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Maa became Randi Chapter 2

After that night

After the first night mom was not so blunt, she was careful not to bring the subject again. But slowly everything changed. It started when next day after Amzad left to got to his home. In the evening mom came to dad and aksed me to leave them for sometime. I pretend to left but listend to what they were talking.

"Amzad ji said he wants me to come to his house."

"What? but it was only one night?"

"I know but he said, he wants me"

"Are you not listening to me, it was one time deal now it is over and I will find way to pay him."

"You dont understan...."

"What are you asking for the..?"

"I am not askking you, I am telling you, he want me to go to his house."

"What ? are you mad, what are you thinking?"

"I..i...HE said if i go to his home, we wont need to pay two more months"

"And you agreed?"

"What...I i It was you who made the deal"

"But you want to continue"

"I.. I dont know..."

"What .. you...you whore..you want ot be his slut"

"Please dont talik like that..."

Dad was loosing his temper, he was yelling at mom," what about his wife? wont she say something?"

"She wont be there, she is out to see her sister"

"What? I can't believe, you already planned for it, you slut.."

"Please dont yell at me."

"I will do what ever i want, you sliut...", dad raised his hands to slap her, but stopped, mom started crying and ran to bedroom and locked it from inside.

Dad was angry, and he just sat there not getting what was happening to family. At 5 o clock, a man came to house, he asked for mom, dad went to bedroom which was stillll locked. Mom did not open the door. he cam eback at door and told him. Man was persisteant and aksed him if he can try. then he went to door, and knocked.

"Samita ji, Amzad sent me to bring you to his house. Please open the door. and get ready, I am waiting for you please get ready and we will leave.

He came and sat on the chair. We waited for 15 minutes and then door opend and mom came out dressed in saree which she wears only on occassions, it was most expensive she had, she looked beautiful in that saree. She came and did not meet eyes with anyone. The man stood up and started to move out of the house. Mom started to follow him, and with any words she was out of main door. Baba sat there with his jaw dropped believing nothing happend just then. Then he sat there and started crying.

Mom did not come that night. Next day after noon, the door bell rang. Baba opened the door hoping it would be mom. But it was same man who came previous day. Baba looked around if mom was with him. But He was alone, and he has a bag with him. He handed the bag to him.

"Amzad ji sent this for you, He said Seema ji wount need them, so keep it." and he left.

Dad come inside and opend the plastic bag. Iwas mom's saree which she had when she left day before. It was not only sare it was everthing hs ehad, petticote, blouse, bra and her underwear. Dad was shocked, Saree was completely ruined. Her Underwear were sticky. I could ot believe they sent everything she had. Dad broke there.

Mom did not come that , not even next day, for the record she did not come for whole week. Finally the day she eneted the house with Amzad, followed by the man. Amzad came in sat on the chair, mom stood near him. Dad stood there not knowing what to say.

"I heard you yelled at her?"

"What are you talking about? She is my wife , and this none of your buisness"

"My buisness, she is my woman now, and you hurt her, you made her cry, what made you think you can rais hand at my woman"


"Say sorry to her bastard"

"I dont think.."

"I dont give damn about what you think, say sorry to her", he practically at him. Dad was frightnened.

"I i ammm sorry."

Mom burst into tear, Amzad stood up. Mom buried her face in his chest. he wrapped his arem around her. They remain like that for some time.

"Next time you make her cry, think twice, because you gonna pay for that, you listen me?"


"Good. Now I am leaving, now but remember what i say."

He leaned to mom and gave her kiss on her lips, very long kiss. Mom hugged him.

"Ok seema Now i must go."

Mom was not ready to let him go,"When we..again...", then she aroud her, dad was watching her, she did not complete her sentence but everyone knew what she was asking.

"Well we will have to wait until my wife goes again somewhere. this time It was for one week as I told you, but if you want I can come here."

Mom looked at dad, who dumbfolded. Mom satrted to speak,"i ..I .."

"Ok we can wait, if you dont want me to come here,"

"No, please come here when you can.", she practilcally panicked.

"I like it, I will be here soon. wait for me ok." he turned to dad, " And you, you are not allowed to touch her, until I come next time, you understand, this is you punishment to what you did.

Dad noded andd then he left. Dad was angry again,

"You knew you were going for whole week?"

"I i.. I..he told me"

"BUt you did not tell me?"

"I thought you...you...angry..."

"I damn well angry...you slu.., then he stopped , remembering what Amzad said, mom ran to bedroom and locked the door.


For next three says nothing happpened, it was cold in the house no one talking. Mom made meal for us and that was it. Dad would taunt her about something. Mom did not say anything about the clothes she was in when she came with Amzad. It was expensive one. Fourth day the same man came at dooe. Mom opend the door. mom had some talk with him. She was passing dad, with bag in her hand, when he asked about he was at the door.

"It..was Rasool"


"Amzad jee's man."

"The man you send saree with?"


"What does he want?"

"He he.. told me that Amzad ji will be be comig today"

"What? and what did you say?"


"What is it in you hand"

"He gave it to me"

"What is in it"


"What? why?"

"He wants me to wear it today when he comes"

"What? I cant belive it"

Mom did not listen to anymore of his yelling she went to room and started getting ready"

After dinner door bell rang, Mom ran to open the door, she was in new saree, she was looking sexy, it was another expensive saree. whe she saw it was Amzad, they hugged, he kissed mom on door step. Then with out even looking at anyone they went ot bedroom. After soemtime mom came out, went to kitchen, she brought glass of milk, she entered the room. Amzad asked mom if wanted the door closed or open. She said that they better close it.

And she closed the door. Their voice could be heard from outside. Mom was very vocal, I saw there was big change between first night and this night. Mom had become more open with him, in a weak she was with him. Amzad was constantly disrespecting dad, mom wa agreeing with him. Like he was better lover than dad, bigger and more man.many time we heard mom say that she watned to be mother of his child. begging him to come in her and make her pregnant. never wanting to let him go. We even heard them confessing their love for each other. Dad went to sleep, but I listend to all talks. Before midnight voices stopped, I thought they were sleep, but after some time, Amzad came out of room and went to bathroom. againg entering the room he closed the door. Then after some more voice they were silent. Then everything went to silent. I agian assumed they were asleep. but then I listend the voice and recognised they were of mom crying, she was sobbing. Amzad was assuring her something, that he will take care of everything. then they finally drifted to sleep.

In the morning at four voices woke me up, again they were on it. he was fucking mom, again. They fucked on and off upto afternoon,mom came out of bedroom in a gown i had never seen, I could see she was wearing nothing under that. Then mom prepared lunch for him, he ate and he left. House was silent again. mom went her room and slept. She did not come out of room before evening.


Night when we were having dinner, baba and maa had another argument.

"Why do we need to shift"

"He said, that would be bigger, and we can have our more rooms"

"But bigger house means more payment, how we are going to pay that"

"No we dont need to pay more, there will be no raise in rent"

"Why would he do that?"

"why..we..he just wanted to help us"

"Ha help..I can see that...he is taking advantage of us"

"he..no..he is good man, he..really wants to help us, he really care for us"

"Care for us or just for you?"

"He..ok he car for me ..what is wrong with that?"., mom almost yelled. this was the first time mom yelled at dad.

"What is wrong with that? he is using us for his own pleasure, he is taking advantage of our situation. and you ask me what is wrong with that bastard helping us?"

"He is no bastard, its not his fault if you can take care of anything, you dont make enough money to give your wife and son a decent life"

"What? you are taking his side?"

"I...I..why are you angry with me, you are the one who made the deal, to help our family, and now i am doing it happily you blames me for this all?"

"I made for one night with you, not about becomeing his whore"

"I..i..am doing what have to do"

"you dont have to whore yourself"

"Why keep calling me all those names..i cant....", mom again started crying. She left the living room.

Next day Rasool came to help us to shift the house. New house was bigger, and has more room. It was well furnished. While arranging the thing in house Rasool was asking which belongs to mom. And mom was telling him all her belongings, and those were being place in one seprate room, which was bigger one. While transferring her things, some man came to house, and asked where want to keep the new bed.

"We did not order the bed"

"No sir, this is the address, we were supposed to deliver the bed"

"I think..., dad could not complete his sentence. Rasool came from behind.

"In that room, the left one."

"Ok,", and the man went outside and then two men came with very new bed, it was place in room where mom's things were transferred. Dad was dumbfolded not knowing what to do. I think he finally understood what was exactly going on.


"Did you know already about seperate bedroom?"

"I think he might have mentioned it"

"Might have,? what happend to you? why did not you tell me anything?"

"I was not sure..."

"what?...", he did not have to say. Rest of the day was uneventful.

Amzad cam in the evening. mom greated him with enthusiasum. They kissed and hugged for long time. After we all had dinner.

"Did you like the new house?"

"Yes it is wonderful"

"and bedroom?"

"Yes it is...". mom stopped before saying anything whcich might create proble. But Amzad spoke.

"What isn't exactly like you told me you wonated it to be?"

"No it ..it is beautiful."

"Ok, anything else you want?"

"No... nothing..."

"Dont be afraid, you can ask for anything you want"

Mom did not say anything. He then turned to dad,"I want to tell you i am not going to charge you anything for this house, and wont stop you to fulfilll you husbandly duties, as long as she wants you to have her you can have her, what you do in my absence , wont be my buisness, but you wont force her for anything."

Dad nodded, and then asked.

"How long you think this is going to be"

"Well i already free you from two month rent, as long she wants I wont ask for any money"

"What if I pay you your money"

"Well that depends on her, as long as she wants. it will go on, when she stops rent starts, you have plenty of time to gather money, i am giving as much time as you want"

Then he stood up, he grabbed mom's hand, and before leaving, he said.

"But remember, you wont hurt her in anyway, I will try to be, good with you , as long as she is happy"

and then he dragged her to new bedroom. and closed the door. That was the start of Amzad staying lonegr and longer in the house. When evenr his wife, was not at home mom will go to his hoise and will return before his wife come back. Some time he would take her to movies. Mom was always looking forward to his visiting. But When she has to go his house she was more than happy.

One day mom asked dad if he wanted to sleep with her, dad had not had sex for long time, so he agreed. They did not have sex in mom's room, it was always in dad's room. From argumant i figured it out that mom asked dad to use condom. Dad was angry for that, but he yelled but nothing else. After sex with dad mom would go back to her room. It wnet on for three months.


Chapter 2