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DAVID AND MOM Chapter 11


"EAT ME!" Mom looked shocked "YOU CAN'T MEAN IT!"

"Why do you think your here mom!" I pinched and twisted both her nipples forcing mom to her knees. "You're the guest of honour, it would be an insult to these people to say no now!"

"But; David!"

"NO! You promised not to let me down, and anyway, haven't you always
enjoyed my little treats? Haven't you always enjoyed the pain?"

"Yes! But it was different."

"Olivia was raised here, she assures me all the women die in ecstasy,
sure it hurts to begin with, but you'll die from pleasure. What more
loving end could I arrange for you mom?"

"Are you sure about the pain?"

"Of course mom. Now get ready; you know you were born for this. You're
a slut a piece of meat, and everyone wants a slice.

"W, What will happen to me exactly?"

"You'll be stuffed by Jane, then oiled and roasted. As Olivia and I
supplied the meat we get the choice cuts. Olivia and Jake will each
have one of your tits, Jane and Don can't wait to carve your ass; and I
get your cunt steak."

Mom was on her knees with her head forward looking at the floor, she
trembled, then pissed herself. The stream of golden piss hit the carpet
forming a dark patch all around her. I picked her up and led her to the

Everyone was in his or her Sunday best, except mom who had to stay
naked. It took about 20 minutes to drive to the cookout, once we walked
to the roasting area. As mom walked through the crowd her nipples
became rigid, as everyone men, women and children looked at her and
licked their lips. She felt the first drops of her pussy juice begin to
run down the inside of her legs.

We stopped next to the preparation tables, the crowd was allowed to
inspect the meat. Mom just stood there as the crowd prodded her tits;
pushed fingers into her pussy and asshole, pulled open her ass cheeks
to check look at her anus.

"Good tits."

"Nice firm ass, that should fill a few stomachs"

"I must have a slice of her thigh, it looks delicious"

"I hope they let me have her hands my dog, Prince loves a nice pair of

Jane took mom to the nearest table, the crowd looked expectant as mom
climbed onto the table and positioned herself on all fours, ready for
stuffing. To moms surprise Jane made her sit up and produced two large
syringes long thick with four inch needles.

"This'll stop your tits shrinking in the roast."

Jane cupped moms' right breast and placed the tip of the needle on her
teat. Mom whimpered as the needle was slowly pushed into her teat and
then deep into her breast. Moms' tit began to swell as the thick grey
liquid was pumped into her. Mom groaned as her pussy began to warm up
and her juices dripped onto the table forming a wet patch for everyone
to see. As Jane filled her left breast mom was on the verge of cumming.

Re-positioned onto all fours Olivia held open moms' pussy; Jane began
stuffing her. Mom moaned as Janes' forearm rubbed against her clit, mom
felt her womb begin to fill with the warm herbal stuffing. Her belly
began to swell slightly as Jane pushed more into her swollen pussy. The
process made easier by moms' own juices lubricating the walls of her

"Oooooooghgh! Mmmmmmmmphph! Nnnnnnnnnghgh!"

Moms' hips jerked as she came, knowing the crowd was watching adding to
her pleasure. Olivias' fingers worked their way into moms, ass. She
felt herself being pulled open, then something warm being pushed deep
into her bowels. The wonderful feeling of being filled began over again
as her insides gradually stretched to accommodate all the stuffing. Mom
breathing was heavy; she suddenly became aware of the extra weight on
her chest caused by her swollen and over inflated breasts.

"All done." Announced Jane in a cheerful voice. "Time to get you oiled,
you'll enjoy this"

As mom was helped of the table Jane squeezed the cheeks of moms' ass.

"Oooooh, I just can't wait to eat you Samantha, you sexy bitch.

Mom was told to lie in a metal tray, as a special treat the young boys
between 12 to 15 were given the job of oiling mom down. Mom let out a
load groan as eager young hands rubbed her pussy with cooking oil; one
youngster massaged one of her tits, laughing as he made some of the
liquid in her breast squirt out. Mom turned over, she felt a small hand
push into her asshole, she looked over her shoulder a young girl of
about eight quickly pulled her hand out full of stuffing, and pushed it
into her young mouth.

Mom started to cum, her body convulsing with pleasure. The men shouted
instructions to the boys, telling them rub harder and to make mom cum.

"Nnnnnnngh! Mmmm! Mmmm! Mmmmmmmmmmmghgh"!

Mom collapsed in the tray her body glistening with oil, stuffing poking
out of her open holes.

Mom was to be cooked "Donna Kebab" style, a turntable was in front of
what looked like a giant bank of electric fires about 6-foot high and
2-foot across. Just off the centre of the turntable was a metal pole,
about half way up the pole was a small seat, well, it was more a metal
bar with two holes in it, when mom sat in it she was positioned dead
centre of the turntable. Her pussy and ass could be seen through the
holes, Olivia pushed a 12-inch steel rod through the first hole and up
into moms' pussy. Mom closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip as the
steel spike caused the stuffing to stretch her insides. Mom knew her
ass was next. This pole was only 10-inches long, but to mom it felt
longer as it pierced her anus and filled her to bursting. About 5-
inches from the base of the pole was a crossbeam about 2-feet in length
with a manacle at each end. Moms legs were spread apart and her ankles
secured to the crossbeam. With her feet now unable to touch the floor
the two metal spikes sank that little bit further into moms belly.
Another crossbeam level with her ass was used to restrain moms' wrists.
The final restraint was a collar that fastened around moms' neck at the
top of the pole.

Mom looked around her, exited at the thought of her own death. She
looked down at me.

"Savour my cunt when you eat it David, you'll be eating it for the last

The turntable jolted as it began to turn; the elements went from dark
grey to an angry red, then a bright orange as they heated up. Mom gave
a wail of panic as the heat hit her; it felt like a burning hot sun on
a summer's day, it was getting hotter, so hot. Jane began basting mom
with more oil. As the cooling oil ran down her body, mom thanked Jane.
Jane just smiled and poured on more oil.

Mom felt the heat of the cooking and the heat of her pussy both
growing, unable to control either mom let out a load groan as the
combined forces of pain and pleasure became more intense. Moms' skin
began to brown, steam rose of her breasts, her nipples had gone numb,
they had already cooked through. A ripple of pleasure ran through her
as she smelt her flesh roast, her ass was almost done, and her skin
taught, golden brown and crisp.

Mom gasped as the turntable stopped. She came as she felt tug at her
now numb ass and realised she was being carved. She looked down to see
Jane with a plate of fresh steaming meat. Jane pushed some into my

"Mmmmm! You are delicious mom"

"Thank you" mom closed her eyes and died.

I looked up and thought mom had never looked sexier, Jane passed me a
knife. I Stepped over to mom and started carving her right breast for
Olivia, the new woman in my life. The soft firm breast carved clean and
easy. Quality meat, that was mom all right, quality meat. Afterwards
everyone agreed mom was the best meal they had had in ages. Almost
everyone asked for a doggie bag, who was I to refuse my new friends.

Olivia and I bought a mobile home about a month later, we both agreed;
the world is full of lonely moms just waiting for a young man to ask
them to dinner...


Chapter 11