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Passions Unleashed Chapter 2

After dinner, Ted retired to his study, sat at his desk, turned on his computer, and logged-on, going straight to Literotica. He had his family convinced that he needed to work a lot at home, but the truth of the matter was that Ted hadn't really needed to do work at home for over two years. Technology had solved that dilemma. This was his quiet time; Lock the door, read his stories and jack off. Neither Susan or David ever figured it out. Tonight he found just what he was looking for, as he printed out two slightly different stories, each packing the punch he expected.

The first he folded up and put in an envelope. He addressed it to his son and typed up his name and address so he wouldn't make out Ted's handwriting. The second he held on to. Ted then logged off and walked out of the study. With David watching TV in the living room and Susan on the phone in the kitchen, Ted quietly made his way towards David's bathroom, with folded story in hand, knowing that Susan was going to do a wash the next day. Ted placed the story in David's hamper under a couple of shirts to be washed and then quickly walked out.

The following morning, Ted woke, showered and dressed as calmly as possible while his wife was making breakfast in the kitchen. After eating, Ted said goodbye to David and nervously kissed his wife goodbye and headed out the door. Driving to work he pulled over to drop the envelope containing the other story in the mailbox. Ted's plan was now complete. All that was left to do was wait for the fireworks.

Late that morning Susan went into her son's bathroom to get his clothes. As she made her way to the washing machine she sorted out the clothes but felt something funny.

"What is this?" she asked pulling out some folded paper. Susan unfolded it and looked at it. "What the..?" It was a story, it seemed. It was titled "Fucking my Mom," by someone or something called The Devil's Advocate.

Susan started to read the account of a young man who was constantly horny for his sexy mom. Then one day while his mom was in the shower, the son entered, scaring her half-to-death until she saw his huge, raging erection. Five minutes later the mother was leaning against the shower wall with her son's monster cock all the way up her cunt. "At last!" the story concluded. "I got to fuck my mom!"

Susan breathing heavily, nervously, leaned against the washing machine as it went into spin cycle. So did she. "Where did he get this?" Susan asked. She noticed the story came from the Internet. "Does David...want to...Oh my god!" As she walked away, she headed for the living room. Susan sat down on the couch, her hand covering her mouth. Then she got up and began pacing around the room, disbelieving. Her own teenage son wanted...to fuck his mother! "He wants me!" she thought.

At first Susan tried to rationalize it. "He's young. He's, well...horny. He has needs. He probably just masturbates to this stuff. Oh my god, he masturbates?" Susan pictured her baby, lying in bed reading this filth while his hand went up and down his big, long, thick - "god no, this is so wrong!" she thought. It actually hurt like hell. Susan had needs, too. She and Ted had sex maybe once a month, and he was hardly great. Besides his cock never satisfied her, but he was a good provider and she was sure he never fucked around. Susan had had an affair or two but that was a long time ago, and she was trying to remain faithful. It wasn't easy.

Her friend Donna who was always calling, wanted Susan to go out with her. Divorced two years now, Donna often called Susan to inform her of her exploits. Donna had celebrated her divorce by going out to a club and picking up two, horny nineteen year-old black guys. When she later told Susan of the double penetration she'd received, and the size of their cocks, the frustrated blond wife nearly had an orgasm. Susan had her own fantasies. If Ted only knew what was being discussed when Donna called, every so-often replaying her latest conquests with her young black studs.

"You know, Susan, just name the time and I'll invite them over, so you'll find out just what you've been missing," Donna once reminded her. "How big's Ted's cock again?" she teased. After reading the Mom-son story one more time, a frustrated, horny Susan retired to her bedroom, fell on her bed and cried. It had been so long since she'd been fucked real good. Twenty minutes later she removed her clothes, opened her dresser, and under her sweaters pulled out her only means of satisfaction.

"You know," teased Donna one time after a really good fuck. "Their coal black skin would look so erotic meshed with your soft, white features."

"Oh my God!" Susan gasped in orgasm as she plunged the ten inch black vibrator into her horny, wet cunt.

At rest, Susan thought, "I'm gonna do it. I'll try and at least make David interested. I'll see what happens."

Chapter 2