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Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi Chapter 1


What a memorable day at "SHANTINIKETAN"!

As Mihir strolled inside the room, Amba Virani, his grand mother was standing in front of the mirror revealing her back to him. 'She still looks hot at 62', Mihir told himself with a secret smile. She was apparently not looking perturbed by any means although she was putting on her blouse hooks. After all, he was her grandson and there was no reason she must react differently even though he had not bothered to knock the door as he came in.

"Many more happy returns of the day," Mihir said. He reached right behind Amba and hugged her from behind.

"Oh Mihir," Amba's eyes moistened at once. "I never imagined you would remember my birthday."

"You are a wonderful grandmother," Mihir said as he tightened his grip on her waist. He greedily pulled her body towards his crotch and gently kissed on the back of her neck.

"Hmm," Amba whimpered. "But that doesn't give you the liberty to tease your grandma like the way you are doing right now. Take off your hands before your grandpa comes around."

"Does he know that it is your birthday today?" Mihir asked after relieving his grandma from his grip.

"He always does," Amba turned around and replied with a smile. "He was the first person to wish me today. He woke me up and wished me with a warm kiss."

Amba blushed like a girl after narrating her early morning romantic piece with her husband. She always felt pride about her husband who still was agile and romantic when presented with an opportunity. Even though the old couples were on the wrong side of 60, they never seemed to be missing their intimate moments even after four decades of marriage.

"I think you are thinking about grandpa," Mihir spoke after he watched the glow in his grandma's eyes.

"Very much," Amba replied with another smile. "There is hardly anytime I don't think of him."

"But, he is deeply engrossed with the newspaper at the moment," Mihir said in a teasing tone. "If I were him, I would be flipping your clothes rather than the pages in the newspaper."

"That's because you are very much like him in many ways," Amba said as she began looking at her grandson from head to foot. "You don't know how much you resemble your grandfather."

Mihir was not keen to hold back any longer. He turned Amba around to face him and gently let her back lean against the wall. He did not want to hold her roughly although she was still under a tight leash even as he held her with moderate strength.

Amba's smiles began to fade as Mihir closed in letting the bulge in his pant prick on her waist. The noble grandma closed her eyes for a while and when she eventually reopened, she could not resist her temptation to look down. Her ageing body experienced a mild shiver as she could imagine how aroused Mihir was, if his huge bulge was any indication.

"Is this the way you make your grandma happy on her birthday?" she asked weakly.

Mihir stopped for a brief moment before he leaned towards her. Amba's eyes closed yet again, as his warm mouth planted a firm kiss on her wrinkled lips.

'Mihir, Amba murmured after his lips parted. "You are educated. Do I need to tell you that whatever you are trying to do is wrong? Think about our family traditions and cultures. Don't get carried away by your youthful emotions."

"I have been educated to take care of the family business," Mihir replied with a smirk. "I will do it once I get it. For now, I want to take you over."

Mihir's hands restlessly began straying on her chest, caressing her sagging breasts all the time. His fingers kept exploring her clothes in search of her nipples. Amba knew that he was growing enormously between her thighs and she needed to stop him before he goes out of bounds.

"For God's sake leave me," Amba gathered the strength to push off his hands from her breasts. "I want you to leave this room at once."

Mihir looked thoroughly disappointed at his grandma's defiance. He had presumed that it would be just another cake walk for him to seduce the old woman whom he thought might be starved of sex at the fag end of her life. However, it was not to be. He knew that although she looked tentative, there was some determination in her eyes that stopped him from making any further moves. Moreover, it was her birthday and he was not keen in forcing her any more.

"Ok," Mihir murmured and began walking away from her.

Amba kept looking at her handsome young grandson dragging his feet out of the room. She knew that she has disappointed him but there was not any way she could oblige. Being the first woman of the Virani family, she knew that she always had to tread quite carefully in whatever she did. She was not daring enough to break the conventions of the family that was a blend of mutual trust and sexual sanctity.

Mihir had almost regained his senses as he left Amba's room. He recollected his grandma's face turning red in anger before he eventually relieved her from his lusty grip. He suddenly began fearing that Amba might tell his parents about whatever had transpired in her room.

Mihir's father Mansukh Virani happened to be the eldest son in the Virani clan. Although he did his part in looking after the family business, he often found himself in tight situations mainly because of his unscrupulous investments in the share market. He clearly lacked common sense although he was 47. Savita, his mother was a more dynamic woman in comparison to his father. She left no stone unturned being the eldest daughter-in-law of the Virani family, more often than not for her selfish motives. She was beautiful and gentle which never gave any clue about how shrewd and selfish she was. Mihir had realized long back that his mother was perhaps the most cunning, manipulative and self-centered woman he had ever come across.

Mihir struggled hard to look normal to the best of his abilities because he knew that Savita was too clever to discover even the slightest change in anyone's behavior. Nevertheless, after a while, he had to realize that he had apparently overdone a bit.

"Son, you seem to be trying to hide something from me," Savita spoke as she came close to him with what he knew was a very wicked smile.

"What do you mean mom?" Mihir questioned without any conviction.

"See, you are not looking at me while speaking," Savita said as her fingers began stroking his hair gently. "I don't think you should ever hide things from your mother, more so if it is causing you any disturbance."

Savita was right. Mihir realized that he needed to confide his feelings to someone who would not disclose his delicate problems to anyone. Being a mother, Savita would not dare to speak out although he knew that he was about to give her a shock of her life.

"Still don't think like telling me?" Savita asked as she stopped stroking her fingers on his hair.

"Please sit down," Mihir murmured. Savita immediately sat next to him on the couch.

"I have something to confess," Mihir began and Savita's eyes widened as she listened to what she heard from him. Although enraged by her son's revelations but she could not help feeling somewhat funny about the whole thing. It was a bit hard for her to believe that a young man like Mihir would crave for a woman like Amba, who incidentally is his grandmother as well.

"What have you done my son?" Savita sounded quite firm. "You nearly brought absolute disgrace to the whole Virani family."

"Forgive me," Mihir whimpered. "I swear I will never try doing such things again."

"It is good that you repent," Savita gave a gentle pat on her son's shoulders. "But, you do deserve some punishment for whatever you did."

"Mom!" Mihir's voice was beginning to break.

"Remove your tie," Savita instructed coldly.

Mihir was obviously intrigues with her peculiar instruction. However, he knew that he had to obey his mother any way. He quietly loosened his tie and pulled it off.

"Stand up," Savita told him. "Stand up and turn around."

Mihir stood up and stood showing his back to his mother. Savita grabbed and pulled his hands behind him and began winding the tie around both his wrists. Mihir could not understand what his mother was about to do. He kept mum although Savita was using all her strength to tie his hands really tight and hard.

"Are you going to spank me mom?" Mihir turned around and asked once Savita was through.

"Not really," Savita said with a cheeky smile. "Something more severe than that."

"I am anxious mom," Mihir confessed. "Tell me what you are up to."

"You need not be," Savita replied. "I just want to ensure that you don't repeat such things in the future."

Mihir watched curiously, as Savita dropped to the floor on her knees. She looked up and flashed a smile at her son before her hands pulled down his zip within no time.


She was not answering him. As soon as she had rolled down his pants to his ankles, she hurriedly pulled down his brief as well. She gazed at his hard dick getting erect from his groin. Indeed, it was long and very thick. Her hands eagerly gripped the whole of his shaft and began massaging all around.

"I hope you do know what the punishment is all about," Savita smiled at her son.

Mihir was so amazed to see his mother holding his dick that he could not reply to her. Knowing his embarrassment, Savita took his dick to her mouth and swallowed it just in one gulp.

"Oh mom!"

Savita looked up and smiled to herself knowing that his moan was the right indication of his sudden excitement. She began using her lips and tongue all around his meat letting the warmth of her mouth settle on his sensitive thick sin on the dick. Mihir felt his balls swelling and his shaft getting tense as Savita went about sucking his dick like a true professional. He humped up and down on his heels as Salvia's tongue relentlessly lashed against the whole of his dick until he felt like closing to an explosion. Savita sucked her way back to the tip after a while and slowly let it slide from her mouth.

"This is far better than getting inside a very old woman," Savita said mockingly.

"I bet it is," Mihir admitted. He had been throwing back his head in the air. His arms were feeling strained behind.

"Should I continue?" Savita asked.

"Please," Mihir pleaded with her.

He watched Savita taking his dick inside her mouth all over again. She had realized that there was not any need for her to be gentle with his dick anymore as he was already enjoying the blowjob. She began showing her true prowess as she went about sucking his dick as if there would not be any tomorrow. Maher's moans became louder and louder as he watched his mother giving his dick, the much needed treatment. Savita realized that he was about to shoot off soon and kept sucking without loosing her momentum. After a while, she looked up and watched him settling down.

"I guess you feel more excited watching me working," Savita said with a smirk.

"Oh yes," Mihir screamed. "I never imagined that you must be so good."

Savita was apparently pleased with her son's compliments as she resumed on his dick and began working deliriously until he eventually closed towards his explosion.

"I am going to shoot," Mihir murmured. His body trembled in excitement.

Savita devoured his dick deep inside her throat. Mihir watched his mother swallow his semen as he exploded inside her mouth, load after load. Her hands were slowing down and so was her mouth. She did not spare even the last drop of his cum as she hungrily gulped everything she could.

"Thanks mom," Mihir said as he gasped for breath. "Set me free now at least."

Savita stood up and began wiping her mouth.

"Remember my son," she said in a very firm voice. "I have just relieved you from your tension. This is a little secret between both of us. I want you not to expect anything more from me. Is that clear?"

"I agree," Mihir had to agree. "Now let me go."

Savita quickly freed his arms. Mihir glanced at his wrists, which had a few impressions of the tight tie.

"Did I hurt you?" Savita sounded concerned.

"Of course not," Mihir replied smilingly. "That was a wonderful blowjob. But, I am not content anyway."

Mihir pounced on Savita pushing her onto the couch. His hands cupped her breasts and began kneading them.

"Stop this Mihir," Savita screamed. "We have an agreement. If you do anything silly, I will never relieve you again."

Mihir realized that she was serious. He slowly removed his hands off her breasts and got on his feet. Savita watched as he began pulling up his brief and pants without saying anything. She began setting her dress right and stood up from the couch.

"Try to understand," Savita placed her hands on his hair and said. "Only blowjob and nothing more."


Both Savita and Mihir looked tentative hearing to Govardhan Virani who was calling her.

"Your grandpa is calling," Savita said as she began to walk. "Don't forget. This is our little secret."

At 65 years, Govardhan Virani still remained the king of the Virani family. Blessed with wealth and virtues, he epitomizes the values of a generation that never jumps the lanes. He remained honest to the core irrespective of temptations from the earthly world.

Moments after Savita had left his room, Mihir was still sitting recollecting the little erotic encounters he had with his grandma and mother. He felt immensely relieved to hear roars of laughter coming from downstairs. He had feared that Amba might be making a complaint about his deeds to the rest of the family members. He heaved a sigh of relief as he knew that the laughter meant that everything is very much normal in the house. He took a few more minutes to relax himself before he eventually went downstairs. His eyes lowered as he saw Amba sitting next to his grandfather in the sitting room. Through the corner of his eyes, he observed that she was smiling as though nothing had happened on that day.

The sitting room looked like a crowded railway platform. Apart from Mihir's parents, he saw both his paternal uncles sitting with their wives. In addition, he also saw his only aunt Pragna joining the conversation.

"Come on Mihir," Grandpa Govardhan called him. "I hope you do know that today is your grandma's birthday?"

Mihir glanced at his grandmother who struggled hard concealing her smile.

"He was the third person to wish me today," Amba said. Mihir looked up and watched the plain expression on his grandma's face. He felt better as he knew that she had apparently ignored his sexual advances earlier in the day.

"I see," Govardhan sounded a bit surprised. "I was the first to wish you. Who was the second?"

"Tulsi," Amba quipped.

Tulsi, daughter of the family priest has always remained close to Amba.

Govardhan glanced at Mansukh, Himmat and Jamnadas, his three sons who looked thoroughly embarrassed. None of them ever knew that it was their mother's birthday. Aunt Pragna's face was not looking any brighter either. Surely, the atmosphere in the room was getting tense.

Savita, Daksha and Gayatri, the three daughter-in-laws of the Viranis simply looked pale. Eventually, it was Savita, the eldest of the three daughter-in-laws to try and bring some cheer in their conversation again.

"Let's all celebrate mom's birthday," She said. "Where's the party tonight?"

"No way!" Amba intervened. "You do know we hate going out partying. Our generation is not comfortable about all these things."

"Doesn't matter," Daksha, the second daughter-in-law yelled out. "Let's go to some movie."

Daksha had always remained a woman crazy about watching movies. Himmat, her husband knew that her suggestion was very much ill placed but could not do anything about it.

"What if we order some food from outside?" Gayatri, the third daughter-in-law made another horrible suggestion.

"My dear children," Govardhan addressed everybody in the room. "We don't have any objection if you want to have a bash today. However, we are old. We are comfortable being at home. You can go and enjoy the evening as you please."

Within minutes, the entire sitting room looked almost deserted as the sons and daughter-in-laws retreated to their respective rooms. Govardhan and Amba were the first to leave, prompting their sons to ponder about the evening celebrations. Mihir was about to leave as well but he felt a bit sad seeing Aunt Pragna sitting alone. He knew that she always had remained the odd person out in the family when it came to celebrations. Although, her three brothers were not averse to her company, they knew that she was not getting along with their wives.

"Aunt Pragna," Mihir gently placed his hand on her shoulders. Pragna turned around and her eyes were glistened with tears.

"What happened?" Mihir asked.

"I know they are all going to enjoy," Pragna began to sob. "I will be left alone at home."

Mihir felt very sad for her. She was right. There is no way she can accompany anybody who ventured out from the house. Although she was mostly responsible for such a stressed relationship, he knew that it was not the appropriate time to make any mention about it.

"You are not going to be alone," Mihir said. "I am not going anywhere. Why don't you spend the evening with me?"

"Are you serious Mihir?" Aunt Pragna stood up in surprise.

"Very much," Mihir said as he pulled out his hanky and began wiping off her tears.

"What are we going to do?" Aunt Pragna queried.

"Anything which interests you," Mihir replied and gave a gentle peg on his aunt's cheeks.

"I can't wait till the evening," Aunt Pragna said with a little smile surfacing on her face.

"I can't either," Mihir said before turning around and walking towards his room. He had a plan to execute. The day had started with a gentle boob pressing experience with his grand mother and the next thing to happen was the memorable blowjob from his mother. He wanted to end the day with a good note by slaying Aunt Pragna on the bed.

Aunt Pragna's life has been in trouble more so after Uncle Navin almost ran into bankruptcy. Her visits became more frequent as every time she expected her parents to come to her family's rescue from the mess created by her husband. She was indeed a compassionate and lovable woman and that was one reason why Mihir had eyed her for a sexual encounter sometime.

The entire house looked like haunted in the evening as the Virani sons and daughter-in-laws have moved out without disclosing where they were going to. It was Mihir and Aunt Pragna who gave company to Govardhan and Amba at the dining table during dinner. The old couples slowly moved into their room leaving their lonely daughter and horny grandson at each other's mercy.

"Aunt Pragna," Mihir called her. "I hope you haven't forgotten what we discussed in the morning."

"Of course not," Pragna said with a smile. "But it is too late to do anything I presume."

'Right time to do what I want' Mihir thought and smiled.

"We aren't going anywhere," Mihir said. "I just want you to come to my room and have a nice time."

"I hope you aren't planning to show me any of those boring movie videos," Pragna said laughingly.

"Not really," Mihir said and held her hand before walking towards his room. Pragna somehow started realizing the difference in the way her nephew was behaving with her. However, she presumed the young man was just trying to give her some genuine support.

His smile didn't look as innocent as she had known. There was a twinkle in his eyes and his grip on her wrist was more than that of mere sympathy.

"You look so different today," Pragna said as they entered Mihir's luxurious room.

"Are you surprised?" Mihir asked as he quietly closed the door and latched it up.

"A little," Pragna admitted with a smile. She wanted to know why he had closed the door but didn't.

"You have more surprises in store," Mihir said and inched towards her.

His eyes began gazing her swelling breasts underneath her blouse. He was deliberately letting his eyes gulping them much longer just to ensure that Pragna is aware.

"Mihir," Pragna spoke in a very low voice. "You shouldn't be staring at my chest."

"Why, Aunt Pragna?" Mihir asked without lifting his eyes off her. "I am sure you must be attracting plenty of attention wherever you go. What is wrong if I watch you?"

"You are my nephew," Pragna reminded him. "I feel awkward watching you staring at my chest."

His eyes weren't relenting on her breasts. Pragna realized that his eyes were probing the thin fabric of her sari looking further into her cleavage.

"Please don't look any further," Pragna's hands crossed over her chest in a bid to block his view.

"Aunt Pragna," Mihir commanded. "Strip yourself naked."


"Don't you follow me?"

"This is wrong," Pragna stammered. "They call this as incest. It is sin."

Mihir laughed.

"Aunt Pragna, you are so ignorant," Mihir said smilingly. "I was able to lay my hands on grandma in the morning."

"What?" Pragna was startled. "You mean my mother?"

"Of course," Mihir quipped. "Later in the day, my mom gave me a wonderful blowjob."

"I don't believe this," Pragna shook her head.

"I want to end the day on a happy note," Mihir inched closer to her. "I hope you won't let me use any force on you. That is the last thing I want to do."

Pragna stood silent for a few moments. She never had any doubts about Mihir's ruthless youthful strength. However, she did not want to become an easy prey to his lust. She realized that he could help her in settling some scores with her intimidating sister-in-laws, including Savita, Mihir's mother.

"Alright," Pragna finally spoke. "If that is your wish, I won't resist. But, you have to promise a few things to me."

"Don't worry Aunt Pragna," Mihir intervened hurriedly. "I will never disclose about this to anyone in the house."

Pragna said laughingly, "I am not unduly worried about that. Neither of us can reveal this to anyone in the family. That is not what I am expecting from you."

"What do you expect me to do?" Mihir asked impatiently.

"I want you to have sex with Daksha, Gayatri and even Savita," Pragna said in a firm voice. "I want you to help me in avenging them for whatever they have done to me."

"Impossible," Mihir almost screamed. "How do you expect me to seduce my aunts and my mother?"

"I bet you can," Aunt Pragna smirked. "If you can convince me, they are going to easy meat for you."

"But, you want me to take on my mother too?" Mihir asked.

"In fact, I want you to take her first," Aunt Pragna said laughingly. "Anyway, that won't be a problem for you. She had just given a nice blowjob today."

"What if I am unable to do this?" Mihir asked.

"In that case, today might be the first and last time you ever had sex with me," Aunt Pragna said resolutely.

"Aunt Pragna!"

"The ball is in your court," Pragna smiled and pushed off her sari from her shoulder. Mihir's eyes were pinned to her breasts, which were heaving beneath her blouse.

"You can do anything to me today," Pragna said as she held her breasts with both her hands. "I won't complain about anything you do. But, I want you to do what I have just said."

"Ok Aunt Pragna," Mihir said finally. "I promise you. I will fuck my mother and both my aunts. That is a deal."

"Then what are you waiting for?" Pragna asked with a wink.

Mihir watched as she stripped her saree, untied her petticoat and undid her blouse hooks.

"Gorgeous!" Mihir exclaimed. He was simply awed seeing Pragna stripping naked in front of him. Her naked jugs looked terrific; her areolas were cherry red; her nipples were thick and hard.

"Come and play," Pragna hissed.

Mihir placed his hands on her breasts and ran his thumbs inside her cleavage.

"Boy, you know something," Pragna gasped and looked down watching his fingers trailing her naked tits.

Mihir slowly leaned and began long licking her wonderful mounds with closed eyes. Pragna's body trembled feeling his warm lips brushing against her flesh. After gasping in excitement for a while, she quickly grasped Mihir by his head to pull them firmly against her body.

It took hardly a couple of moments for Mihir to quicken up his tongue on her wonderful melons and soon he felt like sucking them. He saw her breasts maddeningly pressing against each other as he laid his hands on them. He wasn't surprised to see that Aunt Pragna's magnificent breasts were actually bigger than what they seemed under her clothes. Her aureoles were amazingly large while her thick nipples looked crispy and erect.

"All boys like those," Pragna whispered. "You aren't any exception either."

"I can't help," Mihir replied. "Not really after seeing such a large pair of racks."

Pragna blushed seeing the intensity that was glowing in his eyes. She let out a gentle moan as he kept cupping his hands under her heavy breasts. She threw her head backwards as his mouth reached out and began working on her nipples, letting his tongue rolling around each aureole. The more he licked her nipples, the bigger they grew.

The experienced woman could easily measure his excitement feeling his huge bulge pressing against her waist. As his massive dick kept growing underneath his pants, Pragna suddenly went on her knees and began undoing his belt. She soon followed it up by pulling down the pants within no time at all.

"Aunt Prema," Mihir looked down and said. "I want you to play with me."

Pragna smiled as though she wasn't really requiring his instructions anyway. Mihir smiled as he watched the sudden awe in her eyes once she rolled down his brief and pulled out his massive dick. There was no way she might have known how big his dick was.

"Boy!" Pragna predictably exclaimed. Her eyes were pinned on his dick for quite a while as though she did not believe what she was seeing. It was pointing right at her face, and it was a foot long. That's right. Twelve inches, and very thick.

"I guessed that you might be big," Pragna said with her eyes widening. "But, this is huge."

"I am glad you are impressed," Mihir smirked. "Now, start stroking it."

Pragna gleefully reached up to grip his dick by wrapping it around with her right hand. She soon began sliding her fist up and down in short, fast strokes. Mihir couldn't resist a gentle moan emanating from his mouth.

Pragna was apparently enthused by his excitement as she gripped harder picking up her pace showing all her experience in the world.

"Suck it!"

Pragna seemed more than willing to obey as she quickly guided his dick towards her mouth. Mihir kept watching her as her lips went about sliding over his shaft until she managed to take the whole length of his dick inside her mouth. She kept motioning her lips all along his dick for a while sucking harder and harder.

"Aunt Pragna," Mihir exclaimed. "You suck like a professional."

Pragna never looked like replying to him as she kept herself thoroughly engaged in sucking and licking his magnificent tool. Mihir knew that the excitement was getting too much for him as she went about sucking him relentlessly.

He soon exploded into her waiting mouth, sending load after load of thick semen deep inside her throat. Pragna kept gulping his semen until she got the last drop.

"If you can get hard soon, we need to go to the bed," Pragna reminded him.

"With pleasure Aunt Pragna," Mihir quickly overcame his exasperation and his hands reached out to cup her breasts yet again. They kept looking deep into each other's eyes as they began walking towards the bed. Mihir made her sit on the bed and began getting rid of his clothes, much to the excitement of his Aunt.

She crawled onto the bed and got her legs spread very wide indeed. Mihir knelt in front of her and asked her, "Are you ready Aunt Pragna?"

"Tease me," Pragna began pleading. Mihir's eyes widened watching her fingers probe her pussy through her dense public hair. Pragna lay across the bed and Mihir got between them, letting his hardening dick hovering over her moist pussy. He held his dick with one hand and took it towards her love triangle.

"Now, have a go at me," Pragna instructed.

Without loosing even a second, Mihir pressed the tip of his dick against her clit. Pragna gasped and moaned at once. Mihir wasn't less excited as he started rubbing the tip of his dick up and down against her clit gently, at least, to begin with. As seconds ticked past, he was getting firmer and faster on her.

"Mihir," Pragna murmured in pleasure. "You do know how to please a woman."

Mihir thought for a moment about the very absurdity of whatever he and Aunt Pragna were doing at that time; committing incest and that too in the Virani clan. Surprisingly, Pragna wasn't showing any signs of resent whatsoever as she seemed like thoroughly enjoying the whole thing.

Mihir took a deep breath before guiding his huge head inside her. Pragna almost sat up.

"Oh Mihir," she moaned.

Mihir kept pushing the head through her stretching lips. A broad smile flashed all over his face as he managed to send the whole of his head inside her. Pragna's head swayed either way as she was biting her lip struggling to hold a whimper.

"Hey big boy," Pragna murmured with a brief lusty smile. She looked up to see how far Mihir had managed to get inside her.

Mihir began giving her a few slow thrusts letting his dick to feel her warmth inside her pussy. After letting his huge meat stay inside for a few seconds, he gently pulled out his dick completely out. As Pragna tried looking up to see what went wrong, he quickly drove it deep inside her pussy all over again. She squealed and her legs came around his waist to wrap him. After a few continuous strokes, Mihir stopped after hitting her bottom. They kept watching each other's eyes with a smile of pleasure.

Mihir kept repeating these gentle teases for a while before he began working faster and harder. Soon they were closing in towards just the momentum more than enough to give both the pleasure of a great fucking session. Mihir apparently knew the art of changing gears just in time as she went about pounding her mercilessly. His eyes sparkled in delight watching her breasts slamming against each other. Pragna's moans were getting louder and she kept biting her lips every now and then.

Pragna began pleading after a while, "Fuck me, Mihir. Don't stop for anything."

Mihir's hands eagerly grabbed her breasts and began kneading them.

"Yes," Pragna whimpered. "Just like that."

The whole atmosphere went electric with their intermittent moans and squeals. Mihir's dick began swelling inside her pussy and her body wasn't anywhere behind to her climax.

"I am cumming," Pragna screamed.

"Aunt," Mihir groaned as well. He was delighted at the prospects of a simultaneous orgasm. It finally did happen. Mihir's dick was soon bathing in his Aunt's cum after which his dick twitched and exploded into her.

Their bodies stiffened at once. They gasped and breathed hard. Drops of Mihir's sweat fell on Pragna's breasts. They heaved and sighed in exasperation but with tremendous joy.

"You finally had your way," Pragna whispered. "Honestly, I enjoyed it too."

"I know you did," Mihir said as he gasped for breath.

"Now, you need to chalk out your plan to fulfill your promise," Pragna reminded him.

"I know," Mihir replied and fell over his aunt. They hugged and remained as they were for quite sometime.

"Let me go," Pragna said after sometime. "Your uncles might return anytime."

"Never," Mihir replied with a wry smile. "I know them. They might not have even started things as yet."

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