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Maa became Randi Chapter 7

Decision Time

It was around 3 PM, when Mom retirned from clicnic, Amad was with, dad was already home, He asked me abt where mom, i said i did not know, so he was waiting for her to return, in living room. I was in my room, when i heard car pulled outside our house.
Mom wass kissning him good bye, when i saw outside on door.they did not know dad was there, in living room. I could hear them talking.

Amzad : Samitha, I think we should go to my friends farmhouse

Mom : why jaanu

Amzad : their we will have time for us, it is very beautiful place, i had been their, u will love it

Mom : Time we get it here too

Amzad : And beside, i want to spend some loving time with you at very beautiful place, no it is not same here , I dont want you hubby or son being there

Mom : but if we go what i will tell at home

Amzad : tell them you want to spend time with me, or just tell him, i said, I am sure he will not anything.,or if you want i will tell him, now when he fets home.

Mom : no let me handle this, u can go home and have rest leave all to me

Amzad : but my love are you sure, he might hurt you

Mom : no he wont ,trust me i will manage jaanu, You also go and pack ur stuff

Amzad : "Well you can tell him all the sex positions we gonna use to make sure our baby is safe", he said teasing her. "just kidding, but you remember what ever doc said to and not to do?"

Mom : you had to remeber all that coz u r most naughty one here, I hope u will be able to control urself

Amzad : Oh me, I think doc was the naughty on ethere, he was chceking you out, you know? he was jealous of me , i can tell

Mom : he is naughty to how shamelessly that nurse was holding ur cock and then inserting it in my pussy to tell u how to do it

Amzad : the way you were hanging arond in my arms in hospital, yeah that one ,they really thought we are married

Mom : they tod u to take it out so that they can tell u next position but u were not in mood to listen

Amzad : you know me babe, your puusy is like magnet to my cock, and oding it infront of others, was that someting

Mom : but in front of doctor to u were doing it

Amzad : claiming you mine in front of other s, i felt so proud, of having you, with me , they all wanted you, for a moment i thought you wanted them too, doctor was young and handsome was not he?

Mom : I didnt got time to chk me with u r cock inside me thr and u holding me tight, I was just shying

Amzad : and i bet from the way he ws looking at you he was jealous of me, he does not have wife like you, as beautiful,

Mom : but what doctor said to u when i was arranging my clothes in washroom

Amzad : he told me i the bery lcuky guy to have a wife, like you who loves me so much,He told me that you told them that you wanted many of my babies?

Mom : not many but atleast two for sure,

Amzad : he saud that if he had wife like you, he wont let you go out of bed

Mom : from which month we have to do sex by this only, ohh that y u wanna take me to farmhouse so u wont let me get out of bed

Amzad : you got it babe, beside after one month there will be more precaution we will have to use to make sure out baby is safe, so i thought we shooud have as mch as we can b4 that

Mom : muahhhhhhh kiss u on lips i want more to, doctor does told u or not that my pussy is gone sore and u should leave me for few days

Amzad : do you want to, he said we could have anal if we want to, and after one month you dont feel food in pussy we should do anal

Mom : but i'm virgin from thr, it would hurt me a lot

Amzad : you trust me, jaan, i wont do anything to hurt, i heard people say, o woman give her cherry to person, who she trust most, not to hurt her

Mom : then i want u to have my that virginity as my love to u

Amzad : i could not have your first cherry , would you give me the honor to have this one?

Mom : yes my love take it

Amzad : "Oh Samitha.." he kissed mom, but then you dad marched there at door step

Mom : now let me go in home and do packing

Dad yeslled her name, "Samitha...."

Mom : " listen i be packing my bridal saree to hope u found it interesting," mom said not listening to him, lost in amzad only.

Amzad : i will love that my jaaannn

Mom kissed him back, " muahhhhh," telling him to leave.Mom looked back at Dad, Amzad noticed dad.

Amzad : listen man dont do..

Mom intrupted him : u go na jaanu i wll talk with him

Amzad "are you sure Samitha...?"

Mom : yes jaanu

Amzad : please be safe, and dont let him hurt you..

Mom : he won't

As mom came back in the house she called my dad inside for a talk


Dad : Samitha what was that?

Mom : me and him going for a little trip to his friend's farmhouse, i be back soon

Dad : but you just got back?

Mom : ya in mrning we will leave, can u help me in packing my clothes

Dad : but you were with him, one month ago, your trip to Shimla

Mom : yes but this time amjad ji want's

Dad : so last time it was you?

Mom : sort of just to know eachother better and we have just come from hospital doctor said baby is fine it started growing,

Dad : Samitha why does he wnats you this time , he comes her almost daily..?

Mom : i dont know u only made me to go to him in first place, now i just doing what u told me to do

Dad : no it was only one time deal, but you both took to next level, you acting like you care about him more than your own family, whatever he wants you do, no matter what i say

Mom : well i care about u too ,and i ma just doing this for my family only, atleast he is supoorting us finacinacily

Dad : no you not doing this for family, you already did what you could,...to help...you dont need to do it any more

Mom : now i cant stop it ,if i stop he might get u killed or destroy our son,

Dad : this is bullshit

Mom : thrs one more thing actually he wants me to marry him

Dad : he told me, he does not want ot come between us, it is all upto you...please Samitha dont lie to me...I love you Samitha, don do this to us

Mom : he wants to be father of this baby, I wont marry him if u dont want ,but let it be go this way only...atleast this way u both be safe

Dad : I dont care Samitha, please stop this, it will destroy us, our family, I am getting tire of this,

Mom : youu should have think this before sending me to him

Dad : "please Samitha, stop it, if you ever loved me, "grabbin his hand while she was packing., "we can get over it now, before its too late..Please Samitha...i dont know how long i can handle it,,,,i still love you but....."

Mom : what but"

Dad : i dont know how long i will be able to handle it...Please Samitha I will do anyhitng for you, just stop this...

Mom : if u want sex i will give it to u before i go..Amzad : Damn it, you thin k its all about sex?

Mom : u never treated me well too

Dad : I love you samitha, I am loosing your love, I had always loved you, I always did what i thought was right for you and our son

Mom : if i stop this he will get us all killed and make us come to streets.

Dad : he wont Samitha, we will got to village back, we dont need this,

Mom : village no way i hate thr in village

Dad : I will borrow money for out son,ok we will go somehwere else

Mom : and what about baby

Dad : What? abort it, this is bastard anyway

Mom screamed him, "how could u say that...? no way he's mine too, "tear come from her eyes.

Dad : But Smaitha.. we cant afford to...ok I will try we can keep it,..Ok.. Samitha i will try...you can have baby....I will treat it like my own..but please...

Mom : ok take this phone and tell amzad that i'm not coming,

Dad : What....? Whay cant you say that?

Mom : if u want to aaccept me and love me then why u afraid it to tell in front of world

Dad : Why cant we just leave, without telling him?

Mom : he will find us and then that would be worse, He would seprete me

Dad : Ok I will do it, if you say som "dad went ot pick up the phone and dialed the number

Dad :
---Is Amzad ji there?
---OK please...
---I ..i am calling you to tell yuo that she wont go with you
---- there is no need to bithch about it Amzad.
---yes she said so
---no we dont need yuo house
---no way..
---Ok i will call her

Dad : he want to talk to you? he said if you can say this to him he will not bother us anymore

Mom grabbed the phone


Mom: hello

Amzad : hello jaan... what happend.... what is he saying?.... you not coming?

Mom: i having pity on him now,so i think we should stop this trip

Amzad : no samitha dont do this, please my love dont you love me any more?

Mom: u know amzad ji i love u from bottom of my heart...but i generated some sympathy for him now, i dnt know how i will tell him that on body its u only

Amzad : hey this not my fault...

Mom: u r in my every breath

Amzad : tell me do you want to come?

Mom: yes very much,but he making lot of issue about it

Amzad : then why should we stop ?...he has no saying in, what we do my love....he cannot come between us

Mom: ok love let me tell him i love u very much

Amzad : tell him, Samitha, just let him do what he can,, we dont need to be afraid of him, if you say i will come and teach the bastard some lessons

Mom: no i will tell him dnt get angry...leave it to me.... i wanna ask something else to

Amzad : if he hit you i will kill him...samitha

Mom: should i ask...

Amzad : you know my love, just tell him you wangt to marry me, if he cat live with that just leave

Mom: u didnt tell mme what should i wear for journey

Amzad : that western dress i brought for you, can you wear that, and please bring your bridal dress, i want to make you completly mine

Mom: u mean caprii and slevless top...I will bring it but i dnt have my jewellery with me

Amzad : yes..you looked so sexy in that.. you ass oh my good..what a sexy ass you have and in that dress... you looked even sexiaer

Mom: u naughtyu seem to be o despered....can u bring mesome jewellery...

Amzad : i will bring you all jewellory you want jaanoo, you dont need to ask....and please dont wear any underwear

Mom: and bra to...ok i wont wear bra and panty....

Amzad : thnx my love

Mom: "muahhhhhh bye my love see u tomoorow", mom kissed on phone.

Amzad : muaah i will pick you in the morning...",

Mom cut the phone

Dad : what was that all about?

Mom: u know i 'm going to go

Dad : but you said if..i ...

Mom: just to save our family now i have to marry him to

Amzad : but he said its all upto you,

Mom: no he said clear to me by hook or crook he gonna marry me else our family would be gone, he also said if u cant live with all this u can leave us

Amzad : please Samitha dont bullshit me...just tell me why are you dong this...i know he did not threated to us..he seemd to care about you...he cant threaten you...tell me, Why smitha why

Mom: i love him

Dad with shock,"what ? ... dont you love me...anymore?"

Mom: And now cant live without him

Amzad : please dont say that.., i know was not strong enogh to stand against him then

Mom: i like u too, I really loved you, and you are right you should have stood up for you family...but now circumstances are different

Dad , "What why?"

Mom : It is not about standing or not any more, i come to ove him...I cant live without him

Dad : what about me.. what about our son...You gonna abandon him. too ?.... you just leaving us?"

Mom: i love my son,he gooona withus...i mean with me and amzad

Dad : i cant let that happen, he is my son,,, he wont leave me..

Mom: y dnt we ask him?

Dad : Dont call him now Samitha

Mom: u dnt wrry about son he would be with me

Dad : do you want to humiliate me in front of my son, why are you taking him with you?

Mom: no i dnt want to ,but y dnt u understand my love too ....he's my son and i love him a lot

Dad : i think i need to get out f here...i am leaving now please think about what you are doind Samitha, ...yuor breaking a family,

Mom: ok go ,but one day u will realise its been good for family

Dad : and my son will not live with her mother if he knew waht you are, and how cruel you have become

Mom: we will see about that

Dad stormed out.

Ithe evening mom talked to me, and told me that we goning to visit some friend's house and dad has to go somewhere for work and wont come, Mother did not know he was at home, while fight

Then she called Amzad informing him

"hello jaanu"

Mom: my hubby left us

Mom: can i bring my son with us cant leave him alone here

Mom: now i think u as my hubby only from heart,

Mom: thnks jaanu ,i kow u would understand my situation

Mom: no way he is very friendly

Mom: i know you will happily accepet him.. muahhhhhh

Mom : see u tommorow

Mom: not yet

Mom: u will i know

Mom: love u

Amzad : dont

Mom: "Of course i wont forget the dress", she cut the phone ,in mrning mom and me got ready and wait for Amzad.

Chapter 7