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Me And My Father In Law Part XLVII

Baba, Sunil and the two boys with them could only see us above the couch and not anything below. So I thought it was safe to let the salesmen touch our pucchies. I took the hand of Madan and placed it on my thigh and whispered to him.

Madan! You can touch me down there. No one is watching us. Go ahead I won?t mind you touch me! Madan moved his hand on my thighs and caressed them slowly making me horny. He then touched my pucchi and pushed his finger inside.

Meghana and Harish too had started some play. Meghana bent down and Harish had his hands inside her top and was caressing her breasts. Meghana straightened up and sat with her legs spread and moved towards the edge of the couch.

Harish buried his face in her skirt and started to lick her pucchi. We knew we could not do anything more here so we let them play with our pucchies. Our feet were caressing their cocks and making them cum. I rubbed my feet on Mandan?s cock and Meghana did the same with Harish.

I glanced at baba and Sunil. They were watching the show and I was afraid if they could see anything more. The two boys were also watching us and talking to baba. This made us very hot and I came! My juiced wetted the hand of Madan and he licked them clean.

I increased my speed and made Madan shoot his load inside his pants. Meghana too came and Harish also shot his load in his pants. We adjusted our skirts and tops and the sales men also recovered from the dream they just experienced.

The sales men gave us the mobile number and told us to call them. I said we would definitely call and then I told them to deliver six pairs of sandals at our home in one hour?s time and made the payment at the counter. We went out and were joined by baba and Sunil.

Baba introduced the boys to us and told us that they will accompany us to our home for a cup of tea for a cup of pussy juice! I told baba that we had the phone number of the sales men and also told him that they will come to deliver the shoes in one hour.

Baba was delighted and said the More the merrier! We reached home and took the boys to the living room. I and Meghana went to kitchen to prepare tea and snacks for all of us as we too were hungry.

Divya and Sujata had gone to Sujata?s friend?s house for visiting her as she had just come from USA. I thought of Panditkaka but decided against calling him. I had changed into loose low necked gown and I gave Meghana my loose pajama and top.

The top was semitransparent and low necked so her cleavage and breasts were clearly visible as we served them the snacks our breasts almost poled out and we watched the boys watching them lustily. I also saw the nice bulge of their cocks near the crotch area.

My husband had given me a nice mangalsutra which hung right unto the cleavage of my breasts and now it was moving like a pendulum whenever I bent. Similarly Meghana was wearing a long necklace with diamond pendant and that too was visible at her cleavage whenever she bent.

Baba was watching the reaction of the boys and saw the bulge on their pants. He wanted us to tease them and as we were having tea and snacks baba talked Boys! The elder of the two is my Bahu and Sunil?s wife. The other one is very young and is a friend of my Bahu.

You saw them teasing at the shoe shop and you were interested in them and so we have brought you here to introduce them to you. But today I won?t allow both of you to do anything and you just watch them pleasuring us. Of course you and rub yourselves and do anything but don?t touch them! Is it ok?

We were introduced by baba we just kissed them on the cheeks and held them lightly to our bodies. The boys were nervous and protested but finally agreed to the proposal. Sunil said that he will sit with the boys and watch his wife and Meghana pleasuring his daddy and so he sat on the couch with the boys.

We did not waste any time undressing our selves but immediately went to baba and started to undress him. I unbuttoned his shirt and removed it throwing it at my husband. Meghana undid the pant and took out my FIL?s big Lund.

We both held the proud cock of my FIL in our hands and I showed it to my husband and the boys see this lund! This is the Lund that has fucked many pucchies and has satisfied them. Sunil! You are useless husband and you cannot satisfy my lust but your father can.

Boys my wimp husband is useless and deserves masturbation with your hands as he watches his wife being ravished by his own father. So rub his lund till he cum many times watching me. Now I am going to worship my FIL?s cock with this and I grabbed FIL?s cock and pushed it in my mouth hungrily.

I was watching the trio and saw that my husband had taken out his own cock and was rubbing it slowly watching me suck his father. The boys watched us and were getting very much excited and they too pulled out their cocks and started to rub slowly.

I told them to rub each other so that they could enjoy the show more. So my husband put his hands on the boys? cocks and the boys both had their hand on my husband?s cock. It was so perverted! Each man was rubbing others Lund!

Baba was enjoying my sucking and asked Meghana to come near him so that he could rub her breasts and kiss her. I sucked his cock and then went on to lick his asshole. Wow it tasted so raw! I tried to probe my tongue inside his ass and slowly I got almost all of my tongue there.

FIL was enjoying my rimming his ass, and he in turn started to lick Meghana?s asshole. Wow! This was the first time we loved to lick asshole and wanted to show the boys how dirty we both were. Meghana was very hot now and asked my FIL to fuck her pucchi and requested me to give my pucchi to her for sucking.

Since FIL was hot with my sucking he immediately made Meghana lay on her back and started to fuck her. I sat on her face and Meghana?s tongue sprang to life in my pucchi. Sunil asked the boys to shag his cock faster as he watched his wife and Meghana enjoying sex with his father.

But one of the boys was so hot that he ejaculated in the hands of my husband and the quantity was so much that it filled my husband?s fist entirely and some quantity fell on the couch. My husband came to me and asked me to drink the cum of the boy with his cock still hard and leaking.

I took the entire sperm in my mouth and started to kiss my husband as I wanted him to taste the cum too. I transferred some cum in my husband?s mouth and he in turn kissed Meghana and shared the cum with her and I kissed FIL and we both shared the cum of the boy.

Sunil asked his father if he can fuck his wife as he was very hot. FIL allowed him to fuck me and Sunil started to push his cock in and out of my pucchi. The boys watched this action and were very mad with lust and started to shag each other?s cocks watching us fuck.

Sunil was so excited that he immediately shot his load in my pucchi and got off my body. I was not satisfied! So I begged my father in law to permit me to fuck the boys to satisfy my cunt and ass. FIL permitted but on condition that both the boys will lick my cum filled pucchi and then fuck me.

The boys looked at each other and readily agreed both came to my pucchi and started to lick off the cum of my husband and then one boy hurriedly pushed his long but thin cock in my pucchi. I liked the feeling of the young hot cock and I urged him to fuck me fast.

My husband came near me and asked me to take the other boys cock in my pucchi along with the first one. He made me ride the first boy and then himself inserted the second cock in my pucchi. The other Lund was a bit thicker and both the lunds made my pucchi full of cock meat.

The boys started to fuck me fast and deep in animal lust and my husband was enjoying the scene and rubbing his own cock. He was hard within short time and he urged me to suck his cock as both the boys fucked my pucchi.
My husband told everybody,

Hey! Watch my Randi fucking two boys in her pucchi and sucking her husband?s Lund at the same time. My wife is a whore and loves cocks and cunts and I provide them to her! I love to watch her getting dirty and fucking other cocks and sucking pucchies! She even fucks my own father! Fuck her boys and make her cum and let her beg for more cocks!

The boys were excited and fucked me faster there FIL fucked Meghana?s pucchi and then took his cock out and asked Meghana to kneel in doggy style as he wanted to fuck her asshole. He asked Sunil to fuck Meghana?s choot at the same time. So Sunil went below Meghana and asked her to ride his cock and then urged his father to fill her asshole with his massive lund.

Baba pushed his cock in Meghana?s asshole in one stroke and Meghana shouted in pain ooohhh Uncle! Please push it slowly! My asshole is very small and it has seen only one lund so please have mercy on me! Wow!

I feel so proud to take both father and son in my holes! I wish my father and brother were here to fuck me at the same time! Fuck me! Ohhhhhhh it feels so good! We both enjoyed the fucking by the four men and soon we all climaxed and lay on the floor in each other?s arms.

Fil asked the boys to clean our pucchies and assholes and while they were cleaning my pucchi I let out some piss and bathed their faces. I don?t know why but I liked to play with piss now a days! Later on the boys gave us their cell no and asked us to call them any time we need them!