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Maa became Randi Chapter 4

They come closer

I was coming into the house, early again, i had made this my habbit to catch them in her bed. When i passed i heard them.

"......and what did he say..."

"Nothing, really, same old again."

"Well there was nothing he could have done anyway, was there?... you were going to have haven't you?"

"Yo know the answer...but now please.."

He shut her up and rolled onto her, sliding his cock deep inside her in one fluid motion so that she gasped into his mouth but couldn't make a sound.

His cock slammed in as far as it would go, so hard it bruised her, but she pushed herself up to him to take even more of him inside her. She wrapped her legs around him to keep him as deep as she could, only allowing him to pull back and then push back in.

He ran his lips down from hers nipping her neck and then fastened on her right nipple, sucking and then pulling it up with her teeth hard enough to make her wince. But it just made her wetter. She liked a little bit of pain. Sucking hard made her moan inside her throat and start to scratch his back.

And then she felt him speeding up and she exploded around him and still the hard ram inside her hammered and she came again and she felt him almost there and she scratched his back and screamed and felt him pouring into her one molten blast after another and she came again.

He fell backwards, and she felt his still hard cock sliding out of her and she felt empty.

She rolled onto her stomach and found his cock and licked it, then shimmied up the bed until her breasts were over his face. She smothered him and grinned as he licked and then sucked as much as he could of the left and then the right in his mouth.

"Does baby like that?" she said in a teasing tone. She lifted herself lightly and batted them across her face.

He sounded winded but, "God yes, just let me lay here and suck for a while till I get my strength back. I'm not 20 anymore."

She pulled her breasts out of his reach and then began to give him what a titty rub. She slid the heavy melons up and down his chest and over his arms and back up to where he could nip them with his teeth and then down around his groin.

She sucked him first and then enveloped him with her breasts, rubbing them up and down and using her hands to press them in and, not surprisingly, in a few minutes she felt the steel beginning to return and he started to rise again.


"You like that huh...you like having those big heavy titties loving your dick....," and she captured him in her mouth, sucked, then let him go and caressed him again. She sucked and rubbed and massaged and in minutes he was thrusting up to meet her mouth.

Then she stopped and keep his quivering cock motionless a few inches away from her hot wet mouth and looked up at him to ask, "Do you want to fuck me again,...or would you like to cum like this?"

He answered her by grabbing her head and pulling her mouth onto him and he hadn't thrust more than two or three times until he was squirting into her mouth. She continued to titty rub him until the squirting stopped.

She kept her head in his lap while she licked him clean and rolled it around her mouth before swallowing.

She waited until she thought she'd swallowed it all before moving up to lay her head against his chest.

They lay like that for awhile until they were both breathing normally and then mom rose up and said,"you staying today?"

"Sorry darling, i have to go, I have some important errands to"

"Ohh..I thought...."

"Oh dont be that way..."

"Do you love me Amzad?"

"Of course I love you"

"I dont think you do, I think you are getting tire of me, i am not good for you anymore?"

"Please dont say that, you know thats not true"

"Then please stay, I will make you favorite dinner"

"What is it Samita? why are you so.."

"I odnt know amzad, since i had known i am pregnant, i am scared, when my belly grows you wont find me attractive any more, and leave me"

"What ? you think that way"

"Please dont leave me Amzad, I will give you all love you need, you will never regret this. I cant live without you"

"Stop, samita, I said I am not leaving you, even I can live without you, you think it easy for me to leave you, not be with you for more time"

"Then please stay tonight, prove it you love me"

"Ok..baba i will stay"

"Oh amzad i love you so much, i am so scared of this pregnancy, please cop with me until i feel better"

"I think you are right, i will be more here, i want to be with you as mush as i can, with mother of my child, the woman I love"

"Ohh..Amzad....I love you so much"

"I love you too samita, I love you too"


One day Mom and Amzad went out for Movie, when they did not come at 10 o clock dad and went to sleep. It was around quarted past 12 , I heard the main door open. There was mom in the entranceway of the house, kissing Amzad with her blouse open and fantastic chest gloriously naked. My god, she was beautiful.

I stood just inside my bedroom door and looked down the hallway. She kissed Amzad passionately, and Amzad kissed her back. As I watched he kissed her ear. Mom moaned so loudly that it would have waken me up if I had been asleep. What the hell were they doing, making out in the hallway? Were they plastered? They had a room just down there.

Amzad kissed her chin, the side of her neck, then beneath her chin. She really liked that. She moaned like crazy. Then, to my surprise, Amzad clamped his lips onto my mother's breast and began sucking.

My cock was so hard I thought I'd die. I opened the front of my boxers and took my cock in my hand. I began rubbing it while watching mom make out through the crack in my door. I thought I'd explode when I ran my hand up and down my cock a few times. I restrained a moan of pleasure. It didn't take long for the lubricant from my cock to lubricate the head. I ran my hand over the slimy end of my cock and my knees nearly buckled. It felt so good. I opened my eyes again and gasped in horror. They were coming. I slid my door closed as fast as possible without making noise. I heard footsteps passing as I leaned my head against the door, waiting. Mom giggled before closing the door to her bedroom.

I came back to my room, thinking of all the possble act going on in the other room, how could dad allowed this in the home, and still be a man. But he was doing this for us. I was annoyed that I could not see them having sex their in room. I could not sleep, after almost an hour I heard some voice I opened door of my room slightly to look outside. I was mom, she was stark naked, she went to kitchen, she had water bottle and went back to her room, this time luckily she forgot to close the door completly. I went closer to their room, so that I could see inside.

My mother sat up and Amzad surged up off the bed and captured her nipple in his mouth. The way mother was moving, I think they were fucking, but I didn't know for sure.

Amzad had a beard and mustache which must have tickled mother's breasts, but she didn't seem to mind. She had her eyes closed, obviously enjoying his mouth and tongue on her breast.

I took my cock into my hand and began stroking it. I moaned in pleasure, not fearful of being heard. There were several walls and a lot of space between our rooms.

"Oh, yes," my mother mouthed silently. I stroked my cock furiously. I was delighted when Amzad reached out and slid the blanket off my mother's ass. She had such a beautiful ass, tanned and shapely.

Amzad laid back on the bed and my mother moved closer to his mouth. My eyes bugged out when I saw her move forward and put her pussy into Amzad's eager lips. He sucked and licked while she withered above him.

Then Amzad did something which I will be eternally grateful for. He turned on the bed to give his feet more room. This put him so I had a perfect view of him eating her pussy. It was almost as if he knew I was watching. I shivered at the thought. Stroking my cock rapidly, I kept my eyes glued to my mother's sweet pussy. It was small and hairless. How beautiful. Amzad stuck his tongue right up inside my mom's pussy, spreading the lips apart as he slid his tongue through it from bottom to top. He paused and fluttered the tip of his cock on her clit, and she went wild. Her hands went to the top of his head and she pulled him up tightly into her pussy. His eyes flew open and a look of desperation filled them. He licked furiously for several more minutes, then paused, spoke to her, and she rolled off his face.

Amzad left the bed. I heard the toilet flush in my mom's room, then Amzad reappeared. He fell to the bed and my mom crawled across the bed after him. She sank down and took his cock into her lips and I almost died. I pumped my hand on my cock furiously, gasping for breath.

Mom only sucked his dick for a moment, then he rolled over on his back. She walked across the bed on her knees, straddled his body, and eased herself down on his cock. I could almost feel it on my cock. It must have felt so damned good.

"Oh yes," I gasped, now out of breath. Mom began rising and falling on his cock. I wondered how she kept from breaking it. She was obviously feeling wonderful. Her head was back and she was bucking like crazy. Once again I noticed how damned beautiful my mom was.

When I looked back up, mom and Amzad had finished their orgasm's as well. Mom was sliding gently forward and back on his wilting cock, which now lay on his abdomen. Mom rolled off.

I came back to my room and drifted to sleep.

I woke up early around 4:00 AM to pee, I passed the mom's room, ti was still open, I peaked inside.

Mom was laid out in the bed, with her head in my direction. Amzad was eating her cute little hairless pussy like it was the last food on earth, and he was starving. He lapped her pussy like a dog, she squirmed and cried so loudly I could hear it clear down in my room. Mom really liked having her pussy eaten.

Her hands went to her breasts and began mashing them. I watched her long fingers indent the flesh of her breasts. They were so sexy and beautiful.

Amzad quit eating my mom and sat up on his knees, looking down at her with a smile.


Chapter 4