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Change in Life Chapter 8

Reshma Ki Chudai

Hari was wright. Rashida brought her daughter Reshma.I recognized Rashida poor lady came to sell some imported items She and her partner Ratan were trying to sell. Her daughter was tall, sanvli(dark), little havier side but not fat, very nice figure not attractive face. Passing near her I spoke to her she was concerned about her daughter's future. She did not want her daughter to go to Madan hijda. She asked me that If I also baroughed money from Ahmed Bhai. No I said and explained to her that my husbands lund was very small and most of times it fails to go inside my vagina and I am still virgin, he is gandmara likes for get his gand fucked so I was very chudasi and needed to be fucked by 8 to 10 hot man. She smiled. She told me mera to mard guzar gaya mera bhi yahi hall hai. I asked if she would want to get her choot fucked. She said yes main bahut dino se chudi nahin hoon aur bahut chadasi ho rahi hoo. She was scared for her daughter that if Ahmed bhai sold him to that Jallad Madan my daughter what will happen to her? I told her that I will take care of you and your Reshma.

"Tu fikar na kar main teri choot ki pyas bujhwa dungi aur teri laundia kee choot ka swad Ahemad bhaiya, Rasool bhai aur Udai bhaiya to dilwa denge aur Ahemad bhai khush ho gaye to laundia ko aapne hi dhande main laga denge.

Now both of you litsen carefully that what ever sexual activity I do you and your laundia have to take interest in that sexual activity and show your response. For example if I touch your boobs from top you press my hand on your boobs and then pull and push inside your kurta or taken inside you pajama and put it on your choot Then put your head on my soulder. Both should be exceited enough so that your vagina should become wet. You must do it even if you have to imagine your father or brother or some body else is fucking you and rest of the stuff I will take care of it". I sai

"Well I am already getting wet, I have to work on my daughter" said Rashida.

"Reshma teri seal band hai and too chud chuki hai" I asked Reshma

She said no she is still not fucked. I then asked tera choot chudwane ka maan karta hai. She said yes. I asked her again that has anybody touched your mumme and choot. She said yes looking down.

"Kaisa laga" I asked

"Bahut aachha" Reshma said. I put my hand on her choot from top of her clotheand started rubbing.

"What else he did now tell me evry thing." I asked her

"Rajju kissed me and hugged me then played with my boobs then asked put my hand on his lund and asked me to shake it and he put his hand inside my salvar and played with my choot and then he pushed his fingure in my choot then Amma came back from bazzar and he left me in heat." Reshma explained.

I put my one hand around her shoulder and started to caress her boobs. Her nipples become hard I pressed her breast hard she moaned and Pulled my hand and opened couple of hooks of her kameez and pushed me hand inside and put my hand on her bare boob. I started playing with her boob her nipples became hard and I started kissing her.

Other hand I put in her salvar and started exploring her choot. I was very satisfied her choot was very wet.

Then I checked mom, stood behind and started playing with her boobs and choot, she was getting excited her eyes were closing and she turned her head I kissed her cheek and move my lips to corner of her lips she under stood what do I want she moved her lips surther so I can kiss her my lips locked with her. My other hand was already inside her salvar started rubbing her choot it was alread wet. I then left her and walked towards Ahmed bhaiya.

Ahmed Bhaiya, Udai bhaiya and Rasool bhai were watching every thing with interest.

I went and stood behind near Ahmed bhaiya, started nibling his ears, kissing hes neck, he started to have erection. He pulled me in front and made me sit in his lap, I immediatly locked my lips to his thick lips and started kissing him doing tounge wresling and battling with him who sucks who's the lower lip, I disterbed his focus by gyrating my ass on his erected cock and got his lower lip in my mouth and started sucking it and winked at him with naughtiness.

He started smiling and said "You bitch what do you want. What were you doing with those randies."

I asked him to put his finger in my choot. My choot was exited and watering. He asked me that if I was waiting to get my choot fucked by more lunds and I said yes my choot is still hugry for more cock's but it is wet because
before that I want this hot choot of Reshma to be fucked by you and Udai Bhaiya, Rasool babhai. She has fucking hot choot and beautiful breasts. Look at her fugure. Her body seems to be fucking hot. I know she does not have
beautiful face. But even I would like to have sex with her. Look at her nice hips, long legs, big boobs like shilpa shetty.

"I do not fined her face so attractive" said Ahmed bhaiya, Udai and Rasool bhai suppored him.

"Kutiya teri choot, gand aur chhatiyan are beautiful she is nothing in front of you" Ahmed bhai said.

"Sarkar soorat par na jayen is kutiya be beti ka badan lajavab hai, bahut hi gudaj cheese has jab aap iski tight gudaj choot chodoge to har dhakked ke bad mujhe duayen doge. Reshma ki choot bahut chudasi ho rahi hai aap sabke lundo ke liye. Usi maan bhi chudna chahti hai. Send her mom to workers she also wants to get fucked." I said

"Oohhhhhhhhh she is fucking juicy cunt and choot is still kuwanri and begging to get fucked please uski kuwanri

choot ki jam kar chudai karo Ahmed bhaiya Reshma aapse apne kunwari choot ko chudwake aapka ahsan kabhi nahin bholegi." I said

"Chal bula is randi ko idhar." Ahmed bhaiya said

I asked if I can send Rashida to workers, Ahmed bhai noded. I went to Reshma and put my hand in her waist told her to come to Ahmed bhai and asked Hari to take Rashida to workers, and then i took out my long t shirt I was totally naked again. I huged Reshma and started kissing her. She started moaning and I started playing with her boobs.

Then I opend hooks of her kurta and pulled from both corners and tore it, then her bra and finally opened her nada of her salvar. Now she was butt naked I started sucking her breast and moving my hands on her chickni gand. Then I sat down and started sucking her vagina and was moaning very loud. Every body started getting erection and holding and shacking there lund. I asked her to start sucking Ahmed bhaiya's lund. She started working on Ahmed bhai, Udai bhai started working on her gand. I went to Rasool bhai started playing with him I was licking his balls and was driving her crazy. He put his finger in my vagina and then more fingure then he almos pushed his whole hand in my vagina. I was moaning with excitment. He was trying to open my choot so his big lund may not tare my choot.

I stared sucking Rasool bhai's lund. He was fully excited and put 4 inch diamere cock in my 1&1/2 inch long choot.

He started pushign his cock further in my choot. I was very excited and moaning with sexual pleasure. He pushed his thich cock futher My choot started hurting. Now he started fucking my choot hard and fast but still half of his cock was out side of my vagina. Suddenly he pushed his cock fully inside my choot.

"AAAAAAAAAoooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh dheera bhaiya." I said

Listnig to this he stated fucking me fasted and harder. I was shouting with pain for a few minutes. Slowly pain started to subside and pleasure of thick big in my vagina.

" oahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh maza aa gaha Rasool bhai aur jor se chodo mujhe." I said

he was fucking harder and deeper, I was on climex moanig and shouting begging him to tare my choot. Soon he was on climax and took out his cock and pushed in my mouth. I dranke most of his come some sprayed on my face. I was leaking lots of water and having intense orgasm. I was exhauted.I thanked Rasool bhai for his mercy on my choot, he spared my choot and did not tare it.

"Aaj ek choot to phategi" Rasool bhai smailed and looked at Reshma.

"Aap Reshma ki choot phadiye main chali baki bache huye logo se chudne ke liye" I said.

Chapter 8