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Maa became Randi Chapter 5

He is not so bad man

Mom was lying on bed with Amzad, on the bed, they were resitng after heavy sex session. I was listening to their talk, I think, thye did'nt realise that, they had let door, open.

Mom,"Ohh amzad jaanu ,how lucky i 'm to get a good lover as u ,who understand my needs well"

Mom : i'm so happy to get a baby from u

Amzad : you are not only one lucky here samita, i am the one who is lucky here, ...who can have a beautiul woman like you with me, in my bed"

Mom , " you got a wife and son already who is aboard so ur lucky more"

Amzad : You can say that samita, but...

Mom,"but what amzad daring... darling"

Amzad ,"Oh nothing samita, i love you, that is all, we dont need to worry about others, why go there where is only pain"

Mom : I wanna share ur pain to, ..share it na ... Why u wanna hide anything from your going to be wife?"

Amzad," Ohh Samita...I dont want to hide...do you mean that..you be my wife?..ok i will tell you"

Mom : yes i wanna be ur wife ,and wanna be close to u for all my life day and night

Amzad : Oh samita nothing will make me happier

you know that

Mom : so tell me na darling

Amzad : Samita whole my life i had lived is...i dont know... a lie, a sham, without love, people thinks i am some monster who takes advantage of women, but no one knows, or ever tried to know why i am so"

Mom : I wanna know na ,tell me na amzad ji

Amzad : Samita that wife of mine there, never loved me

Mom seemed shocked , "What u saying darling?"

Amzad : Yes Samita, she never loved me, I am just husband to her, for outsiders,

Mom : but your son?

Amzad hesisated befire answering," Samita i dont know i should tell you this, but..., he is not my son, i never had kids, she took my rights to have child, Samita, I loved that woman with my whole heart , I tried to give her my all love, but... i am the one who craved for love my whole life, she denied me the pleasure of having my own childeren"

Mom : Then whose kid is that...i know u r not impotent now since u pregnanted me

Amzad : he's ..he's my brother's

Mom : what u saying

Amzad : yes my darling it is truth, no one knows except me, her and now our son

Mom : ohh kiss ur face

Amzad : I love you samita, more than yo will ever know, but belive me I am not as bad eprson people thhink of me

Mom : well the first day u fucked me for rent i thought u werr very harsh, and cruel

Amzad : I had to be Sweety, I dont know what came into me, i have done that before, but with you it was different, the very first time i saw you

Mom : but when u called me for a week and u didnt allowed me to wear any clothes at home and borught new clothes me for me and take me to shoping and to parlour i start liking u as u start treating me as ur lover rather just then a sex toy

Amzad : Well when i saw you fist time, i lusted over you, But after first time,i knew i found someone who i can love and who will love me back, give me all the love i always wanted, but i have to make it happen, so i forced you darling, please forgive me, if i hurt you

Mom kissing him again on cheeks, " its ook darling, if u havent forced me we would have n't meet, had be?"

Amzad : ohh Samita...please dont stop loving me

Mom : only u made me realise i''m still young and still meant to be loved, u remember in that week when i go with u in party fully dressed as newly bride ,how every one of your friend respected me being ur wife, i never had such respect

Amzad : Sameeta you ARE young, and beautiful

Mom : and when we returned we had a fantastic suhagraat,

Amzad , " You dont need anyone to remind you that, yes i wanted to make you mine, I was determine if I give you all my love you wont treat me like my wife did, Did you like going with me darling, i mean in public?"

Mom, "yes i wanna tell al world that i'm ur wife, I'm so happy withu when ever we go to public and u treat me as ur wife"

Amzad : it is my pleasure to have such a young and beautiful wife, all the people were jelous of me

Mom : so u didnt tell me, why is she so, and why she concieive ur brother's son

Amzad : Samita...I loved that woman, since we were teens, I was so in love with her,

Mom : and still she done this to u

Amzad : i dont know samita it his fault or not, she did not know i loved her, she loved my brother, when i knew she loved my brothier not me, i tried to be away from her

Mom : ohh, so bad amzad

Amzad : i left home to be just away from them, and then my brother died, and we came to knew , she was pregnant with his child, they were not married, so it could have ruined reputations of both families, beside my mother knew about it, she loved my brother, she did not want to lose her grandchild, then the only way to do that was to convince me to marry her

Mom : y dont u divorce her if she such an women,

Amzad : Samita believe me, i tried to love her, but she never returned that back, I wanted to make love to her, but she never responded, she just lay there like zombie, So i stopped , even though i hate her for ruining my life, i just could not do that to her, i loved her once, did not want ot ruin her then, she loved my brother, but why ruin me, if she could not love me wht marry me, i thought i could make her love me, and forget my brother, but...she nevre did, not even tried,

Mom : no emotions in love too, I wanna give u all love now, all that love u missed i wanna give it to u

Amzad : and also i can't divorce her. at least for now

MOm : Why not amzad

Amzad : My parents were so determined to convince me to marry her, that they put our all property to her, and if I divorce her she gets everything, i left with nothing, all my ancestor's property to her and her ungrateful son. who does not even respect me, when we both dies he get everytthing, because we dont have any other kids, i think my wife wanted this thats why she, never let me have child with her.. i never found a woman, so that i could have mt own child

Mom : ohhh,now how u will marry me now

Amzad : I think my parents never truly loved me, but i will have my love now, when i found you, i willl have to live my life, i will have to find some way, Plese my love be patient, tell me you will

Mom : i'm darlin,now i have ur child i just wanna be with u in pregnancy, i feel insecue that u might leave me when in preganacy, i'm not been able to take ur cock

Amzad : I want taht too darling, no my love i will never leave you, my cock now belongs to you, only you, Believe me i nevr had sex with any other woman since i met you

Mom : ohhh amzad its getting morning and we havent slept ,can i sleep in ur arms for a while?

Amzad : come here Darling, just be close to me, thats all i want too...your naked body close to me feel so good,

Mom hugged him tight and keep her head on his chest and went sleep

Amzad : it is almost like you belong to me, "he kissed on her forhead

Mom : Amzad bus ek problem hai

Amzad : what darling?

Mom : how i will tell my hubby that i divorcing him?

Amzad : Samita tell me one thing, you ok with that, i dont want to force you

Mom : i wanna be ur wife and want to have ur name joined to my name so i'm happy with it

Amzad : what about your son..?

Mom : i even know that my name would be changed if i want to maary u, i love him and want him to be with us if he understood my love for u

Amzad : ok i hope he understand, but if he didn't ? you knw he may take his father's side.

Mom : i hope u will make him understand, jab mujhe maana liya toh ek bache ko nahi manna sakhoge

Amzad : for him, his father just sacrifed for him, it will be hard to make him understand

Mom : we will talk with him in mrning, and they drifted to sleep in each others arms. mom's one hand on his cock.

Amzad : we will my love, we will


In the morning, i woke up late, and got ready, i looked into the room , they were still asleep, i left but then it occured to me that i dant have to got to college today, and deciede to skip the day and get reast, i didn't get full night sleep. I went back to home, it was almost 10 AM, when mom and Amjad woke up.

Amzad was playing with her boobs, while she was half sleep.

Mom : sone doh na amzad kya sara din hi cherte rehte ho

Amzad : ummmm tum itni khoobsurat ho ke man nahi karta chordne ka

Mom : choro na amzad mujhe bathroom jana hai

Amzad : sachhiii?, aur agar na chordoon to?

Mom : tumhe hi leker jana hoga, tumhre samne hi waha susu ker dugi

Amzad : oh yuo nughty girl, very naughty..ok...firtst give me my morning blowjob, phir tumhe bathroom le jaaoonga meriu jaan

Mom : bthroom me chalo wahi seat per baith ker de dugi

Amzad : Are yahi to tumahroi addaye hain meri jaan, jo hume tumhare bina nahi rehne deti, chalo meri jaan

Mom : chalo ka kya matlab, bhul gaye , main zameen per pair nhi rakhugi

Amzad , " Are meri raani, tum kaho to zindagi bhar tumhare kadam Zameen par na lagne dooon, " He moved to pick her up.

Mom : sari umar hi aapne bahoo me rakhoge mujhe, ..arram se gira mat dena

Amzad : tumhe gira doo? naa my princess

He picked her up with both hands, one under her legs, one under her back.

Mom kissed him on lips,"muahhhhhh, " they were lickig toungue.

Amzad removed one hand under her legs to make her wrap her legs around his waist, he put put his both hands under her butts, She put her arms around him.

Amzad still kissing her, and his monster cock become erect, and touched her pussy lips. As his cock touched her she started sliding it down on it as his cock entered in her pussy, She opened her eyes as she took his cock

"jaanuuu ye kya hai tum toh mujhe bathroom leker jaa rahe the"

"hey babe, ye meri galti hai, ke ek khoobsurat , aurat meri bahoon me hai, aur mear khada ho gaya?

Mom ,"khada hona toh theek tha per mere ander kyu daal diya"

He still carryig her to bathrom, they went in bathroom. Door was open so i could see him standing near the bath door, he was lookin inside and smiling. I could not see mom. but hear.

"muh gumayo na tumhre samne piss kere me sharam aati hai"

Amzad : really? and why is so?" , he went closer to her.

Mom : bahar jaa ker baitho na

Amzad : thats not fair, you said you will give me a blowjob here

Mom : amzad dophar ho gayi hai ab nahi

he went near her, making his cock near her mouth

Mom : " khana bhi toh banna hai phir de dugi, ", She holding herself, "jayo na phir de dugi"

Amzad : nop

She took it in her mouth and start sucking



Amzad : you know, you are the best


As mom sucked him, she started pissing

"ummmm... slrppppppppppp... ummmm....slrppppppppp....ummmmmmm

Amzad : see not you can do it

Amzad : "ouch..."

Mom smiled.

Amzad : why did you do that?

Mom : take ur lund out

Amzad : you know your smile....is as gorgeous as you

Mom : ab pata chala meri baat na maane ka natija

Amzad if that is punishmant jaan, to deti raho

Mom got up, " chalo na ,bhuk lag rahi hai

Amzad : kya banayogi?

Mom : joh tum kahoge

Amzad : hummm, i want milk

Mom wore a bathrobe and gave him one to, "milk subah toh diya tha"

"Cant i have more...", he said touching her boobs. She slapped on his hands gentely,"later darling, you can have all you want, you know they are all yours"

Amzad : I dont know why are we hiding , they had seen us together first night

Mom : per acha nahi lagta na ,unke samne

They both got out of room, i ran to main bathrrom, to hide.Mom tried to find if me and dad were in house.

"Amzad dekh liya tumhri wajah se mera bacha aaj phir se bhukha college gaya"


Chapter 5