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Pregnant with Puppies Chapter 3

Dog Days of Summer

Cassie Sanders was not a happy girl. The 13-year-old, who was all elbows and knees, had better things to do than spending her summer vacation at her grandmother's farm. Geez, her grandmother couldn't even see. Cassie wondered how she was going to have any fun.

"Mom, I don't want to go," the 13-year-old said for the hundredth time.

"Don't worry, honey. You will have loads of fun," her mother told her from the drivers seat of the minivan.

"LOADS! That's a good one, mom," her 15-year-old sister, Lisa, laughed.

"Not another word from you, young lady," mom told Lisa.

Twenty miles later Cassie had another excuse. "We have to go back," I forgot my tampons." She had only had a few periods and found them yucky.

"Not going to be needing them... " her sister started.

"LISA," her mom shouted.

Things were quiet for the rest of the three-hour trip. Cassie watched as they drove back a long dirt lane to a big farmhouse with a falling-apart barn and several dog pens. There was a little sign that said FLORA EDWARDS in big letters and DOG BREEDER in smaller ones.

"Are there any puppies here," Cassie said climbing out of the car.

"Not now, but I'm sure there will be," mom said with a slight smile.

After her mother and sister left, Cassie spent the first few days exploring the farm. There was a pond she could swim in not too far away from the house with lots of green grass where she could lay out in the sun. She looked all over but could only find one dog, Gunther, who was a German Shepherd.

"I am SOOO bored," Cassie said to herself after only a week of her three-month stay with her grandmother. "Well, if you can't find somebody to play with, play with yourself."

Laying on her bed, the 13-year old moved her hands under her T-shirt to her tiny breasts and began fondling them until her nipples hardened and she was breathing faster. Lifting her rear off the bed, she pulled down her shorts and panties and moved her fingers to her hairless pussy and began rubbing as she closed her eyes.

Cassie's fingers were wet with her own juices when suddenly Gunther jumped up onto the bed. Before she could move, his tongue was stroking her wet pussy. "OOOOH GOD... this feels SOOOOO good," Cassie moaned as she tightened her legs around the German Shepherd's head. Then her whole world exploded as she bit on her pillow to keep from screaming as she orgasmed for the first time in her life.

A few days later Cassie was laying out in the sun near the pond when Gunther ambled toward her, then the dog was straddling her and she felt something pressing against her belly. Opening her eyes, she saw it was Gunther's doggie dick.

Just looking at it made the 13-year-old's pussy wet. She pulled her swim suit bottom down and began rubbing her pussy thinking that the dog would lick her again. Instead, the tip of Gunther's cock pushed into her pussy.

Cassie moaned with the quick flash of pain then the doggie dick was pushing deeper into her, filling her tiny pussy to its limit. She wrapped her arms around the dog as it began thrusting its tool inside her. "Oh God... it's happening again," Cassie shouted as she orgasmed and Gunther shot stream after stream of doggie cum deep into her.

Her period didn't come in the middle of June when it was supposed to but Cassie didn't mind. She was having too much fun having sex with the German Shepherd. Except for eating meals with her grandmother and seeing her before she went to bed, Cassie was pretty much on her own.

One morning as she want into the kitchen for breakfast, Cassie felt suddenly sick. Cupping her hand over her mouth she dashed for the bathroom and threw up again and again. Left behind in the kitchen, her grandmother just smiled and patted Gunther's head. "Good job boy, that sure didn't take long."

Cassie didn't feel good. She was sick as a dog every morning and all she felt like doing was sleeping. Even her tiny breasts were tender and swollen a little. "Don't worry honey, it will go away soon," her grandmother told her.

When it did, the 13-year-old was famished. She ate giant meals and snacked in between. One morning at the beginning of July, Cassie slipped into a pair of shorts but when she tried to snap them shut the material wouldn't reach. "I'm getting fat," she moaned. But when she moved her hand to her stomach is wasn't soft like fat.

Stripping naked, she stood sideways in front of her mirror and saw the tiny bulge. "It doesn't look like fat. It looks like... like a baby," she said dropping to the bed. "But I can't be having a baby, I haven't done it with a boy... only a dog. Oh God... I can't be pregnant with puppies, can I?"

Cassie finally decided she was going to have puppies. But she couldn't tell her grandmother, she just COULDN'T. But she didn't know anything about having a baby... or puppies either. At least her grandmother couldn't see her swollen tummy.

A week later Cassie couldn't fit into any of her clothes. She snuck into the spare bedrooms until she found some shorts and panties with funny stretchy panels in the front and tops that flowed over her bulging belly.

By the middle of July, the 13-year-old looked about five and a half months pregnant -- her once tiny breasts were filling with milk and her belly was well rounded with a faint line running down the middle. She was laying in bed early one morning when she suddenly felt a movement from deep inside her belly and then another one, and another. She couldn't resist moving her hands to her taut tummy. "Hello in there, I sure wish I knew how you were going to get out," Cassie told her puppies.

Days passed and as the weather got hotter the pregnant 13-year-old's tummy grew even larger and she became more uncomfortable. She tried her best to stay out her grandmother's way, even though she had to go to the bathroom to pee all the time and she was ALWAYS hungry.

Struggling out of bed, Cassie slipped into her shorts, stretching out the elastic panel with her massive mound, then buttoned on her maternity smock. At the end of July the normally slender teen had gained almost 25 pounds and looked seven months pregnant.

After lunch, Cassie waddled down the dirt road to the pond and patch of grass that had become her hiding place. Spreading the blanket out on the grass she lowered her heavy pregnant body onto it as Gunther appeared. "I bet I know what you want," she smiled.

Stripping out of her clothes, Cassie lay on the blanket and fondled her milk-filled breasts until her nipples were hard. Moving her hands lower she stroked her stretched stomach as the puppies turned and kicked inside her. Cassie's pussy was already wet when she touched it with her fingers.

It was drenched when she groaned as she struggled to her hands and knees, her bulging belly so big it nearly touched the blanket. Gunther put his front paws on her curved back and stuck his doggie dick into her as Cassie moaned with pleasure. Her pussy was so stretched now that she could take the German Shepherd's knot inside her without any discomfort. They rocked back and forth as the pregnant 13-year-old felt her orgasm building. When Gunther shot wave after wave of doggie cum into her she screamed as she went over the top.

"Oh God... this has to be over soon," Cassie said to herself one morning in the middle of August. "Mom is coming for me is a couple weeks... she can't see me like this!"

Standing naked in front of her dresser mirror, the 13-year-old studied her very pregnant body. Her once tiny breasts were now plump and swollen with milk. Just below them her mammoth puppy-filled mound began. It was so very hard with a line running down the middle to her pushed-out belly button. Cassie had gained almost 40 pounds on her normally 90 pound body.

"Grandma, do you know anything about having babies," Cassie asked a few days later at supper. Now the puppies were taking up so much space inside her that she could only eat a few bites. She listened carefully as her grandmother told her what would soon be happening to her.

A week later the 13-year-old was still very pregnant. But one morning when she struggled out of bed to pee Cassie noticed that something had changed. Her tremendous tummy wasn't rounded anymore it just... STUCK OUT. "It's a good thing grandma can't see me now," she said as she rubbed her aching back.

A few days later it was four o'clock in the morning when Cassie woke up to a mild cramp in her hugely pregnant belly. About ten minutes later another one came and the 13-year-old knew she was in labor. She struggled out of bed to pee and then lay back down as another pain came.

Bright summer sunshine was streaming through her bedroom window as Cassie lay in bed, covered with sweat, clutching her mammoth mound. The contractions were coming every five minutes and they were so strong she wanted to scream but she knew she couldn't. She had to find a place where she could deliver the puppies without her grandmother knowing.

Struggling to sit up, Cassie blindly stuck her feet through the leg holes of a pair of maternity shorts, her swollen stomach was so gigantic she couldn't see what she was doing. Buttoning on a smock, she got downstairs before another contraction came and she had to stop and lean against the wall.

The kitchen was empty. "I'm going swimming grandma," the laboring 13-year-old shouted clutching her blanket in her arms. There was an empty picnic basket on the table. Cassie stuck her blanket inside it and headed out the door.

The pond seemed a hundred miles away as Cassie waddled slowly toward it, clutching her tremendous tummy. When powerful contractions came, she had to stop and kneal down until they passed. She was almost there when she felt something pop and warm pink liquid was gushing out of her pregnant pussy, soaking her shorts and running down her bare legs.

The contractions were only two minutes apart when Cassie spread out the blanket on the soft grass then lowered her laboring pregnant body to the ground. "Oh God... IT HURTS... IT HURTS," she panted. She was covered with sweat again by the time she had slipped her soaked shorts off.

A few minutes later the contractions changed. They came from deep in her hips and lower belly and made Cassie want to push the puppies out from inside her. Taking a deep breath, the 13-year-old grunted as she bore down, glad that her grandmother couldn't hear the laboring sounds she was making.

Another contraction, Cassie doubled over pushing, her knees wide apart as suddenly a wet-furred puppy pushed out of her dilated pussy. She put it into the picnic basket just as another contraction hit and she was pushing again as another puppy's head crowned her opening. She repeated the process until she had delivered five German Shepherd puppies and her stomach was flat again.

Most of the soreness had gone away by the time her mother and sister came back to the farm to pick her up. "I want to see the puppies," Lisa said excitedly as she pulled Cassie towards the house, ahead of her mother and grandmother.

"Oh Cassie... they are SOOOO cute... and there are FIVE of them," Lisa gushed. "I only had four when I was pregnant... you must have been HUGE."

"But how... why," Cassie started.

"Come on sis, I'll tell you all about it on the way home," her sister told her.

Chapter 3