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Me And My Father In Law Part XLVI

This was so weird! Maya was now moving her ass faster and even sucked baba?s cock with lust. We all used her hand to masturbate ourselves and Divya had Maya?s toe in her pucchi and was humping it greedily. Maya?s body stiffened and she fell on my husband?s body and lay still. She had big orgasm!

All the men got up and I woke Maya and told her to take the precious cum of the men on her body. Baba stood near her face and rubbed his cock. I went to his assistance and masturbated him so that he would shoot his sperm on Mayas face. Divya took Rohit?s cock in her small hand and rubbed it.

Rekha took my husbands cock and spat on it and then rubbed it had. Maya was watching this and soon she had her body covered in semen! Baba shot on her face, Rohit on her boobs and my husband on her stomach and belly. Maya rubbed all the cum on her body had satisfied smile on her face.

We women rubbed our wet pucchies on her breasts and made her take our juice on her body. Then we lifted her to the bathroom and gave her nice bath with hot water. That was a big orgy we had after Divya?s deflowering!

That day Meghana phoned me and told me that she and Swati wanted to meet Divya, my baby MIL. I told her that I will try to arrange the meeting and also told her about my husband. I told her that he had come from USA and was introduced to our group.

Meghana was very happy and asked me if she can taste his cock. I said yes! She then told me that she wanted to go with me for shopping in the afternoon as she had to purchase shoes and other things. I agreed! I told my husband and baba that they should take us to shopping in the afternoon and that Meghana would also join us.

My husband was very delighted and happily agreed. Today I dressed a bit differently. I wore western clothes instead of Indian sari. Sunil had brought tight blue skirt and low necked semitransparent white top with front buttons. I preferred this just to show off my thighs and my breasts along with nipples poking out.

Baba appreciated my dress and told me that I can seduce anybody in this dress. Today they wanted me to show Meghana the thrills of exhibitionism and give her some fun. I asked Meghana to wear similar type of dress and told her to do light make up.

Meghana arrived at our house and I introduced my husband to her. Sunil looked at her and said that she was very beautiful and sexy. Meghana blushed and looked at me. I told her that my husband knows everything about Pandit family and is eager to meet each one. Just then baba came and looked Meghana over.

He went to her and undid the top button of her top so that her breasts looked seductive. I told them that they can talk while we go to the market.
Baba was driving the car and I sat next to him. Sunil and Meghana preferred back seat as Sunil wanted to talk to Meghana.

Baba started the car and we proceeded to the market. I pushed my tight skirt up and started to finger my pucchi, looking at baba. Just looking at my FIL had made my pucchi so wet that my finger slid in easily. I put the finger to baba?s mouth and he slowly licked it.

Bahu! Have some shame! Your husband is sitting on the back seat and you are giving his father taste of your pucchi! You are so shameless Bahu! Now since you are rubbing your pucchi just take my Lund in your hand and rub it and be more shameless and see how hard it is!

I bent down and unzipped baba?s pant and took out his Lund. Wow! It was so hard and I could not resist putting my mouth on it, and sucking it. My husband peeked over the seat and saw me sucking his father?s cock and said Meghana! See my wife sucking her FIL?s lund.

Wow! She is real slut and Randi! Baba you have made her sex hungry whore! Watching that made me so hard! What can I do other than watch? Sunil Bhayya! I am here to take care of you! So relax and watch the show while I suck that nice cock of yours.

Do you want to watch my nice and hard breasts? see! Here they are saying so, Meghana unbuttoned her top and held her breasts for my husband. We were in a running car, dear readers! It was thrill doing it this way! My husband caught the two breasts and pressed them to judge the hardness.

Meghana raised her skirt and showed my husband her hairy pucchi. My husband did not know what to do, watching both her breasts and pucchi. He used one hand for her breasts and with the other hand he fingered her pucchi, all the time watching me suck his father?s cock.

I knew he wanted to fuck Meghana but this was not the proper time and place. I stopped sucking FILS cock as we had come near the market and asked Meghana to button up her top and adjust her dress. I had other plans and wanted to show Meghana the thrills of exhibitionism.

My husband looked nervous as he could not fuck Meghana so I assured him that I will give him chance to fuck her shortly. We parked the car and got out. I told FIL and my husband that we girls will pair up and pretend that we both are together and that baba and Sunil will just follow us where ever we go. This rule must be followed for exhibitionism

I took Meghana?s hand in my hand and we started to search for suitable shoe shop. We found one exclusive shop opposite to Sambhaji Park prominent garden near Deccan Gymkhana and selected it. Since our dress was modern the salesmen thought that we are some models and greeted us.

We were taken to a sofa set and we sat there crossing our legs. The shop was really deserted at this odd time. We were attended by one young boy and one middle aged man who introduced themselves as Harish, the boy and Madan, the middle aged man. They asked us what type of footwear we wanted to buy.

I told them to bring high heel sandals of different heights for Meghana my sister. Meghana had not put one button on her top and her cleavage was clearly visible from the low necked top as she was not wearing any bra. May be one could observe the nipples poking out too if she bent.

Her thighs looked very smooth and sexy. My condition was not different either. I had low cut blouse and short tight skirt and I too looked very sexy and seductive. The two sales men looked very much excited and ready to serve us and we both sat on the couch and waited for the salesman to bring the sandals.

I adjusted my top so that my cleavage looked very prominent. I whispered in Meghana?s ear and Meghana! You must show your assets to these two men. Bend as much as you can and show them the cleavage. You are not wearing any panties so uncross your legs occasionally and show your pussy too and I just watch their reaction, specially the middle aged man!

This is the first lesson. Let?s see how you do it. Harish had brought 5-6 types of sandals while Madan was carrying other fancy shoes and they sat down near our feet and Harish asked Meghana to put the sandal. Meghana bent down to remove her old sandals and in doing so

Her low neck top sagged and her breasts almost popped out of it. I was watching them! Harish looked at her breasts and Madan too was admiring the tits. Meghana pretended that she can?t remove it and uncrossed her legs to give access to Harish for removing her old sandals.

Her legs were spread and both the men got nice view of her hairy pucchi. I too bent down a little and spread my legs to look down at the two men. Wow! The two men got nice view of our tits and pucchies and I saw some bulge on their tight pants and they forgot to do their work but sat just watching our assets.

I saw Baba and Sunil outside the shop looking inside through the show case and display. I think they too had nice view of our assets as we were facing the road. I also saw two other boys watching through the show case and looking at us. This was exciting! Then I saw baba and Sunil talking to them and pointing at us.

I wondered what they were talking! But after that they were smiling and looking at us with more interest. Here the two salesmen were really excited and Harish finally removed the old sandals of Meghana. He too new pair and asked Meghana to put her leg in it. She bent again and requested him to do it himself.

Harish held Meghana?s leg and slowly inserted in the sandal while doing so I saw him caressing her leg more than necessary. His bulge was very prominent now and he even tried to adjust his hard cock. Madan was just watching us and his cock also showed prominently over the pants.

Meghana had bent down and her tits were almost in line with the head of Harish and as Harish was fastening the sandal his head brushed on Meghana?s breasts. Wow! That was erotic. Meghana felt electric current pass through her body and sighed deeply. Harish too was breathing faster and his hands were shaking.

Meghana did not move her body but let it remain in the same position. She spread her legs more and now her pucchi was in front of Harish, very near to his face. I could see that Harish was closely watching Meghana?s pucchi and trying to fit her leg in the sandal. Madan was also watching the erotic sight and he came and sat near me asking me to see some of the sandals he had brought.

I also bent down and spread my legs to give him double view of my tits and pucchi. Madan was fascinated by the sight and he touched my leg to remove my sandal and could not remove his hands from the leg.

He then caught my leg and started to move his hand on the foot, making me tingle. He then looked directly at me and smiled. I wanted to tease him and so I too returned the smile and spread my legs wider. My eyes were inviting him to go ahead further and he got the message!

I bent down and again gave him view of my breasts. He was very near to my body and could easily touch my pussy or breast if he dared. I watched Meghana and Harish. Harish was excited and started to caress the leg of Meghana.

I looked around and found that the manager was at the cash counter which was behind us and could not see what was going on here. That way we had lot of privacy. Baba, Sunil and the two boys with them could only see us above the couch and not anything below.

So I thought it was safe to let the salesmen touch our pucchies. I took the hand of Madan and placed it on my thigh and whispered to him Madan! You can touch me down there. No one is watching us. Go ahead I won?t mind you touch me!

Madan moved his hand on my thighs and caressed them slowly making me horny. He then touched my pucchi and pushed his finger inside. Meghana and Harish too had started some play. Meghana bent down and Harish had his hands inside her top and was caressing her breasts. Meghana straightened up and sat with her legs spread

And moved towards the edge of the couch Harish buried his face in her skirt and started to lick her pucchi. We knew we could not do anything more here so we let them play with our pucchies. Our feet were caressing their cocks and making them cum. I rubbed my feet on Mandan?s cock and Meghana did the same with Harish.

I glanced at baba and Sunil and they were watching the show and I was afraid if they could see anything more. The two boys were also watching us and talking to baba. This made us very hot and I came! My juiced wetted the hand of Madan and he licked them clean.

I increased my speed and made Madan shoot his load inside his pants. Meghana too came and Harish also shot his load in his pants. We adjusted our skirts and tops and the sales men also recovered from the dream they just experienced.

The sales men gave us the mobile number and told us to call them. I said we would definitely call and then I told them to deliver six pairs of sandals at our home in one hour?s time and made the payment at the counter.
We went out and were joined by baba and Sunil.

Baba introduced the boys to us and told us that they will accompany us to our home for a cup of tea lol! For a cup of pussy juice and I told baba that we had the phone number of the sales men and also told him that they will come to deliver the shoes in one hour. Baba was delighted and said the More the merrier