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Maa became Randi Chapter 8

Wait is over..

But before went next morning, a night before mom was so excited about going to farm house and spend time with Amzad that it could be seen on her face, I saw her packing her wedding dress, she also had talk with me.

"Beta you know, Amzadji cares about our family very much, you should be more friendly with him, despite of what happened, i think he is is good man, and you know he is helping our family, this new house, and your tuition fees he is paying, he think of you as his son, so be respectful around him OK?"

I knew what mom meant but i kept quite and agreed. Later that night, when i passed her room, i heard her sobbing, i became curious, why mom was crying, is she feeling guilty of treating dad the way she did.

"...no my love i am not having second thoughts, i love you, really,, and you know that"

"but seeing him , totally broken today was too much"

"Amzad I really loved him, or at least i thought I did"

"He was always good to me..."

"if i really did not love you, i would have gone back to him"

"A part of my heart still belong to him..."

".no my love ..no....you don't need to worry,...but my remaining heart and body belong to you now"

" it was just that ...today.he was more like the man i loved once, and respected..."

" I saw hurt in his eyes, Amzad, he was hurting,,,i wanted to comfort him...but if i did...it would have give him false...hope...of me ever going back to him..."

"how can i go back to him...when my heart belong to you..."

"he might not be good lover like you but he was good man and father...he always did what was good for family.."

"yes yes he was smaller than you...ok now..", a just small forced laugh.

"...i just wanted to ease his pain a little....but..."

"oh Amzad, am i bad person?....am i really that bad wife...is this crime to fall in love with a man, your husband made you sleep with?"

"nooo Amzad no...he is past....its you i love....ok ok i wont cry", she wiped her cheeks. The he said something and burst into laugh...

"no he was not that small"

"well you are bigger...and know how to....ok ok you are better than him in any way...happy now...,"she laughed.

"You know how to make a girl happy don't you?",

"Really? i can t wait either."

"oh.. you are naughty..."

"thinking about you....?"

"oK....", she was already on bed, she slipped her hand inside her panties, started fingering", ohh....Amzad.....i am wet just thinking about you....:"

"i love you Amzad.....yes yes my finger is inside.....meeeee.....oh...."

"ok...", she then brought her finger near her mouth and licked it,"hummmmm"

"yes tasty.......but not as tasty as yours...."

'"I am waiting too...i so much want to suck that big cock of yours..."

"you know all the nurses there were jealous of me? when they saw your size there.,, and they told me how lucky i am to have such a passionate husband..."

"no love save it for tomorrow...i will make it up to you..."

"yes me too... i want you to take my last cherry... in my bridal dress...that way you can claim me...."

"...be gentle ok...love you tooo.....see you my love...", then she put down the phone.

Well now we were waiting for Amzad to pick us up, next morning.

It was next day, mom was ready true to her word she wore, Capri and sleeveless top, and anyone could tell she did not have any undergarments, her cleavage were visible, and her nipples were popping out, she was looking even younger. When Amzad entered the house she practically ran to him, and kissed him on lips, he lifted her up a little, she had he one leg up , and standing on one leg they kissed for a while. I could see him putting his hands on her ass from behind.When they broke the kiss, he asked if we were ready, mom said we were and she asked me to bring suitcase from my room, i went there and while i was returning, i stopped a little away, to see them his hands were all over her.

"You don't have panties do you?"

"Why ? can you tell yourself, you had not taken off you hands on me since you arrived here"

"No i can tell you need to prove it"

"ohh....ok you can check..."

While sitting on his knees he asked,"Did you give your hubby something which belonged to me?"

"No my love, never, i still have you cum in me, from yesterday"


"yes my love, cant you to smell it" , he was on his knees and he pulled her Capri down to her knees, and smelled and then he kissed her pussy.

"ooohhhhhhhhhhhh you rrrrrrrrrrrr so naughty...", she pulled his head closer to her legs.Eh put his hands over her ass cheeks and pulled them apart, exposing her ass hole. he then stood up. pulled her Capri up.

"So sexy,.."

"you make me feel sexy..."

"Shall we move i cant wait any more..."

"Right, ...", mom celled me and we got out of house and to car he brought to take us.

"Varun beta, you can sit in front seat with Jamaal uncle, easily.", Amzad said.

"mein peeche adjsut kar loonga uncle",i replied.

"Nahi beta, you sit there, mein aur tumhaare uncle adjust kar lenage peeche"

"Ok maa"

"Amjad ji chalo hum peeche baith jaate hain", mom sat on back seat with Amzad.

In the rear mirror, I could see them both. Amzad made some to touch mom, mom slapped on hi hand warmly and made some face expression to tell him to wait till we reach, but Amzad kept trying. It was cold already.

"It s cold here, Jamaal can you turn on ac?"

"Yes madam ji"

"Are aap ye shawl le lijiye ys ek kaam kare ye chaadra lel le nahi to thand lag jayegi"

"Theek ha Amzad ji"

She took the blanket and wrapped it around her, after some time i saw Amzad's hand going inside blanket, mom snapped again.

"Amjad ji yahaan kahin koi Dhaaba nahi hog kya raaste me, Varun ne Breakfast nahi Kiya subhaa"

"Jamaal Raste me us Dhaabe pe rok lena, jahaan pichlee bar ruke the"

"Ji Huzur!"

After 30 min we were at Dhaba.

"I dont think you should go out, Smaitha"

"Ji nahi , mein jaa sakti hun, sabho saath chaltey hain"

"Are nahi, tumhar tabiyat aur kharaab ho jayegi"

"Theeek hai to phi..."

"Jamaal , take Varun with you and you both have breakfast, and bring here for us."

"Ji Sirk,"

When we reached the Dhaba, Jamaal said he was going to ask mom and Amzad what do they want, then, i said i can go and ask, when i approaced the car, i did not make any nice i just listened to what they were saying..."

"...kya kar rahe the...unke samne...?"

"Ab rha nahi jata meriiii jaan"

"ok...jab tak hum pahochte hai, tab tak shaat karne karne ke liye....", then i heard them making noise.

"Keep licking....wow...you are the best..."

"tumhri rand biwi ne kabhi tumhre saath yu kiya.....kya kabhi yu lund chusa"

"nahi jaan...shayad tum use kuch lessons de dena ...."

"usse toh mere pati e shadikerwa doh ....voh usse sikha dege ....ha ha ha"

"kya tumhe bhi usne hi sikhaya hai? ....muje laga tumne ye sirf mere liyea kiya hai "

"voh kuch kerte toh sikhate na ...ye sab toh aapne sikha diya...."

"bas chusti raho meri jaaan ....ye hi tumhara lollypop hai agle do hafte tak"


"i am cummmming....aahhhh....chussoooo sara choooos loooo..."

"ab umeed hai tum farmhouse tak arram es baithoge "

"Are kapde do na....main kya pahnooogi...?"

"ye chaadar hai naaa..."

"...are do...na....,"then i knocked on the window, for them to open it.

they opend it. i asked them what they wanted. They told some Chips and juice, and Amzad asked for milk.mom gave him some loook.

"...are recovery bhi to karni hai..."

"..rehne do...mein dodh saath layee hoooonnnn....."

and then i left. when we returned Amzad was sleeping onn mom's lap, she was covered in Blanket, and Amzad's face was too covered in blanket. I could tell he was sucking is boobs. Now i knew what she meant when she said she had the milk. I acted to sleep. i could seee the movement around mom's chest. "

"Kyaa karte ho..?", mom whishpered, and listend to his answer,..and then said,"To phir rast ko kya peeyoge?..."

We arrived at formhouse.

"beta ander jayo main aati hu..."

"me and jamaal took suitcases and went inside, he showed me my room, i was in room when i looked outside the window , i could clearly see the car, dwon there. Amzad came out of car totally nude, now i knew he was nude under the blanket.when we were in car. then mom came out, wrapped in blanket. She had Amzad's pants and shirt in her hands, Amzad asked her to give them to her, but mom ran toward the farm. Amzad ran after her. They were at distance, i could not listen to them , but could see them clearly.

Amzad caught mom, from behind, mom was laughing, he grabbed her and laid her on ground, he kissed her hard, he put both of his hands on her hands to stop her from moving.Then he kissed her neck andthen again her lips. hewas kissing harder and harder, mom was lifting her hips up to take his cock inside, with no success.

When i came down, mom and Amzad were entering the house, Amzad was in towel, and Mom was still in that blanket. I asked mom if she was alright.

"mein thhek hoon , beta, bas thoda sa bukhaar hai"

"Tumne apna room dek liya?", Amzad asked me.

"Ji Haan, dekh liya"

"Theek hai, tum us room me raho, tumhari maa, us bade room rahengi"

"han beta me bemaar hoon, stayaway from me, or you'll catch something"

"Ok maa"

"Aur Amzad ji aap,"mom asked teasing him.

"Are tumhara kyhaal rakhne wala bhi to koi hona chahiye, aur waise bhi wo bed bada hai...hum don aa jayenge.."

"Theek hai amzad ji ab aram karne jaa rahi hoon, beta tum bhi aram kar lo..."

I went to my room, but came back to ask something, wehn i saw in the room, Amzad picked her up and threw her on bed.

"Amzad kya kerte ho ?"

"Ab nahi raha jata meri jaaan...bahut intezaar ho gayaaa"

"Doctor ko toh bula doh...he he he he "

"ye room bahut bara hai aur sab cheze hai isme, bed iitna bara kyu rakha huya hai "

"are ye master bedroom hai , miyaan biwi ke liya"

"ye varun aur aap ko de dete "

"acchaa ji? "

"dono ek dusre ko samjh lete "

"aur tumhaara ilaaz kaun karta....tumhaari is khatar naak bimaar ki", he said touching her pussy,"usko kal samaja lenga"

Mom look at his dick," mzad ye tumhra injection dena jara kya pata isse se arram ho jaye"

"haan meri jaan lga ke dekho... ", he goes closer... .

"kahaan lagayoge?"

he tried to enter, her pussy,"ahhhhh....aaram se amzad"

"thoda aur bas...pur lo na "

"ye injection bhais ko dete ho kya joh itna bara hai"

"zyada aram ayegaaaa ...bada hai to behtar hai meri jaan "

She put him over her and put her arms around his neck and kiss him,"muahhhhhhh",and raise her hips to take him more in her.

He kised her back with more force.

"ummmmmmmmmm , mom moaned in pleaser.

He pushed with force, one hard stroke,he woold not let her scream, with his mouth on her.

"ummmmmmmmm,"she scratch her nails on his bck due to pain.

He pulled off a little and then pushed back hard but slower this time.

She took his lower lips between her lips and pull it due to pleasure

He again pulled back.He let his tounge out and tried to put it in her mouth with another hard but slow stroke.

She sucked his tongue as he fucked her,"ummmmmm".

When her tongue come out he grabbed it with hi lips.

Mom seemed some upset, she looked towards door, i hid myself before she could see me, but she sensed that door is slight open.

"ummmmm,"she broke the kiss," amzad darwaza!"


"Tumne band nhi kiya"

I tried to leave.I turned back and stated to leave. When Amzad came out. He acted like going to kitchen for water.

"What are you doiong, u not taking rest?"

"Oh...Just wa..wa...water..."

"Ok, have rest, then we will go out, after lunch" i nodded and he went inside the room and closed it, i went near to hear something.

"Kaun tha?"

"Nothing your son was outside wondering, i think he was seraching for you , do you need to talk to him ?"

"I think he saw us, aap puch aayo na usse kya chahiye"

"do you want me to be strict with him? "

"usse aapna beta hi samjho, kal shadi karege toh usse batana parega na "

"ok i will tell him... "

"Tab tak main naha ker aati hu "

"theek hai tum tyaar ho jaa , main luch ke ke liya bhi keh kar ata hun "

Chapter 8