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A Different Party Chapter 2

Sunita's interview continues....

I too had to masturbate to release the sweet pain in damn sore crotch of mine. I came out of the bathroom wondering what more was in store at this party. A few more friends also came out alongside, everybody knew what each one had been doing inside and it was kind of embarrassing since it was our first experience of this kinds.

Hurricane of emotions kept me entangled, a part wanted to go bolder and a part felt odd to continue the skit of this kind and that too with my closest friend's wife. In short, I felt like Jekyll and Hyde. So decided to slow down my thought process a shade and started taking deep, deep breaths as I strode gently towards the stage.

I was stopped about 10 meters from the stage by a group of friends, whom I had addressed as the trustees. By the looks on their faces, i could clearly make out that they were upset about the whole thing. It took a while to hear all they had to say. I could understand their plight so I let them pour out all their anxieties. I then told them that it was not my plan to make the skit something like what had happened and that it was the idea of Ashok and Sunita in the first place. Hearing this smoothened their nerves, a bit. Now the discussions started to change from what had happened to what will happen, everybody wanted to know how i planned to go ahead. The biggest question was how sleazy I will get with Sunita....

I felt much better walking up towards the stage, knowing that my gangs of friends were by my side. I could observe a hush rise as I took my seat because no one expected me to come back on the stage. The hush soon turned to silence as Sunita also got back onto the stage. Our eyes met for a brief second and I knew already I was in trouble. It seemed to be more of a power struggle - who will come out stronger kinds. Her look poked hard at the sleeping devil inside me. It only took a few minutes for me to decide how i was going to take the skit ahead.

Me: Miss, if you are done with your nitty witty things, do you mind demonstrating exactly what i had asked you to ....or will you just go on speaking about it. If you cannot demonstrate it to our trustees here, please tell me so.

Sunita did not expect me to be so very straight to the point. It ruffled her up, a bit and that brought a smile to my face - not to forget, my gang of friends too. It was clearly a battle of ego now. Sunita recollected herself fast, went down towards Ashok, and asked him to come up on stage along with his chair. He placed his chair next to me and settled down.

She: As I was telling you Sir (the stress on the word SIR made me think twice - what her intentions were), lips play a very important part in our life. I will suitably demonstrate it right here in front of you and your trustee here.

Everybody was gasping for air, anticipating her next move. She stood right in front of Ashok and took one of his fingers into hers and put it into her mouth. To start with she let her tongue play with his fingers. Her eyes were playing with mine all the time as she did so. She deliberately let her saliva drip on his fingers. Ashok's fingers almost glistened with her saliva on it. The whole act was suggestive as it is and the effect was exactly happening as she wanted it. Every single male, females too, tried to adjust their view and get the best look possible of the act that was happening. Ashok was putting up a brave face somehow and so can be said for me as well. She took every single person with surprise as took his finger deep into her mouth next and started to suck hard. A few moans could be clearly heard along with hers as well. She broke away, started to once again play her pink tongue all around his fingers once more and stopped.

She: Sir, I hope this must have given you a practical demonstration of lips and tongue. Tongue is used to lick up things, though its primary function is to help break up food but I cannot possibly demonstrate that.

My so called gang of friends were dumbfounded and there looks conveyed that they had switched sides. Now it was for me to decide how to turn the tables back on her. My own ego was crushing me and my brain hard. I knew I had to react fast before she conquered all.

Me: that indeed was a lovely demo of what you told us but I believe you had told us before about the more intimate acts performed by lips and tongue - we would want to have an exact demo of what you meant since we want our students to know EVERYTHING once they leave this place.

I could see Sunita blushing and blushing hard. She had never expected and speaking the truth neither had I expected to ask this question myself. Ashok was smiling ears to ears - I wondered why.....

You could hear the sound of breaths, the silence was such. Every passing second was a torment to one and all present there anticipating, wanting and all. I had the upper hand once again and it was my turn to give Sunita - THE LOOK. It indeed was turning up to be a battle of ego's, mind and body as well. The whole thing got on to the head of my friends, one of them just clapped out of excitement. Boy, he got some stares. The better part of me wanted this thing to end here but the devil inside me wished otherwise.

Me: Should we call this interview off or what miss?

The way i spoke really irked Sunita and now she looked as if devil possessed her.

She: (coming very close to my face, i could feel her hot breath on my cheeks) Sir, would you like me to demonstrate all the intimate acts which can be performed using lips and tongue?

Now it was my turn to answer her, not to mention blush as well and hard. Ashok, however, was the one having the time of his life, I wondered again - why......

Ashok: To start with please demonstrate us an act, which according to you is the basic and yet every single male and female don't know about it nicely. We possibly might ask you to demonstrate ALL the things one can do with lips and tongue later as the interview goes on and if you are able to go on as well with those demonstrations.

This was some relief as Ashok barged in and saved me from the situation but it opened a whole new ball game. My gut told me that the skit was going to get sexual now.

She: Sir, I personally feel the most intimate act that everyone should know is KISSING. I can challenge that half the boys/girls who do it, don't actually know the whole act. I would like to give a practical demonstration of this act as it is very dear to me.

A few in the crowd were almost jumping, to get to see the thing more clearly but on the whole every single pair of eye was totally focused on the stage. It was a time to make a decision for me - whether to stop or go ahead and push some more.

Ashok: that's well said miss and rightly so, I cannot agree more to what you say.

Me: since we agree on the basic act, please give us a detailed demo along with the exact style in which you will demonstrate the students, that will help us decide whether you are able to convince them or not. To start with Mr. Ashok here is your student. So start your demo please.

She was totally ready to beat the hell out of me. Her eye had that look of a lady in total control and i was the one looking for escapes. I had never anticipated such a thing to ever happen between us friends. Every single thing she said and did was making me wonder if i did the right thing ... but again.... there was a devil inside me who just would not stop at anything.

Me: start please. I also request all the trustees here (pointing at my gang of friends) to come up on stage and tell their opinion on the whole act as we have to decide whether you are worth the job or not.

I was trying to make it as hard for her as possible and she was taking every single challenge up like a champion SLUT. She just added a few shades more to her cheek and waited for all the trustees to come up on stage. Every single guy tried to rush and get the best view possible.

She: I would have loved to personally demonstrate it to every single trustee present here but since you have made Mr. Ashok your representative, I will give all my demonstrations using him as the student. I hope to pass your rigorous tests Sir.

Her timing of words was so perfect and precise that we were the ones blushing harder than her. A few friends could not dare to look her in the eyes and were looking down but some were getting bolder by the moment. I was happy for that. I just blinked at Ashok as Sunita made her first move towards him. Ashok just sat there and did not mind a bit of what was going on and what was going to happen further.

The one thing that we all, on stage, could hear clearly was our HEARTBEATS. Every single person on stage had a super fast heartbeat and a nervousness to manage (somehow).

She : there are so many kind of kisses that one can endlessly go on telling about them, not to mention give demonstrations as well. i will try my best to cover as much as possible in this brief period of time.

She was getting confident with every passing second and we all were getting horny and uneasy watching her.

She: Sir, a kiss can be of many types but I am primarily demonstrating two types of kisses - an emotional kiss which invigorates a lot of emotion in both the partners and the other one is a kiss of lust - rough and hard.

We all were just spectators to what she was saying, gulping and groping.

She got real close to Ashok, close enough for a few to give out sighs of desperation. She was teasing our brains out at the moment. She ensured that every single person was having the toughest time of life as she broke away from Ashok and looked into our eyes, locking eyes with literally everyone. Ashok too was feeling the heat now. He caught her neck and pulled her towards him with quite a force, she stopped him and looked back again at us.

She: Now this is what i meant by the kiss of lust, an uncontrollable urge just to kiss.

And she removed her hand and got into a battle of lip lock with Ashok. It was some sight in front of our eyes. An aggressive woman going for her prey and the prey was equally going for her. I just hoped that this lip lock went on forever. And it did - a few guys were almost glistening there dry lips, another set were busy managing their raging tent poles and a few were just shocked dumb. The whole hall was engulfed with their muffled moans and teeth banging mildly against each other as they kissed rough.

Ashok caught her hairs hard and pulled away from her to catch up some air. Sunita was a lady possessed now and she cared a damn what others felt, she placed her hands back onto his cheeks and pulled him back towards her and again ensued the battle of their lips. A few drops of saliva leaked outside their lips but they hardly cared. Ashok was frisking her back freely now, almost giving us a heart attack as well. Sunita then broke away from the kiss and looked once again at us....

She: I guess, Sir, you are satisfied with one type of the kiss that I was wanted to display. I will now go on to the other kiss that i just mentioned. It is an emotional kiss... a kiss with lots of softness and intimacy. Sir would you like me to display the kiss to the trustee here or would any other trustee like to take the demonstration?

Everybody was internally cursing her for being such a bitch but she clearly had the top hand. Ashok was the one who gave us the shock of life... we never expected these words from him...

Ashok: i give you a 100% on the kiss that you just demonstrated. I think you should demonstrate it to the other trustees so that they can assess too, some here might feel that i am giving a biased opinion for this young lady here. I think you can give a demonstration of the emotional kiss to SIR here (he pointed towards me)....

To be continued........

Chapter 2