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Road Trip

 A road trip i never forgot I am warning you again, it will be slow one too,but how frequently i post , it depends on , how much time i get to write, and not distracted to work on other ones i have started already, I know some of you asked me to coplete those, but i just this one write, and was really exciting so, i started it, sex may come slow and late, so bear with me, to some it sounded boring, hope you wait and want to see more.

Again this story is based on some real experience, and while writing this i had real people in my mind, who will do exactly as written or in my fantasy. Overall it is fiction, but based on real people. It relates to my own roadtrip experience, and result of my kinky and imaginative (or over imaginative mind)
didn't work on typos, yet, myb later i will give time, if i get good response, then repost again.

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