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Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi Chapter 5

Third Eye for Tulsi.


Mihir, grandson of the Virani's seduces his Aunt Pragna. She wants him to seduce all her three sister-in-laws including Mihir's mother. Mihir's parents Mansukh and Savita visit a swingers club unaware of JD, Mansukh's youngest brother being present with Gayatri, his wife. Savita and Gayatri accidentally have sex with their brother-in-laws but they don't disclose this to their husbands. Himmat, the middle brother connives with his friends and they give Daksha, Himmat's wife a memorable gangbang on the beach. The senior Viranis plan to get Mihir married to Tulsi, daughter of the family priest. Amba Virani, knows only one way to convince Tulsi; by seducing her into a hot lesbian experience.


Tulsi, by the virtue of being the daughter of Virani's family priest, often felt very lucky getting some wonderful gifts from the old couples. However, after her maiden exposure to sexual enlightening, that too initiated by the oldest woman of the illustrious family, the gifts she had staked at home looked meaningless. She was excited not just because of the experience but also with the prospect of getting married to Mihir, the eldest grandson to one of the richest grandparents in town. However, Amba didn't return Tulsi empty handed. She had gifted the young woman with a brand new mobile phone with an inbuilt mp3 player, a camera as well as an FM Radio. The old woman apparently was too confused operating such a sophisticated handset and decided to hand it over to Tulsi, whom she thought might be the next incumbent into 'Shantiniketan'.

To be fair to Tulsi, the young woman was aware of the potential difficulties that could hamper her aspiration to become Mihir's wife. The Virani sons, unlike their illustrious parents were too particular about their status in the society and never compromised on this. But, if there was something she that sent shivers into her body, it was the thought about the three cunning women of the house, Savita, Daksha and Gayatri. Tulsi was fully aware of their animosity towards her and that the three daughter-in-laws would go to any extent from stopping her getting married to Mihir. Especially Savita, Mihir's mother can be menacing when it comes to taking extreme steps to get her way.

Savita on the other hand cherished the memories of her accidental sexual adventure with JD in the swinger's club. Even after weeks, the excitement kept lingering in her mind more so as they lived under the same roof. She wished but knew that it would be next to impossible to lure JD into having sex with her in 'Shantiniketan' with so many around them. However, that didn't stop her from yearning for JD, licking her lips like a hungry tigress looking for her prey. Finally, the day did come.

Mansukh was not in town and Gayatri had gone to attend some function at her relatives place. While Govardhan and Amba preferred to stay inside their room due to incessant drizzling since morning, Himmat and Daksha have gone shopping. Mihir as usual had gone to office and hence Savita began presuming that it was another opportunity presented to her to have another go at JD. She knew he might be feeding the dogs near the garage and there is no way anybody from the house could watch whatever happened inside the garage.

JD was unaware of the fact that Savita had arrived right behind him as he kept feeding the dogs somewhat innocuously. He almost jumped frightened as her arms came from behind pulling him as his back pressed against her chest. It took a couple of seconds for him to realize that it was Savita, his bhabhi (brother's wife).

"Bhabhi!" He murmured as he felt her warm lips kissing his right shoulder.

"I am waiting inside the garage," Savita whispered. "Come quick."

She vanished like an angel immediately thereafter. JD's heart began pumping fast realizing that his bhabhi was horny. He had been looking forward to have sex with Savita ever since their first encounter inside the car at the swinger's club but things weren't falling in place. He couldn't conceal his excitement after she herself had offered another chance to take her on. He immediately stopped feeding the dogs and began rushing towards the garage to do things much more worthwhile.

Both Savita and JD presumed that the garage was perhaps the safest place to resume from where they had left at the swinger's club. However, they weren't aware that a pair of eyes have noticed them slipping into the garage.

'What brings them to the garage?' Tulsi wondered. She watched the rolling shutters coming down and she quickly realized that something fishy was about to happen inside the garage. She knew that there was a ventilator, which one can reach by climbing on the generator shed. She smiled thinking about the prospect of using the camera in the handset gifted by Amba.

It wasn't easy climbing up the walls of the shed as it was very slippery because of the continuous drizzling. However, Tulsi's curiosity to spy on JD and Savita was so intense that she was prepared to take the risk. As she peeped through the ventilator, her heart stopped instantly.

Savita and JD were hugging and kissing each other passionately. Savita was trying to tell something but JD wasn't letting her to speak as he kept devouring her lips inside his mouth while his hands were resting on her ass cheeks, squeezing them with relish.

Tulsi's eyes widened in disbelief and disgust. She had heard enough stories about bhabhis and devars (husband's brothers) but had never even in the slightest imagination hoped to be witnessing one inside the prestigious 'Shantiniketan.'

"Devarji," Savita murmured after their kiss finally broke. "I thought you have forgotten me completely."

"How can I?" JD replied emotionally. "How can I forget such a hot bhabhi like you?"

Savita looked extremely pleased with his reply and she began to unbutton his shirt. She was clearly in a hurry to get going as she quickly expedited her fingers on his clothes in an unimaginable speed. JD stood naked and began stroking his dick.

It was JD's turn helping her bhabhi as she began stripping her sari, undoing her blouse and unclasping her bra hooks. JD impatiently began taking her breasts into his mouth even as Savita was pushing down her petticoat and panties through her legs.

Tulsi was amazed to watch the strip tease taking place inside the garage. She didn't wink as she saw Savita's breasts jumping out once they were relieved from the bra. She had a pair of round and firm breasts any woman would envy watching. Her large brownish areola with reasonably long and hard nipples would tempt any man under the sun to yearn for sucking.

Tulsi was getting aroused, more so as she was watching a nude woman with a nude man who incidentally happened to be her husband's youngest brother. She strained to watch them for a while before realizing suddenly that she had a handset with an inbuilt camera and more importantly with a zoom lens. She switched on the camera and began shooting JD and Savita.

After peeling off her panties, Savita exposed her lush pussy.

"What a strange coincidence!" JD said as he hugged his bhabhi. "The first time was inside a car and now we are in the garage."

"Wow!" Savita exclaimed. "It never struck me at all."

They laughed while hugging intensely. Savita squeezed his ass cheeks as they indulged in yet another prolonged French kiss.

"Have you been ever screwed on the floor?" JD asked Savita once their kissing terminated.

"Will it hurt?" Savita asked sounding anxious.

"Never," JD said with a composing smile. "I bet you are going to enjoy this."

He lowered his body taking Savita sliding down the wall.

Tulsi was beginning to struggle peering through the ventilator for a better view. Finally, she found out a better angle from the other end of the ventilator and watched JD's naked body pressing on Savita. She chuckled wondering what would happen if JD's bhaiya (brother) came from nowhere into the garage.

"I love you JD," Savita murmured. "You are better than your bhaiya in many ways. Surely in sex."

Tulsi felt a twitch underneath her panties as she watched Savita going on her knees in front of JD. Her face was just an inch away from JD's dick, which stood hard like a pole. Leaning forward and devouring JD's dick inside her waiting mouth, Savita began slurping on the long hard shaft.

"Bhabhi," JD groaned letting his hands drop onto her head.

It didn't take much time for Savita to pedal up her speed as she gave a ferocious blowjob to her devar. Her head bobbed up and down wildly, throwing her hair all around her shoulders. JD's absolute excitement was evident from the fact that his dick kept swelling while his groans came quicker and louder. Her hands wrapped around JD's shaft as she slid her mouth up and down the whole length. She kept squeezing his throbbing balls as she sucked his mammoth dick. The show went on for a while before JD shuddered pushing his head back, almost hitting against the wall. He had reached his climax.

"Do you suck so hard on bhaiya's dick?" JD queried with a mischievous smile.

"I always do," Savita replied after gulping his cum inside her throat, wiping off her mouth with her tongue ensuring that not even the last drop went down onto the floor.

Tulsi felt a tingle in her pussy and realized her panties dampening by drops of juices oozing out. Her hands trembled holding the handset but she managed to hold it firm a little later.

JD and Savita hugged again. Savita's hands grabbed JD's butt cheeks and pulled him up to meet her crotch. JD's hands strayed all over her back caressing every inch of her flesh before they came to hold and squeeze her breasts a bit harshly.

"Be soft," Savita murmured. "They aren't made of wheat flour for you to keep kneading like this."

"Bhabhis breasts are always the best," JD replied with a wink. He then began taking her breasts alternately inside his mouth, suckling on her hardening nipples. Savita's hands held his head tightly against her breasts as he kept sucking her breasts in frenzy. His hands kept going on her free breast squeezing them relatively milder but enough to make Savita moan in pleasure.

"Devarji...Devarji...," Savita gasped. "If you have had enough of your Bhabhi's breasts, will you lick me?"

JD relieved her breasts for a moment and said, "Please hold for some time. I am sort of obsessed with your breasts Bhabhi."

Immediately, he resumed torturing her breasts with his mouth and fingers. Holding her nipples between his fingers, he began rolling the perky bullets enough to let a mild squeal erupt from her throat. He took each one of the nipples right in between his teeth and tried pulling forward giving her a mixture of agony and pleasure.

"Oh Devarji," Savita began screaming uncontrollably as JD mercilessly mauled her breasts with his mouth and hands sending shivers all over her body.

Tulsi's heart was thudding loud and fast as she watched JD pouncing on the hapless woman's breasts. Simply watching them seemed to have created an involuntary arousal in her, making her breasts swell underneath her blouse and hardening her nipples.

JD finally relented on her breasts as his grip on her breasts loosened a bit. They kissed again while their hands explored their naked bodies.

"Haven't you been taught to obey your Bhabhi?" Savita said, giving a peck on JD's cheek. "You almost killed me."

"Sorry Bhabhi," JD said apologetically. "I get wild seeing your breasts."

"Oh you have made them feel so sore," Savita mockingly admonished him. "'Now lick your Bhabhi."

She wasn't giving him any breather as she pushed his head down. JD began by kissing her silken stomach and went through her inner thighs, moistening her skin with his saliva. Savita raised her hands, kept it behind her head and closed her eyes in anticipation. She shook gently, as JD buried his face between her thighs and began rubbing his nose on her public hair.

"I love this," Savita murmured. "I feel like being in heaven."

JD was apparently enthused by her encouragement as his tongue probed her public hair and scorched her sensitive lips. Even as he began licking hard, his fingers got into the act as he buried one deep into her moist cunt. Savita squirmed as his tongue lashed out at her clit, while he fucked her hard with two fingers. Soon, he sucked the whole of her clit into his mouth and started flicking back and forth with his rampaging tongue bringing her to a wonderful orgasm.

"Devarji," Savita yelled out.

Her hands came down reaching and pulling him up against her. She gave her obedient Devar a nice hug and they began kissing for the umpteenth time.

"What a great sucker you are!" Savita hushed. "If I were to be born again, I want to be your wife."

"You are already better than half a wife to me," JD quipped and began chewing her lips.

"Fuck me!" Savita said as though she was issuing an order to her Devar. Her eyes lowered and took a glimpse of his erect dick positioned like a cannon against her cunt.

"Fuck me hard JD! Fuck me hard and deep!" Savita was grinding her teeth as she told JD what to do.

JD made her lay down on the floor and got in between her spreading legs. Savita's head jerked up as he rubbed the huge head against her pussy lips, not looking for the slit but for teasing her a bit more. She innocuously reached down, grabbed his dick and guided it inside her.

"How do you feel Bhabhi? Is your Devar big enough for you?" JD smirked.

"Oh dear Devarji," Savita howled feeling him slam hard against her waist.

"Take it now," JD groaned and began humping Savita like a demon, making her scream, moan and squirm with every thunderous thrust inside her wet cunt.

"Yes! Yes!" She was screaming in approval. JD wasn't letting out any more groans as he deliriously fucked his Bhabhi with an incredible rhythm. Theirs thighs slapped against each others making the garage noisy within no time.

Tulsi had seen enough and her panties were now soaked with her cum. What began as a curious spying had ended up to be a great arousal for her.

JD's face looked so rigid as he plundered Savita's pussy with incessant thrusts of incredible intensity. Savita was screaming for more, with her head swaying from side to side.

"Fuck me! Fuck me!" She kept murmuring all the while.

JD gripped her waist as hard as he could and began sending his shaft deep inside her cunt with tremendous momentum. Savita's hands kept traveling from his shoulders to his ass cheeks while JD went on a rampage, fucking like a monster. His eyes kept watching his Bhabhi's breasts jumping in the air like magic while he kept accelerating his speed, fucking harder and harder. Yielding to his never-ending temptation, his hands reached out to squeeze her breasts again with more vigor and lust. Surprisingly, Savita wasn't complaining now.

"Yes! Take them and suck them," She shouted. "Do whatever you like but fuck me harder."

Tulsi held her breath watching and listening to Savita. The young woman couldn't believe that a conservative daughter-in-law of a reputed family can look and behave like a third rate slut, if she is sexually aroused. But, it was exactly unfolding in front of her eyes.

Their intense fucking session finally ended with JD suddenly arching his back, moaning aloud before exploding his load into Savita's womb. As he collapsed on top of her, they began gasping for quite a while. Their bodies were drenched in perspiration and glistening in the semi darkness inside the garage.

Tulsi knew that the show was finally over. She realized that she needed to get down before JD and Savita dress up and emerge out of the garage. After carefully getting down on the grass, she kissed her new handset, as she had to manage to capture something unthinkable, at least in the Virani family.

Somehow, she began thinking that the journey to becoming Mihir's bride wasn't going to be as difficult as she had feared earlier.


Chapter 5