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Passions Unleashed Chapter 3

Later that day, as David arrived home from school Susan was there to greet him. "Hi honey," Susan said with a nervous grin. "How was your day?'

"Uh, fine, mom." David couldn't help but notice Susan, all dolled up in her tight-fitting blouse and skirt. David hadn't seen her look this good in a long time. He didn't ask or say anything, but he did notice, and Susan could tell. As he left for his room, Susan thought "He noticed. He checked out my legs."

Once in his room, David laid down on his bed to rest. It didn't take long for the thought of his mom's shapely legs to enter his mind. "Why was she wearing that skirt?" he thought. David figured maybe she'd gone out or something. That evening was like any other: Dinner, homework, TV. With Ted tucked away in his study jacking off again, Susan figured she'd turn in early. She put a night shirt on that came only half-way down her thighs. Coming into the living room she turned to David lying on the couch and said "I'm going to bed sweetie. Goodnight."

David turned and once again caught sight of those shapely white legs. "Uh, okay." he replied. Susan turned and left the room, but not without bending down, pretending to pick something up. David caught sight of his mom's back thighs and panty-covered ass! "Fuck!" he thought. This was way unusual! David retired to his room a little while later, unable to concentrate on the TV. He felt weird. Uncomfortable. David was no virgin, and appreciated good-looking legs like any other guy, but his mom's? He thought about her and what was happening. She did have a nice body, after all. And real nice legs. He even remembered his friends, Greg and Paul, making lewd remarks about his mom in the past. They loved his mom's legs and that she was so hot. They even wanted to fuck her! It pissed David off, but now he could see why they desired her so. He'd just never paid attention. It made him think: those thighs, her calves. Ten minutes later, David was breathing heavily, furiously fisting his hard cock as he shot his load up into the air and down on his belly and fist.

The next morning David was almost frantic to get to school. This whole thing had him feeling more than a little guilty. When he got home, walking up the front walk he was nervous. What might happen? As luck would have it, upon entering the house his mom wasn't home. David breathed a sigh of relief. He went up to his room and saw an envelope addressed to him. As he opened it, he pulled out several pages. It looked like one of those erotic stories he often found while surfing the net. It was called "How I Got My Son To Fuck Me," by The Devil's Advocate.

"Hey, I like the The Devil's Advocate's stories," David thought, but then reality hit. Looking once again at the title "How I Got My Son..." Shit! Fuck! Nervously David read the story of a horny mom named Sabrina, who desired her son's cock after catching him masturbating and went for it by wearing less and less clothing around the house until she seduced him. David's cock was hard as a rock and he quickly jerked-off until he came yet again. When David finished and put his clothes back on he heard the front door open.

"David? Are you home?" Nervously David left his room and entered the kitchen where his mom was. "Hi honey, could you help me put these things away."

"Uh, sure, mom." David immediately noticed Susan's tight tee-shirt accentuating her breasts and her tight bike shorts showing off those legs again but also her shapely ass. God, she was hot. His friends weren't so sick after-all.

Later that evening, after dinner, David was once again up in his room reading the story.

"I guess she wants me," he thought. "Sex must be pretty bad with dad, if she's this desperate." David thought and thought. What were the pluses and minuses. Well, on the plus side, his mom was a really good-looking woman: great legs, tits, blond. "Yeah she IS nice. An older woman, that would be a first. I'll bet she can fuck like a real slut," he thought. Hey, this was his mom he was thinking about! "Oh, don't be such a fucking prude!" he scolded himself. "She wants it, you want it, go for it!"

Entering into the kitchen, David noticed his mom sitting at the table, on the phone with Donna. "He just turned nineteen," Donna said. "I measured him, too. Nine and three-quarters inches!"

Meanwhile, David headed straight for the refrigerator wearing only a pair of tight bike shorts that he seldom wore. He couldn't look his mother in the eye but she noticed his muscular chest, and strong legs. She tried not to look down towards his crotch, but as David nerved himself to look his moms way he caught her eyes checking out the bulge in his crotch. He smiled to himself. "This is fun," he thought. As David took his coke and walked away, his mom watched his tight butt as he left.

"Wouldn't you like to try it just once?" Donna asked.

"Um, hmm," Susan moaned watching her son disappear. After she got off the phone with Donna, Susan felt desperate. "Was he teasing me, too? What now? What's going on?" She felt so horny yet so unsure and insecure. She felt like it was time to talk to David. She wanted to but didn't know how to present her needs and feelings. It was obvious he noticed her and liked what he saw. She wanted him, too. "Oh, to hell with that, My god! It's incest, shit!' He's old enough. He knows what he's doing. Hell, he started it!" Susan thought.

Summoning the nerve, Susan headed toward David's room. "Where's Ted?" she thought. "Yeah, your husband. Remember?" Once again locked away in the study. "The bastard," she thought. Shaking like a little girl in the cold, Susan came within a foot of David's door. Preparing to knock she then heard something.

"Oh, yeah. Fuck." David moaned. Was he...jerking off? Closing her eyes, gritting her teeth, Susan thought "One, two, three," and opened his door. She let out a gasp as she saw her son's right hand fly up and down his erect cock.

"Mom!" David yelled and tried to cover himself up.

"David, I'm sorry, I really am." He sat up in bed, half-naked and mortified. Closing her eyes for a moment, Susan summoned the nerve.

"Listen honey," she said softly, closing the door behind her and moving closer to the bed. "I know. You have needs. I do, too..."

He stared at her in her robe as if expecting something to happen. Swallowing hard, Susan untied her robe and let it fall to the floor. David's eyes bugged out of his head.

"Let me," Susan said. "Let me do it. Please? I want to."

Susan then sat on the bed beside her handsome son. Brushing his hair off his forehead, she moved her hand down over his cheek and onto his chest. Down past his navel it went and then she pulled back his blanket. His cock was semi-hard and slick with his precum. Susan exhaled and swallowed hard. There was no turning back. Susan took her son's cock in hand and it quickly grew hard. Susan smiled and let out a nervous laugh. David also laughed. She began tugging at his cock until it was rock hard. All of a sudden Susan felt calm but very excited. David, too. They both wanted this.

"Oh, yeah, mom," David moaned. "Jerk it. Make me cum."

"Do you like that? Hmmm?"

"Yeah, mom."

"Oooohh. I wanna fuck my baby boy!"

"Suck it mom. Please?"

"You bet, stud."

Susan lowered her mouth down over the cockhead and took her son's cock into her mouth. She loved the taste of him. Sucking his cockhead she moaned around it, swirling her tongue, loving the taste.

"Oh fuck. What about dad?" David said in a panic.

"Don't worry about him. He's working as usual." With that she returned to sucking her son's cock. Susan went all the way down, deep-throating him, leaving a wet, warm trail of saliva dripping down to his balls.

"Ooohh, mom!" David moaned. "So good!"

Susan sucked and fisted the cock until David couldn't hold out any longer. He groaned and said he was going to cum. Susan's fist flew up and down, her mouth covering his cockhead as it blew its hot, sticky sperm into her mouth. David's body and cock jerked, his voice moaning and groaning as his sexy mom took his sperm down her throat. Susan swallowed every drop of her son's juice as if it was water for a parched throat.

"Oh wow mom! That was great."

"Thank you sweetie," she said and lowered her lips to his. "Listen, I better go before your father comes out from his cave." Getting up to grab her robe she turned back to her son and asked, "Do you like my body?"

"Fuck yeah, mom."

Susan quietly swayed in place, her hands going to her breasts, tweaking her nipples. Then working down to her cunt, which David had never seen before. She rubbed her wet pussy for him and then turned around giving her son a look at her ass. Swaying to an unheard rhythm, Susan accentuated her asscheeks with her hands and then in a show of sluttiness, spread her asscheeks giving her son a look at her puckered asshole. Big mistake! David's cock came roaring back to life. Noticing this, she muttered "Oh shit."

David's eyes looked so hungry but she really had better go.

"Listen," Susan said putting on her robe. "Tomorrow you can stay home from school. Okay?"

As she left, closing his door, she looked him in the eye, not as his mother but as his lover. He looked greedily back. They were both so excited. Neither of them got much sleep

Chapter 3