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Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi Chapter 3

Daksha’s stars shine bright.



Mihir, grandson of the Virani's seduces his Aunt Pragna. She wants him to seduce all her three sister-in-laws including Mihir's mother. Mihir's parents Mansukh and Savita visit a swingers club unaware of JD, Mansukh's youngest brother being present with Gayatri, his wife. Savita and Gayatri accidentally have sex with their brother-in-laws but they don't disclose this to their husbands.


Himmat was well aware of the fact that Daksha, his wife had a whole lot of wild fantasies in life, especially when it came to sex. It wasn't very comfortable to realize that a woman brought up in a conservative atmosphere who struggled hard to get rid of her typical 'Junagarh' accent, could have such fantasies that defied any logic.

He somehow felt shy of getting rough with her on the bed. Surely, he still had sexual urges but he always knew that the line of separation between animals and human beings was quite thin, more so in matters related to sex.

"It is a part of a transition in Daksha," A leading sex therapist had once told Himmat. "She was born and brought up in some sleepy village where she always remained away from boys and men. But, now it is like having jumped into the frying pan once she moved into this huge city. She might be watching men shaking hands with women and vice versa. She might be aware of the sexual escapades of some adventurous women in the city. She is curious but surely not kinky. She seems to be excited thinking about getting banged by a few people or even forced into having sex with someone she doesn't like. I know you won't let that happen. I presume you need to wait till her curiosities die a natural death."

Himmat smiled wryly, sitting on a rock on one of the less visited seashores in the city. Daksha was sitting next to him enjoying the strong breezes that were making her hair and clothes flutter in the air.

"Can we have some ice cream?" Daksha asked Himmat. She had seen the solitary ice cream vendor pushing his way through the seashore a good fifty feet away.

Himmat knew that he had to walk all the way to get her the ice cream.

"Take care," Himmat said as he stood up and got into his slippers. "Don't get out of the car till I return."

As he began walking, he noticed a group of young men sitting and watching their car. As he approached, he suddenly began feeling that one among them looked familiar. He smiled as he moved closer as he turned out to be Ajay, one of his close friends. All the four were holding a bottle of beer in their hands and looked terribly intoxicated.

"Hello!" Himmat waved his hands and they all reciprocated.

"A nice way to spend the evening on a lonely beach," Ajay, perhaps the strongest of the four stumbled as he tried to stand aright.

"I reckon not," Himmat said with a smile. "It doesn't make sense chasing ice cream vendors on the beach you know."

The entire group burst into laughter.

"That sounds interesting," Ajay said with a mischievous smile. "Would you mind if we keep your wife entertained for a while?"

Himmat felt a hot stream of blood rushing to his brain in anger as he heard these words. While the group laughed again, he was not amused at their indecent overture.

"I think it is better we talk later," Himmat said concealing his outrage with a forced smile. He began walking towards the ice cream vendor while Ajay resumed drinking beer. Just as Himmat was returning with the ice cream, his mobile buzzed. The sex therapist to whom he had taken Daksha for the counseling was calling.

"Mr.Himmat. I wanted to know if you can advance your next visit by a day or two," The Doctor spoke at the other end. "I have some sudden exigencies to attend."

"Oh sure," Himmat agreed at once. "Thanks for calling Doctor."

Himmat resumed walking towards his car. He could see that Ajay and his friends were still having a nice time on the beach as they kept laughing aloud all the time. Just as he was about to get past them, something suddenly struck Himmat's mind. Strangely, he began recollecting whatever the Doctor had told him during their last visit.

"She seems to be excited thinking about getting banged by a few people or even forced into having sex with someone she doesn't like. I know you won't let that happen. I presume you need to wait till her curiosities die a natural death."

Himmat stopped and began thinking. 'Why not today?'

"What made you stop Himmat?" Ajay was screaming his throat out. "Have you got the ice cream?"

The whole group roared into laughter again.

"Somewhat," Himmat murmured. He quickly began contemplating an extreme scheme.

"Ajay!" Himmat called out once he made up his mind about what he intended to do.

Ajay stood up and came staggering. Himmat held his friend by his shoulder and began whispering something into his ears. Ajay's eyes began swelling in surprise while his ears couldn't believe what they had just heard from Himmat.

"Is that a deal?" Ajay looked up and asked, apparently not thoroughly convinced.

"It certainly is," Himmat sounded extremely firm.

"Ok. See the fun," Ajay said giving a pat on Himmat's shoulders.

Himmat's heart was pounding fast as he neared his car. Daksha almost snatched the ice cream from her husband like a child and began tasting it without wasting even a second. For a split second, Himmat wondered if his plan would work at all.

Daksha suddenly stopped paying attention to her ice cream as she looked over Himmat's shoulders. She saw a group of men coming towards their car and became nervous at once. Before she could tell something, they had arrived.

"Hey baby," Ajay leaned through the front door and winked at Daksha.

"Hello Friend," Himmat asked placing his hands on Ajay's shoulders. "What do you want? She is my wife."

"It doesn't matter to me," Ajay said. There was another loud laughter, which shook Daksha. Himmat turned around and saw three guys standing behind him.

"Let us go," Daksha hushed.

"She is hot!" Ajay said with a smirk. "See the way her tits are pushing up out of her blouse."

"Why don't you behave yourself?" Himmat snarled at Ajay.

"We need to," Ajay said laughingly and looked at his accomplices. "Please behave friends."

Daksha was baffled and shocked as she watched the guys bundling Himmat into the car and pushing themselves in. Ajay swiftly moved to the driver's seat while another man occupied the seat next to him. Before Himmat and Daksha could comprehend what was going on, the car had begun its journey further alongside the seashore.

Daksha felt hands all over her body, pinching her breasts, pulling her clothes and intruding her blouse. A firm hand closed her mouth as she tried to scream for help. Himmat struggled in vain with his mouth stuffed with a long hanky and his hands tied at his back. The car finally stopped a good couple of miles away in a place that looked simply isolated.

All the guys got out of the car in a hurry. Himmat was pulled out of the backseat and within no time, he was pushed onto the front seat with hands tied at his back and his chest banging against the sear. Ajay rushed inside the backseat, grabbed Daksha, covered her mouth and placed a knife on her slender throat.

"Don't dare to shout," He grimaced. "If you do anything silly, you will return home a widow."

Daksha was shocked; horrified. But, she was hardly able to breath, leave alone shout.

"What do you want anyway?" Daksha managed to whimper to him.

Ajay began laughing aloud, reminding Daksha of one of those villains in some Hindi movie.

"We are going to have some fun inside the car," He said with a nasty smile. "I daresay you are going to enjoy it as well."

Daksha realized what was about to unfold soon. She had watched numerous rape scenes in hundreds of movies but she never had any idea that she might go through the experience herself.

"Please," Daksha began pleading. "I am married. I am much older than you."

"That doesn't matter to me," Ajay quipped and turned around to his friends. "Does age matter to you guys?"

"NO!!!!" came the loud reply.

Suddenly, one more guy opened the opposite door and entered inside. He rudely held Daksha by pulling her arms behind her and forcefully tried to open her mouth wider. Ajay quickly unzipped his pants, rolled down his brief a couple of inches and pulled out his dick. Daksha looked at his monster meat with awe before he began sticking it inside her mouth. Daksha realized that it felt bigger and stronger inside her mouth than it looked. Ajay firmly pushed his body against her face until his dick hit her throat. Daksha gagged in vain, unable to breathe. Ajay began thrusting it in and out of her mouth even as she struggled hard to pull away from the assault. With great difficulty, Daksha did manage to get rid of his dick for a while and began gasping for breathe.

"You don't have a choice," Ajay snarled at her. "You need to be our toy until we let you go."

His hands began pulling her sari and Daksha was too weak to resist his strength. Her sari gave away quite easily before the man holding her tore open her blouse in a flash. Ajay pounced on her and ripped her bra apart. Both the guys were in a hurry reaching for her exposed breasts as they gave them strong squeezes. Ajay leaned forward, clutched her breasts and started licking and sucking her breasts. The guy behind did his part by tweaking her nipples.

Ajay tried again to shove his dick inside her mouth while the other guy kept pulling and flicking her nipples, Daksha's resistance began loosing its intensity as Ajay rigged in and out of her mouth while the man behind seemed content teasing her breasts and nipples.

Daksha realized the whole scenario within the next few moments. She was convinced that the guys were in no mood to let her go without giving her the treatment they wanted. She also knew her limitations that she would never be able to resist their brutal strength. The more she resisted, the larger risk loomed over the life of her husband and herself. She surely didn't want getting hurt by doing anything silly, as they seemed to be well armed. She finally decided to let them have their way to avoid adding injury to insult.

Moreover, she remembered to have nurtured the fantasy about screwed by three or four men ruthlessly. She had even unabashedly admitted her secret fantasies to her husband. She began thinking that today might be the day.

Ajay was now fucking her mouth in frenzy and it didn't take much time for Daksha to realize that he was about to cum inside her mouth. A few more thrusts and he began shooting his load inside her mouth. It just splashed into her like a wild stream flowing through her throat way down into her stomach.

Ajay and the man who held her from behind exchanged positions. Now, it was the man's turn to fuck her mouth and he seemed incredibly quicker than Ajay. Ajay pulled her up on his lap and began teasing her breasts and nipples sending her writhing in agony. Unlike Ajay, the man didn't shoot his cum in her mouth but instead splashed it all over her face and breasts.

Soon after, both the guys handed over her soppy body to their waiting accomplices. They weren't showing any mercy on her either as they went about shoving their dicks inside her mouth until she was forced to gulp their flowing semen. What Daksha had once fantasized to be the most worthwhile sexual experience of her life had already turned out into a horrifying nightmare. She was helpless, obeying them all like a trained slut letting the masters to take her on.

Daksha began hoping against hope that the guys would let her go after they had made her mouth look worse than a trash. But, it was not to be.

Ajay entered the car again naked. His smile sent a chill on her spine as she knew what would happen next.

"Please let us go now," Daksha began pleading.

"Not so soon," He smirked as he leaned towards her breasts and tweaked her nipple. Daksha weakly moaned and heaved helplessly. Ajay pushed her against the seat, ripped off her panties and spread her legs wide and high. Daksha wasn't even trying to push him as he began licking up and down her thighs before he eventually halted at her pussy.

"Will you cum for me?" He asked mockingly.

"No!" Daksha muttered mutely.

Undeterred by her refusal, he ran his fingers over her pussy, sliding in and out before he began licking her pussy in frenzy. Daksha kept growling all the time as he quickened his strokes incredibly bringing her to a loud orgasm. She felt terribly let down by her body as she watched her juices spraying all over his face. He shamelessly lapped every drop as though he had a thirst of a lifetime.

"You have humiliated me enough," Daksha pleaded. "Fuck me quickly and let us get out of here."

"Yeah!" He laughed. "You do know that there are three more guys waiting outside."

Daksha's eyes closed instantly seeing his body descend on hers. His dick filled her up at once and so much that she almost fainted. He grinned at her letting his dick pushing its way into her cunt. Daksha covered her face and shook her head in thorough humiliation as he fucked her like a beast. Daksha began waiting for him to explode inside her as quickly as possible so that the ordeal would end. He did finally, filling her cunt with his flowing cum. He smiled again as he pulled out her pussy as though he had his quota of her for the day.

Before Daksha could settle down breathing normally, a man grabbed her from above her head while two men came from the opposite side. Her body shivered in fear as she knew that all the three men have plans to take her together.

"NO!" Daksha screamed. She knew that she had very slim chances of resisting the three, more so after she couldn't resist even one before.

"Great!" The man above her head said. "It is going to be fun."

The two men were trying to get her body right in between them inside the luxury car. Daksha shook as they took a nipple each in their mouth and began sucking them. Their hands caressed her thighs, legs and her public hair. After giving her nipples a prolonged sucking, one of the two men went down and began kissing her crotch and caressing her thighs. Daksha felt his tongue tracing her cunt lips and moaned in discomfort. Taking the clue from the man, the other men pounced on her body laying their mouths wherever they could.

"Oh no!" Daksha squealed and squirmed feeling three men licking and sucking her all over. While one mouth on her left kept flicking the tongue over her nipple, the other was sucking her right breast as deeply as he could. Their hands strayed all over her body, caressing, pinching and teasing all the way. Somehow, one out of the two men started licking and sucking her clits while he stroked her sensitive skin on her inner thighs. Soon, his tongue drove inside her cunt and started sliding it in and out for a while. He occasionally stroked his tongue on her clitoris teasing and sucking on it like mad. Her breasts never got any respite from the other two men who kept nibbling her nipples and sucking the breasts.

Daksha squirmed and squeezed her body underneath three men. Her head banged against the seat cushion in despair. Letting out helpless moans, her head managed to sway either side. The three men went going about their task mercilessly disregarding her mute protests. They didn't spare even an inch of her body untouched, as they licked and sucked her sensitive parts of the body. Slowly but surely, Daksha was beginning to respond to their erotic expedition on her body. She mustered enough strength to push her hips at the man who was devouring her cunt. She knew that she was about to climax yet again.

Her breathing quickened up and her moaning toned up a bit. Her head swayed and jerked faster than before. The incredible sensations of her breasts and cunt tongued by three men were getting a bit too much to handle for her. Involuntarily, she was getting extremely aroused as her body lay to the mercy of three strong young men.

The three men worked in a coalition. One of them gave her a deep French kiss while the other man took possession of her breasts freed by the first man. The man between her legs seemed quite content sucking her cunt as he went about devouring her like a demon. Within the next few seconds, Daksha exploded again loosing count of the orgasms she had experienced. Her body shivered as she began recouping from the explosion.

"Oh God!" She whimpered in utter humiliation.

The man between her legs pulled out his giant meat out of his briefs and positioned himself above her cunt.

"Please let me go!" Daksha whimpered yet again but the man had already pushed his dick deep inside her soggy pussy. She gasped for breathe, feeling the whole of his body weight on her as he reached deeper and deeper inside her cunt with amazing thrusts. The other two men were pinning her to the seat not allowing her to budge even an inch.

"Oh Fuck!" Daksha murmured helplessly.

"Say it again," The man said mockingly as he kept rigging her pussy with his dick.

Daksha lay helpless, feeling the huge dick plundering her pussy relentlessly.

The men on either side weren't sitting idle as they kept reaching out to her breasts and nipples all the time. Daksha's body bolted with each thrust while her violator kept going deeper and harder.

"My god!" Daksha squealed as the man approached his climax rigging her in a tremendous pace . She felt his balls swelling against her ass and realized that he would be exploding any moment. His dick grew inside her giving her the indication that her pussy was about to be filled up with cum yet again.

"Ohhh!" Daksha shrieked feeling his thick semen pumped into her. He emptied load after loads of his cum inside her and with a loud heave of delight, pulled his dick out of her dripping cunt.

"Go on," The man to her left was magnanimous in letting his friend to have a go at her next.

"I will hold her," The man who had just finished offered to assist the other two men.

"Please. I can't take anymore," Daksha pleaded.

Within seconds, the man who had gone on a rampage on her was holding her body in a tight leash. The man who stood on her right eagerly came towards her legs and pulled out his dick.

"Not anymore!" Daksha gasped as she watched the man's gigantic dick jumping out. She bit her lips stopping a gasp as the man pounced on her sliding his huge head inside. Seemingly passionate, he planted a kiss on her lips while his hands kneaded her breasts. Daksha couldn't hold the moan anymore as he began mashing both her breasts. He moved faster and with more impetus on her body. His waist kept banging against her with an incredible speed. She kept staring at the man as he drove his dick deep inside her without showing any mercy whatsoever. She squirmed meekly in the tight grip of the three men letting her body used to fulfill their lust. He was apparently bigger than the earlier predator as her pussy walls clenched his dick much harder. She felt him swelling even more inside her, heard him moaning deep in his throat. The man himself seemed excited as his hands began pinching her breasts and nipples. Daksha realized yet again that she was due for another flooding inside, feeling the incredible warmth radiating all over her cunt. The huge piston kept swelling inside getting more rigid as he neared his climax.

"That's it!" He groaned in absolute pleasure and let open his floodgate releasing his thick loads deep inside her cunt. He slowed down his motions gradually after the explosion until he drained the last drops of his semen into her. As he began withdrawing his softening dick out of her, Daksha didn't feel unduly relieved as she knew that she had another horny young man to cope up with. She only wished that the man be a bit softer and quicker so that the ordeal would eventually come to end.

Even as the last man was about to take his position in between her legs, Daksha began to feel her muscles straining as she had been firmly held by two other men all through the traumatic experience. She feared she wouldn't be able to tolerate further pain on her shoulder joints if she is held so hard once again.

"Look!" She spoke in a pleading tone. "Please let my arms and legs free. You know I can't run anywhere now. They are hurting me."

The third man paused and looked up at his friends. They nodded to each other, as they knew that Daksha was in fact right. For the first time, the two guys decided to let her free as they got out of the car leaving just the third man and Daksha in the backseat.

"Are you comfortable now?" The man asked as he came down heavily on her body. His hands eagerly grabbed her breasts and began squeezing them. He used his thumb to flick her nipples and soon he started devouring them, moaning on them with passion. The little relief Daksha had didn't last long enough. As the man drove his enormous dick inside her cunt, she screamed again. In all probabilities, he was the biggest of all the four men.

"No!" Daksha yelled. "It is so big!"

"Don't be scared," The man whispered. "I will try to be nice."

He certainly did. His hands moved from her breasts to hold her face and pull it towards him. His mouth engulfed hers and he sucked from her mouth. His tongue passionately wandered all over inside her mouth searching for hers. Daksha was moaning inside his mouth while she realized that his huge head was still attempting to make its way inside her cunt.

He broke the kiss and resumed on her breasts. Daksha growled feeling his monstrous dick almost piercing through her cunt lips. By the time he managed sinking the whole length of his shaft inside her, Daksha had reconciled to the fact that he would have his way. It was not just the size of his dick but the manner in which he went about savaging her cunt that made Daksha scream louder like never before. She felt his pressure on every muscle in her body as she shook to each one of his thunderous thrusts.

The man began expediting things as though she hadn't seen his real speed yet. He seemed to enjoy her whimpers and moans as he worked at a speed beyond her imagination. He was hitting those depths that Daksha had never experienced before. He was working deliriously, letting her cunt pulsate by driving vigorously into her and getting immensely excited. He began showing peculiar expressions on his face, clearly suggesting that he was about to reach the pinnacle. He pushed his head back and growled feeling his balls swelling to absolute tightness.

"Take it baby," He screamed at her.

"No! No!" was all Daksha could mutter as her back arched feeling his throbbing dick sprayed load after load deep inside her. She lay still as he shot his final loads of thick warm cum inside her. As he withdrew his dick from her sopping pussy and took his time to get out of the car, Daksha realized that at last she was free.

Ajay had a word or two with Himmat after he freed him from the rope. Himmat looked back and watched Daksha hurrying to pick up her clothes, which were all over the back seat. He had been listening to the whole thing from the front seat.

The four guys waved at them as finally Himmat was about to drive the car away from them. Daksha's head bowed in shame and humiliation looking towards the deck and she obviously didn't want to see those people who had ravished her inside her own car.

As such, she was obviously unaware of Himmat showing his thumbs up at Ajay and his friends as the car began its journey back towards 'Shantiniketan'.

Chapter 3