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Maa became Randi Chapter 3

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Just after three days, I was coming back from tution, dad was not supposed to be at home, as i was passing through mom's room, i heard voices. Then i saw that door was little open and i could see they were in the room , mom's head was buried in his chest, his hands were around her,

Mom looked at him seriously, "Amzad, I can't do this anymore, we have to tell My husband the truth about us. I am begging you to marry me, if that is what it takes, I need to be with you all the time, every night."

"Hey! Sweetiepie, I'm the one who should have been begging you to marry me. You know right now it not possible, to marry, because of my wife, but being together, that can be done, its you who keep putting me off. We are almost too late but I would love to have a baby with you."

"Oh Aamzad, if you can make me pregnant I would love to have a love child with you. My doctors say I should have no problem with it."

I cant believe it, mom had been to doctor to discuss that if she could bear a child, not even discussed with father.

"Are you sure Lover, I will not endanger you in any way? I was almost worried about you when I had to send you to doctor.Is that when you asked them about this?"

"Oh i forgot to tell you, nurses were giggling when they knew what my problem was, initially they thought i was in some ****, but they kept asking me why I was so sore down there, how could I tell them , it was because of all the love you were giving me, when I told them that it was because of sex between me and my husband, one of them commented that my husband must be some selfish bastard who did not care about me but sex, then I almost lost it how could I have told them that it was me begging you to not to stop, so i just told them that we are trying to have a baby with no luck, then they checked me again if i had some problem, and told me, they say my body is as toned, as flexible, and as capable of child birth as any thirty-five year-old healthy woman." She giggled, "You are robbing the cradle, old man."

Amzad growled at her and stood, picked her up and carried her to her bed. He dropped her on her bed and started pulling his clothes off. She grinned and unfastened his belt while he worked on getting his shirt off over his head. Mom unzipped his fly and jerked his pants and undershorts down together. His large erection flipped up and brushed her cheek when she wrapped her arms around him hugging his bare belly. She laughed again and pulled her clothes off too. She heard Amzad suck his breath in rapidly as he looked at her body. He whispered, "Darling, you are the most delicious thing I have ever seen."

She pushed his nude body back on the bed. Her hands reached behind her and unhooked her bra, dropping it to the floor. Her panties followed behind it. He sat on the side of the bed. he put his large hands to cup her ass cheeks and pull her towards him. His lips closed around an erect nipple and a jolt of sheer ecstasy shot through her to spark a jolt of rapture to the core of her body.

Amzad lifted her as he stood, slipping his hands outward along her thighs until her legs were spread widely. He adjusted her height so that his massive cock poked at the entrance to her pussy. Mom's head flopped back and she said, "Yes Amzad fuck me now, fuck me Lover, fuck me."

The feeling of his wide thick cock pressing it's way into her wet, hot pussy was one of total joy, she loved his cock.

For her,the wonderful cock slowly slipping into her vagina. Suddenly she screamed, "NO! PUT ME DOWN! You'll hurt yourself. Please put me down."

Amzad gently pulled his cock out and carried mom gently to the bed. He leaned forward and softly kissed her red lips. She felt him move between her legs and she rapidly spread them to accommodate his body. She guided his cock back to where she needed it. It slipped slowly inside her pussy.


Mom grunted when Amzad's pelvis thumped into HER pelvis and bumped her clitoris perfectly. This big old man did it just right, hard enough to cause the flash of sheer joy to spread through her body and yet not produce a speck of pain. Amzad raised her by her thighs until her hips were bent beneath him and she was resting on her shoulders. He was plunging his thick cock straight down inside her. Her eyes and lips flew open as he ground his hips delightfully into her groin.

She felt her fluids gush out when his cock withdrew, then plunged back inside her pussy. She felt him shudder and knew he was starting to cum. Her body reacted to the knowledge that he was about to climax by causing her orgasm to start too. Moms vagina involuntarily clinched around his cock spasmodically a half a dozen times. She thought she could feel pulse after pulse of his hot sperm shoot into her cervix. She couldn't remember ever feeling so full of cum in her whole life. She could hear and feel him pump the fluids deep inside her body.

Amazad gently lowered her back on the bed keeping her hips elevated as he pulled his cock out of her and plunged his face against her pussy. I was sure that mom could feel the suction extracting some of the excess liquids from her vagina. His tongue was busy searching for gobs of his cum that were flowing out, then squirting them back inside her with his mouth. He lifted his head and smiled, "Sweetheart, hold your hips up while I shove a pillow under your rear end then run and get a towel, OK?" She nodded.

He put two pillows covered by the towel under her ass, then lay beside her and grinned, "I want my sperm swimming downhill for a while."

Mom smiled tenderly at him, "Darling, are you trying to impregnate me?"

"Yes I am dear, I have never wanted anything so much in my whole life."

"Dearest, I do not know why, but I have a strong feeling that you have succeeded. I feel as if I am pregnant. It is probably because I want it so badly."

Mom was planning have baby with Amzad,I never realized that they were too close, mom was taking desicison not only without asking Dad but not even telling him. Amzad woyld come at house, sleep with mom n her room. Sometimes they will just talk. Many times i came home,from tution when dad was not home, they would be sittng on sofa, his head on mom's lap, mom caressing his hair. So time I would sit there, we would watch tv together. Inbetween he would say something on her ears, then they would go to bedroom, Mom never refused him. Infact she was eager to have sex with him.

After few weeks it becoame regular, he would be daily be at house. One time he didn't come for two days, mom walked in house like zombie, frequently looking door, waiting for him. When amzad came mom ran to him, started to cry, and then, becaome angry with him.

"Why didn't you come, you didn't even infrom me?"

"I am sorry darling, I had to go out of town, Rasool also went with me, I did not know it will take three days"

"You don't know I was worried", mom was angry with him, for whole day, then after dinner, he wrapped his hands around her, in front of dad and me, while we were having dinner.

"Please , spit the anger, I will never do that again, I promise"

Mom didn't not say anything.

"OK, want to come with me for week vaccation, to Shimla?"

"Reall? A week?"

"A week"

"Fine, when?"

"We can leave tommorow"

"Ok alright,", then she kissed him. he turned to dad, we will be leaving tommorow. what could possibley dad say, so he didn't.

"After we come back, she will give you some good news"

I am sure dad was hoping that Amzad would leave mom. afer the trip. Little did he know.

They left for trip, next day, I heard them night before, talking, they were calling it their honeymoon. We spent whole week waiting for them to come back.

They came back exactly after tyen days. When they came back, it was clear they been to shopping there. Mom was looking like newly married woman. After coming back Amzad spent night at our home. next day he took mom to shopping again, they brought many baby items. Dad was curious seeing all that stuff. When Amzad left dad asked mom about what was this.

"These are for baby"

"baby? whose?"

"sorry i didn't tell you, I i am pregnant."

"What! you are.. this is... hi isn't it?"

"It is..is ...yes he is the father."

"How we are suppposed to take care of him, we already are debt and now.."

"He said you dont need to worry about it"

"Who?..oh...so he knows that too. you planned it on?"

Mom did not say anything.

Chapter 3