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Pregnant with Puppies Chapter 1

Pregnant with Puppies

Fourteen-year-old Marcie couldn't believe it. School was out for summer for only a week and her period was late. What really troubled Marcie was that she was a virgin. At least technically. She didn't count fucking her black lab. And she KNEW he couldn't get her pregnant.

Laying in bed, she thought back to how it first happened. She was doing her homework and playing with her pussy when Roscoe stuck his nose between her knees. "Don't do that Roscoe, your nose is cold," she laughed. Then he licked her tender teenage pussy with his rough tongue and Marcie felt a different sensation. Pulling down her panties and slipping her dress up around her slender waist, she leaned back and shut her eyes while the black lab continued to stroke her pussy.

Oh God! Something was happening! She'd never made herself this wet before. Then Roscoe's tongue flicked her virgin clit and Marcie could hardly hold back her screams of pleasure as she experienced her first orgasm. A week later, both her parents left the farm to go to a Grange meeting and Marcie found herself on all fours as Roscoe moved his big doggie dick in and out as she moved her hips back and forth. It had hurt a little when the dog took her virginity but after that all she felt was pleasure. This time when her orgasm came, Marcie didn't hold back her cries of joy when the dog shot wave after wave of white cum into her overheated pussy.

They'd been doing it almost every night for two months, now her period was late. "It can't be. I can't be pregnant," she told herself. A week later she woke up feeling so sick she hardly made it to the bathroom before throwing up. Her mother told her she had caught a summer flu but Marcie was beginning to think differently. Soon her tiny breasts were tender to the touch and when her dad was in the barn or fields and her mom was at work all she wanted to do was sleep. At the beginning of July, the black Lab had just finished cumming in Marcie's pussy when she noticed how hard her stomach was. A week later she couldn't close any of her jeans or shorts without a safety pin. Standing naked in front of the bathroom mirror, Marcie saw the tiny bulge in her lower belly. "Oh God! I'm going to have a baby, or puppies...or something," she said to herself.

Over the next few weeks Marcie couldn't control her ravenous appetite. Before long her belly had grown so large that she looked about six months pregnant even though only a few weeks had passed. She couldn't fit in any of her own clothes and had gone to the attic to find some of her brother's old sweatpants with draw string waists and taken some of her dad's old T-shirts. The hardest part was not letting her parents see her condition. They were both very busy and she stayed in her room a lot. Laying in bed with a pillow tucked under her aching back, she rubbed her big swollen belly as she felt the movement from inside. "Oh God, this can't be happening," she said to herself.

By the beginning of August, the fourteen year old looked nine months pregnant. Her normally tiny breasts were filled with milk and her tremendous teenage tummy was well-rounded and hard with a line running down the middle, broken only by her pushed out belly button. It was so hard to walk without a waddle and she always had to go to the bathroom. Whatever she was carrying inside her was like an anchor, she could hardly get out of bed or stand up after sitting down. At night she'd lay on her side with her mammoth mound resting against the sheet.

The movements coming from inside her were so strong and she felt so very pregnant. She knew something had to happen soon, but at fourteen, she wasn't sure what. Her back was really aching one night when she went to bed, but that was nothing new. It was pitch black a few hours later when a powerful, belly hardening contraction woke her from her restless sleep.

"Oh God, it's happening! I'm in labor," she whispered to Roscoe who always slept on the floor beside her. She'd hoped she'd be alone when it happened but her parents were sleeping right down the hall. Quietly she gathered found her sweatpants and bent over her mammoth mound to slip her feet through the leg holes. Another contraction came and she clutched her gigantic rock-hard stomach and bit her lip to keep from moaning. Slipping on a T-shirt she made her way downstairs in darkness, stopping only in the kitchen when another powerful cramp hit. She was halfway to the barn when a contraction came so strong that she couldn't stand.

Dropping to a crouch, she suddenly felt something pop inside her. The crotch of her sweatpants was soaked. Her water had broken. Clutching her tremendous laboring stomach with one hand and rubbing her aching back with the other, Marcie finally made it to the barn. Her dad always kept a light on, so she didn't have any trouble finding the towels he kept there to wash his hands. Taking an armful, she found a pile of soft hay to lay down in. For the next hour the contractions kept getting closer and stronger and Marcie, who was now soaked with sweat, cried out with each one.

"It hurts...oh God it hurts," she whispered. About 3:30 in the morning the contractions changed. Marcie felt an urgent need to push whatever was inside her out. Pressing her bare feet against the cement floor, she laced her fingers at the base of her big pregnant belly and pulled back until she could feel something entering her birth canal. Wrapping her hands around the backs of her bent knees, Marcie grunted as she pushed again and again until she could feel a head pressing against her dilated opening. When the next contraction hit, the laboring fourteen-year-old bore down and a perfectly formed puppy pushed out of her.

"Oh precious, you are so cute," she said before the next contraction hit. There was another one. Gritting her teeth, Marcie pushed again as a second puppy slid out of her. She was still getting her breath when her uterus contracted. "Oh God! Not again," she moaned. Placing her hands on her still slightly swollen stomach, Marcie doubled over, grunting as she pushed as a third puppy came into the world. When she was sure it wasn't going to happen again, she made her way sorely back to bed where she slept to noon. She was still stiff when she went down to find her dad in the kitchen.

"Guess what honey, someone abandoned a litter of puppies in the barn. They sure are cute little buggers. I fed them some milk. Do you want to take care of them?" he asked.

"Sure, I'll love them like my own babies," she answered with a smile.

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