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Maa became Randi Chapter 6

A small Fight, but love conquer all

They Searched for usfor a while, then mom ewent to prepare for breakfast, Amzad, was sitting on sofa, reading newspaper. When mom was serving foor to Amzad, he pulled her to his lap. She sit on his lap.

Mom sai, " Ammzad jaanu muh kholo"

Mom made him eat a piece of bread and kissed him so she can eat from his mouth and like that they were eating

Mom: jaanu aapne lund ko sambhalo ye kabhi baith ta kyu nhi

Amzad : it will obey you my princess, it exists just for you, to serve you

Mom: Ye toh theek hai per aapne kuch socha, mere larke ko manayoge kaise

Amzad went downn on her to bite on her noipples, while saying," manayenge meri jaan, pehle uski maa ko to pakka manaleeiyn", and he took her nip in his mouth.

Mom: choro na ye sab kerna hai toh ander jayo room me yaha koi dekh lega toh

Amzad : koi nahi dekhega meri jaan, they knew it was time for real man, and his woman so they left on purpose. beside....," he take his one hand and touch her pussy, slowly he started to insert finger.

Mom: please amzad ye bahut suj gayi hai dekho isse chor doh na, itni chudai ki addadt nhi hai mujhe, aaj arram kerne doh na

Amzad : aadat pad jayegi meri jaan..adat par jayegi,

Mom: ahhhhhh amzad, pleaseeeeeeeee

Amzad : pta hai, ek bat jo mujhe bahut acchii lagti hai tumhare baare me

Mom: kaunse baat

Amzad inserting one finger deeper, "tumhe jitna bhi chodu, tumhare choot, utni hi tight lgti hai jitni pehle baar thi"

Mom: kya karu main ab ye hai hi aise dheli hoti hi nhi

Amzad : kya tumehre pati ne kaha kabhi dheeli lagne ke baare me, kya tum use feel karti ho jab se maine tumhari choot ko apna banaya hai

Mom: usko kerne kaun deta hai, ek baar karaya tha pata hi nhi chala lund ander hai bhi ki nhi, waise hi uhh ahh kerti rahi

Amzad : achhaa? kucch kaha nahii usne

Mom: kush ho gaya voh, kabhi toh sochti hu ki ye sab galat hai uske pass hi wapis chali jayu

Amzad : kayaaa? aisa mat kaho meri jaan

Mom: per phir tumse ek din na milu toh maan ko shanti nhi milti

Amzad : mein bhi tumhaare liye tadpta hoon meri jaaan

Mom: jayo jayo

Amzad : ab ye lund kisi aur ko respond hi nahi deta

Mom: aager itn hi pyaar hai toh aaj mujhe bin chode huye reh ker dikhayo

Amzad : ye keh diya meri jaan? pyaar ko sabit karne ke liye pyaar na karooon?

Mom: pyaar hai toh kerke dikhayo

Amzad : i pick you up, and then put you down with your both legs around me, each on one side, making you sit on my lap, not inserting

Mom: kya huya amzad

Amzad : Alright princess now i wont, you will have to beg me to fuck you,

Mom laughed, "me beg u ?"

Amzad : this cock will go inside when you beg for it only

Mom: Ek ghante me hi aa jaoge khud hi chodne

Amzad put his one hand behind her, put one finger in her butt-hole, sucking her boobs, very forcefully

Mom: "ahhhhhhhhhhhh.....amzad aaaahaaaaaa.....,"She held his cock....and stroked it.

Amzad bit her on her left breast almost leaving hickey,

Mom: ahhhhhhhhhh, maar daalaaaaaa......khayoge kya mujhe

Amzad then took her right nipple , in his mouth, gently with his teeth, pulled it with his teeth

Mom: "ummmmmmmmmmm,....", She slowly pulled his cock towards her pussy so it touches its lips

Amzad pulled it back, not letting her take it in, mom again tried to make it enter in her, but Amzad pulled it back again," nnaaa naa meri jaan aise nahi....remember ask for it....beg for it..."

Mom started getting angry , Amzad, not sure she will submit now, picked her up with his both hands, he made evrything on table aside and laid her on dining table.Mom looked at him

Amzad : you know its yours but you need to learn how to ask for it

Mom: then make me learn,teach me

Amzad sat down .She laid there,he goes down on her, out of her sight., he kiss her pussy lips gently.he made top of his tounge touched her pussy.almost letting it in,"who owns your pussy?"

Mom: u my love

Amzad : who is your true husband?

Mom: u my love,u r my husband

Amzad : whose chiild you carrying?

Mom: amzad khan's one who is my love.......................meri chut chaate rahe na,mujhe chut chatwana bahut pasand hai.......woh toh chuste bhi nahi the jara sa

Amzad was doning his best, "who is real man ? "

Mom: u r jaanu

Amzad kissed her pussy very hard very forcefully, sucking almost to deep

Mom: ahhhhhhhhhhhhh....ufffffffffffff.....let out a huge moan....ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,"Mom with her feet tried to touch his cock, and press it, and sensed it very hard.,"Any moment u will enter it in me"

Amzad : beg for it....tell me who's cock you want....tell me who is your lord

Mom still smiled knowing with this hardness he wont last long and will enter her himself only. "well i want sharukh khan's cock...can u provide me his cock amzad?"

Amzad did not answer. just sucked harder, putting his toungue deep into her, pulling her inner flesh

Mom "ummmmmmm, ahhhhhhhh, ufffffffff,,,,"He put her hand on his head and press him more inside her.

Mom came on his face right there. "ab lund dalte ho ki aur face ganda karu"

Amzad did not stop, and put one his finger, in her pussy.

Mom: ahhhhhhh amzad aur kitna tarpayoge, daal doh na ander

Amzad teasing her with one finger, in her pussy,finger it faster then he put other finger in her butthole

Mom: ummmmmm....ahhhhh amzad daaal doh....

Amzad : naaahhh meri jaaan... say it....you know what you have to say...what i want to hear...say it..
Mom: ahhhhhh amzad please aapna lund mere me daal doh.... tum hi mere sab kuch ho.....

Mom: main iss lund ke bina ek paal bhi naih reh sakhti...i love ur cock...ye mera lord hai....daal doh

Amzad : say it..

Mom: nahi toh bahar jaker rassol se chudwa lugi

Amzad stand up, touch her pussy lips with his cock,"what?"

Mom: ummmmmmm

Amzad did not enter her, hearing her last words, made him angry.

Mom: kya huya....daalo bhi...ab itna garam kerke tarpayoge toh yahi hoga

Amzad left her and sat down on chair.

Mom come near him, rubbing his shoulders, "kya huya jaanu?"

Amzad looked away, "you know damn well, Samita.."
Mom: maine toh aise hi kaha tha

Amzad : its bad enough i have to share you with you wimpy husbad, but you with some other man....?

Mom: main aapko itna chahti hu aur phir bhi mujh se beg kerwa rahe the toh mujhe kaisa lga hoga aapne socha

Amzad : oh... my love i nevr thought about that..he kissed her on lips," Forgive me for making you beg, but please dont ever say this again"

Mom: ummmmmm, I wont my love

Amzad : A man who loves his woman, could never hear tese words, that is why believe your husbad never loved you.if he really had he would not have let me take you away from him

Mom: per is se ye toh pata chala ki how much u love me and when u cant see me with my hubby then y u left me here to live with him

Amzad : it hurts Samitha, it reall hurts,....Believe me, leaving you here, and thinking that you might change your mind...any time with him here....I lost one woman once i loved...i cant do that again...samitha i just cant..
Mom: chaliye uthiye kapre pehniye hum bahar hum ker aate hai, aapka maan badal jayega

She kissed him on his cheeks, "utho na"

Amzad kissed her again

Mom: chalo mujhe ye toh batayo main pehnu kya

Amzad got up, "umm woh blue waali sari pehno jo maine tumhe Shimla mein di thi khareed ke

Mom: ohh honeymoon per.... theek hai.... aap bhi tayar ho jayo....main aati hu tayar hoke,"She left for bathroom"

Amzad followerd her. He entered while she was taking bath.

Mom, "kya huya?"

Amzad got behind her, and wrapped his hands around her, his cock between her ass crack, grabbed her boobs, and kissed her on the neck

Mom: ummmmmm... ye shaant nhi huya... is per pani gerti hu

Amzad : tumhe kya lagA HAI?, She tirned around held it.and slowly let it enter in her pussy, as shower water runs on them and she move i rythmic

Amzad : i put my hands on your butts and try to pull them apart them

Mom tool his cock fullly inside her. Amzad started to move slowly, in and out. Mom kept her arms around his neck, and climbed on him and wrapped her legs around his waist, as he fuck her.

Amzad licked her mouth, her face

Mom: ummmmmmmmm

Amzad pulled her lower lip with his mouth,

Mom: ummmmmmmmmmmmm

They exchanger saliva.Mom licked his tongue. Amzad kept licking her face and fucking her as well

Mom: ohh i'm gonna cum

Amzad Started to fasten

Mom: ummmmmmmm

Amzad : make it together... jaan...

Mom: ummmmmm

Amzad was faster now.

Mom: ahhhh...uffffffff.......ohhhhhhhhhhhh

Amzad : aahhhhhh,

Mom: ummmmmmmmmm.......ummmmmm......oh yesss amzaddddddddd

Amzad screamed ,"i ma amost there....ohh samitha my love....."
Mom: ahhhhhhhhh....i cummmmmmmmmmmmm

Amzad : now.....

Mom got down from him....and they clean themself...Amzad was still leaking...drips down.Mom cleaned his cock with soap and soak it with towel,

"aaare amzad main bhul hi gayi"

Amzad : kya jaanooo ?

Mom: humhe doctor ke pass jaana tha, unhone kaha tha aapne pati ke saath aana, ab main pregnant hu na toh voh batane wale the sex positions kuch, so our baby would be safe

Amzad : ...that would be great darling...I cant stop making love to you.. and really dont wann hurt our love child

Mom: "kapre pehan lijiye humhe chalna hoga, "MOm was dressing up, with blue saree.

Amzad looking at mom getting ready, in blue dress, Mom, " wah card banega mera chk up ka, waha dono ka naam dena parega

Amzad : ohh...to kya problem hai....

Mom: toh aapne real pati ka naam de du

Amzad : kyaa....?real?

Mom: matlab mere pehle pati ka

Amzad : nai samitha...ye mera bacha hai, uska nahi...

Mom: aare voh kya sochege,

Amzad : mein apne bacche ko kisi aur ka naam nahi doonga....sochne do jo bhi wo soche...

Mom: ek muslim naam amzad kahn aur mera samitha sharma

Amzad : bata do unher ke mein his hoon tumhare bacch e ka baap

Mom: is se acha toh mera naam hi badal doh

Amzad : theek hai...tum apna naam badal do, par isme to time lagega..

Mom: abhi kuch bhi soch lo., waha likhwa dena, kaunsa voh mera certificaate dekhege

Amzad : kya pasan hai tumhe

Mom: koi bhi bus aapka naam saath me jura ho, main tayar ho jaati hu aur hum dono ghar se bahar niklte hai..

Amzad : Soraiya kaisa lagta hai

Mom: theek hai, ab jaldi chalo

Chapter 6