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Me And My Father In Law Part XLV

Rekha told us that Maya was her best friend and she was a good girl and also that they both masturbated together but never did any lesbian sex. She also told that Rekha takes much bigger things in her pucchi but is afraid of getting pregnant with real cocks so she avoids sex. She begged us to forgive her and teach her what sex really is!

Rekha! Seema madam taught me everything today and she also gave me instructions for safe sex, fucking cocks without getting pregnant. She gave me those pills which I will give you too, so that there is no fear of pregnancy. Today they will use condom or cum outside the pucchi so don?t worry and enjoy.

Baba and my husband were already naked with their cocks inside Divya and Sujata?s pucchi Baba told me that Maya should be naked and tied with a rope her hands to be tied behind her back and she should sit on the couch with her legs spread wide. So I proceeded to obey the orders of baba everybody including Sujata were shocked as baba never tied anybody till today. We did not know what was in baba?s mind! I ripped off the clothes of

Maya, her blouse was torn and skirt buttons broken. I knew baba wanted this to be done in this rough fashion. I took a dupatta and tied Maya?s hands behind and made her sit on the couch with her legs spread wide. I told baba that maya was ready for punishment! Baba asked me to bring the biggest dildo along with other smaller dildos that his son had brought. I went to my room and fetched four dildos; the biggest was 12 inches long and very thick too.

Baba gave one dildo to each woman and asked us to put it anywhere in any of her holes, pucchi, ass mouth and anywhere we liked. I took the biggest dildo and started to push it in her pucchi. She cried as the massive dildo entered the pucchi. Her pucchi was wet and so I could slide the dildo easily in her pucchi. Rekha had told correctly as I could push the dildo easily inside her pucchi, with little efforts. I said,

Baba! Her pucchi had taken bigger thing than the biggest dildo. She is real randi! I think she has taken many cocks here and tells us that she is good girl. She is a slut baba! Now I will show her what slut should take in her pucchi. Sujata! Come here and push the smallest dildo along with this big one. I want to tear her pucchi apart! Sujata came near me and placed the small dildo near the big one and pushed it inside.

Maya cried as her pucchi was stretched to the limit and begged us not to put the second dildo. Sujata did not bother but pushed it further and half of the small dildo entered her stretched choot. I asked Sujata to fuck her with it and I too started to move the big dildo in and out of that pucchi. Divya had put the dildo in Mayas mouth and started to push it roughly inside her mouth.

More than half the dildo entered her mouth and then Divya pushed remaining half inside her pucchi and started to hump her mouth and her own pucchi. I asked Rekha to fuck Maya?s asshole and Maya was shocked to hear this. Rekha pushed the dildo in her ass hole and found her asshole very tight. She asked baba what to do?

Baba told her to put Petroleum jelly on her asshole and dildo and push it hard so that her ass muscles are stretched to take the dildo. Rekha did this and pushed the dildo again! Wow! The entire dildo vanished in Maya?s asshole. So here was Maya with all the four dildos inside her three holes! We all started to fuck her with the dildos and Maya started to enjoy the fucking.

We took her near her climax and stopped fucking her. Maya could not do anything but just moved her ass in fucking motion. I slapped her and asked her to lay still and asked baba what to do further. Baba told us to remove the dildos and asked us to make Maya sit straight on the couch. He took one rope and tied it around her breasts making them bulge out with her nipples looking prominent.

We could see the blood vessels on her boobs clearly as they were engrossed with the blood due to the pressure of the rope. He then asked Rekha to go down on her friend and lick her pucchi. I was told to sit on Mayas face and rub my pucchi on her face. Divya was to rub her pucchi on the breast of Maya. Sujata was to press and pinch her other breast roughly while baba,

Sunil and Rohit stood near Maya and showed her their hard cocks as they massaged them. Baba told us to excite her and not to make her near her orgasm.. Rekha now licked her clitoris and when she found her excited she used to stop licking her clit and rub her own pussy in front of her friend. I was rubbing my choot on her face, nose and everywhere making her face wet with my juice.

Sujata was pressing her bulged breasts and also pulling the ropes tight also that Maya felt some pain there. She also pinched her nipples hard and made her cry out. Divya rubbed her pucchi on Mayas nipple and enjoyed it. All the men were teasing her with their hard lunds. Maya was delirious and was on the peak of excitement and must be needing release as she said oohhh

Rekha! Please stop this! Ask our master to give me some relief or I will become mad. I can do anything now for getting those three cocks! Baba! Please allow me to cum! I am sorry I abused the sex and called Sujatatai and Divya dirty! Please forgive me and release me saying so she started to beg and cry and she fell from the couch and caught baba?s legs and prayed for mercy.

It was exciting to watch this naked girl with her hands and breasts tied rolling on the floor. Maya! The punishment has just started! Now we are going to fuck these women in front of you and you will just watch. We want you to beg for fucking your dirty pucchi and make you a dirty whore always begging for cock! Come on girls lie on the floor around Maya and we will fuck you and make this slut watch!

Divya will use the dildo on both her holes and will fuck anybody she likes. Rohit went to Sujata as he had not fucked her. I asked Sunil to fuck the young girl, Rekha, and since Baba was my lover I preferred him. Each one spread their partner?s legs and pushed their excited cocks in the pucchies. Sujata liked Rohit?s big Lund and was begging him to fuck her deep and hard.

Ohhh Rohit! Your Lund is so big Seema correctly found you to fuck us. Your big cock is tearing my pucchi apart! Show that whore Maya what is fucking. Let her beg for your Lund! Divya lay near Maya?s face and pushed one dildo in her pucchi and the other in her asshole. She was teasing Maya! See Maya rand! This is called fucking. Two lunds at the same time! Seematai and

Sujatatai take two cocks in their pucchi and asshole. I am of your age but I still can fuck three cocks together watch me randi each one of us teased Maya and finally Maya was begging for cocks! She wanted to fuck all those cocks here and lick all the pucchies too. We all stopped fucking and gathered around Maya who was lying on the floor begging for cocks and pucchies.

Ohhh Master! I am your slut and Randi! I want to be fucked by you and other men here and anybody you tell me! I can even lick pucchies of all the women here and anyone you tell me. I can fuck anybody even a dog and horse! But I want relief now! Please allow me to fuck and cum. Give me relief master! Randi! I will make you fuck a dog and horse too! And you deserve to be fucked all the time.

I will allow you to fuck now but you must fill all your holes and use both of your hands and legs to pleasure us all together saying so baba untied the ropes and freed Maya?s hands and breasts. Maya stretched her hands and said that she was ready to be fucked. Baba told my husband his son that he should lie on the floor and told Maya to ride his lund.

Maya at once went over him and sat on my husband?s Lund and lay on his body kissing him hungrily and started to fuck him. That made Maya?s ass open for assault. Baba took the rope and spanked the poor girl and made her ass red! He then asked Rohit to push his massive lund in Maya?s asshole. Maya requested baba to spare her asshole from Rohit?s massive cock but she was undergoing punishment so baba said that she had no choice.

Her ass was already lubricated and Rohit pushed his Lund mercilessly into the tender asshole of Maya. Maya shouted in pain and began to cry. I slapped her and asked her to enjoy what was given to her. Rohit felt resistance at her sphincter and stopped pushing. I told Rohit to push his cock without any mercy for Maya. I went to Rohit and pushed his ass hard making Maya shout in pain as her sphincter muscles were stretched beyond the limits.

We showed no mercy! Suddenly Rohit?s Lund went into Mayas asshole to the hilt. Maya almost fainted in pain and I had to hit her to bring back to senses. Her eyes looked pale and she could not move her ass at all. I told Rohit to fuck the hell out of her asshole and Rohit went at his full speed! Now baba thrust his Lund in Maya?s mouth and started to fuck her there. Thus all the three holes of Maya were filled with cocks and all the cocks were fucking each hole.

Her hands and legs were free for us to enjoy! I and Sujata took her hands and placed them on our pucchies and asked her to rub our pucchies. Divya went to her foot and rubbed her pucchi on it. Her one leg was still free! Rohit took it and started to lick her toes as he fucked her ass. So we all were enjoying Maya?s body and we all enjoyed the punishment and Maya too now recovered from the assault on her ass and started to enjoy the fucking three men were giving her.

Part XLV