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Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi Chapter 6

Stage Set For Mihir's Seduction.



Mihir, grandson of the Virani's seduces his Aunt Pragna. Mihir's parents Mansukh and Savita visit a swingers club where Savita and Gayatri accidentally have sex with their brother-in-laws. Himmat, the middle brother connives with his friends and they give Daksha, Himmat's wife a memorable gangbang on the beach. The senior Viranis plan to get Mihir married to Tulsi, daughter of the family priest. Amba Virani, gifts a mobile handset to Tulsi after their sexual encounter. Tulsi manages to shoot Savita having sex with JD inside the garage.


Tulsi knew that the video recording she had in her cell phone was a bombshell. She realized that she needed to use it sparingly, only when the situation warranted it desperately. After all, she just wanted to get married to Mihir and not to create any confusion inside the Virani family. However, she had decided that the 'garage episode' might come to her rescue if she and Amba fail to convince Mihir about the marriage proposal.

Mihir wasn't aware of the activities building around him. He was basking in the sun on a Saturday afternoon in the large swimming pool inside 'Shantiniketan'. He was munching memories of that eventful day that started with an aborted attempt to seduce Amba, his grandmother, followed with a wonderful blowjob from Savita, his mother and eventually ended up with Aunt Pragna, giving way to his lust.

"Hello Mihir!"

Mihir turned around and his eyes brightened seeing Tulsi walking towards him.

"Hello Tulsi," He greeted her letting his eyes scan all over her voluptuous body.

Tulsi easily gauged the intensity in his eyes and smiled to herself. She always knew that Mihir was a freak who used to get excited about any woman around him.

"Why are you staring at me like this?" Tulsi asked with a gentle blush.

"You look somewhat different nowadays," Mihir said as he wondered what makes her eyes sparkle so bright in the last few days.

"May be you are right," Tulsi said smilingly. "But, that is a little secret between me and your grandmother for now."

Mihir's face went pale immediately. He turned his face away from Tulsi in an attempt to conceal his nervousness. He began wondering what might be that little secret between his grandmother and Tulsi. He even began fearing that Amba might have disclosed to Tulsi about his sexual advances on her birthday. He quickly regained his composure, faced Tulsi and smiled at her.

"I wouldn't insist if you don't want to disclose about it," He said with his smile intact. "Anyway, women can't keep things secret forever."

"Are you sure you won't insist?" Tulsi queried teasingly. "What if it has something to do with you?"

"Me?" Mihir was dumbfounded.

"Why are you looking so pensive all of a sudden?" Tulsi sounded a bit anxious. She took quick note of the change in the expressions on Mihir's face.

"Nothing," Mihir tried to smile. He already had a few drops of sweat dropping from the forehead.

"Do you want to know what is in grandma's mind?" Tulsi asked with an intriguing smile, adding up to Mihir's tension.

"Of course I do," Mihir rushed to her, held her by the shoulders and said firmly, "Don't tease me anymore. What did grandma tell you about me?"

"It's not just about you," Tulsi said inching closer to him. "It is about us. She wants us to get married."

"Thank God!" was Mihir's immediate reaction. He heaved a sigh of relief to know finally that his grandmother is keeping the birthday incident as a closely held secret.

"You mean you don't mind marrying me?" Tulsi almost screamed in joy.

Mihir realized that Tulsi had misunderstood his spontaneous reaction. He relaxed his grip on her shoulders and began looking at the young woman from head to foot with a bit of sympathy and compassion.

"You know what goes on in the house," He said in a saddened tone. "Can you ever imagine my parents, uncles and aunts accepting you as my bride?"

"I just want your concurrence," Tulsi said. "Everything else is immaterial for me."

"It isn't as easy as it sounds," Mihir smiled wryly. "I can't convince my parents in the first place. You do know about my uncles and aunts. And, who will convince Aunt Pragna?"

"You just need to tell me your opinion Mihir," Tulsi replied smilingly. "Once you agree, I will tell you how to convince your parents.

"Should I tell you what is my opinion?" Mihir asked as he gently hugged and pulled her closer to him.

"Not anymore," Tulsi blushed and leaned onto his shoulder.

After letting a few quiet moments get past, they glanced at each other. Mihir began leading her towards his workout room at the extreme corner of the pool. Once they were in, he quickly closed the door and planted a firm kiss on hers. They hugged passionately exploring each other's tongue.

"How can I refuse a girl like you?" Mihir asked breaking their kiss. "I love you."

"Me too," Tulsi replied and brushed her hair aside.

"I can't wait till marriage," Mihir said with a mischievous smile.

"You need not," Tulsi quipped with a naughty wink.

"Do you think that little bench is big enough to begin with?" Mihir pointed his fingers to a somewhat narrow bench in the front room.

"It is just enough for me," Tulsi said. "You are going to be on top anyway."

Mihir pressed his lips on her collarbone making her moan gently. His hands began pressing and caressing her back making her moans into soft rumbles. Her closed eyes suggested that she had begun enjoying his hands exploring her body. He leaned forward and kissed her on her neck, shoulders and her cheeks.

"Do you like that?" Mihir asked after pausing.

"Don't stop, Mihir!" Tulsi murmured. "It feels good."

He resumed caressing her, moving further down her back, until his hands halted at her butts. As Tulsi gasped in a gentle anticipation, he gave a gentle squeeze on her ass cheeks. She began rising on her tiptoes feeling his grip on her firm round ass cheeks. She surged forward widening her legs slightly, letting his bulge throb in between her thighs. His hands slowly pushed her up a bit, pressing her hard against his growing tent.

"This is a place for working out," Mihir whispered into her ears, "We need to shed off the clothes."

"I know," Tulsi said and blushed slightly.

Mihir grabbed the loose end of her sari and began pulling it, until he stripped the whole length off her body. Tulsi brought her arms across her chest, hiding her breasts still under the cover of her thick blouse. She was wearing a thin petticoat that revealed her shaped legs underneath as also her dark panties covering her womanhood. She wasn't completely naked yet but his dick had become rock hard under his shorts.

Tulsi blushed copiously as she watched Mihir pushing his shorts down and pulling his dick out. It wasn't at its ferocious best as yet but still looked a good seven inches long and the huge head seemed ready to fire. Tulsi's hands rushed to her face covering her eyes from watching his gigantic dick.

"How do you have it if you don't see it?" Mihir sneered. His hands worked like a magic unsnapping her petticoat robe in a flash.


"Don't be afraid," Mihir hushed. "You are going to enjoy this."

"Lie down," Mihir said and made her recline on the rather narrow bench. Tulsi was still blushing with her face turned towards the wall.

Mihir began rubbing his thumbs all over thighs as though he was giving her some massage. His eyes watched her breasts heave underneath her blouse as he began getting closer to her love triangle. Her breathing became quicker as his fingers inched threateningly close to her pussy. Mihir got excited as he watched a moist spot on her panties while her hips began thrusting upwards. His hands began pulling down her panties through her shining thighs until it slipped through her toes.

Mihir whispered again. "Can I get still closer?"

She nodded and moaned in agreement. Mihir swiftly positioned himself between her legs and in the process his thighs brushed against hers. Tulsi was getting excited as she knew what was about to follow. The next thing she knew was Mihir's hands undoing her blouse hooks and before she could look up, his fingers had cleverly unclasped her bra hooks within no time. A gentle chill ran through her body as she felt his throbbing dick rubbing against her public hair while his mouth was heading to her breasts. She shook her head feeling the sensation of a man's warm lips pressing against her nipples for the first time ever. Mihir began suckling her left nipple while his left hand began pressing her right breast. She squirmed as his thumbs kept flicking at her nipples while his mouth engulfed her breasts taking it as deep inside his mouth as he could. He had his legs on one side of the narrow bench. Tulsi wrapped around his waist with her legs and he quickly planted his legs on either side of the bench, getting into a better position than before.

Mihir looked like a man obsessed with breasts as he devoured her globes with tremendous relish. The more he sucked, the harder his dick became pressing like a hammerhead on her cunt.

"Oh Mihir," was all that Tulsi could muster the energy to say.

It took a while for Mihir to relieve her breasts and once he did, his face began trailing down her cleavage, licking her stomach, encircling her navel with the tongue before it finally stopped on her pussy. Tulsi looked up and her hands tried pushing his head away to stop him from licking her clit.

"Mihir!" She sounded hoarse. "What are you going to do?"

Mihir smiled gesturing to remain calm as he lowered his face on her pussy again. She almost jumped feeling his lips pressing against her cunt. It just took a few more lashes on her pussy with the tongue before he started licking through her bush onto the clitoris. He was soon slurping her oozing juices as though he was savoring honey. Tulsi arched her back, moaning and clenching her teeth. The whole thing felt so exhilarating and electrifying, inducing her sleeping desires to jump to the fore. Mihir wasn't less excited either as he felt the impact of their growing lust telling on his balls. He felt more excited, knowing very well that in all probabilities, he was about to take her cherry as her firmly believed that she must be a virgin.

He thirstily licked her for some more time, swirling his tongue as deep into her cunt as it could reach. Tulsi's moans amplified as he began working in frenzy. She knew the tension building up inside her was about to trigger her first explosion as she groaned louder, grabbed his forearms before convulsing to a terrific orgasm. She kept gasping, heaving aloud, and groaning in rasping sound. Mihir delightfully accepted her flowing juices inside his mouth lapping on every drop he got.

"Mihir! Suck it harder," Tulsi whimpered and closed her eyes after a quick shudder.

After a few seconds of intense gasping, Tulsi looked up and watched Mihir approaching her with lust sparkling in his eyes. They hugged again and kept kissing each other for a while before his enormously swollen dick began knocking at the door of her cunt.

He grabbed her waist firmly and moved as close as he could until the head of his dick touched her cunt lips. Leaning over and moving his hands to her sides, his fingers teased against her breasts. While Tulsi heaved again, his huge head probed an inch or two into her cunt. She was incredibly tight, as expected of a virgin.

"It hurts Mihir," Tulsi whispered and gripped his arms so hard that her fingernails almost bruised his flesh.

"It won't hurt," Mihir said as he made another attempt sending his head deep inside her.

"No!" Tulsi screamed. "It still hurts. I am scared."

"Please Tulsi," Mihir pleaded. "It is going to be alright."

As he attempted for the third time, she jumped and almost pushed him off.

"Tulsi," Mihir tried pacifying her by kissing her on her lips but she kept pushing him away.

"I can't," She sounded scared to the hilt. "It hurts."

"Just relax, Tulsi," Mihir said as he grabbed her, this time around successfully.

"Ooh!" Tulsi growled. Her eyes widened in disbelief as she realized that she had taken his head inside her. She knew that Mihir had managed to make his way deeper than she had feared.

Tulsi wasn't protesting any longer. Mihir finally smiled again feeling almost half his dick inside her. He began with gentle thrusts trying to go deeper with every thrust. He quickly worked up a nice rhythm, pushing in and out letting her pussy walls grip his rigging dick as it slammed her cunt. Tulsi was now enjoying every bit of this her hands weren't trying to push him away, but instead gripping his arms. She was eagerly yielding his thrusts moving his waist to meet his strokes. She kept panting his name as he went about going on a rampage on her cunt.

She looked up and watched lust overflowing from Mihir's eyes. They exchanged smiles before Mihir leaned forward and planted a firm kiss on her lips. His tongue swiftly made its way into her mouth and began exploring inside. Tulsi felt a spark ignited as their tongues met inside her mouth inducing her fire further beyond imaginable limits. Even as they continued kissing passionately, Mihir was relentlessly plowing her cunt with his massive tool.

Mihir's hands kept feeling for her young breasts giving them gentle squeezes and tweaking her nipples. As he broke the kiss, his hands moved further down to grip her waist. Tulsi gasped in anticipation, as she knew that he was looking for a deeper penetration.

"Oh Mihir!" Tulsi squealed in excitement. "You are in completely."

Mihir's eyes gazed at her young breasts jump every time their bodies slammed against each other. After a while, he succumbed to the temptation to leap on them yet again taking them inside his mouth alternately.

Becky moaned as he jumped from one breast to the other, gently biting on her perky nipples.

"Oh Mihir! I love you!!"

Her gasps and moans sounded like some erotic music to Mihir's ears. His dick was swelling inside her tremendously as he expedited his thrusts he could feel the sudden stiffening building up. He knew that he was about to explode inside Tulsi, to fill up her womb with his loads.

"Tulsi, I am going to cum," He groaned.

Tulsi felt her nerves pulling as she replied at once, "Me too!"

Mihir pushed deeper with a thunderous thrust letting his floodgate open and send loads of his semen into her. He kept shoot his load one after the other while his dick throbbed with each shot, splashing deep in her pussy. He crashed on her body letting her breasts mash against his chest.

"Oh my.....!" Tulsi screeched.

Her body ached before she reached her climax. Her cunt began milking his dick even as her body shook in an orgasm. She could feel the terrific sensation of his warm semen ascended from her vagina to the whole of her body.

The noise of their bodies slamming at each other slowed down before coming to a grinding halt. They gasped and growled uncontrollably. They looked deep inside each other's eyes with a mixed sense of disbelief and fulfillment. Mihir was quick to recoup as he lifted her all the way up, hugged her and kissed her. They lay wrapping arms around each other, caressing each other gently.

'Tulsi had never looked so beautiful,' Mihir thought as they kissed intensely.

"I loved that," Tulsi said. "I never thought it is so exciting."

"We have a whole life ahead of us," Mihir said hugging her gently. "I couldn't think of any other way to express my love for you."

"I know," Tulsi said with a smile.

By the time they finally got out of the workout room, Tulsi had made up her mind to become Mihir's wife by hook or crook.

She knew what would be her first step towards getting into the Virani family -- A visit to Aunt Pragna.

Chapter 6