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Kidnapped.... Chapter 1


Mazid took a deep breath, puckered his lips and blew a draught of cool air into My mom Pratima's glistening vagina. A muffled sigh, and a slight tightening of her thighs around his head, were testimony of her appreciation. She pressed her pussy against his face, and he extended his tongue to caress her soft musky cavern. He tried not to be aroused by the scent and feel of her damp recesses, but it was useless! He tried to force his thoughts to other matters - his mortgage - the children's school fees – to-morrow's agenda of boring meetings – anything to distract himself from the sensations emanating from his penis, as Pratima continued to lick its tip.

No – no use! She was the best cocksucker ever! He felt her tongue gently caress the ridge around the helmet of his cock. He couldn't hold out much longer. Try counting backwards from 1000 in sevens – that had worked before!

'993… 986… 979… 972…' he counted silently.

Mazid tightened his arms around her hips, forcing her pussy further against his face, and extended his tongue fully, licking her copious juices.

'951… 944… 937… 930…'

Slowly he moved one of his arms, bringing it under her body, and sought her clitoris, gently massaging it between his forefinger and thumb. Another muffled gasp signalled her appreciation as she took his cock further into her warm mouth, moving her full lips up and down his shaft, as if using it to fuck her mouth.

'909… 902… 895… 888…'

Pratima adjusted her position, and took in his full length, her nose nuzzling against the reddish hairs covering his throbbing balls. Then she drew back, her tongue travelling down the full length of his cock, until it found and explored his pee-hole. He squeezed her clit more tightly, and she retaliated by nibbling his helmet with her teeth.

'867… 860… 853… 846…'

Again, his cock disappeared into her warm, wet mouth. He felt an intruder in her mouth, alongside his cock. He recognised it as her middle finger, gathering saliva as lubrication. Oh hell! He knew what was coming next!

'825… 818… 811… 804…'

Sure enough, the finger withdrew, and he felt it nudging against the tight opening of his anus, probing, seeking entry. Slowly it sank into his arse, and he moved his body against her, accepting, encouraging, and craving more. She began fucking his arse with her finger, sucking and biting on his cock at the same time.

'783… 776… 769…'

Mazid could take no more. He extricated his mouth from her pussy. "I'm cumming!" he screamed, unnecessarily.

My mom Pratima had sucked enough cocks over the years to know exactly when an explosion was imminent. "Mmm… mmm." She grunted her assent, and prepared to accept his load, increasing the rate at which her finger moved in and out of his arsehole, and pressing further into his bowels with each stroke, searching, seeking, finding his prostrate.

"Oh yes!" He bucked wildly and involuntarily, as if to force his cock further into her mouth, releasing a stream of semen, hitting the back of her throat. She swallowed quickly, and he bucked again, pulling her soft body against his face, muffling his yells of ecstasy. Another stream of semen gushed, then another – smaller this time. Slowly, he relaxed, and she swallowed again, running her tongue around the helmet of his softening cock. Another drop of semen oozed from his hole. She sensed it, and accepted it gladly.

Pratima removed his cock from her mouth, and studied it lovingly. As it softened, she ran a finger along its full length, squeezing out another drop of semen, which she gathered on her pink tongue. She repeated the operation several times, the milky drops becoming smaller with each pass, until she was satisfied that his cock was empty. She gave his glans one final peck, and turned to face him. Their lips met in a tender embrace, and their tongues entwined. He tasted his own semen in her mouth, mingling with the after-taste of her pussy juices.  

"Oh, Tiger," she murmured in his ear, "that was a huge one. Hope you've got a little left for pussy."

"Mmm – could probably manage to find a little more – in a few minutes. Sorry it was so big. Still, you managed to swallow it all! Good girl!"

"Yes. Yours tastes so good – must be because of your diet. Wouldn't like to waste it."

She snuggled her petite 5'2" frame against him, pressing her firm breasts against his hairy chest. His arm enfolded her, and his fingers caressed her breast, pinching gently on the nipple, encouraging it to full hardness. Idly, she stretched out her arm, seeking his softened penis, and stroking it gently.

"Can you stay to-night?" she murmured.

"No. Afraid not, Honey. I'm supposed to be entertaining a client to dinner, but have to be home to-night."

"That's too bad," she pouted. "We haven't had a whole night together for nearly three weeks. Can't you plan another fake business trip to Mumbai, or Goa, or even Manchester, and come here instead?"

"Soon, my love. Maybe next week."

Her hand moved up his body, through his pubic hair, and played with the hairs on his chest, curling them between her fingers. She reached up to kiss him on the lips. "I don't suppose you've told your wife about us yet?"

"No, Honey. I can't just now. Deborah is about to sit her A Level exams; she has a good chance of getting into Oxford or Cambridge, and I don't want to spoil her chances through worrying about her parents getting divorced. I'll tell Marjorie about us as soon as Deborah is settled. Promise."

'Always some excuse,' she thought to herself, with a hint of bitterness. 'Once Deborah gets settled, there'll be a problem with the younger daughter. What's her name again? Oh yes, Abigail!' She only half-believed that Mazid would ever tell his wife. Fleetingly, her mind turned to Hanif, a colleague (a couple of years older than she was) who was currently on long-term secondment to the Gujarat office, but returned to Edinburgh every weekend. Hanif said he couldn't get enough of her body. Last Sunday, a beautiful spring day, they had driven to Tweeddale. In the course of a long walk along the River Tweed, and through the forests, he had fucked her four times – and in four different positions. On the drive home, he had parked in a quiet lay-by to fuck her again, finishing the day with a quickie after supper, just before he left her flat to catch the last flight to Gujarat. Perhaps Hanif was a better long-term prospect. As if to prevent further questions, and perhaps sensing a cooling in her attitude, he pressed his lips against hers, probing them open with his tongue, and pinching hard on her nipple. She murmured in pain, and arched her back towards him, as her tongue duelled with his. He released her sore and flushed nipple, and moved down her body, stroking her neatly trimmed pussy, and parting her outer labia, seeking the soft dampness within. She murmured in pleasure and parted her thighs to allow him better access. Her hand moved on his shaft, feeling the blood return as his cock stiffened, regaining strength, beginning to pulsate between her fingers.

Two of Mazid's fingers parted her pussy lips and found the soft dark entrance. His thumb brushed across her clitoris. He began to fuck her with two fingers, at the same time pressing his thumb further against her engorged clit. She released her hold on his cock, and lay submissive, open to him. He withdrew his fingers from her cunt, and applied them to her hardened clitoris, rubbing gently and slowly at first, and then increasing both the pressure and the speed. She began gasping in pleasure, and raked her fingers across his back as he found her breast with his mouth and bit firmly on her flushed and erect nipple, sucking it between his teeth, and stimulating the tip with his tongue.

'Fuck!' Mazid thought, 'that's going to leave scratch marks on my back; I'll have to make sure Marjorie doesn't get to see.'

'Bugger!' Pratima thought, 'that's going to leave a mark on my tit; hope it clears up before Hanif gets back on Friday!'

As her cries grew louder, he suddenly removed his fingers from her clit and offered the tips to her open cunt. Greedily she accepted them, forcing her pussy against the tips, almost sucking them into her waiting vagina.

"Oh Tiger!" she cried, "fuck me. Fuck me now! I need you inside me!"

Obediently, Mazid moved between her open thighs, presented the heads of his cock to her waiting opening, and sank with one smooth movement into the depths, revelling as the soft, moist walls of her cunt appeared to contract around him. He began moving in and out of her, slowly and steadily, taking a deep breath with every stroke. He felt that she was close to orgasm, and moved a hand between their bodies, searching for her clit, without changing the rhythm of his steady penetration. Within seconds, she started to scream in pleasure, wrapping her thighs around him and arching her back against his body.
  "Oooh Tiger! Yes! Yes! I'm cumming! Don't stop!"

He drove his cock into her, and kept it buried within her, their pubic hairs mingling. He controlled his own orgasm, his cock still rigid within her. He held her tight as her climax washed over her, leaving her whimpering quietly, "Mmm, Tiger, you're so good!"

As soon as her breathing approached normality, he resumed his assault, again driving his cock in and out of her cunt, but this time at a slightly faster rhythm.

"More Tiger? Still more?"

"Oh yes, my Honey, lots more!"

She lay still for a few moments, and then started to move her own body against him, in time with his penetrations. Perspiration built up on both their bodies, and started to drip from Mazid's brow. She licked the salty liquid from his face, and offered her lips to be kissed. His tongue found hers, and adopted the same rhythm as their combined bodies. He felt her breathing deepen again, and increased speed ever so slightly. She started whimpering, grinding her pubic bone against him, seeking release of the wave building up inside her. She felt him slip a hand under her bottom, and fingers stroke her perineum, gathering the juice from her pussy and spreading it towards her tight arsehole. Slowly and gently, a finger sought admission. She tightened her anal muscles momentarily, and then relaxed. His finger entered, but only for a couple of centimetres, then stayed still as she accustomed herself to the stranger. Still he pounded in and out of her, bringing her closer with each stroke.

Her whimpering became louder, building towards a scream. He pushed his finger further into her arsehole, now more receptive, and drove her over the top, screaming his name into his ear.

"Mazid! Mazid! Oh, yes darling Tiger! Cum in me! Now!"

But he refused. His cock stayed rigid inside her as she came down from her peak. She felt his finger withdraw from her anus and felt strangely empty, but his penis still filled her vagina. 'Oh yes,' she thought to herself, 'this is why I need Mazid!'

Last Sunday, Hanif had fucked her six times, but never once given her an orgasm. A couple of times, she had been close enough to fake it realistically, but it was not like with Mazid. After Hanif had left, she had retired early to bed with vibrator and dildo, to complete the task he had only begun. To-night, she had already cum twice on Mazid's fingers, before they adopted the classic sixty-nine position; she hadn't cum in sixty-nine, but now he had brought her off twice more, and a rock-hard cock in her cunt promised a third. Perhaps, in time, Hanif would learn – it might be fun teaching him – but for now, she definitely needed a Mazid.

She lay on the bed, covered in sweat, and smiled at him, relaxing the grip of her thighs around him. His penis, still rock-hard, stirred in her vagina.

"Oh, Tiger, that was good," she whispered. "But you're still hard! Not cum yet?"

"No – not yet. One more?"

"Oh Mazid, I don't think I can. I'm exhausted, and pussy's a bit sore. I'll suck you off again, if you like."


"Come on, Honey – we can manage another quick one. Turn over, and I'll fuck you from behind, doggie style. That way there'll be less pressure on pussy. I really want to cum inside you. Please, Honey!"

Slowly, he withdrew his engorged cock, and she smiled at him, rolling over obediently, and rising on all fours to present her bottom to him. Smiling, he slapped it lightly.

"Hell, Pratima – you have the most adorable bum – so soft and yet firm," he exclaimed as he rubbed the globes of her backside with his palms. He knelt between her spread thighs, rubbing a thumb along the crack of her arse, towards her waiting cunt.

He gazed longingly at the tight rosebud of her arsehole. 'One day – I hope,' he thought. Once, some weeks earlier, he had broached the subject of anal sex, but the vehemence of her response had warned him off the subject since then. 'Anyway,' he thought, 'the last few times she has accepted my finger in her bum with less reluctance. Perhaps I'll raise the subject again in a week or two.'

He presented the tip of his cock to her vaginal opening, and without further invitation, she sank smoothly on to it. As he started pounding in and out of her, he passed his left arm around her, fondling her swaying tits, while his right hand traversed her belly and his forefinger found her engorged clitoris. Slowly and methodically, he moved his prick in and out of her, increasing the pressure on her clit. Soon, he felt her pleasure rising as her breathing became more ragged. "Cum, my love, cum for me now!" he commanded. "I'll be right with you this time."

"Yes, nearly there! Just a little more!"

"Where? There?" he asked, pinching her clit.

"Yes! That's it! Yes! There! Now!" she screamed, her juices drenching his balls.

"Oh yes!" he replied, driving into her with one final effort, lifting her knees off the bed, and exploding into her depths.

"Too much, Tiger. No more! Please!" she whimpered. "I can't take any more just yet."

"Me neither," he agreed, "that was fantastic!"

His penis was softening rapidly. Sadly, she sensed it slipping out of her, and felt his semen trickling down her thighs, mingled with her own juices and with the sweat pouring from each of them. They collapsed onto the bed, and turned to face each other, their lips meeting in another kiss.

"Oh Tiger, I'll be sore for a week after all that!" she smiled.

"No – you'll soon get over it and be begging for more!"

He enfolded her in his arms, and she snuggled up lovingly, sighing deeply. He glanced towards the clock on the table next to her bed.

"Oh Hell! Sorry, Honey, but it's nearly eleven o'clock. I must go. Can I use your shower?"

"Yes, of course," she replied, hiding the bitter thought that he found it necessary to wash off the scent and smell of his mistress before returning home. "Perhaps I'll join you. I'm all sweaty and sticky myself."

"OK. That would be fun!"

Swiftly, he moved to the shower room, and turned on the taps, checking the temperature before stepping in and soaping himself liberally. A minute later, the door opened, and she joined him. He watched the water running down her slim body, across her breasts and down her belly towards her pussy. Lovingly, he helped her soap herself, and they laughed as their hands entwined. She reached up to kiss him, prodding his tight stomach with her clenched fists, and admiring his firm muscles.

"Not bad for an old man!" she exclaimed.

"Hey – not so old!" he retorted, slapping her backside. "Not fifty yet, and not too old to give you a good spanking!"

At 22, Pratima was only a year or so older than Mazid's son Robert, now at Cambridge University reading English, but he did not appreciate being reminded of the age gap between himself and Pratima. He kept his muscles toned with regular exercise, and reckoned he was as fit as most men twenty years younger.

Her hand travelled idly down his body, finally finding his penis, now shrunk to a couple of inches. "Mmm!" she exclaimed, "that's still my favourite muscle, but he looks so innocent now! He's had a busy night poor thing!" She knelt to take it into her mouth, the water still running down his body and through her hair. He felt it stir slightly, but pushed her away.

"No, my love, not now! You are the greatest cocksucker ever, but I MUST go! Another time – please."

She gave it a final kiss, and pouted prettily. "OK, Tiger, he'll have to wait until next time."

After drying herself, Pratima slipped into a blue bathrobe, and watched Mazid dressing. "When shall I see you again, Tiger?" she asked.

"Not sure, Honey. Next week, I hope. I'll have to call you."

"Wish it could be more often," she pouted. "I get frustrated without you. You're much better than my vibrator – you press all the right buttons."

"Thanks for the compliment," he laughed, "I'm glad to be of service! I'll miss you too. I'll try to sort out an all-night session next week, but I really must go now!"

Her arms encircled his neck for a final kiss, and then he hurried out of the door, into his red BMW. Pratima watched from her window and waved as he drove away into the night. Sadly, she turned and locked her door.

The flat felt suddenly empty. Pratima found a little left in the bottle of Chablis he had brought for their meal, poured it into her glass, and sipped it as she cleared the table from the remnants of their meal together. She set the dishwasher, and looked at the clock – 11.30 – time to turn in.

The bed was untidy after their earlier exertions and damp in places from sweat and cum. She tidied it a little. 'Should really change the sheets,' she thought to herself, 'but I'm too tired now.'

She lay on top of the bed, still in her bathrobe, checked that the alarm clock was set, took her birth-control pill, and switched out the light. Drowsily, her hand made its way under her robe, and found her pussy, parting the lips and settling gently on her clitoris. 'Mazid was good to-night,' she thought. 'I wonder if I can train Hanif to the same standard!'

Slowly and gently, she stroked her clit. Her eyes closed. As she drifted off to sleep, she thought she heard a faint noise from the hall, but was too tired to investigate. 'Probably something fell off the hall table,' she thought. A strange odour wafted across her nostrils, and she dropped off to sleep.

Chapter 1