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Passions Unleashed Chapter 1

First I'd like to thank all my fans around the world for your kind words after my "2 Moms" series. You'll be happy to know that your little Devil's up to no good again! I've been thinking about this latest series for awhile now and finally got around to it. I hope you enjoy the newest postcards from Hell, however, I regret to inform that this will be my last posting for a long while at least. Hope you've all enjoyed my previous submissions. Good luck to all!

One summer day, young Teddy Lake was walking home after shooting hoops at the schoolyard with some friends. As he opened the front door and entered his house he noticed something peculiar. The house was very quiet. This was unusual since his mom, Sandy, usually had the TV on watching her soaps, or was on the phone with one of her friends. The house was so quiet that Teddy felt like calling out for his mom. Then he thought he heard something. It sounded like a moan when someone is delighting on chocolate. It was coming from his parent's bedroom. As he crept closer to the doorway, Teddy heard a woman's voice and the sound of smacking lips. His mom? He also heard another moan and a guy's voice say "Oh yeah!" What the hell was going on?

As Teddy peeked around the corner of the doorway he saw an incredible sight. There was his mom, naked on her bed, on her knees, her face hovering over a guy's cock. And not just any guy, either. It was James, Teddy's friend from school. The young man was lying on his parents' bed, his hands holding Sandy's head as she gave the young man a blow job.

Teddy was shocked. No wonder James didn't feel like shooting hoops today, Teddy thought. Instead, James was getting his cock serviced by Ted's mom! The older woman's wavy blond hair fell around the young cock. She sucked the cockhead, swirling her tongue around it, lowering her head down over the length taking more and more of the shaft down her throat.

"Oh, fuck yeah," James moaned. Ted was stunned and his knees grew weak beneath him as he watched his mother's mouth stretch oh-so wide and lower itself to the base of his friend's cock. When Sandy's nose nestled in James' sparsely-haired crotch, Ted's eyes grew even wider. "Is his cock...all the way down her throat?" he wondered. Then Sandy slowly raised her head leaving a trail of saliva coating the young shaft. Her lips were once again circling the cockhead, and then she removed it from her mouth.

"Wow!" Teddy thought, looking at James' saliva-coated cock. Teddy's young cock, when hard was maybe five inches and not very thick, but James cock looked ridiculous on his wiry frame. It was long but also thick, and Teddy realized immediately what his mom liked. Sandy kissed and licked the cock some more and then changed positions so that her ass was now facing Teddy. He'd never seen his mother's ass before and here he was staring not only at her creamy asscheeks but Teddy could also see her pussy, drawn outward, and very, very wet. Teddy continued to stare at his mom's ass. It really looked good.

Meanwhile, as Sandy held James' cock with one hand, she began to suck on it again. With her free hand, Sandy began playing with her cunt; rubbing her clit, inserting her fingers inside to fuck herself. Then James moved his left hand to Sandy's ass, felt her asscheeks, and inserted his finger inside her asshole! They both finger-fucked Sandy's cunt and ass as she sucked James cock. Teddy watched intently, breathing heavily as their fingers worked in and out of his mom's holes.

"I gotta have you!" Sandy exclaimed, taking the large cock out of her mouth. She then got up on the bed, straddled James' cock and lowered her aching cunt down over the hard, young shaft. Sandy began humping up and down, fucking James' cock as he held her. He then pulled her to him to suck on her erect nipples as Sandy tried to fuck his cock at the same time.

"Oh, god, I need this!" Sandy cried, and with that she backed away from James nursing on her, and started frantically fucking his prick.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" she cried. Watching from his hideaway, Teddy's mouth was wide open. Was this really his own mom? He watched her breasts flop up and down, her nipples so hard and long, with his friend's saliva now flying off them. And then there was James. Moaning and groaning beneath her saying something like "gonna cum." Sandy quickly got off the huge, slick teen cock and started fisting it, crying out "Yes! Come on! Cum! Cum on me!" James then let out a loud cry and shot a gallon of semen straight into his buddies' mom's face. "Yes!" Sandy cried.

"Oh god yeah!" James cried with her. Stream after stream of semen shot out of his cock onto Sandy's face, her hair, and dripping down onto her tits.

She was soaked! Teddy was shocked. When he would fist himself, his cum only dribbled out. Exhausted, James' head swayed back and forth on the pillow. Teddy's father's pillow, he noticed. Meanwhile, his mom was scooping up all the cum she could and fed it to her hungry mouth, moaning with each finger full. "How was that?" Sandy asked the young stud with a smile.

"Great," he moaned.

"Better than last time?" she asked. "Last time?" Teddy thought. "Fuck, when did they do this before?" he thought. "How often?"

"Yeah, it's always great," James replied. "Always?" Teddy thought. He was totally stunned by all that was happening before his eyes. After making some small talk for a minute, James spoke up. "Would you do something for me?"

"What?" she asked stroking his virile young cock back to life.

"Well, my kid brother is at that age, you know, and he's always talking about girls and stuff and -"

"Is he a virgin?"

"Uh, yeah. I mean would you mind?"

"Taking his virginity? Not at all! I took yours didn't I?"

"Great! When can we -"

"I don't know but I'll let you know. As usual with us, just be patient. And keep him away from girls his own age! I want that virgin flesh all to myself!"

"I will," James said with a laugh.

"And then after we get through with your brother - what's his name?"


"After I help out Jason maybe you can do ME a favor."


Lying on her side of the bed Sandy spread her legs and said, "Come fuck my hot, horny cunt with your huge cock and I'll whisper it in your ear, you nasty boy!"

James quickly got up and the sight made Teddy back away from the door in fear. When he heard his mom yell out in pleasure, Teddy quickly took a peek inside. There, James was on top of his mom, pounding his thick cock inside her cunt. They both moaned and cried in pleasure as Sandy's cunt made these squishy noises.

"Fuck me! Oh god, Fuck me!" Sandy cried, her face contorted, eyes gleaming. "Oh, yeah! Oh! I love your big teenage cock in my mother-whore cunt!"

It was all too much for Teddy as he quietly crept down the hall and flew out the front door. When he was halfway down the block only then did he notice how uncomfortable he felt. His own cock was straining in his shorts and he had this big wet stain at his crotch.

Teddy's life was permanently changed that day. From then on, he saw his mom not so much as "mom" but as "woman." He would often fantasize about her but never had the guts to actually go for it. He needn't have bothered. Sandy had already seen her son naked and hard by accident, while he masturbated, and while she was tempted to help her son relieve himself, she was afraid it might damage their relationship. What if he freaked out by the thought? Besides Sandy was hardly impressed with Teddy. "He's just like his father," she thought to herself.

One night when James was sleeping over, Sandy heard noise coming from their room around midnight. Getting up and leaving her snoring husband she walked down the hall and opened Teddy's door. Her eyes bulged and her mouth fell open. There, kneeling on the floor were Teddy and his friend, masturbating to a porn magazine. Sandy was shocked but when she noticed James' cock, her mouth grew dry. The forty year-old mother had needs. And fantasies. But James was too young! He was her son's friend! It wouldn't be right! But his cock was huge! Her husband was losing interest! He was so small! He never satisfied her! Oh, to try a big one, just once!

Two weeks later Sandy took James' virginity when he came around looking for Teddy with only Sandy at home. And months later Teddy learned their secret, which soon became his biggest fantasy. He wished to fuck his mom, too, but didn't think he had what she wanted. Teddy never knew if James' brother Jason was brought in to their sex-play, but he found himself fantasizing about his mom and James. It always made him hard and he whacked off countless times to the thought of them fucking. Before going off to college, Teddy caught his mom and friend in the throes of passion several times. One question that always nagged at him, then, as it did twenty-five years later. What were those "favors" his mom always asked of James when he caught them in bed? It was like a code term. If he'd only known. By the time Teddy had gone off to college, his mom had been gangbanged by Teddy's small circle of friends at least a dozen times, fulfilling Sandy's fantasies.

Among Teddy's friends, their best kept secret was what a slut his mom was!

Now twenty-five years later, a grown Ted was still fantasizing. As he surfed the Internet at home he found his favorite erotic stories site, Literotica. Printing out his favorite stories for his own private consumption, Ted's dreams never left him. They were just now altered a bit.

"Dinner's ready!" cried his wife. As Ted got up from his study, he entered the dining room as his lovely wife of nearly twenty years, Susan, placed food on the table. Just then their handsome, young son, David entered the room. "I'm starving!" he said.

As the family sat down to eat, Ted noticed his blond-haired, blue-eyed wife, who looked very much like his mom in her younger days. Then he looked at his handsome, well-built son. Ted had developed a new fantasy. And now was the time to put it into action.

Chapter 1