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A Different Party Chapter 1

Sunita steps into a world which existed only in fantasies.

The annual party was being held as usual on New Year's Eve. Whole group of close knit friends once again came together to celebrate and get in touch again.

To make the party more interesting, every single person was allotted a name tag. The tags went something like this -- Devar, Bhabhi, Jija, Saali, Boss, Secretary, Biology Teacher, Administrator, Doctor, Patient and so on. The game was that the host would announce two different name tags and they would have to come up on stage and present a skit and entertain people.

Everything was just happening. Party was going on nicely but was surely missing some FIRE. The host, one of my closest friends took me aside and asked me to somehow bring some FIRE into the whole party -- somehow, anyhow. I took a few minutes and told him my plans. The discussion brought up a smile on both our faces.

Dinner was soon over. Everybody was now centered around the stage and enjoying the skit's being performed. Everything was going smooth but very SIMPLE kinds. The host, my friend, then went on to the stage to announce the next set of names that were to perform. The tags were "ADMINISTRATOR" and "BIOLOGY TEACHER".

I went up the stage as ADMINISTRATOR, a few friends hooted for me. Everybody was waiting in anticipation for the BIOLOGY TEACHER. It was none other than my closest friend's wife. It came as a shock to me as I was supposed to FIRE things up and here stood my closest friend's wife on stage. The whole scenario was a new ball game for me and am sure it was going to be a revelation for everyone around that stage. I looked around for my friend, he seemed to be indifferent to what I was going to do. So I thought "WTF, let the party catch some FIRE".

The Biology Teacher, Sunita, knows me pretty well and vice versa. Me and my friend have always been very close to each other and Sunita had no way out but to bear with us. She was absolutely comfortable as we were settling in and discussing the basics of the skit. It was decided that we will perform on basic lines of an interview where the administrator is making it harder for the BIOLOGY TEACHER to accept the job since he has a candidate in mind already and the BIOLOGY TEACHER is crossing and accepting his terms as she is in desperate need of this job besides the pay and perks are way above the basic industry standard.

We wish each other the very best and take our seats, adjust the microphones and settle in. There is a subtle FIRE building up inside me as I plan my basic lines. My eyes wander for a second - I look at Sunita, the way I look at her is totally different and I can sense some FIRE building UP in my crotch too as I admire her looks (in a rather different way).

The interview starts .....

Me : Please take a seat Miss.

She : Thank you Sir.

She just sits there idol for a few seconds and then gives her resume for me to have a look (a bunch of rolled up newspaper...lolz). I look into the papers and congratulate her on her knowledge, skill levels and her qualifications. She just smiles and takes them back and puts them away besides her chair.

She : Sir, if you don't mind, can you please tell me a bit about the college, the working hours, number of classes I am supposed to take in a week and what will be my salary be.

Me : I tell her the details in general and add...... Miss, what makes you think I have finalized you for this post. You are actually over qualified for this post.

The way Sunita is participating at the moment makes me ponder whether she knows that we are supposed to FIRE up the party. I don't ponder too much and go back to the skit.

She : But Sir.... Is that not good for the University that a person of over qualification is chosen for the post.... In fact... the trustees will see you in a good light for hiring a over qualified person for the post.

We spend some 10-15 minutes discussing petty things and job wherein I try to get my point through to her that I already have someone in mind but she is simply not ready to give up. Her innocent looks and ways of discussion (more for looks) keep the crowd interested at the moment. I decide it is about time I change gears and get the discussion on to another level .... The FIREy levels...

Me : Actually Miss, even I am convinced now that you are absolutely apt for this job (my eyes linger deliberately at every curve of hers as we speak) but there are certain issues involved with the job that I cannot discuss without a lady colleague present here during our conversation.

She : Sir, if you want I will sign any paper and agreements that YOU want but I need this job, very badly.

The way she manipulated the emotions and dialogues made her look nothing short of a bollywood actress, a beautiful one too.

Me : Miss, do you know the topics a Biology Teacher teaches and for what specific job this opening has been created?

She : Sir, I know my subject well and can cover everything from an amoeba to organs. My qualifications do clarify that, don't they? Sir, I will teach anything and everything that YOU say.

The stress specifically on the YOU makes both me and the people around squirm. I smile and decide to play along her lines. A few murmurs start to happen and everybody is totally focused on the skit. A sense of interest makes me happy and Sunita is beaming, as if the skit is already over.

Me : Miss, this post has been created by WHO, World Health Organization. This post covers topics which relate to physical body, it's pleasures and pains. There prime interest is to educate the youngsters about each and every part of the body, only the external organs. You WILL have to demonstrate it to them practically -- the pleasures and pains associated with it. Do you get me now why I subtly don't want you to take this post?

Sunita, at this moment, had 'A' look on her face. The whole place was totally silent and mildly ignited as well. You could say THE fire has started to ignite in a few minds and bodies.

She : Sir, I have no issues with that. I will ensure that each and every student excels in THE subject that I take. I will PERSONALLY ensure there excellence in every single detail. If that needs extra hours, I will do that as well. Anything YOU say Sir, will be taken care of.

The way Sunita was coming on to me made my crotch burn with anticipation of things to come or was I imagining to many permutations and combinations. I could see change of colors, on her cheek, as Sunita looked around what people were looking like. I think all the attention and lust that she saw around made her more confident and I knew it now that it was time to subtly move into TOP GEAR now.

Me : Sunita, there might be certain requests from students which you might inappropriate but will still have to clarify them. Some of them can be rather annoying, being in the profession I guess you know how the young students are, always on an overdrive of HORMONES. Are you prepared to handle such situations?

She : Sir, I am single till now and have handled many such situations in my personal life.

Sunita was opening up by the passing second. Her face had a glow of the OTHER kinds. She bent down, in pretext to getting something, and stood back up.

She continued : Sir, I caught you. You were obviously checking me out as I bent down.

I could feel myself blushing as she caught me at my game. A part of me felt embarrassed at being caught and talking like this to my closest friend's wife but a part of me wanted to get back my revenge and prove things otherwise. Fortunately the part wanting revenge won and I continued.

Me : (clearing my throat..continued) I will sign your employment letter right now provided you are able to convince the trustees that you are THE teacher for the subject.

She : (Beaming ears to ears and quite glad) anything and everything that YOU say Sir. When do I get to meet the trustees Sir?

I smile and look around at the crowd. I was glad to see that they all wanted more of what was happening.

Me : (pointing at a few friends..including her hubby) they are the trustees of this esteemed college. I guess you will have to SATISFY them now to get the job. The silence was so deep that one could hear Sunita breath even, in anticipation of things to come. Ashok, Sunita's husband, could see that everyone wanted to ask many things but the relations forced them to keep quiet. Ashok decided to take things in his hand, got up and asked.

Ashok : What is the role of lips, tongue and mouth in our body? Please explain in detail and the demo should be such that each and every member should be able to evaluate, listen, understand and SEE everything that you say and do.

Sunita could feel every cell of her burn, with embarrassment but more with an unknown desire. A desire she had never experienced before. She knew every single person was looking at her and what she would do next. Sunita had never experienced embarrassment and excitement at the same time and THAT rush.

It had been decided by Ashok and Sunita that they would stop at some point when they felt that there was a buzz in the party. She wondered for a few seconds, why was she enjoying this thing going on (never wanting it to stop here) and what her options were at the moment.

There was a wicked smile on her face as her eyes locked with Ashok. Ashok remembered reading it somewhere that LUST and SLUT had the same alphabets and he for one was seeing the materialization of both the words right in front of his eyes.

It was about time for her to decide whether to go forward with the skit or stop it right here. She got up and moved down the steps. The looks on her face confused one and all. Was she really calling it a day or what?

Sunita had a thousand things running up her naughty little brain, she made her way towards the group of men (whom I had pointed out as trustees) and asked Ashok (her husband)...

She : Sir, would you like me to give a demo here and NOW or you would like it someplace personal? Every guy was having a hard time adjusting the visible tent poles in their trousers.. Some wished URGENT relief and some wanted the thing to linger on -- forever. I could see Ashok was getting nervous so I intervened....

Me : Miss, why don't you come back here and demonstrate as our chief trustee has asked you to do.

The walk back up to the stage made it quite clear why she had gone down towards them. Her hips were definitely swaying and gyrating much more than her normal self. Sunita was the perfect seductress at the moment. Every single pair of eyes was focused on her curves as made her way back to the stage. She came up on stage and faced me, others could also see her as well, and smiled her awesome million dollar smile towards me and added..

She : Sir, the first and foremost function of the lips is -- SMILE.

Now that smile was a smile that anybody would die for. She normally had a great smile but today it had so many different colors to it.

Me : Miss, you seem to be good at the physical appearance of things (my eyes linger deliberately at her face for long). We, the trustees, want to know each and every function related. If you don't know then you can certainly excuse yourself out of the interview.

I was hoping that she would take the clue and stop but Sunita was like a lady possessed who did not want the thing to stop at all.

She : Sir, I will tell every single thing that I know about lips for starters and then you and the other esteemed trustees can decide whether to go further with the interview or not. Our lips form a very important part of our face and contribute majorly to our looks. Our lips are very flexible too. Besides this they play a major part in chewing of food and our speech as well. Our lips are very rich in nerve endings which make them very sensitive to cold, heat and touch. Sunita continued ....

She : Due to the very nature of the sensitivity, lips play a very important part when it comes to kissing and performing other acts of intimacy.

Everybody in the room was groping for a break. Silent, dumbstruck and excited are a few expressions one could feel seeing the people in the room.

Giggling, she added : Our lips form an important role when it comes to BLOWing (her eyes convey what she really means by blowing) air into various instruments to play them, to whistle etc. Since it has its own set of muscles, it is the first organ involved in SUCKing -- a child sucking on her mother's breasts to drink milk would be the perfect example.

The party surely had gone on to absolute another level. A level that neither one had conceived or thought of in their wildest dreams.

Me : You seem to have a good knowledge base Miss. I think the trustees here need a practical demonstration of things you just explained to us. We will take a 5 minute break and you can GIVE the practical thereafter.

Break was something everyone was wanting much for obvious reasons. It was a sight to see people as they came out of the washroom, one after another --relaxation quite clearly visible on their faces (after masturbating of course).

Chapter 1