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DAVID AND MOM Chapter 10


As I left the bathroom I wrapped a towel around me and headed for my room. As I passed moms' room I could clearly hear the sound of sex; I pushed the door open. Olivia was spread-eagled on moms' bed, moms' head buried between her legs; sucking ravenously at Olivias' soaked pussy.

"Ooooo! Samantha your tongue is so hot!"

Mom just lapped at Olivias' pussy savouring her juices like a fine
wine. Moms' ass wiggled as it poked into the air. My cock hardened by
the scene in front of me I dropped the towel and stood behind mom. I
placed the tip of my prick in the entrance of her pussy, held moms'
hips and watched as moms' hot pussy devoured the length of my shaft.

"Oh! David your prick feels good" moms' pussy tightened around me as I
fucked her.

"Don't stop Mrs Anderson! Eat my cunt!" Olivia raised her hips and
pushed her juicy cunt towards moms' face.

Mom sucked Olivias' clit drawing it into her mouth.

"O God! I'm Cumming" screamed Olivia, her pussy flooding with her
juices, mom drank all she could. I started to fuck mom harder, Olivia
sat up and watched as mom and I fucked like animals. I felt my balls
swell, I rammed my prick as deep into mom as I could. Filling mom with
my cum. Mom let out a deep moan as her body convulsed with pleasure.

After breakfast we completed our packing and were ready to start the
long drive to see Olivias' parents. We eventually arrived at the
picturesque log cabin; it was set about a mile off the main road to the
nearest town. As we all piled out of the car, a fairly handsome guy in
his fifties came out to meet us.

"Daddy!" Olivia rushed up to him and they hugged.

"So this is the new boyfriend?" he held out his hand to greet me. "And
this must be Samantha, Davids' sexy mom you told us so much about"

Mom blushed as Don put his big arms around her and felt her ass.

"Daddy! There will be plenty of time for that later. Now I told you
what a nice firm ass and tits she has, now behave yourself!"

We were shown indoors, Olivias' mom and brother were inside making
coffee and sandwiches. After the usual greetings we were shown to our
rooms, a single room for mom, a double for Olivia and me. As mom
unpacked I told her that Olivia had already told her folks what a
complete slut she was.

"She hasn't! Has she?" Mom was a little taken aback by this revelation.

"She has, and I don't want you to show me up! While were guests here
you will always wear your sexiest undies and most revealing clothes,
I've also made it clear to everyone that they can have you whenever
they want!"

Mom nodded and continued to unpack.

We all went back downstairs to the kitchen, mom had taken me at my word
and was wearing her 5-inch heels a micro mini skirt that just covered
her ass and a completely see through black blouse, all with nothing

Olivias' mother took one look at mom "Hey! Don, Jake come look at the
tits on Samantha."

Jane squeezed moms' tits together through her blouse, Jake arrived,
pulled open moms, blouse and began sucking on her hardened nipples. Mom
started to get turned on by all the attention she was getting. Mom
moaned as Jane slid a finger into her asshole.

"We can really stuff this ass" Jane announced, "let's see what the
pussy's like"

Jane pushed two fingers into moms wet pussy "Oh yes, this is nice and
supple, Samantha it's going to be pleasure to stuff you."

Mom just groaned as Jake's hard cock replaced Jane's fingers. As the
rest of us sat down to eat our sandwiches, Jake fucked mom in the
kitchen. Don looked a little uneasy.

"Don't worry dad" reassured Olivia "You can fuck her as soon as Jake
has finished"

Don smiled then licked his lips. As mom and Jake came into the living
room, Don pulled out his large erect prick.

"Make yourself at home on this Samantha," as mom lowered herself onto
Don's lap, Don pushed his prick into moms' ass. We all sat and watched
as mom impaled herself and began to fuck Don. Moms' tits bobbed up and
down in time with her thrusts. Don began rubbing her clit as mom
bounced up and down, her groans growing in volume.

"Mmmmmmm! Nnnnnnnn!"

"That's it Samantha, fuck your ass!"

"Nnnnnnngh! Ooooooh!"

"Bet you like my prick inside you, don't you slut!"

"Mmmmmm! I'm Cumming, I'm Cumming, Nnnghgh!"

Don shot his load into moms' ass as mom embedded his prick deep inside

Jane looked across at her husband and mom, his prick still inside moms'
ass, neither of them attempting to move. Mom had her legs spread
displaying her well-developed pussy, her tits exposed.

"I imagine you could do with a nice cup of coffee after all that," Jane
poured two coffees and took them over to mom and Don.

The following morning Jake told mom only to wear her shoes, as the rest
of her clothes would only get in the way. Mom did as she was told and
walked around the house naked, everyone passing comments on how firm
and juicy she was; and how she looked good enough to eat. Later that
morning Jake and Don went into town to buy some spices for tomorrow's
cookout. It was then that Jane and Olivia decided they deserved their
fun too, and took mom to Jane's bedroom.

They lay mom on her back, Olivia sat on moms' face, as Janes' expert
fingers opened moms' pussy and began to fist her. Olivia moved her hips
back and forth massaging her clit against moms' nose. Moms' tongue
lapping at Olivias' pink wet pussy. Olivia let out little gasps as
moms' tongue pushed deep into her hole. Mom was moaning in ecstasy as
Jane had pumped her fist into mom almost up to her elbow. Moms' pussy
squelched as Jane pushed her fist into her; Janes' arm covered in moms'
thick slimy cunt juice. Moms' face was equally covered in Olivias'
juices as she rode moms' face. Both women close to cumming.

Jane rammed her fist into mom "Come on you bitch! Make my daughter

Olivia squealed as mom sucked harder.

Olivia and mom both let out load bestial grunts as they came. All three
women were exhausted, but mom still had pleasure Jane. Mom opened
Janes' legs and slid her tongue into her cunt, her musty smell and
taste so different from her daughter, stronger tangy. As Janes' body
responded mom swallowed the thick juice that ran from her pussy. Olivia
sucked on her mothers' tits, as mom sucked janes clit. As mom sucked
she pushed two fingers up Janes' ass and began to finger fuck her.

"Ooooooo! You two can make an old woman feel good!"

Jane moaned as the two women worked on her body, kissing, licking,
sucking and fucking.


Janes' body stretched and went rigid as she came.

All three women slept in each other's arms until the men returned from

Mom awoke to the sound of Olivia giggling and Don pushing his prick up
her ass. As she opened her mouth to object Jakes' cock slid into her


The two men fucked her like the piece of meat she was; she was for
their pleasure, end of story. What mom felt didn't matter any more.

"MMmmmmm! Mmmmmmmm!"

Mom slowly gave up the struggle as both men raped her. Mom tilted back
her head to allow Jakes' prick to penetrate her throat. Realising he
could get deeper into moms' mouth, he thrust harder and faster. Don
seemed determined to meet his son half way and pushed as deep as he
could into moms' ass. Mom knew it was over when she felt Jakes' hot cum
rolling towards her stomach, and Don filled her bowels with his warm
sticky cum.

Chapter 10