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Me And My Father In Law Part XLVIII

Sunil and baba were interested in showing my body to others, especially to strangers. I knew it was their fetish and they loved this lot. We had encounter with the sabjiwala and the ladies undergarment shop salesmen and this had made them very hot and even just the memory of that made them hard.

I also loved this and we wanted to try it more than anything. The innocent males getting into the trap was best experience and Sunil and baba wanted me to explore this more there is one beautiful garden in Pune, Empress Garden where lot of couples come for enjoyment as the garden is big and full of trees and shrubs giving shelter to the couples.

If you visit the garden you can watch many voyeur single males and even females who just enjoy watching the couples flirt with each other.
Baba decided to take me to this garden and Sunil preferred to take the role of voyeur husband.

For the occasion I wore a thin sari below my navel who exposed my entire belly and belly button. I had semi transparent blouse without any bra and that showed my nipples if I dropped the pallo and I had never gone to the garden for this purpose and was thrilled for the new experience.

Baba had t-shirt and pant and looked 10 years younger than his age.
We went to the empress garden and sat at the small caf? there and while drinking tea we decided what all we should do here from the caf? my FIL accompanied me.

We both started to walk towards the lawn, hand in hand, like lovers. At one end of the lawn there were small bushes and small benches were fixed below the bushes. Fil told that he will find some nice spot and then we can sit there and as we walked hand in hand.

I saw two single men who were older sitting on one bench. Some distance away from them were very young couple, may be college students. Two benches away from them was another middle aged couple. Baba selected the bench near to the middle aged couple and we sat there.

Sunil had followed us and was sitting at one bench near the young couple. Empress garden is famous for couples rubbing each other and kissing openly, everything except actual sex act was allowed there with the consent of the security personnel.

We saw that the young couple was kissing passionately and the boy was pressing the breasts of the girl openly. The middle aged couple too were rubbing each other and talking. I snuggled near to my FIL and started to kiss him full on his mouth.

I was so excited with the idea of showing my body to strangers that our kiss lasted for sever minutes and we both broke the kiss to breathe. My FIL then started to press my breasts openly and he moved the sari away to expose them.

They were still covered with thin blouse but that did not hide my nipples which could be easily seen poking out. My husband was watching us from across the bench with two other men. The other men did not know that I was his wife and FIL was his father.

Now we were really hot and FIL pushed the blouse up and exposed my breasts. He pressed them with both his hands and then started to suck my nipples. I looked at the middle aged couple who were intently watching us.

The young couple too stopped making out and was also watching our actions. Sunil was pointing at us and talking to the two men. I did not know what he was talking but it must be about me!

Then we saw my husband come near us and sit on the lawn just 10-15 feet away and they had close view of us doing things. I asked FIL to put my breasts in the blouse and to do things fully dressed. He also agreed. We saw some disappointment in the eyes of everybody watching us.

The middle aged couple also got up and walked to the bench near us. The woman was telling something to her lover and he was smiling with approval. Baba told me to take his lund out by just unzipping his pants. I protested a little but he took my hand and placed it on his crotch.

FIL?s cock was very hard and I unzipped his chain and put my hand inside to hold the nice big lund then I took it out and admired the cock saluting in open. I bent down and engulfed his cock deep n my mouth and I could not see anything around me but did not mind it.

FIL pushed my head down and made me gag on his cock and started to fuck my throat and then he pushed my sari up and exposed my naked buttocks for all to watch as I sucked FIL?s cock I felt some hands rubbing on my ass and was surprised!

I stopped sucking and looked at what was happening around me. Ohh God! The middle aged couple was standing near us and both the woman and man were rubbing my ass together. I looked at the bench where my husband was sitting with the two strangers.

Wow! Each one had his cock out and was rubbing it watching us doing nasty things. I was excited with all the eyes watching me. Baba told me that the couple was Anthony and Mary, a goan couple. Mary was Anthony?s cousin sister and they loved each other much. Anthony spoke,

Lady! I don?t know your relations but I can tell you that he must be your Uncle, Daddy or even a Father in Law. But we don?t mind whatever. I must tell you that you have nice body and even my cousin, being a woman, was excited watching you do the nasty things.

Mary is somewhat shy type and I want you both to make her open minded. Will you do it? Don?t worry! I am Manager of this garden and I will instruct the security not to allow anyone here till we are finished. Thanks Anthony! Let the three men sitting on the opposite bench watch us.

Because, one of them is my Husband ooohhh! So he is same kind as me! Don?t worry I will join him later but now please make my cousin bold! Baba was delighted! Mary was about 30, with 38D boobs and wide ass. She was dark in colour and looked damn sexy.

She was wearing a Frock and that made our job simple! Anthony had moved away from us and was walking to my husband and the two strangers. Mary sat between me and Baba and was all flushed with shyness as my Baba?s cock was still out of his pants, wet with my saliva.

I looked at Mary and told her to take my FIL?s cock in her hand to begin with. She looked at me and then at FIL?s cock! She smiled and put her hand on the organ of pleasure, reluctantly. FIL put his hand on her hand and asked her to hold the monster tightly.

Mary did hold it tightly and started to rub it up and down slowly. I watched her actions and I put my hand on her thighs and pushed her skirt up exposing her well shaved pussy. Wow it was really a big slit with fleshy lips guarding the reddish hole.

I put my hand on her pussy and searched the love button. Ohh God that was really big and long, almost ? inch! Baba! Mary?s Love button is very special. It is like a tiny cock and I know this woman having such a clit must be a slut. Are you not Mary?

Mary took her head up and told me that she really was a slut. Yes dear! You guessed right! I cannot satisfy my lust, even after fucking with many men. Anthony says that I am nymphomaniac and maybe that is true. I will be happy if you two can make me cum!

I have not cum in almost 2 months. Please oblige me! I knew I would love this woman! I immediately went to the floor and pushed my head between her legs and started to lick her well shaved slit. Mary trembled and spread her legs wider to give me space.

Baba pushed her frock down and exposed her big breasts for the pleasure of the watchers. He massaged her breasts and sucked on her nipples. I felt some contractions in her pussy as my FIL pleasured her breasts and knew that the key of her cuming was in her breasts.

I told Baba that he must fondle the two melons and suck the nipples well in unison with my licking her pussy. My tongue went wild around her pussy and I loved the odour! It was some pissy smell and the acrid smell of the stale pussy juice. The smell alone made my pussy go crazy.

I heard Mary moan with pleasure and knew she was hot for a cock. But I wanted the entry of cock last thing in the game. I knew this slut must be taken to highest level of excitation and then just the entry of a cock will make her climb the Orgasm!

I told baba to join me in licking her pussy. We made her stand and bend on the bench, resting her hands there so that her entire pussy was easily accessible to both of us. I told her to rub her own breasts with one hand all the time we played with her pussy.

Now baba too joined me and doubled the pleasure with his expert ministrations. I let baba to the pussy work and I shifted to her puckered asshole. I love assholes! I put plenty of my spit on the hole and started to lick it with my tongue as we were engrossed in our game the four men were openly rubbing their cocks waving at us.

I knew the weakness! I moved to Mary and held her breasts in both the hands telling her Mary! You know there are 4 men out there watching us! They are rubbing their cocks and want to see you getting nasty and do things you have never done.

So today I want you to rub your breasts on my pussy as my father in law is licking your pussy and asshole and maybe he will fuck these two holes alternately and take you to the peak. Anthony is watching and so is my husband!

Ohh god, lady! I love it when people watch me getting laid. It makes me hot and wild and my breasts! They are supersensitive dear. I know you both will surely make me cum! I lay on the bench so that Mary could rub her big breasts over my choot and she had thrust her hips high in air so that my FIL could lick both the holes easily.

Mary held her breast in one hand and pushed it against my pussy with all her strength. Wow this was best sensation I ever had of the soft flesh pushing against my clit and giving it nice rub. Mary also loved this and she aimed her nipple on my pussy hole and started to push her breast in my hole