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Lost in Past Chapter 1

A small family

Rahul Sood entered in the house, saw his wife coming out of kid?s room. He went straight forward without givng her any chance to spaeak. Megha had seen this for last year. She was on on her edge of breaking. She did not know how they come to this situation. She without emotions started speaking.

?Sometimes come home early and you will see your son for a change?

?Don?t try to put guilt on me?

She started something loud but stopped, it had become her habit to just listen to those hateful words he had been using on her.

?By the way where have you been??

?Did I ever told you before??

?No but??

?then why do you think your asking today will make any difference??

?Yes silly me, why would a man change who??

?I don?t have time or energy to listen to you?

?You don?t have anything for me?

?Suit yourself?, saying he headed to bedroom. Megha felt like crying.

?Mujhe to bataao ke aisa maine kya kiya hai jo tum mujhe is tarah treat karte ho (Please tell me, what I have to deserve this)?, she almost screamed with more anger she had shown in last year.

?Don?t you know? Or you just don?t want to admit it?

?What is there to admit??

?Just..?, his voice stopped, before telling the reason why he was treating her like a dirt. He wondered how a woman could be so stupid to think that her actions are hidden to all.

?Agar ab tak tumhe kucch samajh nahi aya to zindagi bhar nahi ayaega? (If still you dont get it, you will never understand it)

?Kyaa matlab?, she stopped,?what do you mean??

?ye bholi banana ka natak chhod do, aur?.?,(-stop acting innocent) he thought before saying and,?Kuchch nahi? just drop it, I am tired and need some sleep?

?Dammit Rahul, you always do so, mein bhi kaam karti hun, tumhaare saath hi karti hun, magar hamesha Aryan ke liye time nikaalti hun? - ("I also work, still I manage time for Aryan")

?Tum karti ho , kyunki tum uski maa ho?.?, he said in anger.
(You do it because you his mother)

?Aur tum? Tum kya ho??
(And you what are you?)

?Main? Main? Kya hun mai? Tum bataoo Megha, kya hun mein??
(Me? Me? what I am? you tell me Megha, who I am?)

?pati ho tum mere, wife hun mein tumharee, baap ho tum uske.. Rahul, aur tum?.tum..is tarah??
(You are my husband, I am your wife, you are HIS father.. Rahul and why are you...)

?Sach me? Kya tum bhi ye hi mantee ho? Do you really believe so??
(Really? you think so? you believe so?)

?Please tell me, mera kasoor kya hai??, she said almost falling on his legs and pleading to get an answer.
(Please tell me, what is my fault?)

?Band karo ye tamasha aur sone do mujhe?, (Stop this drama, and let me sleep) he almost pushing her away with his legs, went back to bedroom, and fell on bed. After crying for nearly half an hour she came into room, and fell on bed with his eyes red with tears.

She just lay there, thinking of happy times they had in their marriage, earlier. Is this how it is supposed to be turned into just in four years. They were never like this, he was most loving and caring person she had ever seen in her life. He was the man, who taught her what love actually means. The man who treated her like princess. He used to adore her. And now look at him, who will believe her? But she does not need anyone to believe , because it does not matter, one day everything would be alright just like it used to be. That is what she believed , but now her belief was weakening day by day. But she was determined to get him back. To do anything it would take to get that man back.
She still remember their first night. Their marriage, time they spend together before marriage. Some people have love marriage and some have arrange marriage, But their was arranged love marriage.

They both had bad experience with their first lovers, Rahul was dumped by his girlfriend Prerna because he could not give her enough time because of his mission to become successful man before settling. Megha and Rahul met in some Wedding, they were attending, Rahul had come with his mother to attend this marriage and Megha was there at her best friend?s Shivani?s wedding. They met and found each other interesting. Looking at them , their mother started new mission to get them together as much as they could.

Megha had been from very bad experience with her first love, he was ten years older than her. He was Shivani?s elder brother. Megha had always crush on him, he was not totally ignorant to that. When he was sure of her feelings he made move and was quite successful , except she wanted to be virgin at her wedding night. Which put his plans to bed her for just fun off table. They came very close, but never had actual sex, which was frustrating for him. He promised her that he was going to divorce his wife soon, and will marry her, she said she will wait, but the day never came, he was really not happy with his wife, but was not going to divorce his wife so that he could get some young chick who was obviously experience less in sex department. He liked her but was not sure about dumping his wife for her.

She waited but finally got that he was never going to divorce his wife, and she was not going to loose her cherry to anyone other than her husband. So she finally broke it off. Then she met Rahul, fell in love and married later. Their marriage meant merging of two families and business.

Chapter 1