa,haaaaaaaaaaaahoooooooooooo,mathe r chod randi aab tak too kahan thi. Teri choot to 16 sal ke

kunwari ladki se bhi tight hai. Teri choot chod ke janaat ka maaza aa gaya." Ahmed

He was pumping my choot furiously. I reached my climax.

"oooooooooooohhhhhhhh main jhad rahi hooon Ahmed bhaiya. ooooooo aur jor ke dhakke do phad do meri choot" I said

"uuuuuuuuuuuannnnnnnnna, uaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhooooooooo" Ahmed

"aaaaaaaaaaooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh uuuuuunnnnnnnnnn." Suman. I was feeling his cum filling my vagina. Both of us made climax at same time that was devin experiance. After this I was totally drained and xhausted.

Hari got me some food and gave me bear to drink which I did not like in begining. But once I had little nasha. I did not mind the taste. He gave me Spiked cigaretts. which I refused but he insisted me to smoke those. He told me in half an hour Ahmed bhai will ask workers to use you. And they will fuck you from choot, mouth and gand. The will attack your body like hungry dogs. To copup with that you need to be in nasha. He also gave me long t-shirt
to ware by now I got use of my nakedness. I looked at his with questions in my eyes. He explained some one is being brought in here. I wore the Long t-shirt barely covering my lover ass.

"What about Rasool bhai?" I asked

"He will fuck you in the last" Hari

"Why" I asked

"His lund is 4 inch in diameter and your choot was kunwari till now. He has record of tareing kunwari choots and gands. Yeh sub kutte bhookhe rah jayenge if he tare your choot before these people fuck you." Hari said pointing to workers. "I will give you a anta of afim (opium) before he fucks you to minimise your pain. But consider yourself lucky. Tum khoobsurat maal ho. Tumse dhanda bhi aacchha milga. Nahin to Ahmed bhai sadharan laundiyon ko nahin chodte. Yeh kam apne workers per cchod dete hain. Jab woh chud jati hai to use Madan ko bech dete hain. Abhi ek ladki aane wali hai uski maan ke 50,000 rupya udhar par uthaya tha koi kam shuru karane ke liya kam nahin chala parner dhoka theke mall leke khisak gaya Rashida bai ko bole paisa lauta ya teri ladki leke aao." Hari said "you

should see what happens to her you will consider yourself lucky".

Chapter 7