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The Burning Train Chapter 1

The Journey Starts....

It goes back to years back. I have completed my engineering in May 2008. I have got selected in the campus interviews into an MNC. I was asked to attend my training in Bhuvaneshwar. After training I was placed in Bombay. I came home from Orissa and have told my parents regarding my joining details. My dad could not come along with me to Bombay as he was busy with his work schedule. He had asked mom to go with me. Dad works for a government organization in Hyderabad.

We have booked our tickets in Hussain Sagar express to leave to Mumbai. We were to get down at Mumbai CST. Our berths were in S7. We boarded the train in Secunderabad Station. In the place where we sat, mom was the only woman. All the 5 berths apart from her’s and the two side berths are occupied by middle aged men. While I and Dad were settling the luggage mom sat beside one man on the side lower berth. I have noticed that without missing even a blink of time he was constantly staring at mom.

Let me describe my mom. Mom is 43. She is fair, short and lil plump. One wud love to lay his hands on her in just a sight of her coz though she is plump she has got a perfect figure. Her breasts are big and ass round. Lil fatty stomach with which men wud love to play. That day mom was wearing a white saree with white blouse and black petticoat. The saree mom wore was semi transparent and so people could clearly make out her black bra. Mom generally ties her saree covering her navel.

We bid bye to dad and settled down in our seats. Mom’s was lower berth and mine is upper berth. So I said mom that I wud take a nap and climbed upto my berth and was lying there. I heard some laughter and saw down. My mom was talking with the guys around and all were having fun time. During their chat they discussed a lot of things and finally started talking about sexual feelings and associated reactions in men and women.

One guyof the group Mr.Mahalingam has raised a doubt saying that men shag off when they feel aroused n satisfy their thrust for the time being and he asked mom how would a woman do that. Everybody was silent for a moment paying great attention to mom. I was surprised at this question and was seeing calmly to what mom would say. Mom breaking the silence around said "Let’s talk about something else."

But they insisted upon her to answer. Mom replied "It depends on how excited we get. When we’re completely in a mood to make out and there is no body around we try fingering ourselves or else we hand over ourselves to the person next to us to satisfy the urge."

To this they again asked "How can a woman be aroused generally?" Mom said "Every woman has her own stimulating points. Gentle fondling and caressing on or around them would leave her excited."

They said "That’s a great thing to know. Could you please tell us a common point for all woman?"

To this mom said "Personally I feel it stimulating when somebody caresses my thighs gently or fondles my waist and hip. So I feel may be other woman too might feel the same way."

After listening to what mom said two guys between whom mom was seated looked around at the other guys and smiled in a weird way. I understood something was about to happen but I thought when mom was herself getting so close with them why should I interfere and stayed back on my berth looking down at the happenings. Mom has asked them their names. The guy sitting to mom’s right was Mahalingam, to her left Imtiaaz, exactly opposite to her was Prasad. The guy sitting opposite to Mahalingam was Amardeep and the guy sitting opposite to Imtiaaz was Rama Rao. There were two more guys talking to mom but not sitting around mom. The guy in the side lower berth was Raju and the one in the side upper berth was Ramesh. All of them were talking dirty with mom and even mom was enjoying the dirty talk. In between their conversation they were shifting places to sit beside mom n were brushing against her thighs. Mom said it felt so hot, rose and went into the bathroom.

After she returned I saw a sudden change in the atmosphere. Persons sitting beside her were trying to look into her blouse. I felt it odd coz, until then mom has covered herself well with pallu, then suddenly after she came from the bathroom What has changed. Mom suddenly bent forward to pull the bag which was under Mahalingam’s legs. When she bent herself her breasts rested on Mahalingam’s thighs and he was trying to touch them. Mom opened the zip of the bag and put her bra inside the bag. Every one was dumbstruck at her act. Now everyone realized that mom has removed her bra in the bathroom.

Slowly everybody started getting bolder and were touching mom here and there and mom was also allowing them very happily to touch her body. It was 5 in the evening and everyone were having tea. Imtiaaz complained that the milk was of poor quality. Everybody nodded in affirmation to him. He then said "If you co-operate we can get a good quality milk for the tea" looking at my mom.

Mom replied "Even if I co-operate to get the milk that you want it would take a minimum of 9 months. So think of something else."

Mom and all the men laughed together to the reply mom gave and continued their conversation.

Amardeep - Mujhe lagtaa hai 32B honge?

Raju : - nahi yaar mujhe toh lagtaa hai, 32 D honge kyun, bhabhi ji?

Mom - 32 nhi 34c hai yeh tumhri aakhe hai ya button. they all started laughing.

Raju :- Ankhein hain, jo dikhtaa hai wahi dekhnge, aar paar kaise dekhnge?

Amardeep - naa , i dont belive it.

Mom - Are ab kaise yakeen aayega tum logo ko.

Amardeep - Jo Utaraa hai usme tag bhi toh Hoga.... waise bhi bag me hi tooh rakhaa hai :)

Mom - ha bag me nhi rakhti toh kya yuhi bahar tang deti taki tum sahi guess ker lo.

Raju :-ha ha, Haatho se naap loon?

Mom looked upwards to see me with closed eyes, and said - naap le ,per dhang se naapna

Raju : -Kyaa sabke saamne?

Mom - Ab woh tu jaane, naapne wale kabhi bhi kahin bhi ponch jaate hain, waise main zara washroom ho aayu :)

Chapter 1