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Manju Turns Into Full Time Slut Chapter 5

The parlour man gets his dick to taste the slut's hole.

She searched for him and since they had not exchanged phone numbers, it became difficult to pick up on his contacts, she called up the hotel finally and got in touch with him, and he asked her to come to the Hotel, she did not want to be seen there, after all, it was going to be the bedstand for her fucks with all men Prakash was going to organize for her, so they met at the main market in the Mall around 13 kms from the hotel inside the town, and both sighted each other instantly, Manju looked up at him, confused and uncertain, scared for a moment that when she opened her mouth the words "I want to suck your cock" would burst out.

"How are you?" he inquired. He was Anuj from the beauty parlor at the hotel where Prakash and Shuja later fucked in all her holes.

"Y .. yes. I'm OK thanks," she managed to say.

"Let us go into the mall, if you like." Anuj said, smiling at her.

"Yeah, thanks," she said, "I'd appreciate that."

Anuj was the man who had done the waxing work on her at the hotel that day and had sucked her dry on her armpits and the well shaved pussy and ass hole, promising her a hot fuck on a later date, she had lied to Prakash that she had been fucked only to raise his testosterone levels.

He paid for her stuff and they left together.

They got out of the Mall and reached his car and she tried to delay getting in, sure that he'd see her erotic dress if she did. But he held open the door, so she had to climb in, taking her time and somehow managing to avoid any unladylike poses in process. She sighed with relief once he shut the door and she put the package on her lap, a vain effort to hide her long legs from his gaze. He took the sigh for something else and looked down at her.

"Are you sure you're OK. Maybe you shouldn't be driving." She looked sideways. Sat in the car her face was level with his crotch, and for a moment the only thing she could do was to look at his tight jeans, seeing the outline of his penis and the swell of his balls. She flashed again, imagining it in her mouth, the male smell of him mixed with the tang of her own pussy juice, his cock fresh from fucking her hot pussy. She imagined the weight of his balls, the scratch of his pubic hair on her face as she sucked his half hard penis to life, feeling beneath her lips the surge of blood that pumped it to a rigid pole.

He took her hesitancy for another indication of weakness. "Look," he said, "if you don't live far, we will go to a nice place, my friend's place. You really should be resting or something. Will drop you back?"

She looked up at his face, squinting against the bright sunlight.

"I'd like that," she said, wondering at her own admission.

The drive to his apartment was only five minutes and as he pulled in to the parking lot, behind her. She got out as he came to a complete stop and walked over,standing next to it she was aware that only an inch or two of thin material separated her steaming cunt from his gaze. "He must be smelling me," she thought. She moved back a step and bent over, only when she caught his glance did she realize that he had a great view of her tits in her thin blouse. She smiled at him, and said, "Look, er?"

"Anuj," he replied, "Anuj", she never asked for his name and now realized how familiar she was with his libido and not with him.

"Thanks," she said. "Look, Anuj, I really appreciate this. It's not often that you meet someone willing to help out. Even if I'm really OK. If it's anything, it's the heat. Nothing to worry about."

She looked down at his crotch. She could see his prick getting larger under the tight jeans, a thick log lying against his leg. He caught her looking and moved in the seat, trying to hide the effect she'd had on him. "That's OK, er?"

"Manju," she said, "Manju Robert."

They remained looking at each other for a minute or two and soon reached his friend's place.

"Would you like to come in or do we stop here at the tea shop and go for drink or something?" he finally said.

"I thought you'd never ask," she laughed, "I been thinking about that all the way over. I need to drink something, am extremely thirsty"

After a quick refreshing cola and a bottled water, the two young virile lovers made their way to his friend's house, he followed her up the three flights to the apartment. She went slowly so that he would be close behind, still afraid that he'd get a shot of cunt or ass under the churidhar as they went up the stairs. He had the key to the apartment and opened the door and they went in Anuj and she followed, closing it behind him. She put the things on the table and turned. He grabbed her and kissed her on the lips, holding her arms so she couldn't push herself away, pulling her close to his body so that she could feel his erection pressing against her thigh through the cloth of her dress.

She felt her breasts crushed against the hardness of his chest as his tongue pushed into her mouth, exploring and exciting.

She struggled for a moment or two, but then the rush hit her. Her fantasies were coming true, the flashes she'd has at the petrol station could be hers. The only thing was, did she really want it to happen? This man was different, it was not like playing some local hockey with veterans, this was a 20-20 with the young blood, energy was the key difference and she wondered how the cock will look like, how will it taste and how it will drill her pussy and asshole. She was already juicing and her ass was moist.

"Yesssss," Manju cried to herself, "yes, yes, yes. I want it. I want it all. I want this guy, I want his cock. I want sex, sex and more sex, and lot more besides."

She relaxed, her body going limp, arching herself towards him, pushing her cunt onto his leg, opening her mouth to his probing tongue. He released her arms, moving his hands around her back, pulling her closer. She moved her hands up, under his jacket and pushed it off his shoulders. She unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it away, while his hands slid over her body and held her ass.

She kissed his chest, licking at his nipples while he fondled her breasts. She humped her pussy shamelessly against his leg. She slid her hand down and grabbed his cock, stroking it through the material of his jeans. He undid his belt and pushed them down, his cock springing free. She raised her skirt and pushed her naked cunt onto his hairy thigh as her hand found his penis, stroking it, fingering the hard man meat.

He pulled off her kurti and bent to suck at the turgid nipples, biting

and sucking so that she moaned in delight. "Yes," she cried, "suck my breasts, Anuj. Lick my tits, bite my nipples. Fuck me." She was finding him real strong and extremely fit, this was a new man and a real stud from a well fed farm. He looked into her eyes,"Take off your clothes or I will tear them and in this house we will not get women dresses, you will have to go out in a towel draped around your torso", she quickly slipped out of the kurta and the churidhar and was draped in the strapless bra and a funny looking panty.

His hands slid to her ass and pulled her upwards, the hairs on his leg pulling across her distended clit, her wetness leaving a shiny trail. She opened her legs wide and lifted her feet from the floor, suspended by her panty - crotch.

Her belly heaved as she humped at his leg, her body arching back as he feasted on her breasts. He looked around and picked her up, carrying her into the bedroom and flinging her onto the bed. He looked down at her as she ran her hands over her body, pushing her breasts up and pinching at the nipples. The strapless bra fell.He did not spare the panty and tore it off her body.

Her legs fell open, the blond hairs wet and shiny with cunt juice, the lips of her pussy swollen and red, her clit standing out, wanting pressure, friction, sucking, mouth, tongue, cock or finger; anything to assuage the passion boiling inside her. She looked up at him, his cock standing straight out from his body, pearly dribbles of pre-cum stringing down from the piss hole.

She reached up and pulled him onto her, her legs circling his body as his cock fought its way into her cunt. She arched and pushed down as he made contact, the whole length of him sliding up inside her body.

"Yes Anuj," she screamed, "fuck me. Fuck me like I've never been fucked

before. Fuck my cunt, baby. I want your cum inside me."

Anuj pushed at her, starting a rhythm that swept them both away. The sweat poured out of them both, her breasts and neck shiny and wet with the drops that fell from Anuj's body as his hips pumped his huge prick in and out of her receptive cunt. She moved beneath him, her belly sucked in as she moved her hips, contracting the muscles in her cunt to grab at the delicious prick that pounded at her pussy. Her legs went up in the air and she crossed her ankles behind his back, trapping him

inside her, her hands moving down to his ass, holding his buttocks and pulling him deeper inside her. Her fingers explored the crack of his ass, hairy and wet with sweat. Her nails scraped across his asshole and he went wild, moaning as he pushed himself up on his arms to look down at his prick pistoning in and out of her blond bush, clenching his ass to trap the delightful fingers between the cheeks. She looked up at him and raised her head so she could bite at his neck and lick at the beads of sweat that ran down his body. "Oh God, I'm coming. God am I coming." she cried as she felt the wave of pleasure spread out from her cunt.

Anuj increased his already fast pumping as she came, feeding her orgasm. The pleasure went on and on, feeling as though it would last for ever, as if it would never stop. Her fingers dug into the cheeks of Anuj's ass and her legs closed like a vice around him. He looked at her face, wracked with the orgasm that rippled through her and felt his own

coming on.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," he cried, "I'm coming too."

She felt his cock swell inside her as spurt upon spurt of cum shot into her. His pumping hips slowed to more powerful, deeper thrusts as he pushed his cock inside her, each thrust bathing her cunt in another shower of creamy cum. She reached down between them and grasped his cock, savoring the hard feel of his maleness. He was still coming as she pulled his cock out, spurts of juice and cum squirting up across her body. She jacked at his cock with her fist as she squirmed around

on the bed until her face was next to his cock, her cheek resting on his hairy stomach, the smell of cum and cunt juice making her nostrils flair.

She was floating in a post orgasmic funk, a sexual reverie that drove her to satisfy her need for this cock. She lowered her mouth to the still jerking prick, tasting him and herself as she licked and slaved at the pulsating mass of maleness. She sucked at him as he collapsed on the bed, and she straddled his body, her ass pointing to his head. She sucked and stroked the jerking cock as she fingered his balls, her hand running beneath his body to find his ass. She pushed, and her finger slid up inside him. He arched, his body held between head and feet as,

incredibly, he felt himself close to another orgasm. His hands caressed her body, holding her breast and stroking her ass. He could see her cunt, wet and shiny, his cum dripping from it to run down her thighs in white streaks. She pumped at him while her finger reamed his ass, her mouth sucking at the head of his cock. She savored the taste of them both, and the power she felt as this man succumbed to

her, wanted her. Completely dominating him as she brought him to the brink of orgasm.

He felt himself coming and moaned, raising his head to look at the lovely face of the girl who so avidly sucked at his cock. She pulled away slightly as she felt him come, knowing that the sight of the spurts of semen onto her face would only increase his pleasure. She pushed out her tongue as the cum shot from his penis, catching the liquid and savoring it. It wet her face, and she moaned as another

orgasm swept through her, the taste and wetness fulfilling some deep down fantasy she'd harbored for years. She fell back, exhausted. Her body was wet all over with sweat and cum juice. She licked her lips and moved close to Anuj, who put his arm

around her shoulder, pulling her close against him. They looked at each other and smiled, a secret communication of nearness and warmth. They kissed now, not passionately, but as allies in this sexual quest that had swept them off their feet. They tasted each other, the taste of their own bodies, the taste of the sex they'd had, and knew they would have more of.

Anuj looked at her and smiled again.

"What ever happened to that surprise you promised me?" he asked.

"What about a shower first?" she replied.

He laughed as she got off the bed and pulled him to his feet. They came together again and kissed, as she felt his cock stir against her stomach. She led him to the bathroom and ran the shower, Anuj playing with her ass as she bent to open the faucet. They stepped under the warm spray that swept their bodies clean. They soaped each other and played with each other's body, slippery and wet. They savored the smooth friction of their bodies, Manju's breasts rubbing on Anuj's ass or Anuj's cock sliding up and down between them. They played with each other, enjoying their bodies, sexual but relaxed. Knowing they would fuck again soon, but that now was a time for fun. Anuj suddenly turned and started to leave the stall.

"Where are you going?" asked Manju.

"Sorry, honey, I've got to take a leak" said Anuj.

She grabbed him and pulled him back.

"Do it here," she said, "I always piss in the shower."

The idea of Manju pissing in the shower caused Anuj's prick to surge into

erection. "Aw," he said, "look what you've done now. I can't take a

leak until this goes down, and I'm bursting."

Manju looked at Anuj's sudden erection. Things she had thought about, things that she had only ever done alone in moments of crazy sexual fantasy, suddenly became nearer, almost a reality. She spread her legs as wide as the confines of the shower stall would allow.

"Would you like to see me piss in the shower, Anuj?" she asked coyly, looking at him with an expression of innocence she did not feel, and he knew she did not posses.

He didn't know how to reply. Part of him said "Yes!", wild fantasies he'd had when masturbating wanted it, but he wasn't sure of himself. They hardly knew each other and this was really going out on a limb.

"I don't know," he muttered, suddenly feeling strangely vulnerable with this crazy girl he's somehow gotten mixed up with.

"What do you mean, 'I don't know'?" asked Manju. "Haven't you ever wanted to, Anuj. Haven't you ever wanted to watch a girl piss in the shower? I bet you do it in the mornings, Anuj. Don't you?"

She moved closer to him, pressing her breasts against his side. She took hold of his erection and gently stroked it while the other hand caressed his ass.

"I bet you want to, don't you Anuj?" she whispered, "I do. I want to see you pee, Anuj. I want to see the piss come out of your lovely cock. I want to hold it when you do it, Anuj, I want to play with your cock as you piss."

She rubbed herself against him, her blond mound pressing hard against his thigh. She squeezed his rigid prick and he cried out at pain.

"Don't shout," she whispered, "it's only to make it go down a bit."

Her fingers went into his ass crack, gently scraping at the tight sphincter. "Come on Anuj, do it for me," she continued quietly whispering to him, "I know you do it when you're alone, every one does. Do you get off in the mornings as well? Eh Anuj, do you jack yourself off? I do. I'm a masturbator Anuj, I love to jack off. I frig myself, even before I've gotten out of bed. Then I do it again, here, in the shower. Sometimes I piss and frig at the same time. Do you do that Anuj? Are you a masturbator like me, Anuj?"

Anuj was panting with emotion. He felt hot and flushed, short of breath as he realized that all his fantasies, all those things he'd dared to dream about were being laid out before him by this gorgeous nymph who was blatantly frigging herself on his leg as she squeezed his cock and caressed his asshole. He could either jump in or walk away, there was no halfway point.

"Y.. yes" he said hoarsely.

"Yes what, Anuj?"

"Yes, I'm a masturbator," he said, turning to her and pulling her against him. His prick rubbed up against her stomach as he grabbed her ass and pulled her close.

"Yes," he repeated, "I'm a dirty masturbator like you, you gorgeous bitch. I jack off all the time. I was playing with myself when we came over. I got a shot of your cunt as you got in car, and I came thinking about it. When I saw you buy that porno movie, I knew I had to have you. I do all the things you talked about, and more. You wouldn't believe some of the things I've done."

Manju was wild with emotion. Against everything she'd ever hoped, she felt she'd finally found someone like her, a kindred spirit to accompany her in the wildness that took her to the limit of sexual experience.

"Oh, God! I can't stand it." she cried out as she pushed her pussy harder against his thigh, humping her hips like a mad thing and shaking her head from side to side.

"I'm coming again" she shrieked as the orgasm swept over her. She slumped in his arms and he had to hold her up. She reached down with both hands and rubbed at her cunt, frigging herself unconsciously. She lent back against the wall so he could see her clearly.

"Look Anuj," she said, pulling apart the lips of her cunt, "have you ever seen a pussy as nice as this?"

Anuj stood in front of her, bewitched by the vision of her juicy cunt, the coral red lips parted, allowing him to see her fuck hole and the pink clitoris poking out above. His hand went unconsciously to his prick and he started to jack off. Suddenly a stream of yellow piss shot from her cunt. It arced through the air and splashed on his feet.

"Oh Yeah, Manju." he gasped, his hand tightening on his prick as he pumped harder, "Yeah, baby. let me see it."

Manju laughed and arched her body, the stream of piss rising up his leg. "Come on big boy, jack it off for me. Yeah, that's it, pump it up. Fuck your fist, masturbator. Lets see you shoot your wad, baby."

Anuj's body was taught with tension as he pumped furiously at his prick. His stomach pulled in and his body arched over as his hand became a blur on his rigid pole. He shot his load, a great spurt of come shooting out onto Manju belly, sliding down to tangle in her pubic hairs.

She rubbed her hand in it, smearing it over her belly and down onto her cunt, the piss squirting between her fingers. She moved forward, frigging herself furiously, and pushed her still streaming cunt up against Anuj's pumping hand and cock. They stood there, joined at the hips, rubbing shooting cock and pissing cunt together as they masturbated. Their mouths came together and they licked at each other,

sucking each other's tongue.

Anuj's orgasm abated and his sore prick subsided, even though he kept up a half hearted jacking motion. Manju fell to her knees, her hand frigging at her cunt while the other squeezed her tits, pinching at the nipples.

"Do it," she gasped, "come on, do it. Piss on me. Cover me. Piss all over me." She pushed her face into his crotch, licking at the sperm and urine covered hairs. She pushed between his legs, sucking at his balls and the space between his legs.

"Come on, baby," she wailed, her hand moving lower between her legs as she pushed two fingers up into her cunt, flicking at her clit with her thumb. Anuj held his prick between two fingers and closed his eyes, concentrating on the sound of the water that still poured down onto the tiles of the shower. A dribble came, and then a torrent as his overstretched bladder released a jet of warm urine from the red tip of his prick. It splashed on her stomach and she screamed in delight.

"Oh Yeah, Anuj baby. Piss. Oh God, shit, yeah I'm coming again. Oh fuck, yeah, oh piss. Shit, yeah, cunt, Oh, yeah, masturbate, frig, cunt."

She lay back so the jet splashed on her breasts, running down her body to drip from the damp blond hairs that surrounded her pumping hand. She reached up and took his prick from his hand. She waved it around, sending the stream all over her. She rubbed the piss hole with her thumb, savoring the feel of the jet as it leapt from the solid flesh of his prick. Finally, in the throws of the orgasm that swept her body, she closed her eyes and directed it to her face, licking wildly in the

air at the stream of hot piss that covered all her body.

They both collapsed in the shower, sat together under the water that washed their bodies clean of the fluids they'd shed.

Finally, wordless, they stood and got out of the shower. They wrapped each other in large fluffy towels. Warm and damp they crawled into bed where they huddled together, their bodies intertwined under the soft blankets, and cast themselves adrift in a dreamless sleep.

Anuj awoke slowly, rolling over in the bed, feeling around for the warm body that had entwined with his own as they slept. He sat up and looked around. Manju was stood at the window, leaning forward on outspread arms, looking out at the darkened city. Her legs were spread and her rump pushed up as she lent forward, the dim lighting casting soft shadows across her graceful curves. Anuj studied her, the round high ass separated to show her cunt, clearly visible between her slim thighs.

Her breasts hung forward, the pink nipples pointing slightly forwards. He watched her, feeling a rush at the sight of that lovely cunt, remembering the things they'd done, the abandon that had possessed them and the ecstasy that the repeated orgasms had brought.

He got out of bed and padded naked to the kitchen. He got a can of beer and popped it, the cold spray causing him to jump as it splashed across his stomach and crotch. He went back to the bedroom, taking a long slug as he walked. She was still there, the wide spread legs offering her cunt to him, the rounded globes of her ass framing the hairy mouth of her pussy. He stood behind her, close, his crotch to her ass, his prick slowly erecting to rub on her warm pussy. He felt the heat of her ass on his lower belly, the soft warmth of her ass she pushed back against

him, a sigh escaping from her lips.

"What you watching?" he asked, leaning forward to kiss her back, getting another rush as she slid her hand between her legs to cup his prick and hold it close against her cunt.

"Nothing," she replied, "just thinking."

She stood and turned, leaned against him, her breasts crushed against his chest. She reached down between them to take his prick and gently rubbed the semi-hard erection. She brought his hand to her cunt, pressing it against the soft hairy mound. He cupped her cunt completely, savoring the firmness and shape of her Venus, feeling the softness and damp of her lips. She smiled up at him, and he grinned as

he lowered his face to kiss her soft lips."

"I'm happy, Anuj. Happy I've found you. Excited about what we're going to get up to."

She giggled as she gave his prick a squeeze and danced away across the room. He chased her and grabbed her body, picking her up and tickling her, until they both fell to the floor, wrestling about, enjoying the feel of skin on skin. "Hey," he said finally, "I'm famished. Want to go and get something to eat?" She sat up and looked at him.

"Posh to celebrate or a quickie and carry on fucking?" she asked. "I need a rest." he replied, "let's carry on, We'll carry on fucking now now now and not after."

Slowly he got back onto the bed and traced a path with his lips from her ankle all the way along her lean supple body until he touched her mouth. As he kissed her his hands sought every part of her body that he could excite with his touch, teasing and taunting her lust-incited flesh. Needing him so badly she could almost scream, she sucked his tongue deep into her mouth, trying to pull him into her.

"Please, Anuj!" she gasped. "Please, Now!"

Had she said that to the others, begged them like she was him,he thought. His jealousy only incited him more and he could feel his throbbing cock aching to get between the hair-lined lips of her pussy and fill the hot damp cavern with his sperm. Expertly he sought the quivering wet lips hidden in the silken hair. His fingers toyed for a moment with the throbbing bud of her clitoris, then slipped along the pink flesh to the wet opening of her cunt.

"Oh, God!" she moaned as the tip of his probing finger slipped wetly inside. He knew how much she wanted him, and the thought of all the other men who had fucked her seemed to slip into the back of his mind as he toyed with the burning flesh of her pussy. For the first time he felt her move her hand, slipping her fingers between his legs and grasping his rigid cock. He felt her urge him toward her aching pussy as she gently stroked the rock hard cock that pulsated with every beat of his lust-maddened heart. Even before his massive prick touched the pink lips of her cunt he could feel the burning fire that was torturing her inside.

"Mmmmm," she groaned softly as the smooth rubbery head touched the waiting opening.

For only a second he paused, gently rocking back and forth on his knees, teasing the trembling opening, then suddenly he thrust his rigid cock deep into the burning cavern between her open thighs.

"Oh, oh, oh," she gasped as he filled her with his pulsating prick. His mouth spread to a wide ecstatic grin as the wet slippery walls of her vagina enfolded over his throbbing cock, sucking at it with the clenching muscles of his desire. He sighed, his mouth wide open as he slid deeper and deeper into her fiery pussy until he completely filled her. He could feel her whole body twitching underneath him as he began to stroke rhythmically, feeling the hard contact of her pelvis smacking into his as he drove his prick in and out. She moved in perfect time with him, pushing and dropping her hips as his light groans of ecstatic pleasure spurred her to higher and higher plateaus of passion. "Never, Oh Never Before!" she cried gasping as she drove herself toward a frenzy of sexual excitement, using every straining muscle in her tortured body to meet the demands of his huge cock as

it sank in and out of her aching cunt. She dug her fingernails into his back, drawing blood as she tried to pull him deeper into the already stretched cavern that ached with a crazed desire for more and more of this man who had suddenly become her life.

He heard her words, but why had she said it, he thought. How could he ever forget all the others if she kept saying things like that. How could he ever forget the picture of the two old men mounting her like an animal and driving their hard, fat cocks into her cunt, making her beg for more. Had she told them the same


Why? he thought, unable to control his anger. Wanting to hurt her he suddenly drove his massive cock deep into her, using his buttocks as a pile driver. His huge prick was a weapon and he could punish her with it ...

"Oooooh, God!" she moaned at the savage thrust. "Don't stop!" Beg! Did she beg them too, he thought, and drove his lust maddened cock deeper, using all his strength to smash into her, feeling the red rubbery tip push hard against her cervix.

"Oh, oh, oh," she cried in masochistic pleasure. Wanting to drive his cock deeper, he moved to reposition her, using his hands to lift the quivering flesh of her smooth round buttocks, and she responded by wrapping her legs around his back

and locking her ankles tight together to hold him in her. As he drove into her again, his fingers spread the clenching flesh of her quivering white bottom, stretching the tight red ring of her tiny twitching anus. She kept moaning as he moistened his finger with the hot juices that flowed freely from her clasping pussy and slid it along the tender flesh between her cunt and her anus. Lightly he rubbed across the rubbery opening, feeling it give as he probed it, making

her cry in ecstasy at the strange, obscene sensation. Suddenly he slid the finger all the way into her warm damp rectum and she cried out, half in pain and half in pleasure. He knew she was no virgin there, and angrily rotated his finger back

and forth, scraping at the soft flesh, punishing her for having done it before. She could hardly stand the fucking she was getting in both burning holes. The swollen walls of her pussy could hardly bear the fantastic excitement of his rigid cock driving back and forth inside, while his rotating finger pulled at the very center of her being. She bucked harder as he fucked her, clenching him tightly

with her long, slim legs straining to draw him deeper. Her face contorted in a lewd mask of ecstatic pleasure and pain as she threw her head back and forth on the bed, unaware of anything but the roaring fire that burned throughout her sex-crazed


Her moaning and spastic twitching were becoming too much for him as he thrust his throbbing prick harder and harder inside her clenching hair-lined pussy and ravaged her burning rectum with his fingers. Something else, he thought, and suddenly jerked his finger from her anus and slid it into the quivering pink lips of

her burning cunt beside his driving cock. Once inside, he sank another finger next to the first, stretching her opening until she could stand it no longer.

"Oh," she cried. "Oh God, Oh, I'm Cumming, I'm cumming Now!"

He could barely stay on as she suddenly bucked like a wild horse, filling her pussy with her own orgiastic juices and lathering his still-stroking cock with its burning wetness. "Oh, yeah!" he gasped as she came and started driving into her

harder. It had lasted long enough. The dam would hold back no longer. There had been so many other men fucking her, filling her with their cum, but none could have ever made her cum like this ...

He had only seconds left, and grabbed her quivering flesh as hard as he could, thrusting again and again, unable to control his animal-like gasping until his balls suddenly exploded, shooting his cum along the underside of his thick cock until it burst free into her cunt, joining her juices deep in her quivering belly as he screamed aloud: "Ooooohhhhh!" He reared back, almost standing on his knees as the last jets of hot sperm filled her, making her his forever. Slowly, he lowered himself, completely depleted. Nothing had ever been like this, he thought, as he lay on top of her, too weak to speak. Gently, he finally rolled off of her sweating body and lay beside her, his breathing still heavy.

"Anuj," he heard hazily through the distance of his happiness, "I love you."

He couldn't believe his ears. She really did love him. Now, now that he had been avenged, now that she really loved him, he would never have to think of all those others again. She was his, and they could never have any more or any less than each other. As he turned to tell her he loved her too, he felt her long slender fingers slide between his thighs and tenderly touch his half-hard cock.

"Let's do it again," she said with a gleam in her eye. "Make love to me again, my Darling. I don't want you to ever stop."

Never before, he thought, as he felt her eager wet lips caressing the base of his pulsating shaft. Never before had anyone made him feel like this as he stood in the living room. His wife would never have thought of it, and no other woman he had ever known had even attempted to put her mouth on his massive cock.

"Oooohhhh," he moaned aloud as her hungry lips parted to allow her hard, pink tongue to lash out at the veins on the bottom of the throbbing prick, sending flashes of white hot electricity through his aching loins. He could hardly stand the ecstatic passion that she was causing as she gently licked the long rigid cock along its sensitive bottom until suddenly her mouth was nibbling at the very

tip. Holding it in one hand, eager to please, she parted her lips and placed the throbbing head against her teeth and lapped up the drop of burning sperm that hung heavily at the tiny, slit-like opening. She had sucked many men before, but none that she enjoyed, and this one she wanted to suck until he filled her mouth

with his cum. Slowly, spurred by his moaning, she eased the pulsating head into her mouth, while he nearly cried the delight, feeling like razor blades were slitting him open, and exposing his cock to eternity.

"Oh, God, Manju," he wailed. "Don't stop, don't stop, just keep sucking." Incited by his shouting the lust-maddened Manju sank more of the swollen cock into her wet sucking mouth, stabbing at it with her tongue as she went and hoping that she would be able to swallow all of it.

Her wet, burning pussy was ready to explode too as she felt him suddenly push his hips forward and grab her by the hair, forcing the entire throbbing prick deep into her throat. "Ooooohhhh," he moaned again as the pressure in his balls strained to the breaking point. Racing like wildfire, his tortured lust-ridden mind screamed for more; for her sucking mouth and for the fiery liquids that were flooding from her overexcited cunt. He could hear her moaning, and knew that he had to get down there, that he had to bury his face in the soft downy fur that covered her cunt and shove his tongue inside her.

"Up!" he commanded, but she didn't hear.

His hands still in her hair, he yanked her head away from his burning prick, scraping it with her teeth. But she didn't want to stop and tried to get her mouth back around the massive red head. She had been driven to sex-maddened heights and had no control over herself. Suddenly she was in the air, looking at the floor.

Thinking he was through, she started to fight him, wanting him to finish her

before she died from the anguish. But a moment later she was sailing through the air and bounced onto the bed, followed right behind by the lust-crazed parlour man.

He gave her hardly a chance to move as he grabbed her and rolled her soft brown body onto its back, then climbed upside down on top of her, his massive, tortured cock pulsing directly over her head, and buried his face in the hair-lined lips of her fiery cunt.

"Ooooohhhhh," she shrieked in ecstasy as he shook his head back and forth savagely. She felt as if his tongue and chin were tearing her to shreds, his chin rubbing her swollen red clitoris, and his tongue lapping at all the warm, sweet juices that flowed from her aching cunt. Faster and faster he shook his head, unable to control his desires, incited by her sexual screaming. Her hips bucked and twitched while she screamed, her face contorted in a lust-crazed mask. Her body was slick with sweat as she fought for a climax that waited deep in her wet slippery pussy,

waiting for release. Above her head the pulsating blood-filled cock twitched in

eager anticipation of her lips. Quickly she raised her head and grabbed it with both hands, scraping the tender skin with her fingernails. Without hesitating she opened her jaws as wide as she could and plunged the whole massive prick into her mouth at once, nearly choking. Tears of joy flooded from her cheeks as she sucked

at the throbbing shaft, sucking each drop of seeping juices that

trickled from the tip.

"Oh, Oooohhh," he gasped, lifting his head as her tender red lips and hot hard tongue went lasciviously back and forth along the full hardened length of his huge twitching prick. He held his head up and began to match her bobbing head with

short strokes of his own, sinking his cock deep into her hungry throat. He dropped his head and looked back at her ovalled red lips, excited even more by the picture of the Tamil slut sucking voraciously at his jerking cock as he thrust it in and out of her saliva-filled mouth. Panting in short hard breaths he lowered his head back to the juices that flowed from between her legs. His tongue shot out in

search of the ragged pink mouth of her pussy, running quickly along the soft, hair-lined slit until he found the entrance and suddenly thrust the entire length of the hard wet shaft into her aching cunt. Burying his teeth against the quivering flesh of the pink lips he simulated a cock driving unmercifully in and out of her


"Oooooohhhh," she cried as the tongue drove into her fiery vagina, rotating in small circles inside, then withdrawing and driving in again. She had only seconds left as she felt the first spasms of climax building to release. More! she thought as she thrust her hips upward to meet the tongue and the bite of teeth.

More! More! More ...! He could hear her moaning as she sucked at his twitching cock. e was ready now and didn't want to wait any longer. Quickly he ran one hand around her trembling buttocks and searched for the clenching ring of her tight little anus. His balls were about to burst, but with one final effort he found the tiny hole and teased at it with his finger. That did it!

She could stand no more as the teasing finger at her rectum forced her into a spastic clenching rhythm that set off her climax, and she threw her hips high into the air and screamed, her lips still wrapped tightly around his thrusting penis.

"Oooohhh! I'm, Cummmmmiing! ... Ooooooh Dios, I'm Cumming!" Too much, he thought wildly as the underside of his cock suddenly jerked spasmodically and he felt the first rush of sperm explode in his balls. And he suddenly bellowed from the deepest part of his belly, "Auuugghhhhh, I'm Cummminnngg too!!!Suck baby! Suck!"

Like a huge fire hose his wildly jerking cock pumped load after load of hot, gushing sperm into the Manju's mouth and she swallowed it as quickly as she could, wanting all of the burning liquid to fill her whole body.

She would save it for later and give it back to him in each other's flesh all night long. Exhausted, he fell upon her, his head still buried in the soft flesh between her widely splayed thighs.

Chapter 5