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A Different Party Chapter 5

Sunita and Seema explore a bit of each other.

The whole group looked forward to how Sunita would react. It could not be denied that every single male would simply love if this act went forward and so it reflected on their faces as well. The ladies gave mixed feelers and looks. One thing was common though every single person present in the group was super horny.

Sunita face gave the look of being confused but her eyes made it clear that she was going to go ahead with this act.

Sunita: "What was your question Seema?"

Seema (Anoop's wife): "Miss, can you teach and give a girl an equally emotional kiss?"

Sunita's voice had the tone like that of a teacher - soft, stern and commanding. It justified the act so much more.

Sunita: "Since you are a student, I am intrigued by your question. You have the looks of a model and a figure to go along with that too."

Seema (barging in): "I got married early with the love of my life (looking at Ashok) and I am completing my studies now."

Since the whole act was that of teaching students in a class, everything happening had to be on those lines. Seema's new angle, of being a married student, added newer dimensions to the whole thing happening.

Sunita: "Well...well...well. I am sure you must have had a lot of dicks by the time you got married, how many to be exact?"

Seema sure felt the effect of the question, her face quite white and her body trembled.

Seema: "How is this relevant to the question I asked? You please clarify the question I asked you."

Sunita: "It is relevant to the question you asked. (Looking towards Anoop - Seema's husband) If you don't want to answer it, i can understand. It is fine.

Seema: "If that is the case than I will surely answer your question."

Anoop kept his finger crossed and waited for her answer....

Seema: "I never had any boyfriend before my marriage."

Sunita (chuckling): "Is a boyfriend necessary for having a dick?"

Seema visually blushed at Sunita's question. A few male members of the group were very obviously stroking there dick's (through their pants) and the rest were busy adjusting their tent poles.

Seema: "I quite understand your implication. If you want a very clear answer to your question - NO, I never had any dick before my marriage."

Anoop felt a sigh of relief hearing the answer, his face and whole being relaxed hearing this.

Seema: "Now that I have answered your question, you please answer mine. If you are not able to give a suitable demonstration of what I had asked you, please tell the trustees the same. I think there is no need to mention that the job will be open to other suitable teacher."

The tone with which Seema spoke was quite challenging and it must have poked at Sunita's ego hard, quite hard. Everything that had happened up till now was more in lighter, adultish senses but the turn that this act took was much more serious. They both wanted the attention and wanted to prove to others as well that they were the best.

Sunita: "I think you should leave that decision to the trustees and not bug your little head over that. As for your question, I personally believe that it is not much of an issue. I will clarify it to you in a bit. Have patience and answer a few more of my questions"

Sunita acted and sounded more like a bitch at this point of time.

Sunita: "I would like to ponder a bit here and ask you before I go any further. How is your sex life?"

Seema's cheek colored up a lot more as she tried to answer...

Seema: "We have sex more than 5 times a week, if that is what you want to know."

Anoop and Seema were married for more than 3 years now and an average of more than 5 times a week left people guessing. Every present couple was looking towards their partner, trying to digest these averages.

Sunita: "That is QUITE some average. So who ensures that the average is maintained?"

Seema (with pride): "Marriage is all about co-ordination and you can say it is a co-ordinated effort which keeps IT going."

Sunita: "So you mean to say that you are equally active and excite him to get into the bed?"

Sunita's questioning was getting people nervous. I for one knew that Seema was in great trouble.

Seema: "Yes. Should I need to add that it is THE love that we have for each other that keeps IT going as well"

Sunita: "hmmm. So you have the two most important ingredients going in your life - love for each other and a great sex life as well. That is very nice, so very nice. Then why does this question come to your mind, the question that you had asked me."

Seema visually freaked out. She knew that Sunita had gained the upper hand and was coming all guns blazing at her.

Seema: "You can say it is curiosity."

Sunita: "I think it is more than curiosity. I will answer your question here. Yes, I can teach and give a girl an equally emotional kiss. Do you want to learn?"

Seema was totally cornered and did not know how to react. Ashok sensed a need to barge in and help Seema out.

Ashok: "Well, Miss everybody has certain desires and kinks. One explores them in their mind and we term them as fantasies. We can all see it quite clearly that Seema here asked a question and she got the reply from you as well. Maybe she had this deep desire to ask you the question. Is it necessary that one acts out all their fantasies?"

Ashok's answer made it quite clear to Sunita to cool down and let the act return to the adultish lines once again.

Sunita: "Sir, I think you got me wrong. I did not mean to embarrass or challenge anyone. Seema here answered us very truthfully for which I am quite grateful as well. Whether I get this job or not - hardly matters but I really want her to answer my question. She had asked me one and I had truthfully answered her question so I am entitled for an answer to my question as well."

Everybody could sense that this act was far from over and neither lady was going down without a fight.

Seema: "I had just asked the question cause of my curiosity."

Sunita was not going to let her get away that easily.

Sunita: "I will ask you two more questions but you will have to swear by your husband that you will answer me truthfully."

Seema: "That is lot you ask but I will answer you truthfully since I had asked the question first. Please ask your first question."

Sunita: "Were you BI-CURIOUS before marriage?"

Every single person present felt the weight of this question. Pin drop silence prevailed... as all waited for the answer.

Seema: "What do you mean by bi-curious?"

Sunita: "Don't act innocent please. I am sure you know the meaning quite nicely. Just answer my question please."

Seema: "Yes, I was."

Anoop had a little smile on his face, hearing her answer but no one could make out whether he was upset about the whole issue or was he ok with it.

Sunita: "If you are feeling uncomfortable, please walk down the stage because my next question might disturb you further and your reputation too."

Everybody could feel the care in Sunita's voice. Seema weighed her options and decided to answer the last question.

Sunita: "How many times did you quench THAT thirst of yours?"

Seema: "Which thirst?"

Sunita: "You want everything spilled out, fine. How many times did you get into a physical relation with a girl before your marriage?"

Every single guy looked dreamy, imagining Seema in a lesbian relation.

Seema: "Eight"

Sunita: "Wow. That figure of eight girl's is indeed quite high. I think you are well above the term bi-curious and you can be termed as a proper lesbian."

Seema just stood silently on the stage, her only concern at this point of time was how her husband would take all this. She stole a glance in between to catch a glimpse as to how he reacted to all that was happening. He seemed pretty OK with it and so she decided to carry on. After all it was the first time that such a discussion was happening openly between friends. It had always been a subject of taboo.

Sunita: "What is it that made you a lesbian?"

Seema (giggling naughtily, for the first time): "Isn't that your third question? I really don't know what triggered that need to know a girl more but it just happened."

Sunita: "Your answers will bring out a thousand and one curious questions. Now since the cat is out of the bag, why don't you let us know the cat's point of view? Do you mind being the cat?"

Seema almost purred like one, a cat. She enjoyed being the spotlight of our group at the moment. No one remembered what Sunita had done a few hours ago, only Seema ruled at the moment. Seema just nodded her approval.

Sunita: "Who was the first woman in your life?"

Seema (visually blushing very hard): "It was my closest friend."

Sunita: "Why and how did it start?"

Seema: "I cannot tell the names and details as it would be something like betraying them. I will tell you all that I can. I request you not to ask me more than what I have to say."

Sunita understood what Seema meant and nodded her approval back to her, a silent pact happened.

Seema: "My friend was going steady with her boyfriend. They broke up quite suddenly. She was quite stressed and came over to my place. We discussed the issues from her boyfriend's point of view and from hers as well. We ultimately came to an inference that he could not quite understand her feelings and emotions, what she exactly wanted from the relation and that it was best that the thing was over. She was all smiles after our discussions and it was nice to find my old friend back. We had just switched off the lights and were about to sleep when I got that very feminine smell up my nostrils. I felt like being in a trance as I turned towards her. We just looked at each other's face and into each other's eye the whole night. It felt so nice, easy and comforting. IT just happened. I felt so intimate, so cozy, and so comfortable."

It felt as if no one was breathing even, there was such stillness in the room. I guess people were able to understand that a lesbian relation was much more than what a normal male imagines it to be.

Sunita: "That was so very romantic. If you were so much in love with her then how did the rest of the girls come into picture?"

It seemed like every single person wanted to ask her this question.

Seema: "It so happened that she ran away with that very boy and got married. That incident left me quite hurting and vulnerable. I was in look out for a person who could care, share and love me like her and in that process the relation happened with the other seven girls. Every relation though left me more frustrated and sour."

Sunita: "I understand your state. My last question to you is - why did you ask me to teach you all about an emotional kiss when you know much about it yourself? Why did you need an emotional kiss from me?"

No one knew exactly what to say, how to react to all that happened. The sexual urges had settled down and it was the hearts which were warming up.

Seema: "I have been married to a super guy for the last 3 years and I have had the time of my life. However, I still miss something in my life. A female friend maybe, will you be my female friend?"

Sunita: "I don't know what you see in me that inspire's you to seek me as a friend."

Seema: "I am sure you must have heard of the term - YIN and YANG. You were quite bold to agree to do this act, you had shades of shyness as well. You were constantly switching between being bold and shy. I too have these traits and that is why I feel that you and I will make great friends."

Everyone was listing to both the ladies quite attentively. Act apart, there were certain things to learn for one and all.

Sunita: "You words melt my heart. It will be my privilege to be your friend. At this moment though, I can only be a teacher who if a friend as well. Are you still a game for learning all about the emotional kiss girls share?"

Every single guy's emotion travelled down south hearing these words, their crotches obviously.

Seema: "Yes, ma'am."

The word "Ma'am" had its own sweet trigger on the people present.

Sunita: "Since you want to share an emotional kiss, what is it that makes you emotional?"

Seema: "Ma'am, It always has been the caring, sharing and love that makes me emotional. I would not have shared my past with anyone if I did not feel emotional about the whole thing. I feel so light and fresh to have shared my past life here. I am already so very emotional now."

A few drops of tear happened as the exchange of dialogues happened. Anoop offered her a hanky and some water to drink.

Sunita: "Settle down. You intrigue me a lot. I would still like to know why you need an emotional kiss from a girl, despite having such a loving husband and a sexy marriage."

Seema: "I already told you everything already."

Sunita knew it was about time she took charge of the act.

Sunita: "Which idea attracts you the most when it comes to imagining a girl? I don't want comments from the audience, it is Seema who has to answer it."

Sunita's stern voice, the look at audience and Seema both were becoming the perfect trigger. It has always been so that the one thing that you tell a person not to do - is what he will want to do the most.

Seema: "I already told you the yin and yang part of my liking. As for some other things which also attract me are the softness of her body and the feminine smell too."

Sunita and Seema could feel the cheeks heating up. Anoop's comment triggered it some more "Go ahead Seema and smell Ma'am. Please tell us as well how she smells?"

Seema could feel a cold wave travel up her spine hearing it, especially from her husband. Sunita face was emitting the glow of lust hearing the comment. She herself went on to the centre of stage and waited for Seema to follow her cue.

Everything that was happening was like a dream come true for Seema. She shut herself off from the world and people ogling at her and focused herself totally on Sunita. She gently moved around Sunita and checked her out. Seema was not only radiating her feminine smell but a bit of her sex smell as well.

As they came face to face with each other, Seema stopped and stooped towards Sunita's neck and gently took a whiff of her feminine smells.

Seema: "She smells quite like a lady - sweet, distinctive and sexy."

Ashok now commented "Is she SOFT as well?"

Both Seema and Sunita were biting their lower lips hearing the comment, everybody was imagining how Seema would come to know about Sunita's soft body parts and so were Sunita and Seema as well. Sunita could see that Seema was slightly hesitant, Seema needed a bit of prodding to go further. Sunita took Seema's palm and placed it on her cheeks.

Half the guys were going nuts, imagining how they would kiss each other.

A subtle current passed between them as Seema touched Sunita's cheek. She found them to be so soft, supple and smooth. Seema felt a need to kiss Sunita quite urgently. Sunita understood the need, came close to her and whispered something in her ear's which made Seema blush quite hard.

It was quite clear that Sunita was coaxing Seema out of her cocoon and she was successful too.

Seema: "Such a pity, none of you asked me what she whispered in my ears. She told me that she is not just soft on her cheeks, she is soft at other places too."

A few guys looked as if they had stopped breathing all together.

Seema let her fingers play with Sunita's ears, side of necks for a bit before she made her sit in the chair. Seema was now gently feeling and massaging Sunita's shoulders. The look every person had on their faces, along with her (Sunita's) own buildup forced her to close her eyes. Her mind went on a wild ride of fantasies. A thousand thoughts and images flashed in her mind. She lost track of time and herself in the process.

Sunita came to senses as she heard the comment "How soft are her boobs?"

Sunita snapped out of her trance hearing the comment. She blushed even harder imagining herself being lost in her fantasies while Seema was doing all this to her in front of so many friends. She wondered what all Seema had done while she was lost in her imaginations.

Seema: "She is quite soft here on the cleavage."

Sunita was shocked to see that a button of her blouse was already undone and Seema's fingers were gently prying on the area around her cleavage and the top of her blouse. She felt being enveloped in a wave of warmness imagining what all was going to happen. She closed her eyes once again and a moan somehow leaked her lips.

My remark was the cheapest one yet "One has to squeeze, knead, massage, lick and touch it to know about the overall softness. You have touched it a lot, now go for the rest of it. It is best experienced bare skin."

The timing was absolutely perfect. Seema was about to squeeze Sunita's boobs, my remark just made it easy for her. The only thing she neglected was the bare skin part. Seema slowly pressed her palms into Sunita's boobs. She massaged them nice and slow. Every squeeze made the guys squirm some more, some of them shamelessly were squeezing their dicks in sync with Seema squeezing Sunita's boobs. The whole atmosphere was charged with pure lust.

Another comment came in "Are her nipples soft as well? Please check and tell."

Sunita was shaking with lust. One could see her and clearly make out that even a touch around her crotch area would trigger an orgasm. She stood there like a doll waiting to be explored, some more. The comments were making the environment more salacious for her. Sunita's expressions changed all of a sudden and she was no more the doll waiting to be explored, she switched roles with Seema. It was Seema's chance to become the doll. Either ways the guys were more than happy.

Sunita was in total control of the situation, Seema too. Seema almost seemed like a slave to Sunita, giving responses to every single thing Sunita did. The only thing that did not happen was the kiss. Though Sunita did make advances a few times but Sunita, it seemed, was enjoying torturing her some more by denying her the kiss. Seema looked so desperate and vulnerable.

I intruded once again "We all are gathered here not to witness you both enjoying yourselves. You are supposed to demonstrate an emotional kiss between two ladies, please do the same now. We the trustees would like to check out your other teaching skills as well."

It was a mistake on my part to pass a comment when Sunita was on a streak where she was the bold one. I had done the same thing before but had somehow managed saving my image. I crossed my fingers waiting for her reactions.

Sunita: "I ensure that every student is taught properly and in detail. If you want someone to give a faster demonstration, please reject my application."

I was totally cornered. Every single guy had left rubbing their tent poles and looked at me - accusing me with destroying the fun kind of look. Ashok barged in to help me out of the tight spot.

Ashok: "What you are saying is absolutely right. Our students pay a good deal and they deserve a detailed explanation as well. The only problem is that today being a New Year's Eve, we don't have the time to check out all your skill sets. We will arrange a meet sometimes soon to check out your in depth teaching skills."

Sunita visibly cooled down. I sighed a breath of relief but with a dent in my image. Sunita had won this egoic mini battle, I would have to be patient to win mine.

Sunita: "I agree to what you say Sir. I think we have enough time to explore a few more of my skills and then we can call it a day. You words encourage me much. However, I request you only to appoint me when I have demonstrated each and every thing you want me to explain to your students. It is a humble request."

Ashok smiled and nodded for her to carry on. Sunita reddened up almost seeing Ashok nod, it felt as if she was being ordered to go on and kiss Seema. She got lost in her thoughts for a few seconds as that order from Ashok made her so much more excited.

Someone from the friends said "Wish our Biology teacher was also that obedient."

Sunita felt a rush like never before. She was already feeling excited by Ashok's order and the follow up comment confirmed it even more, especially with the stress on the word "obedient". Her body and mind were in a total bliss with this new discovery.

She was feeling too horny herself and could not control the need to kiss Seema anymore. She looked into Seema's eyes for a brief second, it seemed so much was being communicated in this silence as well. They both felt out of control urge to just feel each other. Seema just rushed herself into Sunita and hugged her. Seema was holding on too tight to Sunita, was she experiencing orgasms? Well this is what everybody thought seeing them.

Sunita pushed Seema a bit away and slowly slid herself on to Seema's mouth. In between the kisses, Sunita was kissing Seema's hair, forehead, eyelids, nose, cheeks, ears, nibbling at her earlobes. They both were so lost in each other's embrace that neither realized what all they were doing. They had felt each other's body with love and with lust as well. The touches of love titillated the minds of one and all. No need to mention what all experienced as love turned to lust.

Sunita and Seema licked, kissed and enjoyed each other to the delight of not only each other but the people around as well. There lust knew no bounds and neither did their hands. Seema had unbuttoned Sunita's blouse in the process of feeling her. The first glimpse of her bra and the skin around her bra left every single male in a spell of doom. Every single pair of eye was literally tearing apart the bra. My eyes were shining though as I looked at it as an opportunity as well. It was time to settle a score of my own.

Both of them were so engrossed with each other that neither felt my presence near them. I got within a feet of them and cleared my throat loudly.

Me: "Did you notice that your blouse has been opened?"

It was more of a statement then a question. It was time to win back the mini egoic battle which I had just lost. I went in close to Sunita and searched quite leisurely for the mic, in the process felt her raw skin quite nicely as well.

Me (looking towards Seema now): "Do you want me to put it on her bra or do you guys plan to remove that as well?"

My face was already gleaming with victory. I knew, for sure, that it would be too much for either of them to react and answer. As expected, they just stood there silently.

Me: "Your silence conveys that you will remove the bra as well. Let me search for a safer place then. I think it will be best if I stand here, watch you guys do whatever you have in mind - with the mic in my hand"

Their cheeks were coloring up quite nicely and I loved every bit of it.

Me: "We can do one more thing as well. We can put the mic on Seema's blouse. Can I?"

My gut was telling me to stop but it was my ego which was enjoying the taunting that was happening. My gut had never been wrong and I knew I was done the minute I looked at their faces.

Sunita: "I think it would be best if you stood here and caught the mic in your hand."

Seema: "Maybe our clothes as well, the ones we remove."

Seema helped Sunita remove her blouse all together from her body. Over eyes locked as she walked towards me and draped the blouse on my face. I found the act so erotic that I forgot all about ego and everything. I was imagining that this very blouse was there on Sunita's body a few moments ago and now it was draped on me. I got bolder and took the blouse in my hand, undid my zipper and was stroking my penis with the blouse in my hand. Both the girls were mesmerized as well and so was the crowd.

A comment jolted one and all because it came from Seema "I pass her in flying colors for the demonstration of an emotional kiss that I had requested. I will explore many more such girlie stuff with her. The time that we have at hand is only enough for one more demonstration to happen. Seeing the state of you guys out there, I feel a proper demonstration of what bukake is would be the best closing for this party. What do you guys say?"

To be continued .... (of course)...

Chapter 5