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Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi Chapter 2

The Virani brothers go on a swapping spree



Mihir, son of Mansukh and Savita tries seducing Amba, his grandmother on her birthday but in vain. Savita helps him relieve his tension by giving him a wonderful blowjob. In the evening all the three sons and daughter-in-laws of the Viranis go out to some undisclosed places leaving Pragna, their sister at home. After Govardhan and Amba go to sleep, Mihir takes his Aunt Pragna to his bedroom and seduces her.


After what had been a wonderful session of exciting love making, Mihir fell asleep. Pragna had returned to her room with more than one excitement. Although she felt glad after great sex in so many years, she was thrilled about the prospects of Mihir seducing her sister-in-laws in the days to come. She knew that she would sleep in peace.

None of the souls in 'Shantiniketan' had any clue about where the Virani brothers had gone. Govardhan and Amba presumed that their sons and daughter-in-laws might be partying in some posh hotel. They were terribly wrong. Mansukh, Himmat and JD had no plans in their minds after they left home in the evening. They simply wanted to recreate themselves after the embarrassment caused after they failed to remember their mother's birthday.

Mansukh was apparently upset with Mihir for not having reminded about Amba's birthday. However, Savita was not complaining as she was glad that her son was one among the three who remembered the importance of the day.

"Where are we going?" Savita asked as it appeared as if her husband was driving without any specific purpose.

"I don't know," Mansukh replied with a wry smile. "Why don't you suggest some place?"

"Why don't we do something different?" Savita queried. "I am fed up with whatever we have been doing to kill time. Our life is becoming a bit monotonous."

"You are right," Mansukh admitted. "I will take you to a new place. I bet you will love it."

"Where?" Savita asked curiously.

"I want you to see for yourself," Mansukh said with a smile. "It is going to be very special. It will be fun because even I haven't gone there even once."

It took another hour before their car stopped before a secluded bungalow in the outskirts of the city. Mansukh called someone on his mobile and within minutes, the huge iron gates opened. The car moved crawled through the narrow road, which had trees on either side. It was well past sunset but surprisingly the house looked like a haunted house in semi darkness.

"I am scared," Savita hushed. She somehow began to feel that there was something odd about the house and its surroundings. She was puzzled to see a whole lot of cars parked at the extreme end of the vast lawns.

"You have to listen to me today," Mansukh told her as they emerged out of the car. Savita was further surprised as she watched her husband handing over the car keys to a man in the uniform. The man immediately started writing down their car number with a fluorescent pen in a small card.

"He will take care of the parking," Mansukh clarified. Savita wasn't entirely convinced about anything.

There were plenty of surprises in store as they entered the house, which had just enough light to let people walk around. Almost everyone was holding a glass of drinks and they have all come in couples.

"I am getting restless," Savita pulled Mansukh close to her and whispered. "Tell me what is going on here."

Mansukh picked up a couple of glasses of fine whisky from the bearer and handed over one to Savita.

"You want me to drink?" Savita was almost shocked.

"I told you before," Mansukh reminded her. "You need to listen to whatever I say."

"But I can't drink," Savita snarled at him. "You know I hate the smell of alcohol."

"No harm," Mansukh drank both the glasses one after another showing his inexperience. They managed to find enough place in a corner of the house to sit and talk freely.

"I can't hold any more," Savita shook him by his shoulders. "Tell me where are we."

"This is the oldest swinger club in the city," Mansukh said in a low voice. "Have you any idea about what swinging is all about?"

"No, I don't," Savita sounded thoroughly confused. "What does that mean?"

"Let me explain," Mansukh said placing his hands on her shoulders. "In another 10 minutes, you are going to hear a bell. You need to go to our car and wait inside immediately after the bell."

"What about you?" Savita queried.

"Listen to me first," Mansukh tried to compose her. "Once all the ladies leave the house and settle in their cars, all the men need to pick up one key from that bowl."

Mansukh pointed his fingers to a large bowl kept on a small table in the well of the room.

"What is inside that bowl?" Savita was becoming curious.

"Car keys," Mansukh said with a smile. "Everybody's car keys are gathered and put inside that bowl."

"I don't understand," Savita sounded tentative again. "You were telling me that all the men have to pick a key from that bowl. What is that?"

Mansukh knew that he had to explain her better.

"Listen to me carefully," Mansukh began explaining patiently. "Can you see that tall man standing there?"

Savita turned around and started searching.

"I can see some tall man but not his face," Savita replied. "It is dark out here."

"That's it," Mansukh felt somewhat relieved to know that his wife was able to spot the tall man at least. "Let us assume that the tall man lays hands on our car key. Then, he will go to our car."

"What?" Savita almost screamed. "But, I will be alone in the car."

"Not after he arrives," Mansukh said laughingly. "He will give you a nice company and more than that."

"What do you mean?" Savita murmured in disbelief.

"You do know what I mean," Mansukh smiled again. "He will be your man and you are going to be his woman for another couple of hours."

"Oh God!" Savita sounded shell-shocked.

"Be sportive Savita," Mansukh suggested. "You wanted something different today. This is something which you will love doing. Go ahead and enjoy yourself. Perhaps, I might be the oldest man here tonight. I hope that some smart looking youngster picks you up tonight. You will have a wonderful time with him."

Savita wasn't agreeing to this indecent proposal at once. She began with refusing vehemently. She started talking about the pride of the Virani family. She even threatened about their marriage getting into shatters if they indulged in sex with others. She tried to reason with him by reminding that she was a mother to a grown up son. However, Mansukh was brushing away everything with a wicked smile that kept flashing all through.

"You have plenty of excuses not to do this," He said in a determined tone. "I have just the one reason to try this. Let's have some fun and bring some cheers in our lives. Go ahead."

Savita realized that her husband could be so stubborn if he wished to be so. She presumed that Mansukh was more inclined into having sex with another woman than giving her the freedom to let another man have sex with her. She knew that their marriage might not be in any real danger as her husband is thrusting the adventure on her.

'What is happening to my life?' Savita began wondering. 'I had to give my son a blowjob in the morning. Now, it looks very much likely that I am going to get screwed by a man I have never seen before.'

All of a sudden, everybody in the room went silent after they heard a loud buzzing sound.

"Rush to our car Savita," Mansukh almost began pushing his wife from the place. "Good luck."

Savita didn't have any other choice as she moved out of the room mingling with the other women who cleverly used the loose ends of their saris to cover their faces. As Sarita came out of the house, she saw the man who had collected their car key standing in the patio, guiding all the women by showing the place where their cars were. Savita enquired about her car and as she started walking towards it, her heart was beating hard and fast like never before.

She was about to experience her sex with another man than her husband, for the first time ever in her life.

As she walked past the cars, she observed that the rear doors of all the cars were open. She luckily found her car quickly and heaved in excitement and anxiety after she got inside. She began praying that she must get some good looking and strong young man in her first adventure outside marriage.

"May I come in?"

Savita looked up and was shocked to see the man who stood near the door. It was JD, Mansukh's younger brother. Concealing her shock she let him in by inching farther on the seat.

"I didn't expect this," JD said. "I was shocked to see the car number the moment I picked it up. How long have you been coming here?"

"This is the worst shock of my life," Savita murmured. "This is our first visit to this place and I never expected this either."

After a few minutes of silence, JD was beginning to get out of the car before Savita stopped him.

"Where are you going?" She asked.

"I can't," JD said shaking his head in dismay. "You are my elder brother's wife. In our tradition, brother's wives are like mothers. I don't want to be with you in this place even for another minute."

"Wait," Savita gripped his left wrist to stop him. "Listen to me before you go."

JD sat quietly expecting her to speak whatever she wanted to.

"I presume someone else might come here if you leave this car," Savita said. "I wouldn't prefer that anyway. It is better to have some fun with a person you know than a stranger."

"What do you mean?" JD asked, unable to believe what he had heard.

"I mean this," Savita said and pulled off the top end of her sari. JD's eyes began to swell as he watched her inching towards him. Her lips stopped just an inch from his face while her hands rested and began massaging his shoulders.

"I have heard many men often dream about having sex with their brother's wife," Savita whispered into his ear. JD's eyes closed as she continued gripping his shoulders. Unable to contain his excitement, he let out a soft moan escape his lips prompting Savita to grip him even harder. Within no time, his cock began throbbing inside his pants.

"Would you like to see my breasts?" Savita asked sexily.

Savita skillfully stripped her sari and began unclasping her blouse hooks. She took just the split second to snap off her bra after which she shrugged letting it slip through her shoulders. JD's eyes widened as he watched her globes come into view.

"You are indeed very beautiful," JD whispered. His eyes eagerly gazed her breasts crowned with perky stiffened nipples. Her waist was just good while her stomach looked flat and smooth.

Gauging the intensity in his eyes, Savita went about taking off her undergarments within no time. JD's gaze settled between her long legs, on her splendid public hair. He got an eyeful of her pouting labia protrude from between the neat curls. After straying up and down her naked body his eyes eventually returned onto her chest enjoying the sight of her voluptuous breasts.

"Feel them JD," Savita persuaded him.

JD wasn't willing to wait any further. His hands reached out and started stroking the exquisite smoothness of her marvelous breasts. He watched her closing her eyes and biting her lips as he kept feeling her wonder globes. He kept stroking down the slope, cupping them underneath and giving them gentle squeezes. He playfully jiggled them while feeling their size as his gentle squeezes began getting a bit harder.

Savita cried out in pleasure as JD kept squeezing her breasts and tweaking her nipples mercilessly. Her eyes remained closed while she kept moaning gently. JD was getting increasingly excited to know that his brother's wife could be such a horny woman. Encouraged by her erotic moans, he kept manipulating her breasts and nipples making her growl more intensely. He began wondering if Savita might be cumming from just having her breasts teased. While her moans became louder, her body trembled.

"I wonder if Mansukh ever plays with your breasts," JD remarked after a while.

"He always does," Savita said and planted a kiss on his forehead. "But, his younger brother isn't bad either."

Savita looked down at his throbbing erection, which looked like threatening to pierce its way out of his pants.

"Show me your tool," Savita said and cupped his huge bulge on the pants. The thought of seeing his huge prick for the first time excited her.

"Here it comes," JD took virtually no time in getting rid of his clothes. The moment she got a look at the thick, longish monster, Savita nearly fainted. No doubt, it was the biggest thing that she had ever seen. She heaved in thorough expectation thinking about how JD might feel sliding into her waiting pussy.

Savita looked steadily at him, and slowly gripped his huge meat with one hand. Taking it into her mouth, she began to run her lips up and down it. JD's hands strayed all over her body looking for her flesh as she gave him a wonderful blowjob on the backseat of the car. Savita moaned on his dick as his fingers clutched her nipples and tweaked them. She was amazingly quick and hard on his dick, showing her thorough expertise in sucking. JD closed his eyes enjoying the feel of her warm mouth wrapping his dick and remained in the same position until his hot salty spunk began shooting into her mouth. Unperturbed by his excitement, she swallowed everything she could muster and looked at JD with a big proud smile flashing on her face.

Savita sat up and said "I can't help feeling jealous about Gayatri. You have an amazing dick."

JD promptly replied, "I have never felt jealous about Mansukh till now. But, after seeing your capabilities, I wish you were my wife."

"Don't worry," Savita said with a mischievous smile. "Your brother will never come to know that you were my partner tonight. If you wish, he will never know whatever we might do at home as well."

"Great!" JD exclaimed. "You will have two husbands and I will have two wives."

"That's right," Savita pulled his hands towards her chest and said, "We need not come here anymore. Shantiniketan is big enough for both of us. There is no need for us to put the Virani family's pride at stake."

JD passionately looked at Savita, the woman whom he used to look upon with respect and regard until not very long back. Now, she was suggesting to him something he had never dreamed.

"Yes" he said "You are right."

Savita leaned forward, took his face in her hands and kissed him fully on the lips. Her tongue made its way into his mouth, indicating that she was horny as hell. She desperately wanted JD impaling her with his stiff huge dick.

JD reached out to her breasts yet again and squeezed them hard.

"I love this when you do," Savita said.

JD let his left hand trail downwards until it reached to her womanhood. Savita's body humped on the seat as he began teasing her pussy lips with his fingers. Savita began moaning all over again feeling his hand running up and down her crotch. They seemed like kissing and stroking each other infinitely before they suddenly slipped back on the seat. JD was unrelenting on her crotch as he ran the tips of his fingers deliriously on her crotch. A smile flashed on his face after he felt a tingle of moisture after having stroked a horny woman's warm pussy. Savita flexed herself opening her thighs a little giving him complete access to her pussy enabling JD to slip his fingers deep inside her. He felt her warmth and plenty of moisture in her yielding pussy. Savita heaved in pleasure as his experienced fingers perfectly reached to hit the right spot. Her thighs closed to trap his hand in between. JD wasn't stopping as he wiggled his finger furiously inside her making her let out deep moans.

Savita asked "You don't like kissing there?"

JD smiled before leaning forward and kissing her pussy lips. The mild aroma and the terrific warmth took him by surprise as his tongue began licking her crack. Savita groaned as moments ticked past because she could feel his tongue probing between her lips. JD's hands firmly gripped her waist as his tongue sank deeper into her while pulling her crotch forcefully against his hungry lapping tongue. Savita shivered in joy running her hands through his hair as his tongue explored her inner pussy. The more she was getting excited the harder was she grabbing his hair thrashing her pubis against his face. Finally, she exploded letting out a loud squeal after which her hands relieved JD.

JD pulled away and looked up at her with a grin on his soaking face.

"You are very tasty," JD said with a smile. He located a pack of condoms from his jerkins, snapped off the wrapper and skillfully put it on his wonder dick.

"Fuck me now," Savita ordered. She mounted on the seat and stood in a position enabling him to enter from the back. JD couldn't resist the temptation to give a couple of smacks on her reddish ass cheeks before he decided to have a go at her pussy. As he positioned behind her, Savita guided the head of his dick in between her pussy lips.

JD felt being at the top of the world as he began to move easily in and out of her. His hands gripped her waist as he moved back and forth while Savita started bucking back against him.

"Fuck me," Savita kept murmuring. "Fuck me with that big dick of yours."

Savita closed her eyes and enjoyed the feel of JD's huge dick penetrating inside her moist pussy. She bit her lips in joy as JD got quicker and quicker as seconds ticked past. As JD went about pounding her pussy, she almost felt every vein and ridge on his dick, which went on a rampage. JD's hands took her wonder tits to resume another squeezing session. JD's dick was pulsating in her cunt as he kept banging her harder and faster. She kept writhing back against him thrusting her body against his waist all through.

"Oh dear JD," Savita squealed in absolute joy as they fucked in frenzy. Experienced in sex, they knew the impending climax more so after their bodies mashed against each other like never before. JD began growling after a while as if to indicate that he was about to shoot anytime. Savita's body quivered as she felt JD shooting consecutive loads into the condom. She wasn't lagging behind, as she knew that the terrific tingles in her pussy were enough indications to her approaching her orgasm.

Savita squirmed and screamed, "I am Cumming."

The noise of their naked bodies slapping against each other slowed down before coming to a grinding halt. Their bodies went rigid before their nerves tied into knots inside their bodies. They eventually collapsed. JD was pressing hard against her back. She trembled yet again as his spent dick slipped out of her sopping pussy.

After a while, they managed to restore their normal breathing. After a brief passionate kissing session, they remained hugging for a few minutes.

"We need to get dressed up," JD reminded her as he began picking up the clothes.

"JD," Savita planted another kiss on his forehead. "Thank you for making me happy."

JD smiled in reply and got into his pants. Savita took his clue and began dressing herself in quick time.

"Savita," JD said just before he was about to get out of the car. "Don't tell Mansukh that it was me in the car today."

"I won't," Savita said with a naughty smile. "I want to keep this a secret so that we can try this out more often at home."

"That's better," JD gave a gentle peck on her cheeks before disappearing into the darkness.

'Thank you Mansukh,' she told herself. 'You were absolutely right. This is very different.'

She had come to the front seat immediately after JD had left. Savita decided to thank her husband once he returns. She had to wait for a few more minutes before he emerged from another dark corner of the compound.

"Hey there," Mansukh sounded quite cheerful as he got inside. "I hope you had a nice time."

"Thank you Mansukh," Savita said crisply. Mansukh looked at her as though he didn't believe what she said.

"Great!" Mansukh exclaimed. "That means you really had some fun tonight."

"I did," Savita said smilingly. "He was young and really good."

"Wonderful," Mansukh said as he started the car, "I was lucky too. She is just out of her teens."

"Sounds interesting," Savita said and laughed.

"This is a very safe place to try out few things in life," Mansukh said as their car drove out of the compound.

"I hope so," Savita quipped.

"You can be rest assured," Mansukh said. "Did you see even a single familiar face in the entire crowd?"

"No," Savita replied quickly.

As the car began speeding the highway, Savita began, recollecting whatever had happened between her and Savita inside the same car a few minutes ago. Mansukh, on the other hand was smiling to himself, as he hadn't completely out of his excitement. He glanced at Savita through the corner of his eyes and smiled. Obviously, she would never know about the woman with whom he had had sex in the car. Gayatri!

Actually, Mansukh wasn't aware that his brother JD was also present in the swinger's club. Just as he was about to rush to the car he had from the lucky draw, he suddenly stopped seeing a car that looked quite familiar to him. Within seconds, he discovered that it was JD's car. Although, his initial reaction was one of shock, suddenly he began licking his lips in lust. He wished it were he who got the opportunity to get into JD's car. He had been longing to fuck Gayatri, JD's wife for quite some time. He realized that it was almost a missed opportunity to fulfill his overdue dream.

"Mr.Mansukh Virani?" A gentle pat on the shoulders brought him back to his senses. He saw one of his stock market brokers standing with the key of JD's car. Immediately, he decided to exchange their keys. It wasn't difficult as the man was more than willing to oblige the rich man. Mansukh felt like jumping in joy after getting the key. He quietly got through the back door and smiled at Gayatri, whose face turned pale in shock and disbelief.

"Oh No," She whimpered. Even in the wildest of her dreams she might not have thought of her husband's brother wishing to have sex with her. In fact, she always believed that Mansukh was too dignified a person to be visiting one place like a swingers club.

"Are you afraid Gayatri?" Mansukh asked with a smile before he pulled her face towards him in an attempt to kiss her on the lips.

"No," Gayatri whimpered. "I can't let you do this. You are his brother."

"That doesn't matter now," Mansukh insisted as he eventually planted a gentle kiss on her lips. "I have been dreaming about this ever since you got married to JD."

"Please," Gayatri tried hard to push him away. "Our conventions say that you should treat me like a daughter."

"Do your conventions permit visiting swinger clubs?" Mansukh asked laughingly.

Mansukh slid his right hand under her sari and cupped her breast. His left hand began rubbing Gayatri's crotch and the inner side of her thighs through the fabric. Gayatri resisted in vain, as Mansukh pulled off her sari with brutal strength. Gayatri was trembling as she watched Mansukh getting more forceful, enough to rip off her blouse in a split second. She groaned in disgust as his hands began working on her breasts for a while before he leaned forward to suck her nipples.

"See my dick," Mansukh pulled her right hand and placed it on his bulge. Her hands repelled at once and went up to cover her face.

Mansukh dragged his pants down, rolled down his brief and pulled out his dick.

"We can always fuck after sometime," Mansukh again placed Gayatri's hand between his legs to suggest that he wanted her to grab his dick. "Hold it now."

"This is wrong and sin," Gayatri pleaded with him. However, she was helpless before his ruthless strength as her hands eventually wrapped around his dick.

"That's better," Mansukh sounded extremely pleased.

Before Gayatri could think of anything, he started kissing her deeply again. His hands began working over her crotch. Gayatri's waist gyrated as she struggled hard to push him away.

"I have already torn your blouse," Mansukh cautioned. "Better stop pushing me now."

Gayatri began feeling humiliated as Mansukh untied her petticoat and followed it up by pulling down her panties through her legs.

"Nice," Mansukh started caressing her gentle public hair on the cunt. "I always believed that you might be having quite a bit of hair here."

No amount of protests from Gayatri was stopping Mansukh as he shamelessly went about caressing and massaging her cunt. His fingers began trailing through the soft skin on her inner thighs sending an irritating tingle all over her body.

"Do you see how long my fingers are?" Mansukh asked laughingly. Gayatri looked stunned as she realized that he was about to insert his fingers inside her womanhood.

"No!" She screamed. "Please stop at once."

Before she could complete, his finger had managed to make its way inside Gayatri's cunt. While Gayatri was gasping in shock and dismay, Mansukh pushed Gayatri's head towards his throbbing dick. His strong hands held and lowered her head on his monstrous dick. Gayatri closed her eyes in disgust feeling the tip of his dick brushing against her soft lips.

Gayatri whimpered, "No I can't."

"You have to do it," Mansukh snarled at her and pushed her head further down over his dick. After a momentary struggle, Gayatri's mouth hesitantly opened accepting his thick head.

"That's it," Mansukh said with a smile as he began stroking his dick inside her mouth. Gayatri's head moved up and down sliding down his shaft.

Suddenly, Mansukh pushed Gayatri on her back and began spreading her legs wide enough for him.

"No. Please don't do it," Gayatri began pleading all over again.

"What do you want me to do?" Mansukh screamed at her. "You don't want to give even a blowjob."

"Alright," Gayatri said hurriedly. "I will suck you. Please don't fuck me."

"Its too late baby," Mansukh grimaced. He pounced between Gayatri's legs, which went in the air spreading very wide. Gayatri quivered as Mansukh pressed his big head against her pussy and started rubbing it up and down her clit. Her head swayed either side while her hands pushed against his chest struggling to hold him back.

"Please have mercy on me," Gayatri said pleadingly, "I won't be able to face anyone in the house."

"Don't worry," Mansukh said mockingly, "You can always face me from now."

Mansukh kept forcing himself on her rubbing his dick up over her clit in a quick pace.

"I may get pregnant," Gayatri whimpered. "You aren't wearing condom."

"That sounds interesting," Mansukh said laughingly," It would be a nice feeling impregnating my brother's wife."

Gayatri threw her head back as Mansukh eventually made the entry inside her. Her voice became louder but her words broke as she gasped terribly. Mansukh knew that she couldn't resist him anymore as almost half of his huge shaft had managed to penetrate inside her cunt. He relieved his grip on her waist and let his hands fall on her chest, cupping her breasts with incredible lust.

"Please!" Gayatri kept gasping while Mansukh kneaded her breasts even as he was humping on her body.

"Your tits are fascinating," Mansukh said as his thumbs traced around her areola. Gayatri was moaning as her globes were being crushed against his palms while his thumbs were pressing her nipples.

Gayatri's voice broke as she began pleading with folded hands, "Please leave me. For God's sake don't fuck me."

Mansukh however was not relenting as he quickened up his motions on her. His dick felt like a thick strong iron rod making its way deep inside a soggy soil. He began letting out little groans every time he gave a thrust inside her. Gayatri realized that her cunt had begun oozing involuntarily and it had spread out as his deadly dick kept pounding her all the way inside. She closed her eyes in disgust knowing that more than half the length of Mansukh's demon had gone inside her and it wouldn't slip out until it finishes her off.

Mansukh leaned forward, took her nipples in his mouth and began suckling them. Gayatri screamed as he held her perky nipples in between his teeth while his tongue began lashing at them like a sword. She felt terribly let down by her body as her nipples were getting harder and harder as he kept sucking them.

Mansukh was humping on her like a man half his age, "I am going to hit the bottom now. Be prepared to take the whole thing inside."

Gayatri's body shivered in the fear that his monstrous dick might be completely inside her any moment. Her hands remained pressing against his chest but her resistance had diminished considerably. As Mansukh withdrew almost completely out of her, she closed her eyes tightly knowing what would happen next. She was right. He drove his huge meat deep inside her until his balls banged against her asshole. She screamed yet again sending her legs wide in the air. Her toes curled up as Mansukh began pounding her in a terrific speed.

The noise of their bodies slamming against each other and Gayatri's gasps filled up the car while Mansukh plowed deep in her. She helplessly kept throwing her head back and forth moaning and gasping louder and harder. Mansukh let out a very loud groan once his massive tool completely disappeared inside her cunt.

Mansukh went about pounding her cunt harder and harder. The wet noises emanating from her cunt sounded music to his ears while he went on a rampage on her cunt. His hands swiftly moved down grabbing her ass cheeks while he continued devastating her.

"Tell me you like it," Mansukh snarled at her.

Gayatri moaned and gasped as she said, "Yes..Yes..I like it."

Mansukh felt elated to know that she had begun to enjoy the fun. He reached out to her tits to squeeze them a few more times and enjoyed her squeals.

Mansukh asked, "Will you be my concubine at home? Will you let me fuck you whenever I want?"

"Yes!" Gayatri growled. "I am your concubine. Fuck me...Fuck me anytime."

"That's good," Mansukh grimaced. "Your cunt belongs to me. Never give it to my brother."

"I won't," Gayatri screamed as his hands became increasingly harsh on her breasts. "Oh, I will give it only to you."

Mansukh didn't ask any further questions as he concentrated hard fucking her harder and quicker. Gayatri moaned louder indicating that she was getting very close to her climax. Her gyrating hips went off the seat as was now pushed her body upwards to meet the thunderous thrusts of Mansukh.

"Oh!" Gayatri squealed and passed out within seconds. Her body shook a few times before it stiffened.

Mansukh began grunting as he drove harder and faster into Gayatri. His dick was swelling tremendously inside her cunt and he knew that he might explode in a matter of seconds. However, that didn't stop him from taking his momentum to a new height.

Gayatri's hands were now grabbing his ass as she moaned aloud, "Oh god! I've never been fucked like this before. You are huge. You fuck very deep."

Their body motions reached the peak within seconds after which Mansukh's head jerked backwards.

"I am Cumming," He yelled out. Gayatri's body shuddered as he in her cunt. His thrusts got slower and slower in and out of her. His milky white that splashed into her cunt came oozing out. It began running in trickles down over Gayatri's asshole as they eventually brought their fucking to a halt.

It took a while for both of them to realize what they have done. Mansukh quickly dressed himself while Gayatri lay naked in a state of shock and disbelief.

"Gayatri," Mansukh shook her shoulders. "Get up and dress yourself."

"Oh god," Gayatri began sobbing. "What have we done. I have always looked upon you as my father. How am I going to see the people in the family?"

"Cool down," Mansukh gave her a gentle hug and planted a kiss on her cheeks. "You can't do anything about it now."

"What if I get pregnant?" Gayatri continued sobbing.

"You can get rid of it anyway," Mansukh said candidly.

It took a while for Gayatri to compose herself and put on her clothes. Mansukh patiently waited until he was convinced that she had gathered herself.

"Look here," Mansukh spoke to her in a low voice. "I don't want you to get fucked by strangers. I don't want you to come here anymore. Tell your husband that you were raped by someone else. Are you clear?"

Gayatri nodded her head in agreement.

"I am happy that I was able to fuck you finally," Mansukh said. "We need to do this more often at home. Do you understand?"

"Yes," Gayatri replied.

She kept looking at him as he alighted from the car and began walking through the darkness. She realized that life in 'Shantiniketan' is going to be very difficult in the days to come.

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