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Maa became Randi Chapter 10

All good comes to end, does it?

Next day mom and Amzad went to get married. When they were back, mom was so happy I had never seen haer so happy.They kissed each other as much as wanted, that was alomost always when they were near, there first night as married couple was also big event for them, I could hear all the screams coming from their room. Even Chameli commented many times that how much in love they were, she said she ahad never seen a couple in so much love. Jamaal said that they are both very hot person, and they were destined to be together, he said he knew there was somthing special about her, because otherwise Amzad would have let him fuck mom, like he always do with other women. He said that even after having sex with so many women, Amzad Sahib were never so happy, and its mom who really made him happy.

"He could have any woman he wanted, all the woman he fucked, were ready to leave their husbands but he never wanted to make it serious, they were for just sex"

"Memsaab such me Sahab jee ko bahut pyaar kartee hain", Chameli commented.

They were talking in living room, when mom and Amzad, were in bedroom. Mom came out after two hour, She asked Chameli for one more glass of water, while she came out she was in wrapped in blanket, she was walking funny.

They came out around eleven in the morning. Next day we had reception party, all the close friends were invited, they all wished them luck, and admired them about how loving couple they seemed. Mom and Amzad would kiss each frequently. Mom seems to be happy to be with him, Amzad also seemed proud to have such a beautiful lady as wife.

Next day they left for honeymoon for a week. Mom would call me daily from there, to confirm I am ok. When one week was over she called to tell me that they are taking longer, They came back after two weeks.

After that each day and night was same, they were as loving as they are always. Mom gave birth to a boy. I would find her feeding Amzad more than I found her feeding Baby, they name him, Yusuf. Next year they had another one named him, Kashir.

Amzad's wife, was another story, she became angry when she was told about Amzad;s marriage, and was more angry when she saw mom, mom was 39 then, and comparing to her 59, she was gorgeous. In jealousy and anger she tried several things, but failed, There were always fights started by her in the house, but Amzad always sided with mom, he also took good care of me, I was always treated as his other sons, His wife became angrier when mom gave Amzad two kids, she knew then, that her son would not be the only one to get all the wealth now.

Even after so many years they were as much in love as they were. I came to admire their love, and wanted to have someone to love me as much, and I did.

Its been 15 years since that first night, Amzad came to our house. I am married now, happily married to my beautiful wife Anjana, with one son. Mom, she is okay now. She had photo of Amzad in her bedroom, the look with which she look at pic can tell you she loves him as much as she loved him when he was alive. After loss of her love, when Amzad died, of heart attack after they had been together for 10 years. Mom got very depressed after that, she almost killed herself but she was doing okay now, She cried for months.

Amzad's wife is still alive, Mom is the one handling all the properties now, even her son , come to like my mom, he always treated her with respect too. Mom is 54 now, more matured and still good looking woman.

Last year I was visiting my mom, I was just going to enter the lounge when I heard mom and Jamaal talking.

"..I don't understand...you can at least tell. Varun about us,,,he will accept me"

"..What do you not understand Jamaal, there is nothing to tell"

"Bullshit..Samitha..I love you and I think you love me too, why cant we be just together, I ready to leave my wife for you"

"Jamaal how many time I had to tell, I dont love you, we have sex now and then because I am woman and woman have need, and if it was not for Amzad, I would not let you even touch me.."

"That's crude..he is not here.. if he gave you permission ..then why not marry me.."

"Jamaal, I am going to tell you this last time, if you still don't get it, then we are done now....Amzad made e promise that if I ever crave for sex I can use you..he made me promise that I will not starve for sex. just because he is not there for me..I thought about it for two years after he died.. and decided that ..this sexual needs were making me crazy..I was frustrated all the time..but I wanted Amzad only...I wanted to die and go with him..but I have to take care of his kids, he loved them, if it were not for kids I would have gone with my Amzad, I will stop fucking you as soon as my needs are dead and get past my age of sex. You are good man, Jamaal, but I don't love you, when I have sex with you, I always think of Amzad, but after we are done I always feel guilty. Please Jamaal, don't ever bring this Subject again"

"...Sorry,.. but I love you so much...I would do anything for you..but I understand...you truly loved Amzad....didn't you"

"No!...I truly LOVE Amzad, not loved"

"OK..can we do it tonight...I kind need it with you..."

"I will see if we can.. I don't want my kids, to know any thing about you and me.I they wont understand, I don't want them to think I don't love their father, I will come to your room in the midnight OK?"

"OK I will wait, but I would love to be in your bedroom"

"You know Jamaal, that is never going to happen, I shared that bed with my husband for 10 yrs I am not going to defile it, side of my bed will always be reserved for my Amzad...ok now... go..and wait...OK?"

"OK..but you know whatever you say, I love you..and will be happier in what ever I can have"

"Right!...then go now I have work to do"

That night I witnessed another sexual act, mother was still hottest woman on the earth, I had ever seen, she was sex goddess, she deserved to be loved.

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