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Neighbour married women Chapter 1

Her child was sucking left boob and right me..

Hello to all you beautiful people out there who frequent this amazing website. This is an amazing website. I just drool over all the exciting & mind-boggling stories of this particular site. This is my first story. My name is Mohit. I am from Delhi. I am 26 d. I stay with my parent. Few months back, a lovely couple moved over to one of our adjoining flats. On introduction I came to know, that the man is working in the navy & has to be on sea almost six months in a year.

The guy introduced me to his wife-her name was Malani (name change) the first impression was heart throbbing she was a wearing a light blue chiffon sari with a low cut blouse. Oh god the big melons just seem to burst out-the boos were big 38D just gushing out, her low cut blouse just exposed her deep cleavage she was having a six year old son and six month old baby who was moving his fingers on her nipples which seems to be rock hard & sticky must have fed the baby few mins back! My dick was just getting harder trying to salute the sexy lady somehow I managed to go away! But I could see a naughty smile on her face!!

After 15 days her hubby left for his job. I masturbated a lot thinking of her seductive figure specially her juicy boobs full of milk! One day I went to her place she was in light pink gown which was almost transparent her nipples were big sticking to the gown. I just gazed at those melons she looked at me & smiled. The she asked me to go to her bedroom because her baby was there. My tool was trying to show its class but I told myself to have some patience. Suddenly the baby started crying I told her that he needs your milk she blushed & said ?yes she needs her breast feeding? Immediately she opened the buttons of her gown & took the left boob out! Ohh Gosh its so big milky white in color with cherry like brown nipples-I was amazed! As she was lactating the baby, my cock was getting harder & getting like a pole she opened the other two buttons of the gown & took the full boob out-it?s so gorgeous!.

I just was getting aroused she smiled at me & asked me ?love to have milk of mine I know your looking at my sexy tits! I just can?t wait-as the baby was sucking the left boob, I took the right boob & started kneading the same. She kept the baby aside & took my mouth on the erect nipple I slowly kissed the nipples & fondling the boobs she was moaning in pleasure mmmmmmm ahhhh she was urging to suck her boob then I sucked her nipples as milk keep showering in my mouth-its so delicious I sucked like a baby & make her empty her left boob was full of milk till then she took me in my lap & put the right boob in my mouth-I was devouring all milk!

As I was sucking her boobs dry-she rolled her fingers on my trousers & was playing with my hard cock-her eyes were full of lust & sex! She told me that she was dying to have sex with me from the very 1st day! As she slowly opened my trousers biting me all over my body, my monster like cock jumped out-she told me that she has never seen a big cock like this-she went up & bought a bowl of ice-cream She put the ice cram on my big cock & started licking it I was in the 9th heaven-she was eating me up umm ahhhh. Her pink watery lips torturing my cock-she were so hot she was swallowing it & making awesome moans! As she cleaned the ice-cream up eating my cock which was red hot, she the took the cock in one hand & with the other hand she took the breast & pumped milk on my cock its so exciting -she was eating me dry I was in ecstasy! I was almost to come I asked her shall I discharge in your mouth-she nodded violently I spurted the whole thick cum in her mouth she ate me dry!

Now I laid her down on bed & took the ice-cream & put on her boobs I started licking each & every part of her body I slowly reached her waist & parted her legs-she was shivering I parted the lips of the pussy its pink, juicy & big ohh just was too hot-my cock was getting hard again! I could see the deep hole of her pussy! I took some wine & put it inside the pussy she was trembling in excitement-she told me ?u are tearing me apart u r so horny? eat me up dear! I inserted my tongue & started sucking her pussy uoonnn it?s so juicy & I was eating her deep & deep she was moaning ummmmmm ohhhhh love u honey need your cock in my pussy dear!! She was moaning come inside me ? I wan to take u fuck me baby! Then I took my cock slowly put it in my massive dick which was making her mad.

Mmhmm.? Malani shut her eyes and was enjoying. Malani moaned with each of my thrusts as I pushed into her. It was a little awkward at first trying to establish a rhythm, but I eventually got a steady pace going. All of my senses were being stimulated at the same time, it was almost overwhelming. Her scent and touch, her beauty, her moans, and the taste of her pussy and lips still lingering within my mouth all worked me over. I could feel my orgasm building up in the base of my balls and told Shanthi about my impending explosion. Shanthi whispered in my ear-fuck me hard baby-it?s great! We roll over & she was on my dick pumping my cock as her huge boob was dangling in air! She was moaning she must have multiple orgasms by this time. As I was about to cum she told me to cum in his mouth again-I spurted a load of cum she ate me dry! She licked my duck clean.

We wrapped in each others arms as the baby was sleeping-slowly nibbling his nipples-as she was playing with my cock-teasing the head of my cock its getting erect as I took one of the boobs & suck it again milky full of milk! But suddenly Malani went up to make some tea I cant wait as my tool was already charged up-she was making tea-I grabbed her from behind licking the nape of her neck & earlobes she was moaning I took the boobs out they are so big-I just pumped from behind & put the milk in tea-tea with fresh milk so tasty I just pumped the milk & eat every drop of It! As she was standing I slowly smooched his ass.

Kneading his lovely ass & gliding my cock there-she told me she never has been fucked from behind-she was bit terrified! I put her against the wall of the kitchen put some Vaseline on the lovely hole of the ass-slowly putting my hard cock in she as moaning ummmmmmm ohhhhh I was thrusting hard-its just so exciting my cock was exploding in her virgin ass she was screaming-OHHH finally I loaded all my cum in the ass! She was smiling naughtily! Any girl?s r married aunty, couples want decent boobs and pussy massage and secret sex in Bangalore only contact me

Chapter 1