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Then Tell Me Why? Chapter 2

Megha, A Girl in blue dress.

"She loves me Rahul; I love her I know she will wait for me"

"Listen Vikram, what you are planning to do, might take longer than you think; they are not going to wait for you forever"

"She will, I know she will. She told me"

"You know her better, Vikram, but what about her parents, and you are not going to tell anyone either"

"You know Rahul , dad will not agree to this marriage either, this stupid cultural old system, so I want to be independent, so no one can object, if anyone did, we will just run away"

"No Vikram, you know that won?t be good for anyone and what about her family, your family, do you want them to be embarrassed"

"I know this brother but I don't have any choice, and I am thinking about families, that is why we are not running now, I want to give them a chance to accept us, but if they don't, I will be with no choice. I am leaving next week"

He was right. It would be hard to convince our families. She was her second cousin and in our culture system they were brother and sister, I know, very old fashioned. But that is how they were, and we were really not sure of what their reaction would be.

It was my cousin, my Mamaji's son, (mother?s brother's son); we were like brother even closer than real brother. And the girl he was talking about is his Chachi's niece. I know it?s weird but that is how it was. Well back to my bring world. I had completed my first year at college, three years away from being a computer engineer. Fresher were all over the campus , asking too many questions, none of them seems interesting except one, and that one was standing with her friends, at canteen counter. I could tell she was not feeling, comfortable. Even though I was not into ragging, I found one fresher, passing.

"So fresher?? I knew it already but we seniors are supposed to give them no recognition so that's why we are supposed to ask about them whenever we have talk.

"Y...yes sir", he a little afraid.

"Which discipline?"

"Computer Science".

"Good, those girls are you classmates?"

"I...yes sir..?"

"You see that girl? Over there in blue dress?"

"Yes I do, Sir"

"Go over there, offers her your one shoe, and say 'Saleem Ki Taraf se Anarkali ko tofa'"

"What....Sir... I..."

"Why... you know them...?"

"Not exactly, but two of them, one is from my town, and the girl, in blue dress is was in same coaching center with me"

"Well you don't have a choice dude, so go ahead"

He did exactly he was told, and he got what he deserved, a SLAP, which got attention of hundreds of students around us, well at least he became popular and I became his favorite senior despite of whatever I did to him.

"So tell me what the deal with that girl is, you know who gave you lovely slap"

"Nothing, why you liked her?"

"no just curious, she does not fit in crowed that why just asking"

"well must be missing her boyfriend, or boyfriends or whatever"

"Why would you say such a thing?"

""Well she's is slut...., " he saw my expression changed so he stopped there and, " I mean she had many boyfriends, when she was taking coaching classes, they changed every month or so, and with the company she is I can guess what she is like"


"meaning the girl Shakshi who she hanged around then and now, was or say is a slut of our town, she can do everything to get marks"

"Ok enough, so how's your studies going....."

A few times we talked about that girl, I never asked her name, he never told me.

"You are Rahul? Right."

I turned to see who was the owner of such a lovely voice, and surprised, the girl in blue dress!!

"Umm yes... why do you ask?"

"You are the one who sent Vivek to pull that stupid stunt on me"

"What are you talking about miss?"

"It was ragging right? I feel so guilty of slapping him that day, and now he hangs around with you, you are the one who deserved that slap for embarrassing me that way"

"So you are asking me for my permission to slap me? Or trying to make some point miss....what was the name you told me"

"Megha...and I never told you...my na...."

OK Miss Megha... as you said it was just Joke might be a stupid for you, but we had good laugh"

"What would you do, if it was your girlfriend, and some did the same thing to her?"

"Then miss Megha...Lucky him, you were not my girlfriend, no one will even.... look I am getting late for class... you want to settle this, meet me later or send your boyfriend to talk to me", I said as I was leaving for class.

"Luck for you, I don't have one,? she said almost shouting.

"Good then you will have to settle, meet me after 4, in Cafeteria", never looked at her, not wanting her to tell me she can?t, I entered into my class. So I found out, it was not a good idea, because I could not concentrate on lecture, I just kept thinking about that girl in blue dress.

Chapter 2